Amaretto Sour recipe

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Pour the amaretto liqueur into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Add a splash or two of sweet and sour mix, and shake well. Strain or pour into an old-fashioned glass, garnish with a maraschino cherry and a slice of orange, and serve.

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Great drink

posted by TONY MONTANA @ 07:41PM, 5/19/06

Not enough damn alcohol, but still a great tasting drink.

posted by love @ 03:55PM, 6/03/06

My favorite drink in the whole world!!
Love it!

posted by mschocolate @ 02:02AM, 6/07/06

I can drink these all day! I agree, not enough alcohol but it does taste good.
My new favorite drink!

posted by Amaretto Sour Lover @ 02:10PM, 6/10/06

I tried one...and then a couple more, for the first time last night. When I need more alcohol, I won't choose this drink, but for casual or social drinking this is the best there is!
Great recipe

posted by Wicked Widow @ 09:09PM, 6/10/06

I drink these all the time at bars and have been trying to make them at home. This is the best recipe I've found.

posted by Mars a.k.a. cinderella @ 06:02PM, 6/14/06

So relaxing!
My new Favorite!

posted by Kathryn @ 04:36PM, 6/16/06

Not only can you match your friends drink for drink without getting sloppy drunk, your bar tab will be a lot less as well! At our usual hangout a margarita or other similar drink starts at 5.50 and goes up from there. The amaretto sour? 2.25! LOVE IT!

posted by Bitch Face @ 08:48PM, 6/16/06

I've tried this recipe for 2 weeks now at home.. I CANNOT get mine to taste like an Amaretto that is our served at a bar. I'm tired of trying so I'll stick with my Screwdrivers.
Better yet...

posted by Pro Toy @ 09:36PM, 6/17/06

Try this. Same recipe as listed, more Amaretto is better, add 1/2 oz. orange juice, crushed ice, and 1/2 cup fresh oranges in a blender. Blend until it's foamy. WOW, what a killer Jamba juiice!
Make it Better

posted by Stephanie @ 02:03AM, 6/22/06

I love this drink! Everyone is right, taste great but not enough liquor. To top off this already great drink, I put powdered sugar on the top of mine at home and it makes it that much better!
How bars make it...It's Sprite!

posted by Tara @ 10:10AM, 6/30/06

I asked the bartender how to make this because it is my absolute favorite if it's a double (more alcohol!). You need to top it off with Sprite. I did it at home and it tasted just like the bar. Now that you know what you were missing...don't go by the recipe. Make it to your taste by mixing them a little, tasting, mix, taste. Might take a minute, but you'll figure out how you really like the drink. I always use a juice glass (probably 8 or 12 oz), fill with ice to the rim or above, (with the pourer in the top) pour while counting to 4 or 5 the Amaretto, take it pretty much to top with Sour, then top off with Sprite. That's more alcohol than usual and it tastes like Kool Aid. Hope this helped!
Great drink

posted by sour drinker @ 10:17AM, 6/30/06

This drink is my favorite!
A nice drink for sure

posted by Mike @ 04:04AM, 7/09/06

It's a great drink, everytime a customer orders one, they want another. The problem (for some people) with this one is the colour it seems. The dark golden colour of the Amaretto and the colour of the sweet and sour (or bar) mix comes out kind of strange, but is definately an excellent drink. Shake until there's a lot of foam. Shake it baby.
The only drink for me

posted by Ann @ 04:52PM, 7/12/06

I never had a stand by drink until this one. I'd always order whatever my friends were ordering, nothing was ever perfect (that kind of drink typically involves a lot more alchohol) but then I copied on this drink, and now, the hesitation is gone!
Every time!

posted by Relik86 @ 08:10PM, 7/13/06

The amaretto sour was the first drink I ever had. Now, every time I'm at a bar, or any place that serves alcohol, I order one, because they're that damn good!
MMMMM good!

posted by Kandy @ 02:30PM, 8/03/06

Lemme tell ya...these are addictive!!!
The Best!!!!

