James Bond Martini recipe

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Pour the gin, vodka and Lillet blanc into a cocktail shaker half-filled with cracked ice. Shake well, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon, and serve.

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James Bond

posted by M @ 02:05AM, 6/17/06

James prefers his martini's with vodka, not gin, according to legend.
Bond, James Bond

posted by Warren @ 08:35PM, 6/26/06

This is the actual recipe that appears in Ian Fleming's first bond novel Casino Royale.
James Bond's Martini

posted by Erlend @ 07:40PM, 7/26/06

Actually he uses both gin and vodka.

posted by JB @ 02:02PM, 8/19/06

To the first comment: you better know your James Bond first before offering a comment, in the first Bond book Casino Royale he gives the recipe in his own words for his martini and it is 3 to 1 gin to vodka, includes both.
Hmmm... where's the Martini in this... Martini?

posted by Martinist @ 12:26PM, 8/27/06

I don't get it.
English, Johnny English

posted by Justin @ 11:10AM, 8/30/06

Bond, James Bond is quite correct.

This is the *true* James Bond martini.
No, Mr Bond, I expect you to drink this !

posted by SantaCruzDad @ 02:04AM, 9/02/06

In the novel he asks for it to be served in a "deep champagne goblet" with a slice of lemon.

posted by Rene @ 01:31PM, 11/08/06

I always thought Bond drank vodka with vermouth and I found that rather tame for a man like him. The gin makes it stronger and more.. Bonder ?

posted by jtr @ 03:45PM, 11/17/06

Bond dubbed it the 'Vesper' I believe, though he may have changed the name later...

posted by bond @ 11:20AM, 11/18/06

What legend? The one created from the movies? Read the book!
Type of Gin

posted by J @ 09:38PM, 11/24/06

It's Gordon gin. Great drink. I'm not sure if the vodka is specified. Any one know?

posted by ND @ 07:02AM, 11/26/06


posted by Q @ 07:01PM, 11/27/06

Anyone know what brands of vodka and gin were used in the movie?
Just a moment

posted by JJHouston @ 08:22PM, 12/06/06

A very good martini, highly preferable to the straight gin martini. The lemon sets off the gin nicely. Gordon's and a good Russian vodka are recommended.
Shaken, not stirred

posted by Dustin Dorough @ 01:37AM, 12/09/06

The original recipe was "three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon-peel."

posted by Todd @ 01:07AM, 12/11/06

This kind of martini is actually called a Vesper martini.
Dry Martini

posted by Bond, James Bond. @ 09:43PM, 12/17/06

Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon-peel. Got it?!
James Bond.. hahaha

posted by tony @ 06:53PM, 1/06/07

Jack Bauer drinks the blood of terrorists in his martini.
Double oh

posted by Double ohhh @ 04:02AM, 1/10/07

This is the recipe for the VESPER. A drink he names after the main female character.

This is NOT the james bond vodka martini.

And that's why there's confusion here.
Get the name right

posted by Maz @ 04:37PM, 1/16/07

This is officially called a "Vesper martini" and not a James Bond Martini. In the book Casino Royale, he names the drink after Vesper Lynd.
Fleming v. Connery

posted by dr. smirnoff @ 05:14PM, 2/07/07

True to the novel Casino Royale, but untrue to the film Bond's vodka martini made popular after Dr. No. This is now called a 'Vesper' per the new film 'Casino Royale'. Bond heads should still order the vodka martini, dry and expect a regular one with vodka substituted for gin.
Lemon PEEL

posted by ae @ 12:32AM, 2/08/07

He asks it to be served with "a thin slice of lemon PEEL" my dear.
To Justin

posted by Roswego @ 12:53AM, 2/08/07

Actually, I just looked it up and vermouth based off of a white wine. Although I think the vermouth has other stuff added to it than just regular white wine, it is still basically a white wine which would mean this could be substituted for it and it still be called a martini.
Vesper lynd

posted by miketheknife @ 02:40PM, 2/18/07

Actually this cocktail isn't Bond's usual tipple, but a variation called a Vesper after one of the the spy's love interests. Ian Fleming came up with and because he found it so good he included it in his first James Bond novel Casino Royale. On screen Bond usually drinks a medium-dry vodka martini: 4 parts of vodka and 1 part vermouth.
All wrong

posted by JB @ 05:56PM, 3/13/07

James Bond never drank martinis, he was a Boone's Wine type of agent. Get your facts straight, people.
Not a Martini

posted by redfive @ 11:25PM, 3/20/07

In the book, Bond first orders a Martini, then changes the order to this recipe, the drink has no name when he orders it. Later in the book, he names it after the first Bond girl. This drink is called a Vesper.
Where's the Martini

posted by Sir Miles Messervy @ 07:30AM, 4/13/07

This drink is actually called a Vesper - Bond names it after the girl he falls in love with. She subsequently turns out to be a double agent, and commits suicide... I think he stops drinking them after that... In later books he orders regular gin martinis and also vodka martinis - made, presumably, with regular Martini vermouth (or some other brand.)

