Dirty Vodka Martini recipe

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3 oz vodka
1 oz dry vermouth
1/2 oz olive brine

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker half-filled with cracked ice. Shake well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass, garnish with an olive, and serve.

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Dirty vodka martini

posted by Frank V @ 03:27PM, 6/22/06

Good simple recipe.
It's classic

posted by afterlife @ 01:02AM, 7/09/06

I use a lil less of the dirt (olive juice) though.
Better Cheaper

posted by Xpogi @ 11:04PM, 7/17/06

Try Most Wanted Vodka in your next Martini. If you didn't know it came from Kansas you would think it was a $30 a bottle import. Used to drink nothing but Absolut. Now I spend half as much for a better Martini. Of course I make it up by drinking twice as many Martinis.
Love the dirty

posted by rgh @ 10:12PM, 8/02/06

Sometimes it is good to leave out the dry vermouth and pour 50/50 olive juice, vodka..
Good stuff...

posted by NateBoogie @ 05:02PM, 8/04/06

I actually use more of the brine, though, as it seems to take away some of the vodka's "bite" for my wife. I make a batch with 3 shots vodka, 1 shot vermouth, and 1.5-2.0 shots of brine, depending on the quality of the vodka.
Simply delicious

posted by Erica @ 08:54PM, 8/09/06

I prefer mine extra dirty. I up the olive juice x3. Yum.
Cheese Please?

posted by Sue_Jazzercise @ 03:52PM, 8/17/06

Try an olive stuffed with quality blue cheese and get some of the cheese mixed with the drink. Quite tasty
Pretty Good

posted by Bri @ 06:18PM, 8/21/06

For those of us still getting used to 'strong' drinks, we needed about 1/4 oz more olive juice.
Yes Yes Yes

posted by Mitch @ 03:17PM, 9/02/06

My party was a hit thanks to this recipe.
We actually added a lil more dirt because we enjoy olives so much.
Dirty Vodka Martini

posted by Jaime V @ 12:15AM, 9/09/06

Good recipe and the end product is delicious!
Tango Sierra

posted by Tango Sierra @ 08:04PM, 9/15/06

My favorite

posted by John @ 09:04PM, 10/08/06

I love this drink, it is my favorite drink of all time. It's the only drink that I drink. I like mine with a little bit more olive juice, and 4 olives.

posted by Chellester @ 09:22PM, 10/12/06

Yum! Though I like a little more olive juice - try 3/4 oz.
How to chill the glass

posted by Chris @ 04:28PM, 10/28/06

This is a perfect recipe. I would just add that you can chill the glass quickly by putting cracked ice in the martini glass with water and let sit while mixing the ingredients.

posted by Paul @ 06:08PM, 11/17/06

Need to add a little more olive juice.
Love it

posted by gammy @ 03:28PM, 12/21/06

I love dirty vodka martini's. I use either Grey Goose or Shustoff vodka. The Shustoff is from the Ukraine. It it great for the not such a bad hangover. I like mine a little dirtier. All in all this is a great recipe.
Tickle my pickle

posted by sexyback @ 09:37PM, 12/25/06

I like mine with a pickle in it...preferably a classic pickle.

posted by Nate @ 05:13PM, 12/28/06

I used olives stuffed with sardine.... AWESOME! Gives it a great salty taste, but not at all fishy.
Gotta get dirty

posted by Jeff @ 08:44PM, 12/28/06

Nothing like a couple Dirty Martinis after a long day at work... try them with 2 Beefeater Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives... good stuff.
What a surprise

posted by Christine @ 11:06PM, 12/28/06

I've been doing this for years with my vodka martinis and never knew there was a name for it or a fan base with such great taste.
More Olive Juice!

posted by Jon @ 08:11PM, 12/29/06

Very good... needed 1/4 oz more olive brine though. Using kettle one vodka

posted by Loy @ 08:44PM, 12/29/06

Try dirt from regular olive and jalepeno stuffed olives!
Try feta olives

posted by Ember Bindrim @ 10:16PM, 12/30/06

Great recipe! it is sooo good with feta cheese olives or blue cheese olives! And definitely a little more olive juice.
Make it a little hot

posted by lizzy @ 10:30PM, 1/03/07

I like to use Jalapeno stuffed olives and a few drops of the juice.
Yum !

posted by Just Me @ 10:43PM, 1/15/07

Oliveit !
Most wanted vodka is true

posted by mike @ 04:25PM, 2/03/07

It's true what the other guy said, most wanted vodka is amazing. I put it in a taste test that included chopin and pravda and most wanted won! I think you can only buy it in kansas currently though.
More of everything....

posted by JKFP @ 11:58PM, 3/10/07

I've been known to mix the Vodka to vermouth 2:1. I also love garlic-stuffed olives; it changes the martini, and the garlic sure is a nice topper to it (healthy,too!). It seems to be fairly common practice her in Minneapolis to drop in four olives. BTW, The Waterford barware collection has a large martini glass for under $4.
Blue cheese? wha?

