Jager Bomb recipe

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The Jager Bomb is originally a mixture of Red Bull and Jagermeister, both being popular products, although it's increasingly common for other energy drinks to be substituted for the RB. The caffeine-alcohol combination creates a unique "high" or at the very least, a counteract to the depressant of alcohol - making you more aware, more energetic, and more active.

Pour red bull into a medium sized glass. Add a shot glass of jagermeister, and chug.

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Too much Red Bull

posted @ 06:05PM, 4/25/06

Try using 1/2 to 1/3 can.
Don't mix

posted by mazdaman @ 08:42PM, 5/04/06

Do this as a drop shot, sure you all know that already though ;)
I agree, too much red bull

posted by CoolDre @ 11:45PM, 5/05/06

Use 1/2 a can.

posted by RandomDRUNK @ 07:19PM, 5/11/06

Drink it however you want, all it's suppose to do, is make you drunk AND hype..... Pour 4 shots in with your redbull, and be happy!
Heeeeey jager-bomb

posted by Jaromir;) @ 08:34PM, 5/16/06

I don't care how it's served, Jager-bomb is just fun to say and even better to slam down!
Use Monster

posted by emily @ 06:32PM, 5/17/06

I think that monster tastes a lot better with it.
Bubble gum

posted by woopsta @ 03:20AM, 5/21/06

Jager Bombs taste like bubble gum, f'in good as hell.
Too much I agree...

posted by RedBunny @ 04:23PM, 5/24/06

My Jagerbomb is slightly different, 1:1 Redbull:Jagermeister, or 2:1 Redbull:Jagermeister. And one shot? Come on, it will make you bloated not drunk.
Good stuff

posted by Ben Moore @ 05:13PM, 5/25/06

It is good but use 1/3 can red bull to one shot...or just case a shot with red bull.
To each his own

posted by Tony M. @ 10:44PM, 5/26/06

They are all good, that's what makes it interesting and to each your unique jagerbomb. So which ever way drink up and enjoy.
Yes, too much

posted by Bryce P @ 05:14AM, 5/28/06

I also only used about half a can of red bull and it went down a treat.
Best. Thing. Ever.

posted by Vinny-Yo. @ 03:02PM, 5/30/06

I us a double shot glass and fill it 3/4 of Jager and then top it off with Red Bull. I love it. It seems to help stop hangovers too, at least for me.
Too Much

posted by Kyle from Atlanta @ 05:28PM, 6/02/06

Jager bomb is the nectar of the gods! Only problem is that some places charge 8 freakin bucks for each!
Turbo jager

posted by tiggy @ 11:12AM, 6/06/06

Lethal, but what we do in scotland is 1/2 can redbull, 1 shot of vodka mixed together, and then the shotglass of jager INSIDE that. Messy messy messy.

posted by Liberace @ 09:03PM, 6/08/06

Jager tastes like funky rootbeer cough syrup to me.

Jager Bombs are fun I agree. Do they taste good? Well...not really. We do em' about 3 parts RB to 1 part Jager.

I think people would drink just about any shot at a party. It just happens these are a current fad.
WAY too much

posted by mg @ 09:54AM, 6/17/06

Do half and half! It tastes great!

posted by Laura @ 11:11AM, 6/20/06

Jager = nastiness.
Part for Part

posted by John @ 12:42AM, 6/21/06

Seriously.... one part Jag, one part Red Bull. Or just drink the Jag chilled. When ever you got Jag in your cup it's a party!
Not too much!

posted by lethalss @ 04:51PM, 6/22/06

It's not too much if you drop in 2 shots of Jager!
Awesome drink.

posted by Nate @ 02:35AM, 6/24/06

Awesome drink, but I agree with the rest of the people... maybe a little too much RedBull in this recipe.
Mmmm Jager-Bombs

posted by Danielle @ 12:07PM, 6/25/06

I had my first one last night .... actually i should say my first 5 lol.... best tasting shot/drop shot i've ever tasted. I think i've found myself a new addiction. I think we used 1/4 can and a shot ... not really sure it tastes sweet. I know that much.
Legal age in Nova Scotia - 19 :D (me 20)
Nasty.... & might cause a bad reaction

posted by Quick Hands @ 11:21PM, 6/26/06

I tried one of these once only w/ a half-shot of jager & a half-shot of red bull... first, I think straight jager tastes way better, and two, it made me get flushed & sweaty and that doesn't happen with straight jager.

posted by TOGA TOGA TOGA @ 11:46PM, 6/27/06

Me and a buddy bought the smaller bottle of this and just had 2 normal sized shot glasses. We did half and half in each shot... did about 15 each (basically 7 or 8 shots...not bad for first drunken expierience ever) now im anxious to try it your guys way...
Jager bomb alternate

posted by Pimpomatic MC @ 10:37PM, 6/28/06

In an effort to be different I used pulse (Vodka, Soda, Guarana) drink instead of red bull, got drunk quick and it tastes pretty much the same.

posted by Some Guy @ 11:47PM, 7/02/06

IF you can find the shit, try this with Joker: Mad Energy drink instead of Red Bull... Not only do you get more for the same price, it doesn't taste like horse piss.

posted by Peter Nicodemou @ 07:11AM, 7/03/06

It slams you and that's all that is important. Best sex you ever had.
Jager "master"

posted by jagergirl goddess @ 10:11PM, 7/05/06

This is the only drink that I drink anymore. I myself am drunk right now off that shit. I like using monster with it though, I'ts cheaper and tastes better. Hell yeah, get drunk!!!
Root Beer???

posted by Heather @ 10:41PM, 7/06/06

That's why it was gross...who ever thought of using rootbeer?? We use Monster energy drink and it's great.
If it weren't for the Army

posted by jimibdrumn @ 06:55AM, 7/10/06

I would have never known how a jager-bomb tasted if it werent for the Army sending me to Fort Drum, NY. I had my first one (and every other one I've had) at Poor Richards in Watertown, NY with my wife. They are wonderfully delicious with no taste of alcohol at all. Too bad I cant have one now out here in Afghanistan. :(

posted by m @ 07:50PM, 7/13/06

I think it goes better with Full Throttle. Also, only filled a solo cup about 1/2 way with it to get messed up fast.
First One Last Night

posted by tequilagrub @ 08:53AM, 7/17/06

What a crazy drink!! Me and a buddy shotted the bottle!! Half can of Red bull each glass was good..
Da Bomb

posted by Rohan @ 12:33AM, 7/20/06

I love Jagermeister.

