Pisco Sour recipe

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3 parts pisco brandy
1 1/2 parts lemon juice
1 - 2 tbsp sugar

Add all ingredients to a mixer with ice. Shake well (until ice is melted), and serve in a cocktail glass.

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Pisco Sour

posted by Dean Jacobs @ 04:10AM, 6/18/06

A typical Pisco Sour also has egg white and a drop of Angostura on the top when poured.
Plus Cinnamon!

posted by Ian Dubelaar @ 03:58PM, 7/20/06

Yes, the egg white is important for the frothy consistency. Also, these are invariably served with a dash of cinnamon riding jauntily in the centre of the foam.
Pisco sour

posted by jay @ 04:34PM, 7/22/06

Usually is made with a sugar syrup as well.
Inca Pisco Sour

posted by Marv Toleson @ 01:48PM, 7/25/06

I was introduced to this great cocktail in 1962 when I was in the Army at Ft. Bragg, NC. The bartender at the Gunner's Lodge O Club took it out of his 'book' and made it a featured drink special one week It took off from there in popularity and was a staple and refreshing drink for both men and women while I was there until 1964.

PS: Yes, the bartender did also use eggwhite, liquid or a powder, to give the drink that little appealing frothy look.
Pisco sour

posted by felipe @ 12:19AM, 8/19/06

..and you should use syrup instead of sugar... the egg white is usually one for one liter of pisco sour. It is intended to make the "foam".
My favorite drink

posted by Joe Light @ 02:49AM, 9/26/06

Your have to try this drink, just try it.
Missing alot of ingrediants

posted by Johana Quintana @ 06:49AM, 10/06/06

You are missing egg whites and icing sugar--crucial part of Pisco sour.
What happened to egg white??

posted by Gonzalo @ 07:38AM, 11/12/06

It is not pisco sour if it doesn't have egg white.
Recipe amendment

posted by Stephen Burgess @ 02:44PM, 12/01/06

Not true. The Angostura is only added to create a Pisco Piranha. Without Angostura is a Pisco Sour!!!
The Best !!

posted by Millie @ 03:58PM, 12/17/06

Wow.. this is the best cocktail... freshh and delicious.
Pisco Sour traditional

posted by Curtis @ 05:11PM, 12/23/06

I have lived in Peru were the Pisco sour is the national drink. Here is how to make it:

6 ice cubes
2oz Pisco
1oz liquid cane sugar
1 egg white
Shake well in drink mixer(1min. hard) pour into a glass and add 3 drops of Bitters on top.

Que Rico....Salud
Forget the lemon juice...

posted by Anonymous @ 03:57PM, 12/24/06

Much better receipe with limes. That's how it was served to me in Peru. And yes, don't forget the egg white and bitters.
Dave Baines

posted by Dave Baines @ 09:50AM, 12/25/06

Needs the white of one egg to be whisked up in the blender with the other ingredients. Then it scores a 10.
As usual....

posted by Peru Pete @ 01:23PM, 12/30/06

you arrogant Gringos mess it up.

Traditional Pisco Sour - 1 Serving

1/3 Cup Pisco
1/3 Cup Sugar
1/3 Cup Sweet Lemon Juice, Freshly Squeezed
1/3 Egg White

For best results, sugar the glass, and use shaker w/ice, pour, strap yourself in.
Pisco sour peru

posted by Sergo David Grovas, bartender @ Hotel Picoaga @ 08:50PM, 1/13/07

Well the original recipe of the pisco sour was created by 3 peruvian bartenders whos name's were Alfonso Bregoye, Graciano Cabrera y Alberto Mezarina in the bar MORRIS in the Boza street, number 847 in the city of Lima. The original recipe contains egg whites, sugar syrup and amargo de angostura which is a bitter and off course peruvian pisco. Try with pisco acholado or pisco puro quebranta.
Missing Ingredients

posted by Peruvian Recipe @ 12:14PM, 2/03/07

As Bartender in Peru I can give some advice. First, today 3-Feb-2007 is the Peruvian National day for the Pisco Sour, our National Drink. Second, the recognized Peruvian Bartenders Association agreed to give the following official pisco sour recipe: 3oz of Pisco, 1oz lemonjuice, 1oz sugar syrup, 1 albumen (white part of egg), in a mixer, shake with ice (ice must not melt), serve without ice. (this comes for two persons). Remember that the Pisco IS Peruvian. AGCL
Pisco Sour recipe

posted by Henry Latique @ 03:13PM, 2/04/07

Also can be covered with a dash of nutmeg. This is like a Peruvian national drink. This uses "limones", small limes, also available in the US as key limes.

