Bloody Mary recipe

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Highball Glass
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1 oz Smirnoff® No. 21 Vodka
3 oz tomato juice
2 red hot sauce
2 green hot sauce
1 dash Worcestershire sauce
0.5 oz lemon juice
1 pinch salt
1 pinch peppers
1 stalk celery

Add Smirnoff No.21 Vodka, tomato juice, red hot sauce, green hot sauce, worchester sauce, lemon juice, pinch of salt, pinch of pepper.

Pour back and forth between two mixing glasses.

Strain into an ice-filled highball glass.

Garnish with celery stalk.

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Quick fix!

posted by Gary @ 05:03PM, 5/24/06

Very good basic recipe. I am trying others too, but for starters, this is very good.
Finishing touches

posted by tj @ 10:54AM, 5/30/06

Very good, just add celery salt and a dash of dry sherry to perfect it!
Make it even better

posted by Emz @ 03:54AM, 6/28/06

Try using Big Tom tomato juice which has lots of spices blended into me, this, along with Absolut pepper vodka, a dash of sherry, worcestershire sauce & plenty of lemons, lime & ice & youve got yourself the bad boy of bloody mary's!
Eternal liver

posted by Mark @ 03:41AM, 8/19/06

Good work, Jeeves...low on Kcal, high on vit C & antioxidants, yet redolent of dirty deeds.
Dash of fire!!

posted by Geo in Miami @ 05:51PM, 9/04/06

I like to add a small tiny squirt of horse radish! Wowser!!
Perfect early morning tailgate

posted by kate @ 07:38PM, 9/18/06

Very simple recipe for an early morning tailgate! Great way to kick start a game day weekend--Go Tigers!

posted by sickass @ 03:22AM, 10/15/06

I used lemon pepper instead of lemon and pepper and this bad boy is boooooooooooommmmmmmmmbbbbbbb.
Nice try

posted by lorenz and camille @ 11:39PM, 10/27/06

When drinking try using gelatin mixed with the whole drink. This tastes terrific... strawberry galtin and grapes will do. Try also using sea weed as an ingredient - this will make you feel even better.
A little twist

posted by A. Gomez @ 05:09PM, 11/03/06

Great basic recipe, but for something a little different try part clamato juice, part Mr & Mrs. T's Bloody Mary Mix(R) , vodka, dash of worcestershire, dash lemon juice, dash tabasco(R), and pepper to taste.
The glass?

posted by MeanBhai @ 10:45AM, 12/12/06

What about frosting the glass. That's my personal favourite. Rub a slice of lime along the rim of the glass and then dip it in a plate containing a little amount of salt so the rim gets coaterd with a thin film of salt-lemon powder.

posted by Sara @ 02:24PM, 12/17/06

I tried it with V8 because I don't like tomato juice that much. It's really a fantastic simple mix.
Even better

posted by cma @ 01:15PM, 12/20/06

What's ever better is using 1/2 tomato juice and 1/2 clamato tomato juice cocktail ! Yumm !

posted by virgin @ 09:56PM, 1/04/07

Rim the glass with celery salt. It tastes better.

posted by Figment @ 06:22PM, 1/12/07

If you guys have any Sequia or post-climactic stress enhancing metaphors, apply liberally to the affected area and commence dancing.
A real bloody mary!!

posted by The alco lol @ 08:14PM, 1/17/07

Use v8 vegetable juice then add some black pepper, seasalt, tabasco green and red, worchershire sauce and tequila. Yummie.
Key Ingredient?!

posted by Kosher Stew @ 04:54PM, 1/19/07

Hey, what about the horseradish?! Throw in a small amount of white horseradish and bam, that adds some flavor!
Bloody Mary

posted by Steven @ 12:59PM, 1/30/07

Good yet basic recipe.The bottom line is it has a good taste.
Try this...

posted by DrunkinWI @ 01:19PM, 2/03/07

I add a splash of pickle juice. It's great!

posted by Chris @ 02:14AM, 2/17/07

I just made this for Lisa. I think maybe the problem is I don't like the bloody mary. She says she loves the celery. I'll stick to my store-brand Cola and Korean shochu called Green.
Green monster

posted by muvish @ 07:10AM, 2/23/07

While pouring in the glass, put two whole green chillies [the hot variety] slit lengthwise, over the are bound to shuffle between the green and the red till your last sip, i promise!
Amazing recipe

posted by dr.who @ 06:35AM, 3/07/07

I like to keep it easy and man only if i had a measurement - i was making it with 2 bottol of vodka and before i can enjoy it i was drunck!
Best ever

posted by Carl @ 05:28AM, 3/12/07

This is the only drink I can rate a 10/10. The recipe is perfect as is provided you use quality ingrediences, particularly the tomato juice. Thanks
Red Hot

posted by latagaw @ 07:15PM, 3/19/07

This is really a bloody tasty mix...

