Alabama Slammer recipe

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serve in
Old-Fashioned Glass
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Pour above ingredients into a stainless steel shaker over ice and shake until completely cold. Strain into an old-fashioned glass and serve.

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Mix Carefully

posted by NightBoy in San Diego @ 12:14AM, 5/31/06

Be careful when drinking this drink with other mixed drinks to avoid getting sick. Tastes good going down but not coming back up!

posted by Mitch @ 01:37PM, 6/17/06

This drink is so awesome. One of my faves.
Most amazing drink ever

posted by Nicole @ 01:16AM, 6/25/06

I love itt when the bartender doesn't know how to make it and you tell her and she just dumps like triple everything... and only charges 2.50.

posted by tim @ 06:02PM, 8/11/06

They know how to make this drink in germany!!!! It is amazing.
Better recipe

posted by sammy @ 09:42PM, 8/12/06

Try orange juice, grenadine, amarett, so-co, 1/2 shot of vodka, and a TINY pinch of salt. Don't mix it, let the grenadine sit at the's great!

posted by Richimus @ 04:21PM, 9/09/06

I throw in a 1/2 oz of vodka as well.
Luv it!

posted by ktob @ 02:03AM, 9/30/06

I like this one because it tastes soooooo good but will knock you on your ass!
I got so messed up!

posted by Chris @ 05:43AM, 10/17/06

This is the best drink out there dudes!! You get your money worth thats for sure!
A great drink

posted by Kris Gallagher @ 07:22AM, 11/13/06

I make mine a little differently, but it's definately going on the new cocktail list at my work.
Wedding singer..

posted by Glenn from The Wedding Singer Movie @ 07:51PM, 11/14/06

If you remember, me and my buddy had one of these shots at the engagement party!
My favorite drink

posted by Jennifer from Nova Scotia @ 12:15PM, 12/01/06

My girlfriends and I used to go to the bar and order this drink by the pitcher full. I do not drink a lot of hard liquor (I am a beer drinker) but this is one that I recommend to everyone! Happy drinking.
Hell yeah

posted by Jessie @ 09:17PM, 12/09/06

This is the best drink I have ever tasted. It is kind of sweet and tropical, but strong enough to get you drunk.
Where's my feet???

posted by PhoenixRising13 @ 09:53PM, 1/11/07

Best drink ever. I can't believe it's still popular! I used to drink this at the clubs and college over 20yrs ago. Watch out standing up! You might find your feet aren't working as well as you thought.
They off the hook

posted by Holly @ 08:40PM, 1/18/07

I went out to the club drank 2 of these and was on my ass they are off the hook!

posted by Jesse @ 04:05PM, 1/19/07

Tastes like hatred.

posted by ? @ 08:16PM, 1/20/07

I think this is the best drink i've had by far! Ya'll are right so far tho, dont mix it with other drinks it tastes horrible coming back up! This drink alone will knock you on your ass! Sure worked for me.
California Slammer

posted by heavy @ 05:15PM, 2/03/07

Try this:
shot of amarretto
shot of sloe gin
shot of citron vodka
shot of southern comfort
shot of grenadine

Put in blender, fill half way with OJ. Fill rest with ice and blend. The ladies love it!
Naughty things

posted by chainsaw chick @ 12:33PM, 2/08/07

This has been a favorite for along time. Just watch it-they go down like fruit punch and kick your butt quickly.
There is a reason why its called slammer...?

posted by Anna @ 07:41PM, 2/23/07

I swear this is the drink the bartender surprised us with and she did something like, covering it and pounding it down on table to mix it... I swear it was this drink...I dont remember what exactly she did.

posted by Buckethead @ 04:10PM, 3/06/07

I went to WVU this weekend and bought my first alabama slammer. It quickly became my favorite drink.
Alabama Slammer

posted by B.B. @ 01:22PM, 3/11/07

A great drink when made correctly!! NEVER use sours mix, or vodka. When adding vodka, you are on your way to making Red Death. Stick with So Co, amaretto, sloe gin, OJ, and you can never go wrong!!

posted by Amanda @ 11:47AM, 3/12/07

My friend dee and i smash these. They taste great and you get drunk fast!
I'm a bartender, too!!

posted by Seth Paul Damon @ 10:04AM, 3/20/07

I used to work on base down south as a bartender and a waiter as well. I had so many military customers that usually comes down to the bar where I worked at and ordered the Alabama Slammer and I just mixed it right there and slammed it right infront of their faces and the next thing you know, They're fucked up and wanted more LOL.
Better w/ grenadine

posted by Wildcat @ 11:25PM, 4/01/07

They have this habit of not putting grenadine in at some bars,,, it smooths everything out SOOOOOoooo nicely..... definately a drink to impress the ladies.

posted by alabama @ 12:44AM, 4/22/07

This drink is good.
My favourite

posted by How to? @ 07:05PM, 6/14/07

OK -- this drink is amazing, i think we've established that, however i have a question for anyone who speaks german/french/austrian/swiss w.e maybe they dont all have the same languauge, ANYWAYS -- do bars use the english way of saying the drinks in europe or is there new slang i should learn?
First time with this drink

posted by PoppaDLo @ 02:15PM, 6/19/07

It was amazing. Had it at my 10 year high school reunion and went down sooo easy and had such a candy taste to it. And yes, after only a few I was very well fuzzy.
God Damn

posted by alabama slammer lover!! @ 05:36PM, 6/23/07

This is a great drink my number 1 fave,with a little of Jimmy Beam!! Damn good haven't knocked me on my ass yet but i'm for it too can't wait party on baby!!!!
This is a damn good drink

posted by Slamming Lover @ 04:55PM, 8/02/07

It could quite possibly be the best drink around, and I'm from Alabama too.
Alabama Banana Slamma'

posted by Suz @ 06:08PM, 8/17/07

T, remember those? Add a banana and mix it frozen and piss off the wench bartender while doing it.

posted by b @ 01:44AM, 11/25/07

Every homecoming our college baseball team mixes about 10+ gallons of this every year- only we do it on a morning after a night of drinking games.

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12.6 g

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