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Mix all ingredients in a large container. Keep stirred.

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posted by beela weela @ 01:48PM, 5/08/06

Is this the one where you end up so toasted you forget to turn on the oven?
Mojo recipe

posted by foster @ 08:03AM, 11/02/06

I am wondering if this is the same drink as was found by those of us that visited the Phillippines from 1989 - 1991 putting away many, many glasses of what was called MOJO?

What I remember about the MOJO we received was that aftering many glasses in a very warm climent while sitting down, the side effects were as though the one drinking it was just hit by a big truck.

1 qt light rum
1 qt dark rum
1 pint cherry brandy
6 cans light beer
5 cans 7-Upí‚® soda
4 qt pineapple juice
2 bags ice

posted by Steve Murray @ 03:07PM, 11/09/06

This is the recipe that I had many times in Olongapo, Philipines when I was in the Navy about 20 years ago!! It is delicious, but be careful as you can't taste the alcohol.

posted by djana @ 03:46PM, 12/01/06

Is this the one where you wake up married to a sailor?

posted by ymariposa78 @ 03:12PM, 2/04/07

This punch was a hit at my party even people who don't drink had glasses in their hands. It's worth a try and if you like pineapple you will love it. Just be careful it tastes so good it will sneak up on you and before you know it your drunk.
Navy - P.I bars

posted by bill @ 10:16AM, 2/12/07

It just might be the same. When i was there in 1979-1979 it tasted like water down punch. As long as you moved you were ok. But stop and, good night.
Brace yourself!

posted by marc @ 09:33PM, 2/14/07

This is the same recipe we drank in alonopo phillipines, it's great for parties in the summer but pace yourself it's a creeper. I woke up quite a few mornings back on the ship not remembering even coming back aboard.

The cherry brandy is getting hard to find, I heard cherry vodka is a good substitute but I didn't have much luck finding it either.
Mojo hijinx

posted by horizontal on sidewalk with bar-b-cue @ 12:45AM, 4/01/07

"I am wondering if this is the same drink as was found by those of us that visited the Phillippines from 1989 - 1991 putting away many, many glasses of what was called MOJO?"

..and many moons before, 1978 was my turn!

And yes, it is very similiar, at least the stuff I knew the recipe about.

Oh man, let me not think about those crazy days, rofl.
Is this the Real Deal

posted by fonzo @ 07:05PM, 4/15/07

I would like to know if this is the same Mojo recipe from the phillipines durring my visit there in 1986-1989. Because I always thought that it had atleast five diferent liquors in it. Now, that Mojo was No Joke!

posted by motowne1 @ 12:43AM, 4/18/07

I remember that drink. Boy in Okinawa we had many humid nights with that magic. Thanks for the recipe

USMC 1987- 1991
Double Trouble

posted by Adept57 @ 07:15AM, 6/17/07

Thats the recipe I was given in 1976 on Westpac in the PI. How come that Go Go dancer has a twin. True story it'll make you see double and ..... ????

USN 1975 -1978
P.I memories(or lack thereof)

posted by Boats @ 02:29PM, 6/25/07

If you sit and drink Mojo without getting up, you'll be fine. Get up and you are DONE!!!! I got many people plastered after making this .
Not just the PI, but in Diego Garcia too!

posted by Pete @ 01:50PM, 7/12/07

I'm dieing to make it this weekend for a friends party... We'd get a clean trashcan, blocks of ice and I know we added just about everything from the package store... added 7-up, hawaiin punch and god knows what else..

It was either San Miguel or Mojo! Miss it and loved it!
P.I soup soup

posted by salty shellback @ 08:07PM, 8/14/07

A smaller amount would be nice! i am not as young as i was P.I flat top 1978-79
The MOJO Factory

posted by GEH @ 12:27PM, 8/27/07

As a young Naval Officer in the PI, when one of my Sailors came back to the ship totally naked the usual comment was - "The last thing I remember I was drinking MOJO."

Those were great days for those that had the opportunity to pull into Subic Bay.

I love you long time Joe. You get me coffee from the exchange?
P.I., P.I., Oh MY P.I. Got MOJO?

posted by Gregory Clemmons @ 05:38PM, 9/19/07

This is the best drink to have. I enjoyed sitting down at the table with my friends and seeing the pitchers of this magnificent drink coming out to the table by the hour on a hot night. But get up! POW! It's all over. I think I am going to make this for my friends in florida so they can have a small taste of the Phillipines.

USN Retired
Back in PI

posted by Peter @ 10:46PM, 11/11/07

I wasn't in the US Navy but was in Olongapo in the late 70's and early 80's and I remember drinking Mojo in a club called the 'Florida Club'. Anyone remember it? The bands were great, the women friendly and the Mojo was deadly. Many nights I'd wake up in a hot sweat. I do recall there was orange juice in it though. Or I thought there was. maybe OJ instead of Pineapple juice. It's a great drink and I haven't had it since then but I'm sure gonna make some soon.
Good stuff

posted by mike @ 03:34PM, 12/13/07

I liked to drink it in PI and still do.

posted by eli @ 08:29AM, 12/28/07

Is it pronounced Mo-Joe, or Mo- Ho?
To all you veteran MOJO drinkers.

posted by escher2003v2 @ 07:01AM, 1/13/08

I cant tell you if this is the same Mojo you all drank back in the days of the old navy. But you can rest assured it is the Mojo that caused my buddy and I to drag each other back to the ship last month. The bar was about a 5 minute walk from the pier. Took us a good half hour, but it was one of the best half hours of our lives!

USN 2003-Present
hoo yah

posted by pooch @ 03:01PM, 2/02/08

Ensure that this is no bull. nice times and unforgettable nights. no pun intended. all i can say is hoo yah is the last thing you will say. good night......

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Nutritional Information

(per 340 oz serving)

Calories (kcal)
Energy (kj)

3.8 g
966.3 g
20 g


14.9 g
0 mg
924.9 g

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