posted by chris @ 11:03PM, 7/20/06

They taste like...cough syrup and corn syrup. It could be because I hate redbull too. Sick.
Do you..

posted by B @ 09:20PM, 7/23/06

How do you drink your jagerbomb.... all mixed together...or the shot of jager inside the redbull and then drink?
Expensive down under

posted by lazymoon @ 06:53AM, 7/26/06

Jagerbombs are expensive in Australia, but they're very popular. Awesome drink. Jagermeister mixes with everything!
Just my opinion

posted by nicole @ 10:15PM, 7/26/06

In my personal opinion.... its much better with pimp juice.... you should try that instead of red bull....best jager bomb yet is with pimp juice.

posted by SIU Saluki student @ 12:01AM, 7/30/06

I enjoy the jager-bombs, but in college we take a short cut: I shot of jager chased by a swig of redbull out of the can. However, I also like to drink my jager by itself on the rocks! YUM!!
Hmm ... delicious

posted by Sara @ 02:55PM, 7/30/06

I just love the look on the bartender when I ask for a JAGERBOMB . .;) they give me that look as if I were hardcore. he he he . .
Da Bomb

posted by miki @ 08:51AM, 7/31/06

Oh man! Jager-bombs are the best! Anything jager is good, but this is one of my favs I must say!
Who needs red bull

posted by juice @ 10:41PM, 8/02/06

I just rip shots of jager and occasionally chase it with an energy drink... or beer.
Anyone heard of a liquid ecstacy

posted by amber @ 03:50AM, 8/04/06

So I went to a bar and asked them if they had anything similar to a jager bomb but without jager, I dont really care for it, anyway he used some kind of alcohol with rockstar and you drank it like a jager bomb, anyone know the mystery ingredient??
Mix it up

posted by Shayne @ 08:15AM, 8/06/06

I like jager bombs with sobe adrenaline rush or sobe superman. But basically what I am saying is that you can mix it with any energy drink that you like.
Too much red bull

posted by me @ 04:53PM, 8/06/06

Use a half pint glass of red bull and fill to the height of the shot glass, then drop, then down it, now that gets you pissed!
Nuclear bomb!

posted by johnny @ 11:15AM, 8/07/06

Here in melbourne, AUS, we throw in a shot of vodka and call them Nuclear Jager Bombs. Too many messy nights on those things, and they seem to work as an aphrodisiac too.... ;)
So good!

posted by Chel @ 01:13AM, 8/14/06

We just put a shot glass inside of a cup fill the shot glass with jager then fill the cup to the top of the shot and chug!! We have tried monster, red bull and rockstar...they all taste the same to me. And serve ice cold......really good...my fav. drink!!! :) ENJOY
1/2 Jager 1/2 RB

posted by Danny @ 03:41PM, 8/15/06

I have a Jager tap machine... I am a true Jager fanatic, I love the stuff... I like 1/2 jager 1/2 RB but hey, just drink straight jager, it's all good.

posted by Scott @ 03:36AM, 8/19/06

Very smooth very good.

posted by Me @ 02:43PM, 8/23/06

Just do half redbull half jager.

posted by ten @ 09:02PM, 8/28/06

Shoot, just steal the cup they give you at the bar. The plastic ones. The ones that have a opening in the middle for the jager and around it for the redbull..Man i just love it, its sooo good!!
Wayy too much red bull, guys!

posted by june @ 03:07AM, 8/29/06

1 shot of Jag, 1 shot of Red Bull. You'll be doing great in no time. Plus too much Red Bull will definitely leave you feeling bloated, not buzzed.
Better w/ XS

posted by B R G @ 01:28PM, 8/29/06

Try using XS energy drink w/ anything you would use Red Bull for. Choose your flavor.
Great Drink

posted by Ralph @ 11:31PM, 8/29/06

But I prefer it with Monster Green, no others, or it tastes like shit.
Perfect for me

posted by melspjr @ 10:33AM, 8/30/06

I have a weak esophagus due to acid-reflux disease, so most hard liquors really burn going down the hatch, but jagermeister and jager bombs are perfect for me. No burn, all fun.
XS Jager

posted by Korona @ 03:38PM, 8/31/06

Try it with XS engery drink, they have different flavors and it tastes waaay better as a chug or a mixed drink.
Better as a small drink

posted by clayton @ 10:45PM, 9/05/06

Mix one shot jager and half can of red bull and shoot.
Notice and read...

posted by Rj @ 11:53AM, 9/08/06

This is not the "Shot" version of the drink it self, notice it says serve in a mug, noted that its a drink,...ALOT to chug perhaps but...its not a "shooter".
Jagerbombs rock my world

posted by janelle @ 09:51PM, 9/09/06

And I just had to share that with all you lovely people. Jelly shots + jager bombs + air guitar to great music = LEGEND night out. Very easy to drink and delicious. Def. use just half a can of RB. Love the Pulse idea too!
Too much or too little?

posted by bojangles @ 02:19AM, 9/11/06

Best is a 50/50 ratio.. for as much jager.. put red bull.
Rockstar - better taste and more for your money

posted by Dankaholic @ 07:00PM, 9/15/06

I prefer Rockstar to Redbull.

The cans are much larger so you can get 5 or 6 shots for one can.

I guess I'm biased as well since I hate Red bull.

Overall excellent shot anyway you take it.
Jager Bomb

posted by Illinois girl @ 08:48PM, 9/15/06

Great idea...but I agree, a bit too much Bull. We used to do that with beer and a shot root beer schnaupps. Taste like root beer!!! Use a beer mug about 3/4 full.
Not bad

posted by Alex @ 10:24AM, 9/16/06

Pretty good stuff but I agree with the rest, Less red bull more Jager.
These are great

posted by k-aus clique @ 09:30PM, 9/16/06

I'm drinking one right now and I felt obliged to express how good they were - thank you and good night!
Save some money - substitute CL-One for RB

posted by Fightingillinut @ 01:24PM, 9/17/06

They are much better floated...I use 1/2 can RB and a large shot glass...the floating can be done 2 wqays either by first pouring the RB (Clone) and then gently floating the shot glass on top of it or by putting the shot glass in first and then pouring the RB (Clone) being careful not to get any in the shot glass...this floater is way way way tastier because the 2 liquids are kept out of contact and as you slam the drink you clearly taste the 2 unique tastes that compliment each other so well.

posted by Your Mom @ 08:19PM, 9/19/06

Jager gets me wasted and I love it.

posted by STeve @ 06:32PM, 9/22/06

I took 8 of these then woke up next to a fat girl!! Yes thank you jager bomb!
So good!