posted by Armaretto Lover @ 01:16PM, 8/04/06

I LOVE Amaretto Sour. I think it's the best drink out there. I had one up in Boston at a bar when I went and then again down in Fort Lauderdale in Bahia Cabana at the Days Inn next to Fort Lauderdale beach (make sure to visit there if you're ever in Fort Lauderdale, it's a hot spot and it's a GREAT spot). Best drink for a fun vacation.
Good 'n Easy

posted by Ray @ 04:14PM, 8/04/06

Made these at a family lake trip and they were drinkin'em like crazy! Easy to make too.
A little stronger than the bars

posted by Shannel @ 09:19PM, 8/05/06

This one is a strong make it more like the bars you have to add some water...

posted by Tasha @ 08:53PM, 8/12/06

I tried this drink for the first time last night at a club. I had never heard of it before. OMG!! It's the best thing I've ever drunk in my life. I'm not big on the alcohol taste and this drink is awesome! You can't taste the alcohol at all. I absolutely love it!! If you've not ever tried, you don't know what you're missing!! So try it already!!
Add grenadine

posted by joshua @ 09:55AM, 8/20/06

Don't forget the grenadine THE RED STUFF in shirley temples.

posted by joe blow @ 10:18PM, 8/26/06

Also tried making this at home, but it looked like crap and tasted like it too. Will stick to the classics for now.
Amazing Amaretto!

posted by Sarah @ 12:24PM, 8/27/06

This is by far, the best drink that I have ever had. Everytime I go clubbing, I can't drink anything else. My usual screwdrivers just doesn't cut it!

posted by Cindy @ 04:17PM, 9/04/06

I'd never tasted this drink until one evening at a retirement dinner for one of my friends. My husband, my 23 year old son and I were enjoying the evening and I tried an amaretto sour. It was terrific!!! Nice ,smooth and not too much alcohol. My family enjoyed the evening with friends and a drink that's just right and not too much for ones system. The ONLY reason I didn't rate the drink a 10 is because as with anything I believe in leaving room for improvement. But in actuality, I think this drink is on the money and any improvement is more than likely a long way off.
My favorite drink!!

posted by happy borracha! @ 03:45AM, 9/05/06

I just love it - I can have like 5 amaretto's or more.

posted by Tara @ 12:46AM, 9/20/06

Amaretto Sours are great but to really top them off...add a splash of Grenadine. Mmmmmmm. :)
Hearing problem

posted by i guess i have a hearing problem @ 03:54PM, 9/22/06

I thought it was an amerillo sour! Until today! Whatever it is, its good. I was just looking up the calorie content.
Cheap and easy drink

posted by Jeff from Texas @ 04:06AM, 9/24/06

Just got back from Dollar Drinks at the club, I sipped down 4 of these in 3 minutes, they are delicious!!
Way to make the colour prettier

posted by Jill @ 09:48PM, 9/25/06

My friend and I add a splash of the cherry juice, and the color is really pretty along with the drink tasting soooooo yummy.
Love it

posted by B @ 07:34PM, 9/30/06

I love this drink! It is amazing!
Favorite drink

posted by Luna @ 03:35AM, 10/03/06

This is definitely my favorite drink I've tried to date. The alcohol taste isn't overwhelming at all, which is nice.

posted by Lisa Dublin @ 12:48PM, 10/13/06

The best drink in the world - so lovely and sweet and just the right amount of alcohol!!
Not a good experience

posted by Sarah @ 08:44PM, 10/13/06

I had an amaretto sour once, and it was disgusting. I think it had way too much sweet and sour mix in it. It was seriously shudder-inducing. I think the proportions are very important in this drink.
Excellent drink!

posted by Mad @ 08:48PM, 10/13/06

Add a shot of peach schnapps and it makes it even better!
Thanks so much

posted by Amanda @ 02:24PM, 10/14/06

I am only a casual (more like once a year) drinker and I love everything about this drink! I can drink them all night with out getting trashed and they taste GREAT!!!!

posted by Chad @ 08:39PM, 10/19/06

Good for all ages.
Wonderful drink

posted by betty @ 08:21PM, 10/21/06

What a wonderful drink this is....I agree with's not a drink that is going to get you plastered until you drink about 10+ .....hahahah...neway.......LOVE THIS DRINK!

posted by Kim @ 07:33PM, 10/30/06

Sooooooooooo goooooooooooood.

posted by G @ 06:09AM, 11/03/06

My absolute fav drink in the world. I like it on its own and/or mixed with some lime juice, delicious!
Very tasty

posted by Megan @ 08:52PM, 11/04/06

This is one of my favorite drinks ever. True, there isn't much alcohol in it...but it's still quite refreshing on a hot day.

