Jungle Juice recipe

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This is probably the nearest towards the Jungle Juice recipe that's become a hit in America, not a cocktail by the same name, but a full-blown party occasion punch. If you hear people talking about Jungle Juice, this is it. Jungle Juice takes a lot of preparation but, obviously, is well worth the effort. It has become a party favorite throughout Missouri and New York, tweaked to perfection throughout the years. Jungle Juice is an incredibly potent drink, and this recipe will make up to 20 gallons. Use dry ice to keep it cold and stirred up.

Use a large container ie. ice chest or similar. Allow the fruit to soak in all the alcohol for about 4 - 12 hours. Add all the juice and let sit overnight. Serve the next day.

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Jungle Juice rocks

posted by B-rad @ 10:23PM, 6/09/06

I made jungle juice for a halloween party, and no doubt everyone was pretty sloppy and slobbering drunk. It's a great drink!
Jungle juice

posted by Will O. @ 04:44PM, 6/22/06

This is absolutely the best drink ever. It's straight sauce if you know what i mean.
Jungle Juice

posted by Nee Bee @ 12:47AM, 6/23/06

This is some very tasty stuff.
Best Drink Ever!

posted by West Side White Boy @ 11:37AM, 7/01/06

Im so fucked up! Thaat's the best jungle juice ive ever had. We drank 3 kegs but the jungle juice waas fuckn so good!! Make this for a party with like 40 people and kegs and you'll have the best time ever! Im fuckn crunk, im passin' out..by the way I renamed this mix! We call it "The Panty Dropper" lol jusst kiddin but it'ssss sssooo BOMB! were makin it next weekend fo sho!
Jungle juice

posted by m @ 03:53PM, 7/08/06

Holy sh*t! I love this drink.. It's sweet to have for mixers...about 3 glasses and you're so messed up...and its tastes amazing too..can't even taste the alcohol..tastes like koolaid...can't wait for the semester to start and make it again.
Jungle Juice

posted by JP @ 01:04PM, 7/10/06

I used this recipe this past Saturday night and it was great. I soaked the fruit in all the alcohol for about 8 hours before I added the sprite, sunny d and "light" Hawaiian punch. This was my first time making it and would do it again. Girls kept drinking it because they really couldn't taste the alcohol, fellas thought it was weak but more guys saw Ralph than girls. Great recipe!
Jungle Juice

posted by JP 714 @ 07:43PM, 7/10/06

I made this recipe this past Saturday night and WOW. It was very popular. I soaked the fruit (3 large Cocktail cans from smart and final, drain the syrup) for about 8 hours in all the alcohol before adding the Sunny D, Sprite and Hawaiian punch. I didn't use the 2 containers of orange juice concentrate. Great recipe!!!
Jungle Juice

posted by Brandin Garcia @ 08:59PM, 7/12/06

WOWOWOW this stuff was so good....I had it this weekend at a party.....good times.
I'm wasted

posted by josh @ 03:59PM, 7/18/06

I just drank two glasses and i can't even type anymore.
Jungle Juice

posted by Linz @ 02:03AM, 7/21/06

Can you make this stuff into jello shots or anything??
This stuff is amazing

posted by Annihilator Juice @ 02:12PM, 7/21/06

We've been making this stuff religiously over the past few years (we've aptly nicknamed it "Annihilator juice") and there really aren't any words to describe how great it is. At our last party one of my friends (obviously wasted) came up to me and said Holy #%!@, just how strong is this stuff? To which I said to her, about 4 glasses will kill you why, how many have you had? She replied sheepishly as she looked in to the cup she was drinking out of: Three and three quarters. Needless to say, it was a great night!

