Virgin Pina Colada recipe

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Collins Glass
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Add the pineapple juice, coconut cream and crushed ice to a blender; blend at high speed. Pour into a collins glass. Garnish with a maraschino cherry, a pineapple wedge, and serve.

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Virgin Pina Coladas

posted @ 01:45PM, 4/25/06

Virgin pina colada's are really good. Thanks for the recipe.
Virgin pina colada

posted @ 12:13AM, 4/26/06

I love pina coladas thanks for the recipe!

posted by ilovepinacoladas @ 11:35PM, 5/05/06

Thnx so much for the great recipe!

posted by yourmum @ 03:11PM, 5/11/06

I love this stuff, cheers!

posted by your face @ 07:47PM, 5/31/06

Man this stuff is gooooooood!

posted by Sally Ann Gloders @ 03:49PM, 6/09/06

This stuff is the best! I even used it for a spanish project.
In love with pina colada's

posted by Gaby Sim @ 12:59PM, 6/22/06

Ever since i went to cuba and had my first virgin pina colada..i've been obsessed with them. This recipe is really good..and taste just like the one's in Cuba. Thanks so much.

posted by dawson @ 01:53PM, 6/26/06

I luv Pina Colada's especially in Costa Rica.
Cha cha cha pina colada's

posted by me @ 06:07PM, 7/19/06

Since we went to Jamaica , Bahamas, and Aurba, we can't stop thinking about how goooood they were on those hot days. Thanx for the recipe! We love it you rock!

posted by Colleen @ 01:54PM, 7/20/06

Virgin pina coladas are the best drink i have ever tasted! I have to say I am hooked.
Too much pineapple

posted @ 10:53AM, 8/08/06

I would reduce the amount of pineapple juice to 5 oz. The drink looks more yellowish than white. And the pineapple juice is more overwhelming than the coconut.
Coconut cream???

posted by Amateur @ 12:57AM, 8/09/06

Hey...can anybody tell me how to get the cream out of a coconut? Am pretty new to this. So i really hope somebody will help me out! Thanx :)
mmmmmmm Pina Coladas... mmmmmmmmmm

posted by Magnus Impuretor @ 03:45PM, 8/19/06

I've loved Pina Coladas since I was a little kid, and since I'm still too young to purchase alcohol this recipe is perfect. Thank you very much.
Virgin pina coladas r grrreat!

posted by lil beach bum @ 06:59PM, 8/20/06

Ever since i went 2 Hawaii i loved pina coladas! thanx 4 the recipe!

posted by niel @ 02:56PM, 9/01/06

O they are so lovely.
I love pina coladas!

posted by Lauren Marie @ 12:45PM, 9/09/06

Thankyou for the wonderful recipe I will definetly get an A+ on my spanish recipe!

posted by missy @ 04:19PM, 10/16/06

I luv pina colada drinks.
Mm Mm Good

posted by Banana @ 08:03PM, 10/18/06

Thanx for the yummy recipe!! I even used it for a project on Hawaii.
Very good

posted by sweet little star @ 03:46PM, 10/19/06

I luv it, tastes really good.
So delishis

posted by nananan @ 01:45PM, 10/28/06

Mmm I love it, it tastes so freaking goooooood.

posted by who wants to no? @ 11:18PM, 11/09/06

Duuuude! I'm replying to the comment "yum" costa Rican pina coladas are the most amazing things ever. Specially since theres no enforced drinking age.
So goooddd

posted by priyanka @ 09:25AM, 11/23/06

I loooove these pina coladas. I used them for a spanish project and got an A+!
Virgin Pina Colada

posted by jess o @ 09:56AM, 12/11/06

Thanxz for helping us with our project we sold these and it was succesful! THANK YOU!!!
Mmm Mmm Mmm Delicious

posted by Sweet Lady @ 05:29PM, 12/12/06

Pina Colada's are the best, and thanks for the recipe.
Good good

posted by marie @ 06:07PM, 12/13/06

It's awesome.
Pina Colada

posted by Puertorican Star @ 12:55PM, 12/30/06

The best cream of coconut you will find to make Pina Colada is Coco-Lopez and the Pineapple juice make it Goya and you will get the best pina colada ever.