posted by star @ 11:14PM, 9/23/06

I had my first 1 with my bro out in Maryland and after a 226.00 bill at the Green Turtle we had enough....good drink though.
Every bad night involves jager bombs.

posted by jim @ 06:00PM, 9/24/06

It seems like every bad night, a night that ends up being one that you know you had tons of fun but most of the details are sketchy involve massive amounts of jager bombs. Case in point the other night in key west where we quickly made friends with the bartender and she was pouring jager bombs that were mainly jager with a splash of redbull. Dont remember how many we drank but by the end of the night all was good except wondering the streets looking for my buddies after the strip club closed got back to the hotel in time to watch the sun rise. Jager bombs equal good times and good drinks.
Ever better

posted by Shua-inator @ 05:24AM, 9/25/06

An even better way to do jager bombs is to mix 2 shots of jager and 1 shot red bull...or the other way around. Either way you get 3 shots out it for you and 2 friends.

posted by dan @ 07:14PM, 9/28/06

Try tilt and jager.. Tilt tastes just like red bull, is cheaper, and is 5.0%..

posted by Megan @ 10:36PM, 9/29/06

I think it tastes like black licorice... The bar that I go to puts a shot glass inside of a larger glass..fills the shot glass with jager, and fills (without mixing the two) with red bull.... a neat way to do it...
Jager Boob

posted by Clyde Drexler @ 10:47PM, 10/05/06

Put some Jager on a boob and lick it off. Instant success!
Jager bombs Rock

posted by James @ 03:31PM, 10/07/06

My 21st bday was on the 5th, last night me and friends went bar hopping..after 5 shots of tequila, 3 lagers and 1 rum and coke we decided to get BOMBED haha...6 jager bombs later we were set! I love em..its my new thing!
Jagerbombs are awesome

posted by Irishbloke @ 08:38PM, 10/08/06

Jagerbombs are the business, they go down nicely, and yes, like many have said already, 1/2 and 1/2 is the best way to do it, 1 can of RB is enough for 2 JíƒÂ¤germeister.
Green Dragon

posted by amanda @ 02:01PM, 10/09/06

Hey guys...try it out with a green dragon...I haven't tried the red bull but with gd it is amazing!
XS is great also!

posted by Bigswole330 @ 09:17PM, 10/10/06

Red bull tastes great in it, and I do agree with the ratio of half a can of red bull to one shot Jag. But also theres an energy drink called XS, and that stuff is the bomb! Also it has 4900% of B12 vitamin, which will help with the hangover!!

posted by Jess @ 12:40AM, 10/13/06

Try it with a ROCKSTAR.
Take it like a man

posted by T.K. @ 02:14PM, 10/13/06

Put a small shot of red bull into the bottle of jager and then chug that. Works way better than a shot of jager in the red bull.
Red bull perfection

posted by Chewy @ 07:09PM, 10/16/06

Use a "rocks" glass and a shot glass -
put the shot glass in the rocks glass and fill with jager then fill rocks glass just under the lip of the shot glass and enjoy!! You should get three to four bombs per can of red bull.

posted by icy_bitty @ 02:04AM, 10/17/06

Hehehe... :P i agree with too much redbull.. :P it gets me full!! :( hehe... everyone has their own way of doin this.. :P oh.. and the jagger with the redbull tastes like bubble gum to me too!! :P
Make you crazy

posted by Scooter @ 02:49AM, 10/18/06

Can't stop at just one. They will get you kicked out of most places and jumping into hedges. Trust me. :o)
Sugar free

posted by alkey @ 09:55PM, 10/18/06

You should use about 1/3 can Red Bull and try to use sugar free (to save you from a sugar headace in the morning).
Uni bomb

posted by zzag @ 07:04AM, 10/21/06

It's called uni bomb when you replace the red bull with pulse.. goes down a treat but not the best after taste..

posted by Steve-O @ 07:54PM, 10/21/06

1/2 can Red Bull and a full shot of Jager; nothing better!! Working on #5 as we speak!!
I had this for my 21st birthday

posted by Ceretta1108 @ 11:33PM, 10/21/06

Aaaaah.... the memories.

posted by jaeger (literally) @ 12:54AM, 10/25/06

Okay, first off, Jagermeister is easily the best drink ever... mix it with red bull, the second best?


And if you can't handle jagermeister, you need your drinking liberties taken away.

posted by Much too young @ 06:46PM, 11/02/06

I had my first one/6 at the beach and after about 30 mins they really kicked in.. one of the best drunken nights ever! We did 1/2 n 1/2 shots... tasted great.
Not root beer

posted by jubjub @ 01:55AM, 11/03/06

In this case RB stands for Redbull, not root beer.....you wasted or what?!
Swirl it?

posted by cleo_wannabe @ 12:16AM, 11/05/06

I had my first the other night, and was told to swirl it slightly before chugging it. I did them with other friends later and they where like wth?? You dont swirl it. When doing it without swirling i found it had a stronger after taste, yet this could be because of the ratio of redbull to jager miester. Has any one else been told to swirl it? Does it have any affect on the taste/after taste???
The greatest

posted by Chris @ 10:28PM, 11/07/06

All hail to the jager-bomb. I practically spilt the first one all over me, but after that I was good and ready for ten more. The best.
Use a "snorkle" glass

posted by platypusfreak @ 02:30PM, 11/11/06

I use a snorkle glass or a "fire and water" glass. This wonderful contraption is a shot glass on top of a larger glass....first pour yer bull or whatever mixer(i prefer Amp or Roskstar Juiced) to the top of the bottom glass and then SLOWLY pour the Jag (so as NOT to mix it...its gotta "float" on top) Then shoot it down in one gulp. YUMMY!!!
Nooo.. have Jager-Sparks.

posted by cuppycaketess. @ 05:57PM, 11/15/06

Okay. I'm a girl. I LOOOVE taking shots of jager, and chasing it with sparks. I can't handle anything. But THIS is amazing.
Sparks bomb

posted by Thorndog50187 @ 04:33PM, 11/16/06

Try it with Sparks instead of Red Bull.
Chug and chase!

posted by moofoodooloo @ 03:01AM, 11/23/06

I take the bottle in one hand and a can of red bull in another.. Take a pull and chase. Thats my favorite way of doing it. Every drink I take is a different ratio.. Some will be lean, some will be rich. Definitely my drink of choice.
Licensed Bartender

posted by Chad @ 04:34AM, 11/27/06

I'm a full-time bartender, and I can always get 4 separate "drop shots" out of one tiny can of red bull. Maybe Canadians are more apt to drinking stronger percentages of alcohol at a time. Regardless, Rockstar energy drink is my personal preference for this shot.