posted by Leslie @ 01:05PM, 4/08/07

Clamato tastes much better, also needs a little horseradish, and jalepeno olive juice--wow!!! Gelatin and seaweed??
Try this...

posted by freddie @ 10:39PM, 4/11/07

Try substituting the tomato juice for clamato juice... you'll see the difference.

posted by bloody mary<3 @ 08:51PM, 5/03/07

So good just the way it is.... i love this drink!
Bloody mary

posted by tullius @ 12:34AM, 5/12/07

Deduction for using oz as a measurement! I don't have implements for this any more so my quantities were a guess - prob heavier on both vodka and lemon and certainly more tabasco as the light wasn't good enough to count drops by. Well done!
Manly Bloody Mary

posted by Jimmie Jack @ 10:43AM, 6/06/07

Modify recipe by adding 1 teaspoon of horseradish, several capers, several brined green peppercorns, and 1 whole sliced jalapeno green pepper.....tasty!
Bloody Merry (yeah, it's a pun)

posted by McGregor @ 09:46AM, 6/15/07

Ok... sorry to all the purists out there, but last night i had the best bloody mary i've ever tasted. Very simple, and not such a typical recipe.

In a mixing glass/boston shaker...
use a muddler to smash 2 jalapeno slices in glass. One oz of lemon juice, fill to half with vodka. Fill will tomato juice, add ice, shake or stir. Pour into highball/collins glass over ice. Serve with salt and pepper shakers.
Try some old bay

posted by Bob @ 11:10PM, 6/25/07

All great enhancements here. (I won't even do a BM without horseradish anymore. It just seems too plain. And olives are great additions, too!) Here's another suggestion: rim the glass with Old Bay seasoning. Scrumpdiddlyumptious!
Add something else...

posted by Macc @ 11:54AM, 7/03/07

Add the sherry and celery salt. But also a spoon of horseraddish...fantastic
Sweet version of bloody mary

posted by Aasheesh Darmora @ 12:41PM, 7/19/07

It tastes good. But try some sweeter flavour.......use 2.tsp powder sugar+10ml sugar syrup, 2 dash worcestershire, 2 dash tabasco, 90ml tomato juice+45ml vodka & dont shake it. Stir it.
Lime wedge for garnish.
Uptown bloody mary - classy

posted by MoJo @ 04:14PM, 7/27/07

Prepare as above (for a pitcher) only add 1 TBSP of horseradish and 1/2 can of baby shrimp (lightly blend the shrimp & horseradish on low speed. you don't want to puree them, just coarse grind them) Rim the glass with a slice of lime and dip into celery salt. Serve this with a garlic stuffed olive at the bottom of the glass, and garnish with a spear of pickled asparagus and a large shrimp halved to the tail, draped over the rim. Add a draught beer backer and enjoy! mmmm good.

posted by Denny @ 06:04PM, 9/18/07

Great suggestions to substitute tomato juice with clamato but that is a drink in its own right. It is called a Caesar or Bloody Ceasar. Mighty good!
is it just me?

posted by Dudeface Dallas @ 05:02PM, 10/12/07

or is the aftertaste really disgusting?
it seemed to get better as i kept drinking though, but that was probably the effects of the alcohol kicking in.

Bearable with pizza.
Old Bay

posted by Dreaddinit @ 09:16AM, 10/27/07

I second the old bay. Master of mixes actually made a 5 pepper hot tomato mix which was real good with V8 added. Mixed with some old bay and the listed ingredients gave it a nice well blended taste.
Where's The Beef???

posted by Gary (after Church) 11/11/07 @ 01:20PM, 11/11/07

My wife used to meke the very best BM key items BEEF TEA and as many have mentioned, a stick of crunchy celery. Sadly can't find beef tea any where any where, HHEELLPPP!!!!!!
Chipotle tabasco!!

posted by twofrogs5846 @ 04:55PM, 12/09/07

Instead of regular or green you should use chipotle tabasco it is really good!!
Love it!

posted by mike @ 01:44AM, 12/13/07

Tasty drink. I prefer to use "Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce" instead of Worcestershire, though.

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