Apple Martini recipe

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Poor all ingredients into a shaker. Shake well and strain into a Martini glass.

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With a twist

posted by Josh M @ 06:57PM, 6/03/06

This recipe is also good with a splash of your favorite clear citrus beverage aka sprite.

posted by steph @ 10:43AM, 6/04/06

You can also instead of apple juice, put a splash of sour mix. Cuts some of the super-sour apple bite!
Stronger than you'd think...

posted by Benz @ 06:38PM, 6/13/06

These are delicious! However, you won't feel them kicking in till you stand up. VERY smooth going down.
Gotta Have Them

posted by Nina B @ 06:44PM, 6/21/06

I just couldn't stop! They tasted better than I thought!
Finally had one

posted by dzig @ 10:58AM, 7/26/06

This confection is all the rage, so I tried it. It is okay. I rated it a 2 because although it is okay, it is hardly a martini. I was surprised there was no vermouth, and where was I when the decison was made to use vodka instead of gin in martinis these days?
Peach twist

posted by zoe @ 04:39AM, 8/08/06

Instead of apple schnapps, use peach schnapps it will give it a nice twist.
These are great

posted by Canton @ 08:38PM, 8/12/06

My husband makes them because i know they will get me drunk! I love them!
Mellower with less of an edge

posted by Jeff J. @ 05:02PM, 8/15/06

I have spent a considerable amount of time making Appletini's and my best attempt at creating a smooth and mellow apple martini is as follows (with preferred ingredients in parantheses):

1 part Vodka (Grey Goose)
1.5 parts Apple Schnapps (Apfel Korn)
2 parts Apple Juice

Shake and allow it to sit in the shaker for 2-3 minutes. This appletini will not overwhelm you in the same way the original recipe listed here will - it comes out smooth and appely delicious just like you favorite appletini at the bar.

Cheers and enjoy...
:) Apple Martinis Rule!

posted by Regina @ 12:53PM, 8/16/06

Best drink since the LIT.
I was not ready

posted by you know @ 09:25PM, 8/18/06

It was so good I got a foot job!
Apple martini

posted by ben @ 09:39AM, 8/24/06

I just love this taste.
Why are they so expensive!!!!

posted by sami @ 05:05PM, 10/10/06

I agree with the fact that you don't feel em till you stand up. Another agreement is also you will feel poor after you leave the bar. =) ..NYC...= 10$ average a Applemartini

posted by brandy @ 04:51PM, 10/13/06

Swirl carmel around your glass. It also helps with the sour ness by adding sweet.

posted by Dee @ 03:46PM, 10/20/06

How about sour mix & apple juice?
Apple martini drinker

posted by Barbara @ 11:31AM, 11/08/06

I became hooked on my first glass. I use a cherry as a garnish. Great mood breaker.
Another twist

posted by L. Dowdell @ 07:11PM, 11/11/06

Add a splash of pineapple juice and it adds a mild sweetness without being too sweet.
Best drink ever!

posted by F.Umili @ 04:35AM, 11/19/06

I can't get enough! That is the only thing i consider drinking when i go out!
Classy add on

posted by johnb402 @ 03:56PM, 11/29/06

To add a touch of class, get a small melon baller and add a small round piece of apple to the drink for that final Viola'!!

posted by pc @ 10:25PM, 12/02/06

One of the best tasting drinks I've had!! Highly recommened!
They are awesome!!

posted by Alicia @ 11:07AM, 12/08/06

I agree with the other comment, you don't feel them until you stand up, it's a great drink to drink if you don't really like a strong tasting alcohol, they go down like juice!!! So do you after a few!!
Mmmmmmm tasty

posted by Higgy @ 08:36PM, 12/17/06

I like to add 1 part butterscotch schnapps instead of apple juice but tasty none the less.
Give it class!!

posted by johnb402 @ 08:41PM, 12/23/06

Use a small melon baller and with an apple, use it to make a small ball and put it in the drink. Not only does it look classy but the apple tastes great!
The best one yet!!!!!!

posted by Missie @ 07:02PM, 12/26/06

Okay, how about the best apple martini around?