The key lime improves the drink 100%. To fake it with lemon, one needs to add a small quantity of orange juice.
Pisco Sour 100% from PERU

posted by Gustavo @ 09:57PM, 2/25/07

Pisco, name of the traditional drink and patrimony of PERU, is the symbol of Peruvian pride and nationality
Pisco Sour

posted by Douglas Swope @ 01:03PM, 2/26/07

Limes not Lemons. Mixup may be caused by the Peruvians who refer to them as the green lemons. Am engaged to a Peruvian so I know. Having it flown in by a pilot friend for our wedding.
Pisco Sour

posted by Douglas Swope @ 01:05PM, 2/26/07

Yes did forget. Add the egg whites and crushed ice.

posted by Jillian McTavish @ 09:56PM, 2/26/07

The peruvian pisco-sour has egg-white etc., which most people prefer. However, the chilean version is similar to this one. They both claim to be the original, though there is more historical evidence leaning towards a peruvian origin.
Try it with Mango juice too

posted by Lucas A @ 12:07PM, 3/02/07

Replace the lemon with Mango juice and you will get another great drink too. You will find the Peruvian and the Chilean version of it. The Chilean version has no sugar, but you are missing the egg white.
Uncompleted recipe

posted by Edward Grados @ 12:28PM, 3/29/07

CLASSIC PISCO SOUR: 3-1-1 (Peruvian Pisco-Peruvian Lemon-White Sugar) plus 1 Egg White and Ice. Angostura Bitter in order to serve each glass. Also try the recipe with 2 parts of Pisco Italia and 1 part of Pisco Puro if you have both varieties of pisco, ENJOY IT!!!
The best drink, I ever tasted out of US

posted by Carlos @ 04:22AM, 4/18/07

I had a chance to go overseas and visit Peru, and I was very surprised of the texture and taste of this drink.
The best cocktail ever

posted by A. J. Whilar @ 09:28PM, 4/25/07

It is great after surfing, after anything or before anything. So popular in Peru is astonishing. Try it, you`ll just love it. The trick, Peruvian Pisco.
Original recipe

posted by Manolo @ 08:30PM, 5/13/07

Ok guys i'm peruvian, so I KNOW, try this, 3,2,1 ...:3 parts of Pisco (please, pisco is peruvian, if you use what Chileans call pisco you are so wrong) 2 parts of lemon juice ( i mean our peruvian green lemon , i guess you call it Lime) and finally one part of Sugar syrup. And that on the top of the foam is Angostura not cinnamon!!. This is the original recipe, pisco sour was invented in the Maury Hotel in Lima , Peru. YOU ARE WELCOME.
How it's served in Peru, home of the Sour

posted by kaleo @ 05:24PM, 5/18/07

I just got back from traveling throughout Peru, which is home to the city of Pisco,from which the Sour orginated; and every Pisco Sour I had included a delicious topping of egg white foam and a sprinkle of canela (cinnamon).

I suspect some places used sugar syrup, while others used sugar. I know nothing about Angostura. Of course, if you're into it, make one yourself, experimenting with ingredients to suit your individual taste buds.

Not a good recipe

posted by Denis @ 10:17AM, 5/26/07

First of all, like many already said, egg white is missing. Then we use sirup and not sugar but MOST important we do NOT use lemon but LIME juice!!! Then bitters or cinnamon depends on which part of the country you come from, I serve it with cinnamon.
Pisco sour

posted by Frank Franklyn @ 02:56PM, 6/01/07

If you have been to Chile.. you have the correct recipe. The egg whites are reserved for those who have only been to Peru. Almost every hotel in Chile welcomes you with Pisco sour WITHOUT the egg white.
With egg white...the best drink I've ever tried

posted by Luigi Kaiserberger @ 03:41PM, 6/12/07

I you make the pisco sour with the peruvian style (with egg white and limes) you will drink one of the most extraordinary drinks of the world
Chilean Pisco Sour is the Best!

posted by Hector @ 04:00PM, 7/07/07

I've tried several varieties of both Peruvian & Chilean pisco. Because it is made from grapes like wine, the flavour and quality varies depending on the region, etc. Personally, I prefer Chilean which I find tastes much better. Whichever you prefer, my advice is to spend the extra pesos on the premium brands it is really worth it.
Pisco Sour was Invented by Englishman in 1872

posted by Hector @ 04:15PM, 7/07/07

Check your history, Elliot Stubb (an Englishman) created the first pisco sour in 1872.
Algarrobina better than Pisco Sour

posted by Franz @ 11:37PM, 7/23/07

When I was in Peru in April - May 2007 I tried both Pisco Sour and Algorrobina at the "KOALA" next to the Kamana Hotel in Lima.