posted by grnidred1 @ 03:23PM, 3/16/07

I wanted the recipe so i could make them at home for the holiday weekend...i love them so dirty i call them filthy... but i saw the blue cheese recipe and was stunned...were you drunk when you added the blue cheese or was that something you had already heard of??? To each his own my friend...drink up and be safe..TT

posted by Kirstin @ 05:09PM, 3/28/07

I love a dirtymartini! I use Grey Goose and add just a tad more brine and I love to use the giant garlic stuffed olives in this. Heaven!
Great recipe

posted by Sandy @ 03:28PM, 4/13/07

I drink dirty martinis when I go out but never made them at home. This dirty martini was (is) great. I added 3/4 oz of olive brine for a little more dirt and used blue cheese stuffed olives...sooo good.
A bit heavy

posted by Curt @ 10:12PM, 4/15/07

This recipe is a bit heavy on the vermouth. Try swishing some in the glass leaving a tiny bit on the bottom - - - -then add the vodca/brine
Dirty with pepercinis

posted by Kim @ 03:34PM, 4/25/07

Yum, now that I can have bloody mary's (too many carbs) this is my favorite. Try it with pepercinic instead of olives yumm.
Extra Dirty with Grey Goose

posted by Bill @ 06:22PM, 5/01/07

This is my favorite drink. I prefer to use Grey Goose because of the smoothness. Be sure to go with a 2:1 ratio with the vodka and brine. Try adding 3 Tipsy Olives from Sable and Rosenfeld, their already spiked in vermouth. Cheers!

posted by dubs @ 06:39PM, 5/20/07

Ya i'd say a little more olive brine too, nice with some ketel one (definately my favorite vodka)
In response to grnidred1

posted by Jen @ 11:02PM, 5/26/07

Actually, it's pretty common to find Bleu Cheese Dirty Martinis in restaurants. Personally, I don't like them (tried one at an upscale steakhouse once), but hey, they have been around forever and are very popular. If anyone loves bleu cheese, it's a real winner, I'm sure.
Vodka is vodka

posted by Trifling Hard On @ 03:15PM, 5/28/07

Ya I have tried garlic and classic olives and brine. I shake very well so plenty of ice chips make through. While it melts it dilutes alcohol flavor of the vodka and makes it extra cold and makes the vermouth more mild. Also when you serve immediately the martini has a cool cloudy look with all the tiny bubbles. This goes away.

posted by In Nampa Idaho @ 08:13PM, 5/29/07

Great and very smooth. Used Grey Goose and a smidge more olive brine. Thanks for the recipe.

posted by Ramona @ 03:47PM, 6/23/07

I just started drinking them they are so gooooooood.
Hold the vermouth

posted by Woohstah @ 05:11PM, 7/25/07

I agree, a straight mix of brine and vodka makes a great drink. Try it with Chopin...can't go wrong.

posted by Lucie @ 06:22PM, 7/30/07

This was my introduction to martinis created by my daughter in law. I am now addicted! This is terrible but not really!
Waterford barware under $4...WHERE? Yummo drink

posted by Dee @ 12:01PM, 11/16/07

I want to know where JKFP found Waterford barware large martini glasses for under $4!
This is a yummy drink...I dirty it a tad more!
Nix the vermouth!

posted by Ron de la Sahara @ 09:11PM, 11/20/07

This drink soothed me through 5 long years in the Algerian Sahara desert.

1 tsp. olive brine & 2 olives with whatever vodka I pulled from the freezer. Tres bon!
Definitely Grey Goose

posted by jose @ 08:31PM, 11/28/07

Grey Goose is smooth and doesn't turn you off to Dirty Martinis. You have to sample different olive packagers as the brine will vary in intensity. I has one that a 2:1 ratio would have made you pucker, and another that did not taste of olives at all.
Nothing but the dirty in the dirty....South that is...

posted by Dirty Ghurl @ 02:08PM, 12/22/07

never tried anything but basic olives but the dirtier the better. like the options put out there with the cheese and spices though...
Give me a break

posted by gimme a break @ 04:19PM, 12/23/07

This is the most disgusting drink ever. No wonder they call it a dirty martini, its for dirty slutty gals!!
Salt Water

posted by Roost @ 05:17PM, 12/28/07

Tastes like I just hit a wave and got a mouthfull of ocean water.
Three Olives..

posted by bfoster @ 04:16PM, 1/05/08

I use three olives and the taste is great, I wouldn't change a thing with the recipe.
Dirty Varietals...

posted by Ren-dawg @ 11:33PM, 2/05/08

"Dirty Greek" - feta stuffed olives and brine
"Dirty Mexican" - Jalapeno stuffed
"Dirty Italian" - Garlic stuffed
"Dirty U.N." - all of the above

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