posted by John @ 01:51PM, 7/27/06

The alcohol content of this drink is 15.2 %, not including however much orange juice concentrate or fruits are added (which wouldn't make too much of a difference). For a frame of reference, drinking 3 cups of this juice would get you as drunk as drinking 9 regular beers.
This is great

posted by Kabuki @ 11:30PM, 8/06/06

Jungel joos is the greeeeatest!
Jungle Juice

posted by speedworx @ 11:11AM, 8/18/06

I am in process of making this for a party tonight. All the alcohol mixed together tasted great and smooth at that. Once everything is in place I can only imagine how awesome this stuff is!!!!!
Jungle Juice

posted by A. @ 01:02PM, 9/04/06

Always been a favorite!
Jungle juice is the sh*t

posted by sylmar @ 12:57AM, 9/09/06

Everybody at my 21st bday party was waasted.
Holy sh*t

posted by Big Papa @ 07:55PM, 9/17/06

I had a ton of this at a party last night and it is so good because you can drink a ton of it but not even know it until the liquor hits you hard.
Sounds big

posted by B Dog @ 11:35PM, 9/17/06

Damn that's a lot of liquid! Sounds like it would be for a ball room. I'd like to know the proper proportions for a party within the vincinity of 10 people.

posted by E-Jizzle @ 08:28PM, 9/18/06

Is the wine really necesarry? Has anyone skipped it?

posted by mike k @ 01:34AM, 9/22/06

Gahhhhhh, thats really all that I need to say, that pretty much sums up jungle juice.... hahahaha.
Jungle juice

posted by john @ 10:34AM, 10/02/06

Oh man, this drink can't get any better. I had at a party and man do you get messed up so hard. But its hella good.
Oh yes

posted by john hoppmann @ 08:46PM, 10/02/06

I agree with the sauce comment. 100% sauce.
Jungle juice

posted by ben @ 04:00AM, 10/03/06

A few questions on the recipe.

Do you leave the fruit in there while serving? And do you actually put the dry ice in there while being served or.... do you add it when letting it sit over night?
I'm from Missouri!

posted by Melissa @ 10:29PM, 10/04/06

I grew up in Missouri and we drank jungle juice ALL the time at parties. I live in Arizona now and am going home to Missouri this weekend for my best friend's 30th birthday! Guess what we're drinking? you got it...jungle juice!
Jungle Juice

posted by Monoxide @ 04:54PM, 10/05/06

About how much does this cost to make on average, because it looks fairly expensive to make, but i want to make it for our halloween party, tho i will be forking out the cash for it... And as it seems it looks to be like $100 minimum to make.
Secrets of the Jungle

posted by AnnaBanana @ 04:49AM, 10/16/06

Don't get me wrong this recipe turns out great. It tastes amazing. The alcohol is subtle in taste but extremely evident in effect. There are a few set backs.

1. This is a hell of an expensive way to make jungle juice
2. There are a million ingredients.
3. It makes 10 gallons! Cutting the recipe in 1/2 or 1/4 makes you waste a hell of a lot of liquor in the amounts packaged.
Jungle juice

posted by Rasta-JAY @ 11:28PM, 10/21/06

Ooooooo.. godamn! this is teh shit! I had at least 12 big cups of jungle juice.. at my freinds 21st borthday.. n it was the BOMB! Godamn! I loved it.. i recommend it for anyone who throws big parties. It''s nice..but if you're a heavy drinker drink it fast..don't be like resting and stuff.. for all you small drinkers ..don't be sippin this alot.. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

posted by Josh @ 02:45PM, 10/24/06

Hey, um, I can't get my hands on everclear on such short notice - what should I substitute it with? And just about how many people will this feed?

posted by TBone @ 12:12PM, 10/25/06

The drink is awesome, no doubt. However, it is definitley not cheap for a broke college student. That probably won't stop me from making it again though.
The Jungle Juice

posted by Alex G, K-town @ 12:20PM, 10/25/06

Soooo pretty much I made 20 gallons of this stuff for a black out party and I can't even begin to explain how awesome it was. People got so trashed and had a great time!!! Awesome drink.
20 Gallons??