I preferred the Algorrobina to the Pisco Sour; both were delicious however. It could've been that I already had had several Pico Sours. At other places the Pisco Sour tasted different, worse. I don't know the ingredients of either but I took a bottle of Pisco and a bottle of Gold Tequila (customs limit) back with me to Australia - just in case. :-)
Pisco sour made in United States

posted by el gringo @ 09:40AM, 7/24/07

Most ingredients above include egg white, which for most people here in the USA would have a hard time with. If you want the froth, spend a little extra time and top it with merengue, which is made by whipping sugar and egg white. I know, the egg white is still masked as a merengue, but its tolerable. Definitely rim the glass with sugar. The bartender I tried it at was peruvian but he used Chilean Pisco which he said gave it a slightly better flavor. I've tried all kinds of variations, I've been to Peru and Chile, and tried them in both nations, and I must say this one is the BEST, right here in a USA bar.
Happy July 28th Peru!

posted by Fico @ 01:11AM, 7/28/07

Enjoy the Pisco Sour. Feliz 28 Peru! Disfrutemolo con un buen Pisco.
Peruvian pisco sour

posted by jhonny leonidas zuaiga sierra @ 06:21PM, 9/03/07

Peruvian pisco sour the greatest cocktail over the world even better than the martini

6 ice cubes
1 oz, lemon
2oz Pisco
1oz liquid sugar
1 egg white
Shake well in drink mixer (1min. hard) pour into a glass and add 3 drops of Bitters on top

and you'll get the heaven

the chileans think that lies will last forever but expert people know the truth.
More advice

posted by Fred Zeppelin @ 06:08PM, 9/10/07

Never listen to a Chilean, Pisco is Peruvian and so is the Pisco Sour. The recipe is topped with frothed egg whites and a couple of dashes of angostura bitters, the ice is optional. In the USA, limes will have to substitute for lemmons. If you use yellow American lemmons, it will be way too bitter. If you can find the small green "Mexican" lemmons, those are most like the lemmons in Peru and the flavor of the drink will be more authentic. Nothing like having a Pisco Sour and a plate of Cebiche. ¡Que viva el Períº carajo!
Love Peruvian Food and Drinks!

posted by Carolina Haroz @ 11:00AM, 9/30/07

I just had Pisco Sour for the first time last night at the home of wonderful Peruvian friends. Of course I had to ask for the recipe and they told me I should use limes, not lemons; and I'll use whatever they tell me to use in order to achieve the great flavor of a drink that has -now- become one of my favorites, by far. Hugs and kisses to the Olivos, Rebaza, and Torres families!
Pisco sour in miraflores

posted by recent visitor @ 12:27PM, 10/08/07

Good pisco sour @ Cafe Cafe Lima Miraflores.
A great drink!

posted by Susan Harris @ 07:38PM, 10/09/07

Does anyone know where or how I can get Pisco in Australia
Peruvian Pisco Sour

posted by Alexandra Gonzalez @ 04:35PM, 10/31/07

Listen guys everybody had Pisco Sour in different ways, some people that makes it
might not have all the ingredients and they replace it with something else. It might taste good but the best and the original is :
3oz of Pisco, 1oz lemonjuice, 1oz sugar syrup, 1 albumen (white part of egg), in a mixer, shake with ice (ice must not melt), serve without ice. (this comes for two persons). Remember that the Pisco Is Peruvian.
never forget to serve it with canela on top.
All wrong

posted by Peru Hoy @ 11:06AM, 12/16/07

The recipe must have beaten egg whites and bitters for the true (best) taste. Also needs limes - not lemons
Get the bitters right !!!

posted by LadyG @ 05:38PM, 12/20/07

Do NOT use Angostura bitters...the correct ingredient is Amargo Chuncho bitters, which has a sightly cinnamon taste. Chuncho is really hard to find outside of Peru, but it makes it authentic.
Check YOUR history

posted by Jamestutoro @ 09:30PM, 1/05/08

You wrote: "Pisco Sour was Invented by Englishman in 1872"

Well, you might want to read up on the California Gold Rush, it seems that Pisco Sour was the most popular drink in San Francisco for several years around 1850 (way before 1872). Incidentally, the Pisco was imported from Chile!

By the way, I was in Chile yesterday! And will drink a Pisco Sour in 2 minutes.

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