That's what we use in Puerto Rico to make 'em unless you are at the beach and then we use real pineapple juice and coconuts from the palm trees!! Enjoy.

posted by Raul @ 04:59PM, 1/02/07

This blend of pineapple and coconut is smooth and tasty, great for hot days in south america.. thanks a lot.
So good!

posted by - @ 05:16PM, 1/05/07

1 word: AMAZING.
Yo yo yo

posted by bookie & may @ 09:02PM, 1/05/07

Man, oh man. I LOVE YOUR PINA COLADA. :]

It's like the bomb diggityyyy. I got an A+++++++ on my project in Hawaii using it. <3
Pretty good with just 3 simple ingredients

posted by Green_Tea_Puyo @ 04:25PM, 1/11/07

The mixture ends up being pretty liquified, the coconut cream really alters the flavor well. Maybe some banana and actual pineapple chunks would improve it a little.

posted by Keitorin @ 09:39PM, 1/19/07

Ahh! A non-alcoholic beverage that is good for a Puerto Rico project!

posted by joe @ 07:59PM, 2/25/07

Wonderful, very creamy!!!
Not bad

posted by Dean-O @ 06:15AM, 3/02/07

Made this last night on a spur of the moment. Not a bad recipe. I think it needs to have more exact measurements though proportions wise. I couldn't figure out exactly how much pineapple juice is 6 ounces lol. It tasted great. Needed a dash of cinnamon if you asked me.
Yummy yummy

posted by life saver @ 06:36PM, 3/05/07

This is very good.
Dear god it's good

posted by js @ 08:42PM, 3/19/07

Pregnant and craving pina coladas. Great virgin drink.
Damn it makes my heart go hmmmm

posted by namita @ 07:28AM, 4/04/07

Thank you a lot for giving this to me. So simple yet delicious. Can make in no time. Looks wonderful and makes wonders tooo.
I love Pina Coladas

posted by MARIA @ 04:04PM, 4/07/07

The song Escape (Pina Colada Song) made me want some PINAAA COLADASSSSSSSS YUMMMYYYYYYYYYY. Thanks for the recipe. YUMMMMYYYYYYYY.

posted by nick @ 08:17PM, 4/29/07

This is superb!
This stuff is too good!

posted by Rach G @ 01:39PM, 5/05/07

Ever since I went to the bahamas, Atlantis Hotell, i have been obsessed! This stuff is way too good!!!!!! This is so cool and I am so obsessed! Were going to this party later and we need to bring it for Sinco Demayo! It is going to be sooooo cool.
=) Love it! (=

posted by Sarah Reames =) @ 06:19AM, 5/18/07

I LOVE PINA COLADAS!! Especially the virgin one because I'm 11 and I can't have alcohol! Thank you so much for this delicious recipe! =P
Good stuff

posted by Steven hanley @ 12:17PM, 6/09/07

The Pina Coladas were delicious it was just like when i went to the Bahamas!! THX

posted by smitha @ 10:46AM, 6/30/07

Really nice!

posted by kiran c @ 01:12AM, 7/01/07

Must say this is an amazing recipe , but i didn't use coconut cream i used coconut milk..i dont know what the difference is but it taste good regardless!
This should be #1

posted by Ariel G @ 09:12AM, 7/16/07

This recipe is terrific! I thought it was so awesome that there was a recipe for non-alcoholic drinkers. This has to be my favorite over all! trust me I've tried lots!!!!I think there was enough of everything there wasn't too much of or too little of anything! keep up the good work!!!!
I'm a bartender and this recipie is pretty good

posted by andrew a @ 01:23PM, 7/16/07

This recepie is a great one for home use. Here at the bar we have oversized blenders and use 5 cans of sliced pineapple 2 cans of cream of coconut, a bottle of pineapple juice and 1 and a half bags of ice then we add liquor to the individual glasses that request it! great mix tho.

posted by jessie @ 09:28PM, 8/17/07

It is like so good.
You saved my party

posted by Angel @ 05:19PM, 8/24/07

As a thirteen year old throwing a pirates of the caribbean themed party, i was at a lack of solution for what i was going to do with having over-the-top alcoholic drinks without alcohol. Thanks so much!

posted by clarissa @ 03:15PM, 9/01/07

oh ya yummy !!
More Pineapple than Coconut?

posted by Daedalus @ 02:25AM, 9/10/07

I would have thought that there would have been a _lot_ more coconut cream than juice. *shrugs*
Really great

posted by Stuntman Mike @ 09:12AM, 9/30/07

I always end the night with a Virgin Pina Colada!

posted by K-town @ 09:34PM, 10/22/07

I frickin love them with a passion, if they were alive i would marry them!!!!

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