posted by Micah @ 10:42PM, 10/26/06

I just spent a bunch of money on all the stuff to make it, and after adding everything up and doing the conversions, this recipe should only make about 8 gallons...not 20! Is there something missing here?
Bomb juice

posted by Greg-Head @ 03:08PM, 10/28/06

I made this juice last night for a Halloween party and this stuff is the word. The juice had the place swinging!
Jungle juice

posted by Monica!! @ 04:58PM, 10/29/06

Jungle juice baby! That stuff is the shit** I've never had anything like that in my life.. if you're having a large party this is the stuff to make and drink *especially* for us ladies! If you know what I mean men ;-)
Awesome Jungle Juice

posted by Kate @ 02:56PM, 10/30/06

We just had this last Saturday for our Halloween Party. I got so many compliments on how great it tasted!
Some goood shiz

posted by Curt @ 05:10PM, 11/01/06

Made this last night for my halloween party and DAMN. Tastes GREAT and still f***s everyone up! 10/10.
Jungle Juice

posted by --- @ 02:19PM, 11/05/06

Man! -- I love this stuff. I was trying to tell some people about jungle juice and they knew nothing. They dont know what they are missing out on.
Jungle Juice

posted by Tameka Magee @ 08:31PM, 12/03/06

This juice is great! We made 10 gallons and its the best! People were fallin out from the fruit!
Jungle juice

posted by Thomas Ed Graffte @ 11:57AM, 12/14/06

This drink was the fuckin bomb nigga. I've never been this fucked up in my life. After drinkin a couple of these ur gonna wanna go out an felch somebody. Peace nigga
XMAS Party!!!

posted by badd boy & g-money @ 10:10PM, 12/23/06

OK, so this recipe is fuckin everyone up... we have been servin it for maybe an hour now, and people already are fucked up... if anything needs to be adjusted , it would be little less sprite and hawaiin punch... good luck and have a great night...talk to ya'll later!!!
Everclear essential, don't forget the fruit!

posted by Molly @ 09:35PM, 12/24/06

We used to have JJ (Jungle Juice) parties in high school and this drink would knock you on your ass. Everclear is hard to come by in certain parts of the country but it is essential. We always chopped up various fruits and let them soak in the alcohol and then ate them after all the juice was all gone. The fruit can get you drunker than the drink!
An addition

posted by Taylor @ 08:18PM, 12/30/06

Great recipe but it also works by using flavoured vodka- orange, strawberry, raspberry and plain make a killer combo- and also adding 99 bananas- but it also makes it very potent.

posted by JIM @ 09:32AM, 12/31/06

I made this for my birthday party in a limo... and after the first 2 hours of pregame... we had to go out and stumble through the supermarket to get all these ingredients to make a second batch. It'll getcha druuuuuunk.

posted by Chicc @ 11:23AM, 12/31/06

Yo we made this one night n everyone was wasted after 2 cups, then we eat the fruit n my god it was hella crazy.
Military Staple

posted by Negrodomaus @ 03:57AM, 1/01/07

I always drink jungle juice at parties with my military bros and sisters. For the record you DO NOT add dry ice to the mixture to keep it cold. I've actually seen this happen. You crush it and place the ice on the bottom of the trashcan or ice chest. Then line it with a trash bag. This is a relatively expensive mixture, don't waste it.
Good stuff

posted by troy @ 11:09PM, 1/01/07

Me and some friends of mine made this with half the stuff. Needless to say, everyone ate the fruit first and started drinking afterwards. Sadly noone remembered the party but they sure as hell remembered the drink...ahahahah.
Freakin' awesome

posted by The Happy Drunk @ 03:19PM, 1/18/07

This drink is the shit... you don't really know its alcohol until it hits you hard, but my friend told me of a cheaper recipe...

-1 liter of everclear
-7 bottles of hawaiian punch
-watermelon, oranges, grapes, and strawberries

1) put the everclear with the fruits and let it sit for about 4 hours.
2) pour in 4 bottles then mix.
3) Freeze 3 bottles to put in when the party starts.