1 part Sky vodka
2 part Green apple pucker
1 part apple jiuce
1 cherry on the bottom
a tiny spash of ginger ale.............yummy!
Let it sit in the ice for a while, let the ice melt and viola!

posted by anne @ 09:52PM, 1/05/07

The caramel is something to try for me since i find fresh apples good with it!
Cranberrry Juice

posted by Marsha @ 07:46PM, 1/08/07

I did not have apple juice so I substituted cranberry juice and it tastes wonderful!
Just a little sweetness

posted by dee @ 03:00AM, 1/12/07

Try sugar on the rim.
Try drink with Enviga

posted by Belkast @ 10:29PM, 2/09/07

Try this drink replacing sierra mist or orange juice with a new drink called Enviga Peach! So good, best one we made all year!

posted by Yaya @ 11:18PM, 2/09/07

On my 21st birthday, my best friend and a co-worker of mine took me out to Club Pran, Ybor City. I had other drinks such as, vodka-cran, hpnotic, and something else. But nothing got me drunk. But then I had this apple martini and I was HOOK! I had 5 shots of them, and for a little while you wont feel nothing but it sneaks up on you. I was getting my shoes back on and felt it and hit my head on the table! This drink had me soooo drunk! I love it!
Another twist

posted by Bill @ 08:24PM, 2/22/07

Same recipe except, in place of apple juice, add equal part Mothers Caramel Apple Schnapps.
Liquid Panty remover

posted by Hank @ 06:06PM, 3/03/07

I call these liquid panty remover.
Is it nice

posted by Jean @ 03:39AM, 3/08/07

It's so yummy.

posted by yumadubdub @ 11:52AM, 3/29/07

Apple Martini

posted by Mitu @ 05:47AM, 4/03/07

Uuhh..... it tastes excellent.
Gotta try this one!

posted by Harry P. Ness @ 04:12PM, 4/13/07

Same mixtures as the others, just use a good Sparkling aple juice/cider instead. Keeps it light and fizzy and since its now like a strong champagne, it does go right to your head! Wooooo watch out!
Don't drink too many

posted by mzabsolute @ 09:01PM, 4/26/07

With the added butterscotch & use absolute as well an excellent drink.
Hell yea

posted by Stu @ 10:21AM, 5/09/07

They rock!!
Absolutly Smooth

posted by eros @ 04:34AM, 5/19/07

Try using Absolut Vanilla Vodka with a fresh squeeze of lime, much much smoother.. also splash of cointreau will give you a good kick in the head!! For people who need a quick catch up drink! Once you have it with Vanilla, you wont go back.
Hacienda Apple Martinis

posted by appletini 14 @ 02:06AM, 5/22/07

I'm not sure what's in them, but it is the BEST drink I've had in a long while. It was served in a chilled Martini glass with a thin slice of apple on the rim (the color was emerald green.) LOVE EM!!! I will only drink Apple Martinis when I go to a bar for now on . . . and maybe I'll try a regular "Martini" as well. Yum.
Apple Martini

posted by suganspice @ 01:10PM, 6/02/07

I love applemartinis and Mango Martinis.
Washington Martini

posted by suganspice @ 01:16PM, 6/02/07

Try this:
1 part Crown Royal
2 parts Apple pucker and the rest cranberry juice,ooooo tasty!!
I love the idea of caramel!!

posted by mama @ 07:42PM, 6/06/07

You see chocolate sauce artfully swirled on the inside of a martini glass on the chocolate martini... do the same thing with an apple martini and YUMMM. :)

(I followed the recipe on a package of Stoli vodka with a bonus of Dekuper Sour Apple Pucker Schnaps... 1 part pucker and 2 parts vodka)
Appletini 2.0

posted by Wootness @ 07:53PM, 9/01/07

1 part vodka
1 part dekuper sour apple pucker
1 part apple juice
1/4 part vermouth
1/4 dekuper butterscotch

shake and sit on ice for 1 minute.

pour and dash with club soda.

BTW, I use Vox or Chopin vodka for a clean taste.
Really good

posted by wnda @ 01:41PM, 9/07/07

They're great.

posted by Jonnie @ 11:00PM, 9/10/07

All of these comment are great, but buying these at the bar will cost you big $$$. With the three main ingredents, still would be less at home. Try adding .5 oz of Everclear, for real kick at home. You'll make less drinks.

posted by jd. @ 05:51PM, 9/14/07

Appletini please, easy on the tini.

posted by D @ 03:02PM, 10/04/07

3 parts vanilla flavored vodka
2 parts apple pucker
1 part dry vermouth
green apple slice on top sprinkled with a bit of sugar or cinnamon
Vanappletini - It's the New Crack

posted by Bartender @ 03:04PM, 12/20/07

Substitute Absolut Vanilla for the straight Absolut. Crazy good.
Red Appletini

posted by Gillian @ 06:07PM, 12/21/07

Love this recipe. It tastes just like a green apple. And if you substitue cranberry juice for the apple juice, it tastes just like a red delicious apple.
because of Scrubs...

posted by Judy @ 06:08PM, 12/27/07

I became hooked on appletinis...thanks JD.

posted by jeremy @ 12:20PM, 1/03/08

They are fine without the apple juice as well! Using vanilla vodka adds a nice twist too, just make sure it's quality (35/40%) and it mixes quite nicely~

posted by bobby @ 11:39AM, 1/30/08

Should not be made with apple juice. Tastes cloying. It's usually made with just vodka & sour apple schnapps.

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