This is a good drink for when you only want to have "one" drink... he he.
Bond Martini

posted by tony @ 08:55AM, 4/15/07

Also shaken not stirred better mix and better tasting.
In the movie...

posted by DFR @ 06:19PM, 4/21/07

Bond asks that it be served with "a thin slice of lemon" not a twist.
re: Type Of Gin

posted by Ocean @ 11:08AM, 5/29/07

"It's Gordon gin. Great drink. I'm not sure if the vodka is specified. Any one know?" - J

Yes, Gordon's Gin...But, about the vodka, all he says is that it(the Vesper) would be better still with grain vodka rather than potato vodka.
Bond "Vesper" Martini

posted by Reid @ 04:11AM, 6/28/07

I just made a "Vesper" Martini today and wow did it initially have some punch. But after awhile it was quite good. Took me awhile to find a store with the Lillet Blanc Wine though. Now I just need to purchase a DBS Aston Martin...
My Granpa's Martini

posted by Mark @ 11:13PM, 7/07/07

My grandpa started drinking his martini's with vodka instead of gin more than 60 years ago, because he just couldn't stand the taste of gin. This coming from an ex Army drill sergeant.
Shaken not stirred....

posted by Thomas @ 09:19PM, 8/12/07

Shaking breaks up the ice and waters down the martini. Stirring cools the drink and minimizes how much of the ice melts. Shaken martini's are for the softer types such as most ladies and of course James Bond.
Possibly "correct vodka"

posted by Paul @ 03:09PM, 8/14/07

A popular vodka brand back in the days of Casino Royale was Smirnoff.

Gordon's and Plymouth's Gins are both high in juniper flavour which I prefer.

I personally mix all of my martinis in a stainless steel shaker, without ice and leave them in my freezer or refrigerator for the day. I also keep my glassware in the freezer Once I walk in my door at day's end....voila.
Not Shaken or Stirred

posted by Thomas @ 09:22PM, 8/14/07

I like the idea of leaving the ice out all together! Even better that stirred! I think I'll be enjoying an excellent martini tomorrow after work and toasting a little thanks to you!

And about my last comment... I have no ill feelings against Bond, in fact I'm a huge fan of all of the movies. I just don't happen to agree with his preference in martinis. I will admit that in his defense stirred not shaken doesn't have quite the same ring to it!

posted by Tango Dave @ 09:19PM, 9/05/07

Bond only drinks any of this crap when it's socially unacceptable to drink poontang juice e.g. at a high-stake poker game in a swanky hotel.
The "missing" ingredient

posted by Maplemode @ 05:36PM, 9/13/07

Actually the drink served to Bond differs from the one which he orders. The waiter pisses in it because he's such a smarmy twat!
Just to let you know

posted by BubbaDex @ 10:18AM, 10/17/07

A regular martini is served with just gin, a vodka martini adds vodka to it, it still has gin. So every time James Bond orders a vodka martini shaken, not stirred, there is always gin in it, with a measure of vodka. It's not a martini w/out the gin.
"Vodka martini, shaken not stirred".

posted by Trent @ 02:55AM, 11/03/07

I have two drinks of choice, Cognac and Vodka Martini's. Although cognac doesn't require much preparation time like martini's do, they still have to be appreciated and consumed in their own way.

Despite the fact that I run liquor stores and have worked many bars, I have mastered in my own time, the perfect vodka martini recipe.

Here it is,

1 measure Vodka
3 measures Gin
1 measure Lillet

"Shaken not stirred" on ice and placed in a proper martini glass with three olives (green, capsicum stuffed).

I recommend putting ice in the glass to chill, then draining before pouring in the mixture, as martini's should be consumed as cold as possible.

Gin is the base of all martini's whether they are mixed with vermouth, the traditional way or with vodka. The vodka dominates flavour in this mix as it's made from grain and has a unique texture, substance and aroma. Lillet is a french wine aperitif which masks the heavy alcohol taste from the gin by adding a slight sweetness to the blend.

All together, it is one of the most internationally known, very stylish and classy drinks ever made.

I wish you all good martini drinking, enjoy.
Polish, Not Russian Vodka

posted by Hari Seldon @ 05:59PM, 11/19/07

According to a quote from an Ian Fleming interview I read somewhere, the correct vodka for a James Bond type martini (or a Vesper martini) should be Polish vodka, not Russian.

This is of course because the Soviets were the enemy during the Cold War but more so because Fleming's Vesper Lynd character was modeled after the real WWII Polish/British SOE agent Krystyna Skarbek.
Add the Lillet Blanc last

posted by Paul @ 12:31PM, 12/11/07

I failed to note that you should not place the Lillet Blanc in with both gin and vodka IF you place the contents in the freezer that morning to be subsequently consumed later. The Lillet will freeze as the alcoholic content is low.

Once you are ready to pour your martini the Lillet should be added at that moment.

(I mention this to all enthusiasts, especially "Not Shaken or Stirred" who replied so courteously to my idea.)
Great drink

posted by Benny Blanco @ 06:11PM, 1/04/08

Whatever you do don't stir it!

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