It's really great! PLUS its cheaper!
Is it real $$$$

posted by jen3scott @ 03:10PM, 1/21/07

I was wondering if anyone could tell me, about how much money will I have wrapped up into this?
Dummy Juice

posted by SB d-chi @ 03:18PM, 1/21/07

This is by far the best party drink ever created. You can get fucked up off this shit, after drinking 3-4 cups like it was some punch, or juice.
That jungle juice baby!! That's was up

posted by mzghetto from h-town @ 04:02PM, 1/23/07

Man jungle juice is the shitnit!!!! I made it for my mardigras party it was off the wall... theres was tities bouncin everywhere..
Crazy mix

posted by lns @ 11:55AM, 2/02/07

This drink is off the hook! I had it for the first time last night and I was bugging out! it tastes great, no strong alcoholy flavor and it goes down smooth. It's pure sauce and guarantees a fun, drunk time.
The best

posted by HokieMixerKing @ 12:54PM, 2/09/07

I have been making this stuff now for about a year, starting with my 21st birthday party, and ever since almost everyone who had it then has asked me to make it for their parties....it's pretty much made me into "the mixer king" at VT... I'm telling ya this shit will get you absolutely tanked, and tastes aweeeesome while your at it, chicks dig it man.
Jungle juice is the best shit to f*** you up fast

posted by dominater @ 09:50AM, 2/13/07

Me and a couple buddies used to break this shit out every weekend! It's the best for a party and for the special occasions.
Playa playa

posted by Kickingyourass07 @ 05:46PM, 2/15/07

This sauce is some strong marinade. I made this stuff the other night and sent two people to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. I ain't dissin the sauce I'm just saying be careful.
Get crunked UP!

posted by bDizzle @ 11:03PM, 2/20/07

Yes this shit is kinda expensive, but damn you get crunked up! My advice is adding all the liquors the morning of the party along with a good amount of fruit (pineapple, apples, peaches, nectarines ect) and let that shit sit. About 2-3 hrs before the party add the juice and other ingredients because if you add them too soon the sprite and boones goes flat too quickly. Make sure to keep this stuff COLD!!! Have the guests eat the fruit, they will get wasted its freakin awesome!!

posted by Jumanga @ 07:54PM, 3/03/07

I call it jumunga juice. It's amazing.
This is some crisp titties

posted by craig @ 05:39PM, 3/09/07

Jungle juice is amazing. We drank it in wildwood nj for the firemans convention we were soo fucked up. Jungle juice is the shit.
Hell yea

posted by Justin Wheelock @ 07:11PM, 3/24/07

Great drink!!!!

posted by Meow MIX @ 09:01PM, 3/29/07

I am in the process of making this and i tried the alcohol before I added the juice, and i am really fucked up!!! Good stuff.
Jungle juice

posted by c-loc @ 01:36AM, 4/07/07

Gonna be slammin!!
I've made this stuff!

posted by Amelia @ 01:25PM, 4/08/07

I have made this stuff before! The best fruit to add is those little mandern oranges you get in the can.. they absorb alcohol the best! And the dangerous part of this drink is not the liquid.. its all in the fruit baby!!!

Cheaper alternative

posted by Rob @ 04:27PM, 4/27/07

3 liters vodka
1 fifth 99 apples or green apple pucker
5 liters sprite
1/2 liter sunny D
2 bottles strawberry wine
1 liter bacardi rum
1 container OJ
1 fifth bacardi 151
4 liters hawaiian punch
4-5 oranges
1 apricot
Jungle juice

posted by buttboy @ 08:33AM, 5/06/07

I wrecked my miata and got a dui off this concoction. I suggest only the manly boys attempt to drink more than 2 glasses.

posted by Dannyboy3D @ 11:31AM, 5/13/07

This drink costs $200 to make. Not for the weak of wallet.

I've never made it but I'm planning on it very soon...
Love it

posted by Jeremy @ 12:14AM, 5/15/07

To answer some questions, Yes you leave the fruit in when you serve it.

Jungle juice is actually the cheapest way to get a large group of people drunk - so stop complaining about the price. You would have to drink a 12 pack to get as drunk as just 2 or 3 cups will get you - not to mention girls get naked after like a half of one.

For small groups of people, or if your throwing it together last minute, or your short on cash. You can skip everything and just use grain alcohol(golden grain, everclear, etc) and cherry kool-aid. My preference is to make the cool-aid first, then taste it. So that way you KNOW the kool aid is tasty(tip: make it a hair sweeter than you prefer - dont skimp on the amount of mix you use). THEN add the everclear, taste it every so ofen while your adding it to make sure you dont overdo it. You basically want it to taste like kool-aid, but with a hint of alcohol-aftertaste.