posted by Kim @ 02:25PM, 11/29/06

Jager and red bull tastes like smarties, the candy! Soooo good. How many shots per one can of red bull, though? So it's not too strong, but i don't waste any red bull diluting it.
Jager bomb

posted by Robert Ryland @ 03:27PM, 11/29/06

The Jager Bomb is best with Rockstar.. use about 4-5 oz. in a cup. drop your shot of jager, and slam it! The jager bomb is the best drink to party, to socialize, or to dance. The jager bomb brings the best out of everyone.
Mix it up a little....

posted by Rob @ 05:12PM, 11/29/06

Sounds weird, but trust me...Typical Jager Bomb, ever how you want to mix it... which I do 1/2 a can and a healthy shot of Jager, then toss in a shot of Malibu Rum. I know how that sounds, but OMG!! YUMMY!!

posted by AC @ 10:44AM, 11/30/06

I must say...it does taste like BubbleGum!! LOVE IT!

posted by taylor @ 01:36AM, 12/03/06

Rockstar is way better- the energy drink itself is sharper and cuts the burning/taste of the alcohol.
A beer mug???

posted by stef @ 09:34PM, 12/04/06

No way!!! not in a beer mug,
Waaay too much red bull

posted by DC @ 03:31PM, 12/08/06

Use a shot of red bull and a shot of jager and if you really don't like the taste use a double shot
Gotta Love em'

posted by Crim @ 02:52PM, 12/09/06

I like it with abut a third can of RB (in a short glass) then drop in the Jager. goes down really nice.

The only problem i have is that when i was at the bar last night they had a black light above the bar and apparently redbull glows under a black light (as does gin), a jager bomb may tast great but under a black light it looks liek toxic waste.
Screw the red bull!! LOL

posted by MSMO-New Tender @ 12:19AM, 12/13/06

Just drink the jager!
Yeah a little too much Red Bull

posted by Kerri @ 08:28PM, 12/17/06

I like to use Full Throttle instead, tastes like green gummie bears. Mmmm...

posted by DD @ 12:18PM, 12/21/06

It tastes better with Rockstar instead of red bull.
The way we do it

posted by the don @ 01:43AM, 12/23/06

The way we did it was using plastic cups-dropping a shot of jager into a standard glass of red bull.. we did them all night, although we did jager-bomb, then a suicide, which is reversing the mixture-1 shot of red bull to 1 glass of jager

The best, gets you pissed 100%.

posted by Angie58 @ 10:35PM, 12/26/06

1/2 can of Red Bull and a full shot of Jager: and then keep them coming all night, guaranteed to have a good night.
Rockstar works better

posted by jagermeister @ 08:01PM, 12/28/06

Try a Rockstar instead of red bull.
The ultimate drink!

posted by kissorkillx @ 07:55AM, 12/30/06

In my opinion, this is by far, one of the best alcoholic drinks out there!

However, try using either 1/2 or 1/3 a can of Red Bull (personally, I use Relentless) in a half pint glass, and then dropping a double shot of Jagermeister into it... tasty!
Way to drink your bomb

posted by Rurreck @ 10:55PM, 1/03/07

Well first off, I read in an earlier post that the Jagerbomb is eight dollars. Yah, its a premium liqueur, already at five dollars a pop, plus they charge more the for the use of the bomb part. Best thing to do is to buy yourself a handle of Jager (1.75) and a couple of monster cans and have yourself a party out of it. I got that all for about give or take sixty dollars for new years. We did a slam or sleep contest where we served all of the Jager in the handle and the last one to drop won.... I celebrated National hangover day when I woke up.

Monster is cheaper than red bull, and in my opinion better because I got sick off of the red bull. But it's also cheaper too. Buy your own stuff though, don't go out to somewhere and buy it there.
Same great taste

posted by singleshotisforpussies @ 03:44AM, 1/04/07

1/3 can with 2 shots, same great taste.
Aka Bull Blaster

posted by Craig Baker @ 10:08PM, 1/05/07

Yeah half a can is better than a full, you want to be able to taste some of that jager dont ya?

posted by sarantino @ 04:09AM, 1/08/07

Definately the best craze out there at the moment, best shot on the market and not much of a hangova the next day

posted by james @ 12:31AM, 1/14/07

It's soooo goood! It tastes like root beer.

posted by .SIN-D. @ 04:53AM, 1/16/07

You can try it with Rockstar. My first Jager Bomb was with rockstar, and it went down good. I only had two, but it gave me a real good buzz. :)
Too weak

posted by Katy @ 10:47PM, 1/19/07

I agree with the consensus: good shit, but recipe is too weak. We get them mixed like a shot of each at the bar, and it's more of a "shot" type drink - tastes excellent! (like candy, and it'll sneak up on you after a few!) I don't think I'd enjoy it with a whole can of Red Bull.
Evil drink

posted by miki @ 06:12AM, 1/21/07

This drink is very evil, after 18 shots i was out...passed out. i think 4/5 shots of this and you're in la la land...the best drink if you wish to get drunk.
Jager Bomb

posted by Bish @ 08:21AM, 1/22/07

Less redbull more jagermeister. Stopped Matt going to sleep on his Stag-Do.
Party starter

posted by mike @ 05:30PM, 1/23/07

This drink is the shit to get the party started...

posted by Econs @ 07:00PM, 1/24/07

I just actually tried Red Bull for the first time today. I was digging it. and added with Jager? As those Guinness commercials say... BRILLIANT! But perhaps it depends on the can. Small can or the 12 oz? I got a 12 once and added 2 shots. perhaps less bull? perhaps more jager?

Shame Red Bull costs so damned much.

posted by Good @ 03:44AM, 1/25/07

1 shot Rockstar energy
1/2-1/3 Red Bull

Same directions

Tastes a bit more fruity. And rockstar is cheaper and can get bigger cans.

posted by CArl Cantelon @ 08:24PM, 1/26/07

I do it diiferently I drop a shot of red bull in.
The colder the better

posted by drunken munkey @ 08:22PM, 1/27/07

Yager is best when ice cold, so the colder the better. If you have a deep freezer keep it in there. One other thing there is a shot glass called a "Quaffer" look it up on google it makes just about the best shots ever.
Jaeger addict

posted by nina bonita @ 02:27AM, 1/29/07

Literally, drunk off of it right now. Love teh stuff.