Amaretto is also great with Pepsi or Coke. If you mix it right, you can't taste the booze...which makes it a drink that will sneak up on you!
A little tip

posted by Valerie @ 05:19PM, 11/14/06

If you want to make it 20 times better, in your shaker add a little bit of sugar and a drop of milk or cream. These 2 items will make your drink REALLY foamy! :)

posted by Karla @ 01:06AM, 11/25/06

This has been my fave drink since I was legal. I recently bought an ice shaver for flavored ice in the summer, now when i make the sours I fill about 3/4 glass (it seems like a lot , but the shaved ice will pack down) that I am drinking from with the shaved ice ...then add a splash of cherry limeade (the Minute Maid light in a can ), mix again with straw and add some regular ice on top...yummy! And I agree on mixing to taste and adding a bit more alcohol. (DISaronno is the BEST!!!)

posted by Esme @ 02:05PM, 11/30/06

I'm not much of a mix drink girl, but this one is great!
So wasted

posted by Corrie @ 08:16PM, 12/01/06

I encourage everyone to try this wonderful drink!
Drinking one right now...

posted by aprilamazing @ 10:00PM, 12/05/06

Love it :]
Nice, Light Cocktail

posted by Krista @ 03:32PM, 12/06/06

This is a great drink to have at a wedding. Not ALOT of alcohol, but enough to still be a "part of the party."
Classic Favorite

posted by SexyBartender @ 03:59PM, 12/08/06

This is one of my favorite drinks. Definently a lot better as a double and with a splash of Sprite/7-up. But every person likes theirs differently so experiment and find out which is best for you!
First timer.

posted by Samantha @ 06:46AM, 12/11/06

This is now my favorite drink. I am definatly a light weight so a friend of mine had me try one Friday night and now I am hooked. Its nice that there is not too much liquor b/c then I can actually drink with me frends and not have to worry about getting hammered.

posted by Court @ 02:07AM, 12/17/06

I'm not a drinker but this was the first real one that i've tried and liked. For a low key drinker its a good drink to start out with because of the low amount of alcohol!
Relaxation at best

posted by fab @ 04:59PM, 12/17/06

This is the perfect drink especially wen you're alone at home chillin n watching a good movie.. not too much alcohol but enough to soothe your mind....
Sex in a gladd

posted by RJ @ 08:56PM, 12/23/06

Just what I said. Amaretto is AWESOME!! Very smooth with just enough alcohol so you can drink 5-6 without getting retarded. For best results: stick with.DISARONNA.

posted by Rick @ 01:17PM, 12/30/06

This drink is awesome!

posted by Whittington @ 02:46PM, 12/31/06

I've had this drink made with fresh lemon juice, Amaretto and a shot of whiskey. It's soooo good! The fact that you won't get drunk is the cherry on top.
Easy fav!

posted by KLD1019 @ 01:10PM, 1/03/07

Havent tried this recipe yet but when I have one at the bars that's all I stick too! It's an easy smooth drink thats perfect for those of you who dont like a strong alcohol taste and who dont want to get drunk quick!
Mmm Mmm Good

posted by Shalik @ 06:31PM, 1/10/07

Absolutely love these.
Best drink!!

posted by Sarah<3 @ 01:45PM, 1/11/07

Amaretto Sourz are the complete top drink ever... you don't taste too much of the alcohol or nothing... it's great!
Vance's Amaretto Sour

posted by Vance O @ 10:35PM, 1/13/07

3 parts Amaretto
2 parts fresh squeezed lemons
1 part rum
1 part triple sec
3/4 teaspoon sugar per 2 parts lemon

Squeeze lemon around edge of glasses, coat edges in sugar mound.

