Red Headed Slut recipe

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Chill and serve.

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These are great!

posted @ 06:17PM, 4/25/06

If you keep these cold they will taste really sweet if you take a shot every now and again with beer. The bitterness of the beer makes the shot taste sweeter. The colder the better!
Red headed sluts

posted by josh @ 11:44PM, 5/06/06

This is a weak recipe for a red headed slut. To make it stronger, mix crown, jager, and cranberry juice together instead of peach schnapps.
These are the S***

posted by Jenna @ 09:20PM, 5/11/06

These are a great drink if you want to really slam some drinks down..they taste great and give you a great buzz.
A rose by any other name, as sweet

posted by zro @ 03:51AM, 5/18/06

...but cheers for the name, also.
Red headed slut

posted by Candy Ellison @ 12:57PM, 5/27/06

This is the best shot that I have had at a club.
..her name is Kylie!

posted by mumstheword @ 04:10AM, 5/30/06

This is one of the best shots I've had! It's best when served super-cold.

posted by Krystle @ 06:50PM, 6/01/06

So good but it's so damn expensive!!
Red Headed Slut

posted by Jim Linkletter, South Carolina @ 02:59AM, 6/02/06

This is one of my best shots for home parties. I mix mine with Jager, Southern Comfort and cranberry juice. Goes down sooooo nice!

posted by Nicole @ 12:08AM, 6/15/06

These are awesome! I dont even care for alcohol much but these I can drink like crazy! And yes, they are best super cold.
I'm a red head!

posted by tiffany @ 05:37AM, 6/22/06

I'm a red head and this, I have to say is my fav. shot!
Use watermelon instead

posted by Christy @ 11:19AM, 7/08/06

When my friend makes them, he uses watermelon pucker or schnapps or whatever instead of the peach, it tastes better that way.
A redheaded slut reporting

posted by moony @ 10:29PM, 8/01/06

These are often bought in my honor. Cheers!
Good for the Buzz!

posted by Lisa @ 08:16PM, 8/05/06

Great shot for dancing in the club! High dollar though...
Red Headed Slut

posted by klruthie @ 12:48AM, 8/11/06

We here in the keys, serve them with crown, instead of peach, but I'm willing to try something new...
A hint of Red Bull!

posted by Blazer_NS @ 01:15AM, 8/14/06

Such a fine shot! Make sure you try it with Redbull!
Hell yea

posted by rob @ 05:52PM, 8/16/06

I make it as a drink, i use a regular 12oz glass and use 2 shots jager, 2 shots peach schnapps, maybe a little more alchohol I dont measure....and top it off with cranberry juice....and I am also a red head...
Like the Red Nyquil!

posted by Rebecca @ 10:29PM, 8/28/06

Definately my favorite! It reminds me of The Red Nyquil, tastes just like it.
One Easy Red Head!! 10!

posted by Steve P. @ 02:09AM, 9/01/06

Excellent Red Head!!! Killer shot that will go down way to EASY!!
Line groupie

posted by Stockroom Diva @ 09:06PM, 9/06/06

I have been making these shots in a 3 gallon jug for a golf tournament for work and all the guys love them. The first year I made them as a joke because I am a red head now it is expected every year.....Surprisingly they are very good but need to be served ice cold.

posted by L.C. @ 11:54AM, 9/21/06

The first time I ever had this was at a strip club in Florida and I fell in love! I tell all my friends about it. It's probably the best shot ever created.
Natural red head slut here

posted by Dorothy spencer @ 12:22AM, 10/14/06

Goes down smooth, but after a few you get f***ed up. And it depends on who's making it. It's my favorite shot!
My fav

posted by kc @ 11:16PM, 10/22/06

I love this shot, my friends and I always choose a red headed slut to start and end the night with:)
Sluts are peachy!

posted by PAB @ 04:18AM, 11/05/06

Any one that mixes Jager with watermelon or crown


Call it something else. A slut is Jager and peach w/ cran.