You can also substitue the grain alcohol with vodka, if your in a state that doesnt sell it - we do this often and call it 'killer kool-aid'.

The fruits and sprite and other little random liquors can all be taken out if you dont want them. We seriously ONLY use kool-aid and grain/vodka and it tastes great too, just make sure you serve it cold and dont chug it just because it tastes good - you cant taste it but theres an ASSLOAD of sauce in that cup - and you WILL be ralphin' the red stuff all over your white shirt before you know it - i know from experience.
Yum scrumdidly umptious

posted by joey cee @ 05:05PM, 5/16/07

Wwowowowoowooooo the juice the juice the juice.
Juice with a kick

posted by Jeff @ 06:04PM, 5/21/07

Here in Columbus we make it with 2 liters of everclear 4 liters of sprite and 1 gallon Hawaiin punch with some fruit thrown in.
Knock you OUT!

posted by Random @ 05:11PM, 5/30/07

This drink will knock a Irish Sailor on his ass if made right.

posted by Holly @ 03:16PM, 6/01/07

I looove jungle juice.
Say hello to the floor

posted by steve @ 07:23PM, 6/01/07

What's awesome about this drink is, even when all of the alcohol is mixed without the orange juice, sprite and punch, its an incredibly delicious mix you can take shots from and get wrecked. Needless to say, once you add the non alcoholic stuff, you can pound it like theres no tomorrow. I don't recommend it, but all in all. GREAT drink.
Sounds Good

posted by Julian @ 10:10PM, 6/11/07

I have not made it yet but this sounds really good, at riddle we just added powdered fruit punch mix straight to the everclear and soaked fruit in it. We rarely added other alcohols. But by doing this you are drinking pretty much straight everclear and it tasted good!
B-Day Girl

posted by Ashley @ 06:28PM, 6/12/07

Im gonna make some for my birthday on the 17th. I had it before at a party and it was so0o0o0o good. Im excited!!
Please help

posted by NorwegianJoe @ 04:41AM, 6/15/07

I do not live in the states so a couple of the things on the list is impossible for me to buy. Is it a more international recipe? In my case i can't get Sunny Delight, Hawaiian Punch, Boones Farm and 99 apples. Is it possible to change this with something else, like sunny Delight with just regular orange juice? Or do you absolutely have to use the exact things on the list to make it extremely potent, as well as good tasteing? Please help!
The best

posted by Greg @ 05:01PM, 6/16/07

This recipe had the whole party stumblin and mumblin. It was a great time. Good shit.
Help reply

posted by Cableguy @ 06:27PM, 6/16/07

You do not need to follow the recipe to a tee. You can add/substitute as you feel fit. I am sure that regular orange juice would be fine instead of Sunny D. The best part of this recipe is the ability to tweek it to make it just right for your taste!

posted by Romer @ 09:14PM, 6/17/07

I've never personally had this recipe of jungle juice, but I'm going to make it next weekend. It sounds like its great.. We are having a big pig roast and tons of people over. I hope its gonna be good. I'll let ya know. Some of these comments we're scaring me, but I guess if you are drinking the Jungle Juice, you are staying the night.

And we will serve it in small glasses I guess ;)

J Juice

posted by case @ 01:48PM, 6/21/07

This drink is the best and worst drink ever. My friend threw a party and everyone was bombed. I was the worst. Everyone was stumbling and sloppy drunk. It tastes sooooooooooo good, you can't even taste the alcohol just like fruit punch.
Alcohol Content

posted by Roman @ 11:24AM, 6/23/07

Anyone know an estimated alcohol content (percentage) per serving?
Jungle juice

posted by drunkdiezel07 @ 08:49PM, 6/25/07

I work at a liquor store and ive come up with my own "cheaper version" that tastes about the same, using:

cherry vodka
triple sec
orange juice
pineapple juice
cranberry juice

was thinking about adding peachtree or malibu...im having a party in a few days, trying different variations each night after work :)
Jungle juice

posted by bubba @ 02:28PM, 7/06/07

It's off the hee-zzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Cyndy @ 08:22PM, 7/06/07

