Amer Picon Punch recipe

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serve in
Old-Fashioned Glass
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fill with ice
1 tsp grenadine syrup
2 1/2 oz Amer Picon® orange bitters
fill with soda water
1 oz brandy

Fill old-fashioned glass with ice. Pour in grenadine and Amer Picon. Fill glass with soda, leaving room for brandy. Float brandy on top of drink.

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Amer Picon Punch

posted by Keith @ 07:07PM, 5/24/06

This is a traditional Basque drink. Not too many people are familar with it. It does have a "PUNCH". My father-in-law and I have ours, "on the dark side" (more picon, less soda water). Enjoy.
Where do you find this brand?

posted by Jack Ascuaga @ 03:00PM, 6/06/06

The premier product is Amer Segalas, but unfortunately they stopped manufacturing after 100+ years in San Francisco. The inferior french version Amer Picon doesn't seem to be available in the US. It's better than nothing, but still pales against the Segalas. Any suggestions on where I can get some?
Where do you find this brand?

posted by Jack Kerouac @ 01:53PM, 7/12/06

This is a very nice apertif - used to found all through San Francisco's North Beach area. The Segalas was approximately 80 proof, the french was close to 60 proof and not as good a flavor.

Try this punch if you can find the Picon. I recommend you cut back on the grenadine to get a little dried taste.
Picon (Biere)

posted by Walter Dombrowski @ 01:50PM, 8/20/06

Last month in Paris I came across a dust-laden large bottle labelled PICON with Biere in small letters. Having been searching for Picon for years, I bought it (about $11). In reading the label more carefully, I believe I have the real thing--haven't tried it yet. The listed ingredients are exactly right. The "Biere" connection has to do with a recipe that calls for its mixture with "blonde" beer, but seems to have nothing to do with the bottle's contents. (I added a rating only because I had to.)
Torani brand amer

posted by Bill @ 10:09AM, 12/12/06

Torani brand Amer is now commonly used as the base liquor in Picon punch. It is made by Torani out of either San Francisco or San Jose, Calif. Available regionally but not widespread although it appears there are several internet vendors.
Picon is used with champagne....

posted by peter.england @ 07:20AM, 6/09/07

In the coastal ports of France, usually at home rather than in bars or restaurants, you might well be served 'picon'. The base is a reasonable NV champagne. A little lemon syrup and then a healthy dash of picon is put in the glass, sometimes over ice, and then in goes the champagne! As the picon is 18% ABV it makes a pretty strong aperitif. It's available reasonably easily in France at merchants but not normally the supermarkets.
Steer clear of Torani

posted by Len Madrid @ 06:58PM, 6/22/07

I'd rather do without than use the Torani. It's like having a wine that everyone rates 95+ and switching to a fortified wine cooler.
Picon Biere in Paris

posted by Thom Duffy @ 04:48PM, 6/29/07

My partner and I asked a bartender at the Bears Den in Paris about the beautiful bottle of Picon on display. He offered to mix us a Bieree Picon - we enjoyed it very much! We tried finding it in the US - Philadelphia and coming up dry. Wish we bought a bottle in Paris to bring home. Mixes wonderful with a blonde beer and splash of lemon - not sure Iwould enjoy with just soda water.

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