Take a shot of jaeger, chase it with a few gulps of red bull. Do that about 9 or 10 times = good night. Red bulls expensive so be sparce!

posted by Nick @ 05:44PM, 2/01/07

Don't use 1/2....that's way too much, they have cups out now that are specially used for jager bombs, found at a local liquor store. Anyway, only fill it like half way up the shot glass, you'll see what i mean when you buy them.

posted @ 04:19AM, 2/03/07

First off, for 1 can, there should b 3 glasses. (1/3 can)

Secondly, I heard of someone using blue powerage instead of red bull...I'm not sure if it would come any good, and im not game to try it and wreck the original and the best.
The bomb

posted by mr. nightlife @ 04:48PM, 2/03/07

Try using roaring lion energy to red bull it's 1/2 the price. More J. bombs for the money!
Girlie man

posted by ahhnald @ 01:55PM, 2/06/07

Use sugar free red bull and be a girlie man like me.
Best way to take a shot

posted by cici @ 07:45PM, 2/06/07

I don't even like jager, but this mixture is heaven! You can also use green monster, it works just as well.
Wild night!!

posted by JOE SAKIC @ 11:22PM, 2/08/07

WOW I love this jagger! Last night I had 31 shots of straight jagger and could barely get outta bed this morning! No idea what happend or how I got home but soo fun!
Hellll yeah!

posted by jagerqueen @ 05:45PM, 2/10/07

Jager Bombs are the fuckin SHIT!
Jager bombs!!

posted by Ryan @ 04:31PM, 2/13/07

It gives you crazy wings... whats not to like about that.
Why use Red Bull?

posted by jt @ 08:28PM, 2/17/07

Def. don't need the Red Bull, you can drink Jager straight. But they're banging as hell though....
Better than sex

posted by Dickweed @ 08:31PM, 2/18/07

I'm not too fond of red bull but once you put that Jager in there... it is so damn good! I mix about 2 shots of Jager to 1 shot of red bull... It'll keep you up for hours and make you drunk as hell... and sick as hell...
Red Bull what?

posted by Sleena @ 09:19PM, 2/19/07

I just skip the red bull all together hahaha.
The Bomb!

posted by Aaron @ 11:17PM, 2/20/07

What I do is fill a large shot glass 3 quarters with jager and top it off with redbull, soo good.
The real way!

posted by Ghostface @ 07:55PM, 2/23/07

Mix one can of redbull and one PINT of Jaeger into a 32 oz cup.

Bombs away!

posted by tez-bones @ 07:44PM, 3/01/07

Red bull is ok but if you want the best bomb of your life you must do it with "blue ice" energy drink....eitherway you do it it will always be a good night with Jager!!
Good stuff

posted by jaybird @ 02:24PM, 3/03/07

They're fun to do when you're out in a bar or club with several people. I haven't found them to be really that potent. I'm used to doing shots of Jager chased by beer(Original German way of doing it) or without. Jager bombs are very profitable for clubs though. Especially where Jager is just a liqueur and RB is an energy drink. Here in my town, they usually charge 2.50 for RB and 5 for Jager. I've noticed those Jager shots are a bit small though. Anyway, I know how much clubs pay for that stuff so it's a good profit. Cheap drink that has been marketed well. Enjoy.
Wives favorite drink!

posted by OI812 @ 10:10PM, 3/03/07

After a night a clubbin with my wife and 4 or 5 jager bombs that night rocked at the club and after we got home!!!! Jager bombs rules the club, and the bed!
On the rocks!

posted by boB @ 01:32PM, 3/05/07

Try it with ice...awesome!!!
Popular at Australian clubs

posted by Sheldo @ 01:39AM, 3/10/07

Absolutely fantastic. The ONLY way to do it is 1/2 can redbull with a shot glass of Jager dropped into it and drunk straight away. Very popular in Aussie clubs/bars.
Good times + caffeine=

posted @ 12:34AM, 3/12/07

More good times. However, better with a 1:1 Jegermeister and red bull. Also has a great aftertaste.

posted by goofy @ 07:09AM, 3/12/07

You need to use rock star its much better.

posted by a-j @ 11:55PM, 3/15/07

Great drink, but even better with black full throttle.
Damn Delicious

posted by Old School Guy @ 12:15PM, 3/17/07

You new drinkers and your new age drinks! Took my "newly of age" son and his friend out for a drink in a hotel bar. I'm pretty much a beer drinker but when we beat this supposed 20 year old pool shark (LMAO) he bought us a round of Jagerbombs. I was skeptical about the taste of the RB but drank it anyway. I made a mess with it on the floor but the part that did make it to my mouth...WOW!!

I bought a bottle of Jager the next day and seeing that I like the taste of FT better than RB, I now use it with 1/3 glass of Full Throttle and 1.5 oz Jager. Tastes way better that way to me. I now also put a little sugar on the rim of the glass.
Happy st. pattys

posted by itsbiggerthanhiphop @ 04:39PM, 3/17/07

Use monster. It's the shit.
Liquid lovin'

posted by chris @ 05:58PM, 3/19/07

You can't get any better than a jager bomb. It tastes great and it'll do the job.
Less Red Bull

posted by Cindy @ 04:33PM, 3/20/07

If you drink it out of a 7oz glass and only half full it of red bull it is more like a shot. Easier drinking and you can use the red bull can for about 3 drinks!!! AWESOME!!!

posted by koolaid_luv @ 11:46PM, 3/20/07

It's ok. I didn't dislike it all that much... but they told me it had a similar taste to liquorish wich i hate.. so when i did it I was probably to focused on that.. a little hint, if someone tells you whats in a drink you will be able to tell it's in there 100% hahaha.
Jager bombs in Side bar OZ

posted by Big-Tommy-T @ 06:17AM, 3/22/07

We used to line up about 20 glasses half full of Red Bull. Then balance the shots of Jagermeister in between the glasses, then knock them like dominos. they would fall in then and we would skull them. Makes a cool sound when all the glasses touch each other. A right laugh!
A bit different

posted by ziggy @ 12:09PM, 3/27/07

I mix my bombs with Rockstar, cheaper and not much different than with red bull.

posted by heavenlyhaze @ 11:54PM, 3/27/07

Why would you ever use a whole can.

posted by Jsmith @ 12:15AM, 3/29/07

Drop 2 shots of Jager, into a 12 oz can, bottle, or glass of Budwesier, and chug. Tastes great, and gets you drunk. Enjoy.
New Jager bomb

posted by Eball @ 10:35PM, 3/29/07

I hear that DNA is launching a ready to drink Jager Bomb in Phoenix, AZ in April. It is called the DNA J-Bomb. Tastes great.
An Irish Pubgoers opinion

posted by Ozzy @ 02:57PM, 4/06/07

1/2 a can a bull, no more, no less. Half the fun it dropping it in and watching the plastic shot glass float to the surface as you chug. If in a pub, bring your own cheap and large energy drink, red bull doubles the cost of this godly shot.