In the south

posted by myspace/sick1dobfl @ 02:36PM, 11/16/06

To Jenna down around Atlanta we call your mix a Red Snapper, which is good too. But the ingredients listed are true for a slut.
Pure Red Headed Slut

posted by Andy Reid @ 06:01AM, 11/23/06

Instead of cranberry juice try cherry liqueur. It's stronger and sweeter. 100% better.
I could get into a lot of trouble

posted by JennJenn @ 01:04AM, 11/27/06

I just had one the other night and I could have 10. It is not like a shot where you slam it and make that aweful face. This shot was wonderful. I will be asking for this everytime I go out!

posted by kiki @ 03:33PM, 11/30/06

Had this for the first time on my twenty first birthday and now its MY drink. Its amazing!

posted by partymonger @ 03:14PM, 12/05/06

We were in vegas over the weekend, and i ordered this while playing cards, i WAS ON FIRE... this drink is like taking codeine!!

Leaves you feeling good... and all the ladies will want to try it to, trust me!!
They are great

posted by JamesMichaelSula @ 07:30PM, 12/17/06

The best ever... definitely use Watermelon Pucker instead of Peach schnapps and double up on the pucker! Finish it off with a splash of cranberry juice.. cheers :)
Love at first taste

posted by SiN @ 05:03PM, 12/29/06

Awesome shot.
Another redhead who loves these!

posted by "Red" in VA @ 01:58PM, 12/31/06

I love these! The first time I had one in a club, I thought the bartender was making a judgment call on me. LOL... Found out he was offering to make me what has now become my favorite drink. =)

posted by Becky @ 10:09PM, 1/06/07

I just tried this drink for the first time on my birthday. Wow! But watch out, they will sneak up on you quick!
To get there faster

posted by dave @ 10:33PM, 1/11/07

I like a shot of vodka in the shot as well. And serve very cold.
Yup another red head here!!!

posted by tmw @ 12:16PM, 1/12/07

This is by far the best redheaded slut i have ever had!!! KUDOS!!

posted by katy @ 10:50PM, 1/19/07

Mmm... love ordering it. love drinking it. smooth, and delicious.(and it'll sneak up on you, because it's stronger than you'd think!)
The Best slut south of the border

posted by Chuckles @ 04:13PM, 1/27/07

The first time I tasted this in a bar I said, I just have to get this recipe so I can serve this at my next party. YUM YUM, that was the best shot I ever had.
New fav shot

posted by Kam @ 02:28PM, 2/15/07

Just had this shot last night at a bar. The most AMAZING shot I've ever had! Perfect for girls who don't like anything too harsh.
Slap in the face.

posted by slut! @ 11:51PM, 3/01/07

I hate jager, but it's just so fun to say...
Amaretto instead of peach

posted by miamibeach @ 02:52PM, 3/05/07

Here in Miami everyone uses the peach schnapps... but in ny, they used to use amaretto rather then the peach... the amaretto makes it much tastier and stronger (but also adds to the price!)
Homerun hitter

posted by Kevin Lee @ 08:02PM, 3/09/07

When I pound red headed sluts in the company of women, not only do they drink them with me, but the red headed slut always guarantees that I get in their pants at the end of the night. Best drink ever! It not only gives me a killer buzz, but it gets me pussy each time!!!
I invented this drink!!

posted by Chris Smela @ 11:22PM, 3/22/07

The plaque is on the wall at Captain Tony's Saloon in Key West. To the people who drink it in different variations...that's not a redheaded slut! Jager, peach , and cranberry. Shake strain and shoot. Nuff said!

posted by Jaydee @ 01:54PM, 4/14/07

Not really a big Jager fan, but this drink is changing my outlook on it...very good....

posted by Anna @ 07:51PM, 4/14/07

This was my favorite party or club starter and many more would follow the rest of the night. Guaranteed a great time with a red headed slut shot. I introduce almost everyone I meet to this shot. Too bad since I moved from South Florida to New York I have yet to find a bartender here whom knows how to make it. I've asked like 15 of them and none of them ever heard of it. DAMNIT! lol

posted by matt @ 07:15PM, 4/20/07

Mixing glass with ice: 1 oz jager, 1 oz peach shnapps, splash of cranberry juice, shake and strain into shot glass.
I'm a sucker for redheads...

