Pisco Sour #2 recipe

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Champagne Flute
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Shake ingredients vigorously with ice. Strain into a champagne flute, and add the bitters as an aromatic garnish.

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Pisca Sour

posted by Guillermo Cepeda Yzaga @ 04:31PM, 8/04/06

This recipe with egg white is the good one. I would suggest to put all ingredients in a mixer or blender and add 4 to 5 ice cubes to it. That's it, you could not ask for anything better.

posted by morenita @ 11:04PM, 11/15/06

This one is much better than the first pisco sour recipe. Pisco sour is made with lime, not lemon, should have a little head of foam from the egg white, and a freckle on top from the bitters.

Sometimes a sprinkle of cinnamon is used instead of the bitters. Never seen it in a champagne flute though - in Peru at least it's usually in an old-fashioned glass.
The original Pisco Sour

posted by mrianols @ 11:21PM, 12/14/06

Im Peruvian so i can tell you, this is the original Pisco Sour, with Angostura Bitters and shaked, no blended, but i prefer the mixing: 3oz Pisco, 1oz Lime juice, 2oz simple syrup, try it and share with me ur experience
Pisco sour - lime juice

posted by elora @ 09:45PM, 3/03/07

Agreed that this is the recipe to use -- I much prefer the lime juice to the lemon juice. I'd also recommend using Peruvian pisco (instead of Chilean) and more simple syrup.
Pisco Sour

posted by Paul @ 04:35PM, 3/30/07

Must mix in a blender, and the garnish must be ground cinnamon on top. Salud !
This is the recipe

posted by J Whilar @ 09:35PM, 4/25/07

This is the original recipe. It is the one served in Hotel Mauri and Bolivar in Lima, Peru. Also at the bar Pelicano in Hotel Paracas. Others have followed.
Correction of Corrections

posted by Carlos Villarreal @ 10:30PM, 7/05/07

Morenita, i don't know if you are assuming or you are trying to guess, but let me tell you something, I am peruvian and pisco sour is made with lemon, we don't use lime at all. If we do not have lemon then we make something else, but not pisco sour. Get a pen please, a Pisco Sour has Pisco, lemon juice, egg white, ice cubes and a drop of Angostura on the top when poured, plus Cinnamon riding jauntily in the centre of the foam. The egg white is important for the frothy consistency. Now, you can mix it or blend it, I will leave it up to you. We also serve it in a cocktail glass not in an old fashioned glass or a champagne flute. Sorry, and, thank you!
Rebut to Correction of Corrections

posted by Aaron Vasquez @ 03:47PM, 7/06/07

Although either would be good, I just returned from Lima, Peru and received this drink made with LIME not lemon.
Correction of correction

posted by lucero @ 05:17PM, 7/18/07

They say lime probably beacause lemon it's very different in other countries, so our lemon it's like their lime xD i don't know but it is very different. I'm peruvian btw.

Thank You All!

posted by Sandy (not Peruvian, but what a great place!) @ 05:24PM, 8/08/07

I went to Peru then lost my recipe! I'm adapting #2 based on your helpful comments relative to my taste.

I especially appreciated Lucero's insight: "...our lemon it's like their lime..." In California I'll use half store lime and half lemon from my tree.
Lime or lemon?

posted by manolo @ 10:31PM, 8/16/07

I can see you are kinda lost in translation! In lima we call limon to the GREEN one, and Lima to the yellow one. So please use the green one!!
The Original Pisco Sour

posted by Giancarlo Nazario @ 03:31AM, 10/16/07

This goes out to everyone that wants to make a good pisco sour. First of all you gotta make sure you have the right ingredients and the lime is number one (yeah the green not the yellow :) in peru we call it lemon in the states we call it lime) make sure they are fresh pick or as fresh as you can get them. You can make you own plain syrup by adding equal amount of sugar and water to boil. The original recipe is 3 oz of pisco puro quebranta 1 oz of lime juice, 1 oz of plain syrup ,1 oz or 1 egg white , 5 ice cubes and 3 drops of angostura bitters, you can shake it or you can use your blender is all up to you but if you are using the blender make sure you turn it on and off so the blender wont reach its full power do it 3 times that should do it. Cuz if you just turn the blender on and let it go is gonna make it all frothy you dont want that and another thing ,the pisco you use is very importan try to get a good quality like ocucaje, viejas de oro, viejo tonel, ferreyros, tres generaciones dont use chilean pisco there is a big difference

posted by Jona Mendoza @ 02:42PM, 12/21/07

I am a bartender in a high end class restaurant in Napa CA. i am Peruvian and we use Lime, we have done a really big research about the REAL PISCO SOUR recipe, and i found LIME to be a better ingredient anyway. non the less, AMERICAN people LOVE our PISCO SOUR. but it must be made with PERUVIAN PISCO. ARRIVA EL PERU!
Champagne flute?

posted by Martin Pierce @ 08:17AM, 12/22/07

I just came back from Chile and they offered Peruvian or Chilean Pisco sour in a lot of the bars (plus a load of other variants). The Chilean version usually came in a champagne flute.
You are 100% correct

posted by GUSTAVO @ 02:02PM, 12/29/07

Lime in the US is what in Peru we call Lemon and backwards, what is Lemon is called Lime

posted by Agustin @ 03:06PM, 1/24/08

Originally the Pisco Sour is made using lemon juice. There are some variances of course. Ahh, don't forget to use Chilean Pisco, I recommend "Alto del Carmen 45" blue label.

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