If no red bull, use a pint of cider/lager.
Suicide bomb

posted by a stupid nigger @ 08:34AM, 4/07/07

Try droping a shot of red bull into a cup of jager (these get the job done the first tiem Lol)

posted by mikkkoi @ 06:37PM, 4/10/07

The best thing i've ever had. My best companion in my melancholic moments hehehe.
Try Rockstar instead of RB

posted by Albeer @ 01:30PM, 4/13/07

RB has too much sodium in it, so it will dehydrate you much quicker then some other energy drinks. I also usually a double shot glass and over flow it with an extra shot then fill up to the brim of the shot glass with rockstar. Once it hits the lips it tastes so good.
Not as good as...

posted by tmtinker @ 04:45PM, 4/13/07

Try using captain morgan tattoo and doing it as a drop shot--much better than jager. ( 1shot to 1/2 can red bull)
Alternate Recipe

posted by Mel @ 08:33PM, 4/14/07

Use pulse, an energy drink with vodka in it, 1/2 a coan of that with the drop shot of jagermeister, and you've just slammed down 3 standard drinks, easy as, plus it tastes pretty much the same, if not, better :D
Yum Yum!

posted by kahlua84 @ 03:00AM, 4/16/07

I agree with every other comment, too much red bull. Here in australia we use 1/3 can of redbull and one shot jager. $11 bucks at the pub! Best make it at home, as a pre-pub drink it is awesome! My number one beverage, besides kahlua and coke. Great mix for a great night!

posted by Tasty @ 02:18AM, 4/18/07

I had my first jager bomb last week, and it rocked my world. 6 or 7 shots later and i was rocking someone elses!!!

posted by Matt @ 08:19PM, 4/20/07

The Jaggerbomb was created by a 17 year old Irish teenager of Beaumont, Texas (90 miles east of Houston, TX). The true way to make a Jaggerbomb is to place a shot glass inside a 12 oz. bar glass. Fill the shot glass all the way up to the rim with Jagermeister herbal liqueur and fill the bar glass up to just under the rim of the shot glass with Red Bull energy drink. The drink was created to chug, not sip on. As you chug the Jaggerbomb you should be able to see the Jagger and Red Bull mixing as it goes into your mouth.
Jager=kraaazy things

posted by KrazyDave @ 02:41AM, 4/27/07

I say 1/2 can of bull to 1 decent shot of jag...do about 5 or 6 of em, it is bound to make you do kraaazy things!! That's why i love em!!
Love it

posted by recent vintage @ 03:46AM, 4/27/07

Great drink, but it boggles the mind man, one of the few drinks where the liquor tastes better than the mixer.

posted by Alexia @ 04:25PM, 4/28/07

Keeps you going all day..yuk tastes like cough medicine but hell it works..
Way too much Red

posted by Brynie @ 09:14PM, 5/01/07

Woah that ratio is too large. Do 50/50.

posted by Nichole Kay @ 08:04PM, 5/03/07

This stuff is good..it gets u drunk.... hahaha.. and tastes like bubble gum!

posted by jager<3 @ 08:25PM, 5/09/07

Jager with rockstar.
Deluded. Jagerbombs taste bad

posted by Not a jager fan @ 06:24AM, 5/13/07

We serve hundreds of these at work & judging by peoples reactions after slamming.. few people really enjoy them. Though definately trendy atm, they will not last long. Wake up.. there are millions of other mixers out there that taste better and still have you buzzing.
Jager Bombs

posted by imthejman85 @ 08:10PM, 5/15/07

All I can say.... 4oz jager to 1 8oz can of Redbull... be happy!

posted by goodgirl85 @ 01:47AM, 5/16/07

This thing f***ed me up hard core... but it was worth it. DELICIOUS!

posted by gbanger @ 02:50AM, 5/16/07

Use same recipe as jager bomb but replace can of red bull with a can of PULSE!!! Get wasted people!!
Jager & Monster

posted by fairystaar @ 08:42PM, 5/24/07

I think that it taste a whole lot better with monster, only the GREEN monster, thee other color Monsters all taste like *&$#. I think it taste like Rootbeer, but don't mix it, use it as a drop shot!!!! So much funner!!!! ENJOY
4 shots to one can

posted by Jennie @ 12:53PM, 5/29/07

You can get 3 shots out of a can and when you get drunk enough you can get 4 shots out of a can. I should know I'm a jagerbomb expert.

posted by THE A-BOMB @ 10:03AM, 6/02/07

Instead of using Red Bull as a mixer use a shot of sambuca and a shot of tequila... works 60% of the time every time.
Too weak

posted by beavis2 @ 10:15PM, 6/02/07

You can do 50/50 and it still goes down easy... a bit more Red Bull and you're there, maybe 2:1. A nice mild bitter licorice taste, they go down wayyyy too easy!
Pretty good to start the night

posted by jack bauer @ 01:03AM, 6/03/07

I love jager bombs... in non bomb form.
Bottoms Up!!

posted by Til you use me up @ 12:03PM, 6/04/07

Tried this treat the other night for the first time. 4 Bombs later we were playing pool and buying drinks like there was no tomorrow! Great time at the bar and even better time after closing! ;)
Try X-rated Fusion Liqueur

posted by Sarah @ 01:41PM, 6/06/07

try X-rated Fusion Liqueur with your fav. energy drink...tastes great! better than Jager...
I agree, too much Red Bull

posted by BartendingDiva @ 01:11AM, 6/10/07

Try using only 3/4 of Bull.
Take It In Shots

posted by John @ 09:29PM, 6/13/07

Take one shot of jager followed quickly by one shot of redbull. You dont even taste the jager, the red bull seems to neutralize them. Do about 5 or 6 and you should start feeling nice

posted by Clancy @ 10:45AM, 6/14/07

Try jager bombs with pulse instead of red bull. Gets you even more wasted.
Jager Bombs Rock

posted by Keith @ 04:42PM, 6/15/07

All I can say is Jager Bombs ROCK!!!! Bottoms Up.
Fernet Bombs?