I found this recipe last year for our annual block party. We had appox 300 people here, and like everyone has said, it was a slosher. I added more punch, sprite, etc and it was still strong. The dry ice doesnt work, mainly for effects. We just added ice throught the night to keep it cool and it never effected the outcome. :)

posted by dub town mike @ 08:31AM, 7/08/07

This shit left me wishing a train would hit me the next morning, but that said it was damn good. Even knowing the result its still some bad ass hooch.

posted by forsynthia @ 03:25PM, 7/13/07

Freeze + blend. It is YUM.

posted by Jeromy @ 03:40PM, 7/16/07

We made this at my party and the best fruit to use is Mangos, Kiwi's, watermelons, Plums,and cantalope's.... If you live in CA make the trip outta state to get the 190proof everclear its worth it.... this mix is about $200...
And the heavy drinkers i know only had three cups and 2 beers and were tossed....... oh i also used fruit punch instead of Hawiian punch.. it all taste the same...

posted by Rob Spicer @ 10:00AM, 7/21/07

I made this shit last night for a field party. I think every person was trashed. I was running around like a crazy person. It tasted so good. My 70 year old grandmother was drinkin it. I caught little kids thinking it was regular punch. I highly recommend this recipe it is good shit. It will give you a hell of a hangover though.
Best Prom Ever

posted by G.O.B. @ 09:31PM, 7/22/07

Me and some of my friends made a big batch of this for our prom party and we got like 50 people fallin down drunk. Ive had lots of stuff but this is by far the best.
Summer Fun

posted by B2daIzzI @ 09:08AM, 7/28/07

Made this for a summer fun/moving out party. Tweaked it to what we could afford and only made a half recipe. It got everyone slopping drunk. Only minor spills to deal with. Lots and lots of fun. Great recipe, will do again!

posted by mac @ 05:04PM, 8/20/07

This is about 20% alcohol, but you drink it like kool-aid. That's why it gets you so fucked up. It's amazing.

posted by bbq 07 @ 10:22PM, 8/20/07

I followed it to a T. The night before we cut up the fruit and hollowed out the biggest watermelon we could find - apricots, cherries, oranges, bananas, mangos, cantaloupe, strawberries and some other fruits I cant remember then put the 1 L everclear in the watermelon with the cut up fruit. wow everbody liked it and i got some ass so.....
Great Stuff

posted by babygirl @ 11:35PM, 8/20/07

We had this for my friends' birthday party and we used 4 gallons of Hawaiian Punch and 2 Pints of Vodka and 3 Pints of Everclear. It was strong and knockin everyone on their ass...but it tasted good.

posted by junglejuicefan @ 07:29AM, 8/26/07

Don't be cutting shit from the recipe then be callin' it Jungle Juice. If you want to get bombed with a cheap taste just mix your Hawaiian Punch into a spirit, if you want an AWESOME drink that blows you off your feet then follow the above recipe closely. For those who can't get the exact ingredients, here's a more loose list, in order as above;

grain alcohol
peach schnapps
overproof rum, preferably 121, 151 or 161 proof
apple schnapps (99, DeKuyper...)
lemon-lime soda (Sprite,7-Up...)
orange juice (sweetened or not)
triple sec (DeKuyper, Bols, Cointreau, Grand Marnier...)
DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker (or replace with more apple schnapps)
Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill wine (replace with strawberry or raspberry vodka ie. Absolut, Stoli)
Hawaiian Punch or fruit juice or your own mixture of fruit juices
more orange juice if you want
lots of fruit

posted by Dennis @ 05:40PM, 8/26/07

I made this drink along with others for a party of over 200. I had many compliments on this drink.
Labor Day Weekend Block Party

posted by rave fairy @ 01:38PM, 8/28/07

We're gonna try this recipie this weekend - sounds like it'll be good.

tip: try putting frozen water bottles in the mix to keep it cold, but not water it down - it works great with other mixes.