Shake all ingredients in a metal shaker with at least 3 cubes ice and pour over ice in prepared cups.

Garnish as you please.
Add rum

posted by frickerley @ 06:06PM, 1/14/07

Had a rum & amaretto sour the other night- wow! Sugar syrup, lemon juice,amaretto & havana club rum. Not sure of the quantities yet but I'll experiment & let ya know.
Still my favorite relaxing drink

posted by Viperious @ 07:22PM, 1/28/07

When ever I am just lounging around this is my drink. I love it.

posted by Sanjeeva @ 12:36AM, 1/31/07

It really was. Best drink I've had!
I'm Hooked!!!!

posted by Sonya @ 04:24PM, 2/01/07

HOLY CRAP!!! I just tried an Amaretto Sour a couple days ago and I absolutely LOVE them! I knew about them before, but I like creamy-type drinks (like white russians) so I never ordered an amaretto sour. The name always scared me off cause I sure didn't want to drink something that tasted like sour cherries!! They should rename the drink to "Pure Heavenly Bliss" or something a little more fitting!!!!

posted by sara @ 04:37PM, 2/06/07

Will make it again.

posted by sweetXasXsugar @ 05:25PM, 2/15/07

Ok seriously this is the best drink ever ... if you dont want to get drunk but still have a good time ..... new years eve was the first time i tried one .... and let me tell you i didn't just have one after that ...... finally i found a good recipe .... i love it, it def works .... THANKS!

posted by schreil @ 08:48PM, 2/17/07

Disaronno tastes much better! They're both chick drinks!
If you don't like sour...

posted by Brittany @ 07:51PM, 2/23/07

If you don't like sour, you should try mixing 1/3 champagne, 1/3 amaretto di amore, and 1/3 orange juice. You can't taste the alcohol in it, but after more than a few, you can definitely feel the effects. It's the best drink ever!
Just right for a long night

posted by P @ 07:58AM, 2/27/07

These drinks help me pace my night out. Try them blended with ice on a hot day - makes a refreshing change

posted by coltonem @ 01:10PM, 3/02/07

I tried this drink at Max & Erma's Restaurant. I've been drinking it ever since! It has definitely become one of my favorite drinks of all time!
Amaretto Sour

posted by Amaretto girl @ 12:23AM, 3/12/07

I love this drink, it tastes awesome. Takes a lot to get any buzz at all!
Fave drink!

posted by Katie @ 01:44PM, 3/17/07

Best drink ever! This was my first drink and has continued to be my stand by. It is so good and not overwhelming at all.

posted by UR Babe-Ditto @ 08:05PM, 3/21/07

Just like ya'll, I love this drink. I drink about 5 and just about start getting a buz. Regardless, I REALLY DO LOVE THIS DRINK! I just wish I knew how to make them. Afraid to try, not sure if it will taste just like the ones served at bars..
The best ever

posted by MiMi @ 12:30PM, 3/22/07

I'm hooked on this drink!!!
Love it!

posted by --girl in va @ 10:23AM, 3/27/07

My boyfriend has been making these for me for a long time, however we don't have the shakers so we take a large glass fill it almost to the top with ice, fill a little more than half way with amaretto, then the rest with sweet and sour mix...add a spash of cherry juice and club soda (rather than the sprite that some had mentioned). The way we make them a few glasses and 30 minutes later it's hitting you hard.
If you don't like it...

posted by con40 @ 05:12PM, 4/08/07

Add SPRITE. Most bars server Amaretto Sour Sodas when you ask for just a Sour. Probably because the soda is much better.
Amazing drink

posted by KiKI @ 06:04PM, 4/08/07

This drink was amazing, spent the whole night drinking it.
I loooooved it!

posted by brandy @ 07:39PM, 4/08/07

I tried one for the first time a few weeks ago and it was great! Not too strong and it kinda sneaks up on you. It packs a little punch! Loved it!!!