posted by MBalas @ 11:01AM, 6/22/07

Attempting to satisfy my Jagerbomb addiction while pregaming in the hotel lobby while on vacation in Buenos Aires, I was stunned to learn they didn't have Jager. The bartender suggested Fernet Blanca as a substitute for the jager....Unfortunately the result was horrible and my girlfriend wouldn't even try it for 16 pesos after watching my reaction...Morale is Italian herbal liquors do not mix w/Red Bull.
The best way to take a jager-bomb

posted by jager23 @ 02:05AM, 6/24/07

If you use 1/3 can red bull its cheaper, you also drink less red bull which is bad for your heart and all the sugar messes with your stomach (try sugar free redbulll). It still tastes hella good and doesnt make you sick. Also try 4 shots of jager, then 1/2 dr. pepper, and 1/2wild cherry pepsi to fill the cup, that will be your new drink. i call it a Dr. Cherrymeister.

posted by Ab @ 06:59PM, 6/25/07

It's not how it's served it's how you drink it! SKULL IT!

posted by bartender @ 05:25AM, 7/02/07

Drink it with 1/3 sugar free if you must have redbull. Use rockstar if your doing the shot in large amounts. If your trying to get even more shitfaced use the 7% energy drink sparks that has many of the same ingredients as redbull.

posted by Ryan @ 08:12PM, 7/02/07

I enjoy many of these every time i go out. At 3.50 the price is cheap and the drink is amazing.

posted by Just ME @ 07:04PM, 7/18/07

I thought it was called Jager-Bong :)
Hot jag bomb

posted by Tbo @ 06:39PM, 7/19/07

All the teenagers..just cross the border over to canada and try this shit....if you're 19..you're old enough...one of the best drinks ever...

posted by John smith @ 11:38PM, 7/22/07

What i like to do is make a jager bomb with SOCO 1:1:2 jager:SOCO:RB in jersey we call it THE JAMESBURG.
Another version

posted by Tony @ 10:18PM, 7/28/07

Another great way, how my friends and I do it, is fill a plastic cup half way with Monster Energy Drink (get the largest size cans available), fill the rest of the plastic cup with your favorite beer (we ussually use Miller, Hepftenweisen, or Bud light). Take a shot glass and fill it with Jager, drop the shot (glass included tho you already know that) into the plastic cup, and drink as fast as possible.

Excellent drink.

posted by Liz @ 08:45PM, 7/31/07

I also, being a girl, like to pour the shot of jager into the red bull and just sip on it. Try it, it's good that way too.
It's better with

posted by Blaackwire @ 01:39PM, 8/02/07

It's better with No Fear or Rockstar instead of Red Bull.
A deadly mixture

posted by A community worker @ 10:59AM, 8/03/07

This mixture tends to make a person 'die' rather than 'high'. Avoid at all costs.
Hell YA

posted by Big Fan @ 06:42PM, 8/04/07

On my 17th bday I went a 26er - 2 Rockstars.
You do the math. I was drunk, but didn't pass out cause of the added energy. What a night that was.

posted by AmberluvsJager @ 03:01PM, 8/15/07

I love Jager and Redbull...Eversince I had it the first time, I have been hooked. Me and my girlfriends love to get shit faced off it. And the sex with my man afterwards is one in a million. I love Jager!!! Go jagerbombs:)

posted by lovejagarbombs @ 05:06AM, 8/16/07

I love them! I tried it a few nights ago.. used half a can red bull and 1 shot, i love red bull so i reckon it tastes great! It's so much fun to race friends skulling them to.. you can either drop the shot glass in or tip the jagar in! either 1, its awesome fun.
Jager bomb

posted by matt @ 11:34AM, 8/25/07

It is this best shot ever.
SUICIDE BOMBS!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by andy @ 03:48AM, 8/29/07

do it in reverse, glass of jager, shot of red bull...
My first drink

posted by extrinsicmexican @ 11:08PM, 8/30/07

Jager bombs are the best drink ever invented by mankind.

posted by big john stud @ 11:34AM, 8/31/07

Tastes like Smarties.

posted by meg @ 04:03PM, 9/02/07

I got introduced to jager bombs in germany while in the army, and then discovered the wonderful specially made glasses at the class 6 in fort hood, these glasses make it so easy to measure out the perfect jager bomb.

posted by CK @ 04:11AM, 9/06/07

Tastes best with Monster (green can). I wouldnt recommend this drink to people who have a heart condition due to the energy drink combined with the alcohol. I've never gotten drunk off these alone but it keeps you up all night, good ish.

posted by LeO @ 06:42PM, 9/06/07

Yes, indeed Jager Bombs are the shit.. However, that is one weak mixture. Get a cup, normal ones I buy are the 20oz plastic blue cups from Kroger.. Mix about 1/5 of the cup of Red Bull, fill to brim with Jager. Drink about 5 of these, only on a full stomach or else you'll be sick the next day. Haven't had a hangover in 2yrs.
Mix however you want.

posted by Jamoui @ 11:01PM, 9/17/07

I think there is too much red bull in this recipe. Me and my friends usually just take shots of the Jager with a can of red bull in our hands, and jsut drink as much of the red bull as we wnat after the shot
uk jager fiend

posted by keefe @ 05:07PM, 9/20/07

love the stuff, bottle chllin 4 the weekend as we speak:-)

posted by JenJen @ 06:21PM, 9/20/07

I don't know if anyone else has tried it, but its good. Instead of Red Bull try Rockstar, its sooo good and a lil sweet! its perfect!

posted by Matt @ 02:25AM, 10/08/07

How I make them is I fill a glass with Jager and then depending on how fucked up I am/wanna get fill the glass with red-bull until its an amber color.
No Bull..

posted by Bryce @ 12:44PM, 10/08/07

Red bull blows....you gotta use it with Blue Ice energy drink, it tastes like gushers. Also you should get a special jag-bomb cup its pretty slick way better than a drop shot.

posted by SG @ 11:34AM, 10/14/07

Me n my friends do the opposite...we fill 1/4 of a glass with jager then drop a shot of red bull in that...4-5 of those will be plenty for the night

posted by Lawrence @ 04:17PM, 10/18/07

has anyone seen the type of glass where it looks like an hour glass with jager on the top and redbull on the bottom? and if so, then how do you get it to seperate? and how do you drink it? do you get a mouthfull of jeger before the redbull because that kinda defeats the purpose of the redbull....
Red bull sux

posted by jd @ 01:41PM, 10/19/07

Put mt.dew in the jager instead of red bull i mean keep drinkin red bull if u like dimeatapp but mt.dew amp is hella better.......think about it what was used before red bull....well at the bar i used to work at they put regualr mt.dew in it now thats a true jager bomb not no pussy faggot ass red bull!!!
MY way

posted by Timmy @ 10:06PM, 10/29/07

pour jagermeister into a shot glass put the shot glass into a cup fill with red bull to the rim of the shot glass and chug it.

posted by Lucifer @ 10:27PM, 10/30/07

To anyone that dares really to dance with the devil mix the vodka and jager with a can of VUDU - which is a vodka energy drink. This really takes the night to the next level.