posted by Jessica!<3 @ 12:45AM, 9/03/07

On my 18th birthday/Halloween party, I got sooooo throwed on this, and I didn't even know it until it hit me! I LOVE JUNGLE JUICE! <333 But the morning after stories were horrible... Apparently I couldn't keep my clothes on the entire night. Lol!

posted by Joe @ 03:32PM, 9/14/07

We had this last year for an 80's party and I'm going to use it again. Me and my roomates calculated that each cup that was drawn from this was somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-40% alcohol. You can't taste it though. Watch yourself and have a good time.

posted by j @ 11:11AM, 9/25/07

If you don't drink it all does anyone know if you can save it a week or so without it going back?
Two Hit Birthdays!!

posted by Sharonna @ 10:42AM, 9/29/07

My boyfriend and I have birthday's just a few months apart. I tried this JUICE for mine and now its been requested for a second appearance. Everyone had so much and we had TONS left over!!! I think that this weekend Im going to knock a few things off the list so we dont have to give everyone leftovers to take home.

posted by Heather @ 11:06PM, 10/01/07

Tried this stuff at a labor day party and i couldn't even taste the alcohol. I drank 3 cups of this stuff and i was drunk off my ass. Don't remember much of that night. IT was CRAZY from the pictures that we got back. Def recommend everyone to try this stuff it's really good and tasted great.

posted by crazy jose @ 01:05AM, 10/04/07

This stuff is awesome, we've been making Jungle Juice for every occassion for almost a year now. It doesn't get old, and it WILL knock you on your ass, no matter how much of a heavy weight you think you are. The secret to making this stuff a real sleeper drink, is to use EVERCLEAR!!!! It HAS to be 190 proof or else you'd just be making another alcoholic punch. You'd be drinking this, not knowing how potent it is untill it hits you HARD. Before you know it, you can't even walk straight. GREAT STUFF!!!
If you don't have the ingredients listed above, my friends and I made our own recipe which is still around 35-40% alcohol, and tastes great.

1 Liter of EVERCLEAR 190 Proof
2 Handles(1.7L)of Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka(get the blue label, more potent)
2 Two Liters of Hawaiian Punch
2 Two Liters of Sprite
1 Liter of orange juice(I prefer Minute Maid)
FRUIT IS REALLY UP TO YOU(we usually dont use fruit because it's time consuming)

posted by CYNDY @ 02:26PM, 10/04/07

Our 3rd annual block party is this weekend, this will be my second time making it and second time to have "balck out" moments. This drink was the talk of the night and everyone has been asking for it again this year! WHOO HOO
Halloween Juice!

posted by Aqua With Die Go @ 06:13PM, 10/30/07

My boy and his buddies threw a Halloween party this past weekend and it seems, after about an average of two drinks of the Jungle-ma-juice, the party went from high school library with both the principal and vice principal supervising to the greatest senior ditch party EVER (BTW,this was an adult party). Word to the wise women: do not drink this stuff unless you have a strong will and can hold your liqueur, cause you're gonna have every desperate guy following you around until you give in. If you are a wild girl then drink until your bladder's content. You really can't taste the alcohol so you will be FADED before you know it and prolly pregnant with a sore mouth, throat and rectum (MESSAGE!). Have fun and [PLEASE], be safe. Thanks for reading.
jungle jucie week

posted by Big Fitz @ 01:40PM, 11/05/07

This is the boom I was drunk for two days straight. It even taste good at Seven AM
Leave out fruit?

posted by ryan @ 09:52AM, 11/06/07

if the fruit soaks up alcohol, how is the juice still strong? can you leave out the fruit to make the juice more potent?

posted by :) @ 06:04PM, 11/12/07

me and my friend had this at a halloween party- we had no idea how much alcohol was in it and we CHUGGED 4 cups so we could get drunk- i dont remember anything past that point. but im pretty sure i had a great night!
Last night

posted by Chicken! @ 01:16AM, 11/19/07

I just served the recipe last night and one of the party participants ended up drinking Woollite on his way home. Good stuff.