posted by anna @ 12:36PM, 4/09/07

Omggggggggggggggg I Went to a club yesterday and drank these all night i love it.
I love these

posted by Jaie @ 02:34PM, 4/15/07

Try adding a shot of razamatazz.
The Best

posted by Erik @ 10:03PM, 4/15/07

My 2nd drink ever (after my friends thought it'd be funny to get me a vodka and tonic (BLECH!)). I'm addicted. These are awesome.
This is so good

posted by Zoila @ 11:25PM, 4/18/07

I just turned 21, and I didnt want to get too drunk at my party, so the bar tender suggested this, it was great, i asked him how to make it, and of course he wouldnt tell, this recipe was great, thanks.
Yuck sour mix!

posted by Meghan @ 08:34AM, 4/21/07

I never quite like the sour mix at bars, so at home I use Five Alive, ice, amaretto, a splash of sprite, and a slushy maker---I love them on my pool deck during summer!

posted by billy bob @ 03:13PM, 4/21/07

Wow. This is pretty damn good. Decent drink. Amaretto tastes good on its own but still. a very good improvement to a straight up shot.

posted by nancy @ 05:31PM, 4/21/07

I guess mine was made wrong. It tasted like a liquid cough drop. Never again. It was better when almost all of the ice was melted though, lol.
Best drink

posted by Ans @ 11:21PM, 4/24/07

I had this drink for the first time this weekend at a bar and I think I downed five in about 30 minutes. It is AMAZING!!!! I love it.
21st birthday

posted by Kristina @ 03:19AM, 4/28/07

My 21st birthday was today :)) the 28th.. I had about 10 of these drinks because i don't drink alcohol to much and omg. For someone who doesn't drink i was on my ass and am still feeling it. It tastes so good but if they make it right.. WATCH OUT, its a monster.
Try with pineapple!

posted by K8 @ 11:00AM, 4/30/07

I make mine with a shot of amaretto, a shot of fresh-squeezed lemon juice and fill with pineapple juice. Greatest summer cocktail! xo
One of my favorities!

posted by Haley @ 03:16PM, 5/03/07

Great drink for sure! At the bar I work at we squeeze a little lime juice in them. Everyone says we make the best ones around. You should try it sometime.
The drink for prudes and youth pastors

posted by Christine @ 06:27PM, 5/04/07

I'm not a drinker and I love this drink. It makes me look hott! Sure I'll have another!
My favorite drink

posted by Trina @ 06:21PM, 5/05/07

This drink is my favorite!!! I order this drink wherever I go. Whether it is at a bar or a restaurant. I just love the way it tastes and it doesn't have a lot of alcohol in it.I finally have the recipe so that I can try it at home.
Love it

posted by Charlotte @ 05:39PM, 5/10/07

It's great... I LOVE it.. But for a lil extra liquor I always add a shot of vodka.. You can't taste it so it works out great..
Add Vodka

posted by Jay @ 12:20AM, 5/18/07

Add a little vodka, makes up for the lack of alcohol
2x Amaretto

posted by hardcore drinker @ 05:40PM, 5/20/07

If you are using Disaronno, just double up on the amount of Amaretto used. It has a naturally sweet taste and it won't overpower the drink.
Add sugar

posted by mookie @ 10:20PM, 5/20/07

I've followed a barmaid course and they gave this super simple recipe for an Amaretto Sour. I find that using only sour mix with the liqueur makes it too sour. So add a tsp of extra fine sugar before shaking with ice. And also use the same amount of sour mix as you do Amaretto. You will NOT regret doing so. So delicious.
I'm Hooked

posted by Angie @ 08:41PM, 5/22/07

I just returned from the Mayan Riviera, Mexico and discovered the Amaretto Sour. WOW !!! I absolutely loved it. They used crushed ice and I believe either milk or cream. The best was they were free and unlimited.
Can't get enough!!