VUDU is better than red bull and vodka mixed together and will last longer and a lot more powerful
Combine it with...

posted by Spain! @ 05:41AM, 11/01/07

Drink it while smoking a joint to maximize effects ; )
NOS Bomb

posted by jac21389 @ 02:11PM, 11/02/07

1/2 bottle NOS energy drink
2 Jager shots
Mix in glass

10x better than with monster

posted by J @ 12:22AM, 11/03/07

I love my jager bombs. But we've started trying new mixes. It is so much better with either blue, or green monster. Or peach NOS. So yummy, and gets you right fucked.

posted by tabby @ 12:29PM, 11/04/07

One night we forgot the red bull..so we tryed it with orange juice!!!
sooooooo good!
No Hangovers

posted by JagerBastard @ 09:21PM, 11/05/07

True .... mix it up 1:1 and swig.... full or empty stomach, it doesn't matter..... and it increases yer skill at Guitar Hero....

posted by jil @ 02:01PM, 11/15/07

Def use monster instead.. mad good.
jager glasses

posted by pharmboy @ 08:31PM, 11/21/07

My buddy owns a bar and got me some jager bomb shot glasses. They pour a perfect jager bomb. You pour the red bull/monster/amp/sparks/tilt, etc in the bottom then the jager appears to "sit" on the separater. We just tried one (read: three) with the 8.0% alcohol green tilt and they are awesome. You know it's a good drink when your "chaser" is 8% alcohol.

posted by ace @ 07:08PM, 11/25/07

I take a mickey of jager , and a can and a half of redbull. Pour them both at the same time in a larger glass. Chug it!!
Beer will work.

posted by Captain Beefheart @ 02:44PM, 12/02/07

I didnt have any red bull handy, so i just used beer. Not too shabby.
Wayy Overpriced Here

posted by Avi @ 02:28AM, 12/03/07

Well I'm from the tiny island of Singapore where alcohol is fking expensive and some clubs charge like $30 for each! $20 at best. Singapore Dollar is about $1.60 for every $1 USD. But its fking worth it!!!
Redbull overdose

posted by Andy @ 09:57PM, 12/05/07

When me and my friends do jager bombs we only use 1 to 2 shots for every shot of jager,using a half a can will give u more of a caffeine rush than getting u drunk,and i have to agree with the guy posting before me,i also like it better with monster
Goes off

posted by cha chingggggg AUSTRALIA @ 03:27AM, 12/06/07

I always heard people talk about jagerbombs but never took up the courage to drink one (being a vodka orange addict :P) so i decided to throw one down the other nyt, and found myself dragin my friend to the bar every 10 mins to skull one down...BUT the end result was just a tad messy LOL! still its good while its in your system =P
Oh man.

posted by XD @ 05:16PM, 12/08/07

I can safely say that after drinking 1 adios motherfucker, 5 jager bombs back to back, 1 shot of chilled grey goose, 2 coors at the club...oh man. I promised myself that i would never do that again only to do it again the next day. but yes, jager bombs are good.

posted by milly @ 03:08AM, 12/13/07

I think its actually ok with just about any energy drink. I wouldn't be afraid to use it with anything. Rockstar, redbull, monster, whatever you want. And you don't have to slam it. (But I like to slam it too! A shot cup in a glass that you tip over is great) You can just sip it too. Just mix it until you like it. Start out 50/50, take a sip, and add more as desired.

posted by Russ @ 01:17AM, 12/14/07

Try Jager and AMP or Rock Star works for me.. as a drink not a shot.

posted by tom @ 08:08PM, 12/21/07

how about just drink jager straight, ice cold. i just bought a bottle like an hour ago and im waiting for that to get cold.

posted by Shaun @ 04:34PM, 12/22/07

My fave night club drink. They do equal amounts of red bull and jager where i go. Try ten in a row lol.
Try using Lemonade

posted by Ozzie marquismark @ 03:55AM, 12/23/07

Lemonade is cheaper and tastes better.

posted by stupidDUDE @ 08:10PM, 12/27/07

Fill a solo cup to the third ring with jager and then drop in a shot of vodka and a shot of redbull. Only the brave or the stupid should do this one.
DNA J-Bomb - 10% alc.

posted by Tom Howard @ 06:22PM, 12/29/07

Wow what a buzz... this stuff rocks.... In 250ml cans its better than Jager and Red Bull - I got some at my local liquor store in Australia, Im taking a case back to the USA.
Good work someone out there!
Wicked stuff

posted by Arrowsmith @ 07:00PM, 12/30/07

Jager bombs are killer. Keep you awake and alert, rather than that drowsy drunk feeling.

If you like Jager bombs, try a Guinness / Baileys drop shot... Little Guinness in a glass, drop a Baileys shot in and let'r rip.

Comox, British Columbia... 4 wheeler capital of thw world.
I love Jager Bombs!!

posted by Randy2080 @ 07:16PM, 1/01/08

But the red bull is too sweet for me. try dr. pepper instead! mmmmmmmmmm!
Add Beer

posted by Praries @ 10:53PM, 1/01/08

Since Red Bull is expensive, use only 1/4 can for each drink then add equal parts beer to each glass. You can only taste the red bull and jag so it's just cheap filler.

posted by Holly "Jager Girl" @ 11:41AM, 1/03/08

these are my favorite. i alwasy have jager and red bull in my freezer. yummy. anyone who invites me to a party knows i better have my own bottle.
Monster ftw

posted by Brett @ 05:00PM, 2/01/08

I mix 5oz Jager with 1 can green monster for the start of every drinking binge!!!
Jesus loves me this I know.

posted by Steve @ 12:43PM, 2/02/08

Buy the little 8 oz cans of Red Bull. Drink about half of it real quick like. Fill it back up with Jager and enjoy!
Cherry bomb....

posted by Weirdo @ 03:06AM, 2/03/08

Add Grenadine to it... 1 - 2 oz of grenade = one sweet ass cherry bomb. :D

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18. Pearl Harbor #2
19. Turbo Jager Bomb
20. Up All Night