posted by Rachel @ 11:01AM, 12/03/07

I havent tried this one out yet, but were having a party pretty soon, and i think were gonna make two to three of this mixes... gonna get wasted... i think were going to put 161 rum instead of 151.. should be good.
God damn

posted by D3 @ 12:21PM, 12/11/07

Kiss your liver goodbye and prepare to drop some panties.

posted by Steph M! @ 11:40AM, 12/16/07

OMGG, is all i have to say!! I made Jungle Juice for a small gathering at mi casa, and omg!!!! never have i flashed so many boys! i woke up in a treehouse! GO MAKE THE JUICE OF THE JUNGLE!

posted by Patrick, Clinton, MO @ 09:27PM, 12/16/07

I made jungle juice for a New Year's Eve party last year and it was the best idea I have ever had. Its a bit costly for one High School student to buy so we charged everyone 10 dollars to get in. I followed a very similar recipe to the one listed above and we ended up with around 20 gallons of juice, way to much for 12 people. At the end of the night 3 were throwing up and we all missed the countdown and the ball drop. Nevertheless it was a GREAT night!
Did the math

posted by Unknown @ 07:45AM, 12/17/07

I just did the math it's 180 without the fruit.
So damn good!!!

posted by JD @ 11:59AM, 12/19/07

We made this shit last weekend and it was an INSTANT crowd favorite. They dont sell everclear where i live in NY so we just substituted it for Devils Springs which is 160 proof vodka.

A MUST for every good party.

posted by Bill Edwards Ruston, La @ 12:00PM, 12/27/07

I have been making this for years and it makes for a hell of a party. I can't afford to spend $200 so I use :

2 fiths of Everclear
2 fifths of cheap vodka
1 pint tequla
1 pkg pre sweetend strawberry Kool-Aid
1 gallon of tropical punch
2 cans frozen pink lemonaid
2 large cans of pineapple juice
1 gallon of red Gator-aid (I have heard that the Gator-aid carries the alchol into your system faster. as bad as this stuff is who can tell, but I add it anyway)

I make this in a six gallon watercan and have just enough room for the ice.
I also make it a day ahead of time and go ahead and put the ice in it because it is a little strong until the ice melts a little.

posted by Joel @ 07:17PM, 12/29/07

This is really a creeper. I had over 350 people on a house party in L.A and over 25 Gal. of this jungle juice and every one loved it.. . . I have a New years party coming up in the downtown area up next and this time Im already starting the 40 Gallons.. reallllllly good stuff.

posted by hannah @ 03:10PM, 1/01/08

this is the best fucking drink everr
it makes your whole body numbb
Good Stuff

posted by ST @ 01:58PM, 1/02/08

We did this for an 80's party in August. It was a fundraiser for a charity, so we didn't want to get too expensive on all the contents of the drink. If you want to keep it cheap, get Mcormicks vodka for the 1.75's, and make sure you use the generic fruit punch that comes in the same containers as milk. Those are way cheaper than Hawaiin punch and you won't tell the difference. We used big cans of fruit cocktail also and those worked great! As a warning, make sure you let people know how strong this drink is, because you can't tell when you drink it.
making it in cancun!!!!

posted by slic vic @ 12:32PM, 1/29/08

The Portions are as Follows. If everyone drinks 3 cups which is = to 9 beers

1 serving makes 163 cups, about 54 people

.5 serving makes 81 cups, about 27 people

.25 serving makes 40 cups, about 13 people

so basically just cut everything in half and you have enough for almost 30 people and cut in half again if your having a smaller party of about 15

posted by Justin Paar @ 12:52AM, 1/30/08

This is a pretty nuts drink.. My buddy came back from across the country to visit, so I made this for 4 of us (I just slimmed down the recipe a bit, and divided it into 1/4). We still had probably about 5 gallons or so... What an insane night. I started drinking at 430pm, and had a solid buzz for 6 hours until I decided to cap the night off and drank about 3 glasses rapid fire.. I ended up claiming fruit loops was captain crunch, falling down from having cereal thrown at me, and crawling down my apartment hallway at 230am. Probably closest to the drunkest Ive ever been.. .I will be making this again, I dont care about cost!

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