posted by Db. @ 06:13PM, 5/31/07

Amaretto sours are by far the best mixed drink out there. They're easy to drink while carrying on conversations with friends and always seem to help lighten the mood. You can't go wrong with an amaretto. :)
The same but need to add this

posted by Edmunds @ 05:24PM, 6/12/07

Need to rim the glass with sugar- it really drives this drink home and will give it a 10.
Gotta have another

posted by mispriscat @ 11:48PM, 6/22/07

Heavenly, absolutely can drink it all night long and have...... Love it, it's my fav!!
All in the color

posted by Coy @ 01:41PM, 6/28/07

I do mine with the lemon juice. The best flavor comes when you know you've got the right color after adding the lemon juice. Course I make mine strong too. Great suggestions here that I will be using in the future.

posted by jess @ 08:14PM, 7/03/07

This drink is amazing...i'm going to go make some now!
Soo good

posted by Beezzwife @ 11:44PM, 7/27/07

Thank you 4 this recipe I love it and I have been drinking it 2 days straight my bottle is almost done and I just bought it last night gotta buy another amoretto :) Smooches!
Forgot the sprite

posted by JT @ 12:38PM, 7/31/07

Top it off with sprite. That is how we make them in bars.
LOVE it!!!

posted by CC @ 08:41PM, 8/05/07

This has been my fave drink for a while now. Tried the recipe but still not as good as at the bars. Very delish!!!
The Best!

posted by Winter Garden, FL @ 01:48PM, 8/20/07

Only thing I have.
love this damn thing!

posted by natster @ 01:23AM, 9/25/07

I just tried this at my neices wedding last weekend and by far the yummiest drink I have ever had!

posted by Shirley Ford @ 04:26PM, 10/12/07

How much Grenadine should I had add to my Amaretto Sour?

posted by ernest @ 12:04PM, 10/17/07

Yeah it is really good.

posted by Ashlea @ 04:45PM, 10/31/07

I got hooked on these at my boss' Christmas party in 2005 ... this is the BEST drink my tongue has ever endured!

posted by Shannon @ 02:40AM, 11/16/07

These are the "tastiest". They are so worth it!
Always been my fave

posted by kristina @ 12:05PM, 11/21/07

I've loved this drink for like 6 years-since I have been drinking. I have experimented with jack and coke, and screwdrivers and red bull and vodka along with all the other drinks in the bottles (chick drinks) and I have always come back to the Amaretto Sour.

It doesn't have that strong alcohol taste if it is made right and doesn't get you wasted unless you want it too. It also has a pleasing taste and doesn't make me feel nasty when I drink it. I love it. Has always been my fave and always will be my fave!
Excellent Drink

posted by Moderate drinker @ 06:18PM, 12/04/07

This is an excellent drink once the mixing proportions are correct...
The alcohol is well masked...
Great drink for the both sexes...Highly recommended
Great Drink

posted by keke @ 04:10PM, 12/11/07

This drink is yummy. My friend introduced me to it a while back and it is the only drink that I will get t a club. It's not strong but good taste.

posted by MS @ 09:50AM, 12/13/07

Best drink to get shitty from cause you don't feel a thing!
Gotta love it

posted by LuLu @ 12:46PM, 12/19/07

This drink rocks!!!! =)

posted by Nikki @ 01:05PM, 12/21/07

Me and my best friend love this drink! i'm hooked on them. i always have them at bars, topped off with sprite. now i'm gonna make them at home.
Great drink

posted by RC @ 01:28PM, 12/21/07

Yeah this is truly an excellent drink.

posted by lynndiah @ 02:50PM, 12/22/07

I absolutely love this drink especially in new york city! it's my favorite!

posted by steph @ 08:40PM, 12/25/07

They are missing an ingredient! add sprite, sierra mist, or mountain dew & top it off with a cherry! amazing!
Even Better If...

posted by Henry @ 09:04AM, 1/04/08

You put a dash of angostura bitters, 3 count of sugar syrup and a 2 count of concentrated lemon juice. Shake like theres no tomorrow and strain over new ice. Then top with lemonade. The best ever!!!!
Better with sprite and grenadine

posted by Brooke @ 04:31PM, 1/24/08

Ask for a amaretto cherry sour, same thing, it just has grenadine and sprite so it has a little more cherry taste to it.

posted by LiNdA @ 09:58PM, 1/29/08

Add a splash of triple sec YUMMY

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