Washington Apple Cocktail recipe

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Highball Glass
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Pour DeKuyper sour apple pucker and Crown Royal canadian whisky into a highball glass filled with ice. Add cranberry juice, more to taste if desired, and serve.

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Washington Apple

posted by KJK @ 10:28AM, 5/11/06

Smooth and enjoyable - usually served in a Martini glass.

posted by Buffy B @ 08:18PM, 5/12/06

This drink rocks~ I'm addicted!
Washington Apple Martini

posted by Laura @ 10:04PM, 7/12/06

Served in a martini glass with a thin slice of apple. I'm hooked!!

posted by FW @ 03:02PM, 7/14/06

Two of these and you will be feeling no pain! Yum!
Loves IT !!

posted by Beverlie Berry,Phoenix~AZ @ 09:35PM, 8/12/06

This drink was the daily special in a L.A bar I went to, and it is fantasic!!!!! My NEW Favorite:)
One of my favs

posted by Curious Boy George @ 01:40AM, 8/25/06

Great drink, but ditch the Cranberry and add more pucker, I've always had them that way and they rock awesome tasting, and absolutely mess u up!
Washington Apple

posted by smilingeyesnh @ 08:18AM, 9/09/06

This is my new favorite drink...tall and on the ROCKS!!
Apples for everyone

posted by Donna @ 01:46PM, 9/10/06

We always have the ingredients for "Apples" on hand. Usually there's a "batch of apples" in the fridge waiting for guests.
Shake not Stir

posted by slinky @ 02:40PM, 9/18/06

Great drink. Even smoother if you pour all ingredients in a shaker, shake - and serve.
Washington apple

posted by jenny @ 01:11PM, 10/10/06

Washington Apple

posted by Tay @ 05:02AM, 10/23/06

Just had this drink tonight..a few actually lol and it was awesome...I would definitely recommend it..
Washington Apple & Cost

posted by Barb @ 02:04PM, 11/08/06

This has to be my all time favorite. But the cost is outragious. I'm in the Tampa Bay Fl. area. How about $8.50 a drink. Can't drink too many at that cost. But they are the best.

posted by Marie @ 11:28AM, 11/23/06

The first time I had this drink was at my wedding...during my shot taking session;) It is now in my top 3 most tasty drinks!
Washington Apple

posted by Pittsburgh @ 06:57PM, 12/27/06

Awesome drink...owe it all to my RIO.
Washington apple

posted by Jason @ 04:12AM, 1/19/07

Awesome drink... im not a big crown fan but this drink is great!!
Washington Apple

posted by Mercedes @ 06:34PM, 1/29/07

Awesome drink - two thumbs up!!!!
Washington Apple

posted by breezy @ 08:28AM, 2/17/07

I had this drink at a restaurant in Harlem for the first time and it has been one of my favorites EVER since.
Washington apple

posted by j stead @ 05:01PM, 3/26/07

I have been trying to make this drink for weeks, thanks for the right directions.
It's great!!!

posted by Jake @ 01:25AM, 4/07/07

Love the drink!!!
Wow Washington apple

posted by Rob @ 01:01PM, 4/15/07

I drank 10 of these last night and wow I was feeling fine.
Best drink out there

posted by ibringtheugly @ 03:19PM, 4/22/07

I usually get tired of "My favorite drink" but not this one, I order it wherever I go now! And to think..I was a Vodka person!
Washington Apple

posted by KK @ 05:56PM, 5/04/07

This is smooth tasting and very good, I love it and got my friends hooked too.
Gotta love them apples

posted by Tasheen @ 09:08PM, 5/09/07

I absolutely love this drink! Very smooth and an enjoyable mix for your taste buds!

posted by emily @ 06:30PM, 5/17/07

This drink is awesome, everyone who tries it loves it.
Block Party

posted by DD in MN @ 10:34AM, 6/23/07

It made our neighborhood block party one big success this drink was the hit...

posted by gregory @ 06:57AM, 7/07/07

This is probably one of my favorite drinks. Drink it as a shot though.
Try it with

posted by Rod @ 09:16PM, 8/07/07

If you want to save a little cash and have it still taste just as good, try it with black velvet instead of crown.
Great drink

posted by Matt @ 02:46PM, 8/26/07

This drink is soo yummy in the tummy!! I had some extra crown laying around and was getting tired of having crown and coke, so i looked here for a new drink and i definately found it.
First shot after turning 21

posted by cjsacm1 @ 10:24AM, 8/29/07

My mom got me this shot when i turned 21.... amazing... where i go it comes in a little plastic cup and its about 4 dollars....gets me good and happy.

posted by Darn Quixote @ 12:27AM, 9/03/07

First time I've ever had it here in Hawai'i. Had 3. Didn't whack me, tasted great and definitely recommend as a drink when you really don't know what to oreder but you want that certain "something"...

posted by Steve-aholic @ 02:41AM, 9/04/07

Delicious and good with a redheaded slut.
Gross and stinky

posted by i_hate_stupid_drinks @ 04:23AM, 9/19/07

When i drank it. I thought i was gonna die cause this is the most sour drink i have ever tasted...........:(

posted by l_asay @ 08:16PM, 9/27/07

L'apples- just another name for Washington Apples made by me (Lisa). Got my whole crew hooked!
Chico Halloween Bash

posted by CW @ 06:24PM, 10/31/07

Awesome drink...fine dining with 2 of these and a halloween bash after....this will get your party going and keep it going!

posted by Jason @ 01:43PM, 11/11/07

When served in a martini glass.....coat the rim with a sugar/cinnamon mix.

posted by Ivy @ 11:51PM, 11/12/07

This is a good starter drink. I got drunk for the first time with about five of these. I can't stand the taste of alcohol, but this drink is just so delicious!

posted by ADAPT @ 11:30AM, 11/16/07

IF you're goal is to get fucked up... this will do it for you. Good times! Good times!

posted by Ana Maria @ 10:14PM, 12/12/07

I love the ToungeFuk shot...its so good. Its like the drink is having sexy with ur tastebuds. aka washington apple
Best mixed drink I've had

posted by Ky ridge runner @ 10:28AM, 12/24/07

I am a beer drinker, however my friend who is a restaurant manager gave a round of these to the ladies in our party. I drank one and ordered more. Outstanding drink but pricey.

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Nutritional Information

(per 6 oz serving)

Calories (kcal)
Energy (kj)

0.1 g
23.9 g
0.2 g


0.1 g
23.8 g
0 mg
1 mg
31.2 g

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