Orange Julius recipe

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6 ozfrozen orange juice
250 ml milk
250 ml water
65 ml sugar
5 ml vanilla

Blend all ingredients in a blender with ten ice cubes for 30 seconds. Serve immediately.

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Bananas are fun too!

posted by Valerie @ 09:55PM, 4/28/06

I like to eat, eat, eat... apples and BANANAS.

posted by Elean @ 09:08PM, 4/30/06

I LOVED it! but, i've had better at the real orange julius store.
Yummy :)

posted by LENA @ 12:47AM, 5/07/06

I love Orange Julius. It's so delicious. Yummy!

posted by george elmer 3rd @ 06:53PM, 5/23/06

This is the best drink i have ever had in my life!

posted by Sam @ 04:14PM, 5/25/06

I made this for the first time in Home Ec class. Tasty!

posted by Melvis @ 11:40PM, 5/31/06

Very good but I didn't have frozen orange juice so I think it could have been better.

posted by Cheyenne Juknies @ 11:16PM, 6/04/06

I made this for my home ec. class it was the most popular drink out of all the drinks.
Yum yum

posted by redneck_gurl17 @ 06:52PM, 6/24/06

I made this in my home ec. class and it was great! Thats the only good thing i could remember making!
Yummy in the tummy

posted by Bertha @ 11:58AM, 6/26/06

This was by far the best orange julius I had in my life....and I'm 72!!
I Remember When...

posted by pAnIcATD2121 @ 10:35PM, 7/15/06

I remember sometime last year, when I had Family & Consumer Science/ Home Economics, they taught us how to make it. It was delicious! Plus, every other project we used either a stove or an oven, and I almost burned down the school, so it was good to make something that didn't involve electricity for once! : )

posted by nicky @ 05:34PM, 7/18/06

This recipe is so tasty and refreshing. I got it from home ec. class and I make it often.
With Sunny D

posted by billy bob @ 05:38PM, 7/18/06

I ran out of frozen oj so I got creative. I used Sunny D, it wasn't frozen so i used a little extra ice. I think it would have been better if I used frozen oj. It still tasted good, like orange sherbert.

posted by tyson brohart @ 09:46PM, 7/18/06

It's awesome, I don't know why somebody wouldn't like it - I love it so much I make one every chance i get!!!

posted by RC @ 08:46PM, 7/21/06

It's a winner!

posted by dan @ 10:32PM, 8/05/06

We made it and we all LOVED it! Excellent recipe.
ooOOoh La La!!

posted by Hobbert @ 09:55PM, 8/07/06

This made my taste buds jump for joy. I added a few more ice cubes to mine to make it colder, but the taste is perfection. Kudos, young fellow.

posted by Mom in Red Deer,AB, CAN @ 02:42PM, 8/22/06

The boys loved it! One said it was just like the "real thing"!!!
Mmm mmm GOOD.

posted by Stacey @ 11:05PM, 9/04/06


posted by Hi Hi Hi @ 06:06PM, 10/11/06

It's good, but it is a little too tart for my taste. That is just me. Overall, good though.
Yum! :D

posted by Lucy-chan @ 09:21AM, 10/22/06

I made this once in Home and Careers class. Now I get to make it again! Yummy. :)

posted by CMR4444 @ 05:26PM, 11/28/06

Delicious!!! But you might want to add another hint of sugar to the recipe!

posted by sweetpea @ 09:45PM, 12/22/06

We made this drink in fcs today but it was better @home from this recipe;-)
Pretty Close

posted by J. J. @ 02:43PM, 1/09/07

I think this is probably the closest you'll come to the taste -- making it at home.

posted by Nate @ 06:34PM, 2/03/07

This is GREAT!
Can't have it.

posted by Nikita @ 07:43PM, 2/23/07

I don't have frozen orange jucie D: Oh well!!! I bet it was yummyful hass im told by a friend of mine it was, "fantabulous!" lol!

posted by Alec @ 11:04PM, 3/03/07

It was so good I had to make another. YUMMMY!

posted by Abi @ 03:08PM, 4/22/07

I love this stuff, but when i was taught ot make it i was supposed to add 2 eggs. i know it sounds gross but you dont taste it. HONESTLY! but overall i LOVE it! I have it everyday for brekkie now.

posted by Loved It! @ 04:43PM, 5/14/07

Read about this 4 days ago, in those 4 days I have made about 25 of em, all different. So far the best combo was no ice cubes, blue berries, strawberries, 2 bananas 600 ml water, 600 ml milk, no clue how much sugar i put in, 1 table spoon vanilla and some 3 flavor sorbet. It turned out more like a smoothy but it was the best thing I have ever drank in my entire life.
Dream Whip

posted by Pete @ 07:57PM, 5/15/07

We used to add egg whites to the recipe--powdered or fresh.
LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Kristin @ 01:16AM, 5/19/07

I love it...i used to make it ALL the time when i was younger....and i'm doing it for a How-to speech at school...and my classmates will "LOVE" it!!!!!!
Now i got the recipe. thanks!

posted by autumn @ 09:59AM, 12/29/07

When i was a little girl my mom and i would stop and get one when we were out. I love it.

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