posted by Snake @ 12:13PM, 4/21/07

I always thought that Jager by itself sucked, but a redheaded slut is pure perfection. They're expensive out so I drink mine at home. Double shot of Jager, one shot of peach schnapps (or one shot of Southern Comfort) and lots of cranberry juice over ice. EXCELLENT!!!
So good

posted by party girl @ 06:29PM, 4/29/07

We went to a bar and these were 2-for-one and we got f***ed up. They were really good we don't remember how many we had.
and the chaser is.....

posted by skinhead12 @ 09:57AM, 5/11/07

No better way to have an ice cold red headed slut than followed up with a cape coder!! Drink up!

Cape Codder:
1 1/2 oz vodka
3 oz cranberry juice
1 lime wedge (squeeze into glass)

Pour Vodka and Cranberry Juice into a highball glass over ice. Stir well, add the wedge of lime, and serve
Best shot ever.. Hands Down

posted by chase2727 @ 02:38PM, 5/13/07

This is the best shot you can get. After a couple of these you'll be plastered. This is the tastiest thing you'll ever drink.

posted by Big Jim @ 01:26AM, 6/03/07

Can also be made with just Southern Comfort and the cranberry juice. Had one the other night it was pretty damn good.

posted by Jager @ 02:43PM, 6/06/07

One of the best shots containing Jager.

posted by go home dad, you're drunk! @ 12:20PM, 7/16/07

Drop the schnapps. Chambord is better.

posted by Kristen @ 05:25PM, 7/20/07

These are GREAT!!! Not too strong and not too sweet!!

posted by your friendly neighbor @ 07:30PM, 8/03/07

I don't even much care for alcohol, but I can drink these aaaallll day.

We went to the Bahamas, where the bartender wasn't familiar with it. She gave us a whole 8 oz-type cup for $5. STEAL!
Liquid Panty Remover

posted by JK @ 09:28AM, 9/25/07

Careful who you buy these for, she WILL be following you home at the end of the night...

posted by wendy @ 07:32PM, 10/17/07

Drop the schnapps and use crown instead. And make sure you have a really sweet cranberry juice.
Good way to become and ALCoholic

posted by Bubba @ 12:49AM, 11/02/07

I make a drink not a shot, although the shot is good too. Over ice, I up the amount of each shot(usually 2 oz. jager, 2 oz. peach schnapps) and add just enough cran to add a little color to the drink. The drink should still be kinda dark red and basically just a hint of cranberry juice. Give it a little stir. Good schtuff.
They really do

posted by yesca702 @ 07:26PM, 11/11/07

omg they taste soo yummy had so many they really do turn u into a slut lol
New names

posted by the mix master!!! @ 02:05PM, 11/13/07

In bartending school and books I heard it was cranberry jager and peach schnapps.

How about we call the crown jager and cranberry a CROWNED RED HEADED SLUT and the one with soco a SOUTHERN RED HEADED SLUT ?
Blonde headed slut!

posted by cha boy @ 09:20PM, 12/19/07

I havent exactly used shcnapps with mine but, if your are just going to mix jager and juice id much rather have pineapple juice instead of cranberry, i like it more, though cranberry is good also.
Dollar Sluts

posted by applegirl @ 03:15PM, 12/31/07

My BFF and I used to go out every so often to just get away from work, kids, men, all the drama... we already loved RHS! We decided to try a new dive and stumbled upon the best T-night special: $1 Red Headed Sluts! We tried to put some time between our shots... but we really wanted to order a whole tray!
Easy Recipe

posted by Jestie @ 03:52AM, 1/01/08

Addicting, yet, I've no clue how two ounces and Cranberry Juice will fit into Shot Glasses, especially if Shot Glasses are only 1oz - 1 1/2 oz.

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