Michelada recipe

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12 oz beer
juice of 1 lemons
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
1 dash soy sauce
1 dash Tabasco® sauce
1 pinch black peppers

Mix ingredients in a tall high glass with lots of ice. Add beer, mix, and serve.

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Perfect for Veracruz

posted by wathertonpowell @ 03:07PM, 7/29/06

This is an excellent drink for any place that is hot and humid. You can double the Tabasco if you want.

I'm a real Mexican

posted by Ruben @ 02:23AM, 10/16/06

Your Michelada is way off. Real Mexicans from Mexico never use lemons or soy sauce. We use only fresh key limes. Also you forgot the clamato. Here is the real Michelada recipie from a real mexican bartender.

*12 oz. Mexican Beer, non-dark, (Corona, Dos XX....)
*6 oz Motts Clamato
*2 dashes of premium worcestershire sauce (Lea & Perrins)
*2 dashes Tabasco brand hot sauce
*juice from 2 non-yellow key limes
*1 pinch coarse ground black pepper (Mcormick or from a pepper grinder)
*1 pinch sea salt

Mix all the ingredients except the beer into a shaker and shake briefly. Pour Clamato mix simoultaneously with beer into a 22 oz pilsner glass with a little ice. Watch out because if you pour to fast it will foam up. Rimming the glass with celery salt is optional.
Add vodka

posted by Lea @ 11:35PM, 12/31/06

I add 1 shot of vodka. Cant taste it but it helps the alcohol content!
Recipe from Cancun

posted by Bull Shark @ 06:20PM, 2/17/07

Almost correct "I'm a real Mexican", but I was taught the recipie in Cancun.

*12 oz. Mexican Beer, non-dark, (Negro Modelo or Corona)
*2 dashes of Jugo Sazonador (Maggi) "This is the key to a REAL Michelada"
*2 dashes of premium Worcestershire sauce (Lea & Perrins)
*2 dashes Tabasco brand hot sauce (add more if you like it spicy)
*juice from 2 non-yellow key limes (Very important)

Mix all the ingredients except the beer into a beer glass, stir well, and add a few ice cubes. Rimming the glass with celery salt is optional, but adds to authenticity.
For reals

posted by Josh @ 10:19PM, 3/02/07

This guy above me is 100% correct, I'm a real mexican as well and we never use soy sauce or lemons. Got to have the clamato and the key limes.
Soy Sauce

posted by Carlos @ 06:55PM, 3/23/07

Never heard of the soy sauce going in it. I also add a bit of lemon pepper to give a bit more spice. If mixed correctly, the Tabasco and lemon pepper will kick in as soon as the beer is almost completely down your throat. I use large 32oz schooners for my michiladas.
Mexicano de verdad(real mexican)

posted by Mexicano de verdad(real mexican) @ 06:42PM, 3/25/07

You actually got it wrong too, original micheladas don't have Clamato in them.
but u did get the lemon/lime part right, in mexico we use the small green key limes, not the big yellow lemons.
The Mexican's closer

posted by Mor @ 01:48PM, 4/14/07

I'm no Mexican, but I travelled in Mexico for a while and there learned of this cocktail which became my favorite for the entire journy (although the further I got from Mexico the worst they made it, and in south america they hardly know it).

Preparation varied from place to place but the real Mexican got it right, except the Clamato which was never put in any of my Micheladas. Putting pepper in it was also scracely done, but you were right about the lemons - Never yellow lemons, ALWAYS limes.

Otherwise it's not THAT different from the original receipe mentioned above, so I give it 6/10, losing points for ruinining it with lemons.
See recipe below

posted by Harm @ 04:46PM, 4/20/07

I bartended on the mexican border. If you want an authentic Michelada, see the recipe provided by Ruben below.
Clamato schamato

posted by johan @ 10:47AM, 4/27/07

I'm not a "real" mexican, but another good way is like the first, and add 1-2 ounces of bloody mary mix to it.
Michelada recipe

posted by G @ 04:51PM, 5/02/07

I think that you are both off...the best is definitely going plain and simple without all that mumbo jumbo:

12 oz. Modelo Especial
4 oz. Clamato w/out the spicy
4 drops of Tabasco hot sauce (the red one), more if you can handle it.
squeeze the juice from two fresh rather large limes.
2 pinches of salt - and yes you can use regular table salt.

Follow the instructions from the guy above - 2/10
I'm a real Wetback

posted by Rosman @ 02:41AM, 5/10/07

Michelada done right. First i see many things missing and you must read this to find the wetback way of doing this.

12 oz. Mexican Beer (Corona,Sol,Tecate are the best)
3 oz. Clamato
4 Dashes of Fajita Seasoning (Season All)
2 Dashes of Tabasco
1/2 oz of Salsa "Botanera" mexican salsa
1 whole squeezed Lime
1 pinch ground pepper
2 pinch salt

First mix all the ingredients then pour beer slowly and mix well with a spoon. Its much tastier than the others. Theres not enough clamato in one and too much in the other. Also they both forgot the "Botanera" salsa. Try all three and see which recipe you like.
Ehh......its aight

posted by NeSsA @ 01:58PM, 5/11/07

F.Y.I, I tried your recipe and found that using Clamato SUCKED so I kicked it up a notch with V8 and found that it worked the best. Its not watery and runny. Its thick but not too thick. It fit just perfect for my micheada!

posted by Tonman @ 09:06PM, 5/30/07

You all got it right and you all got it wrong. Everywhere in Mexico they make it differently. In Juarez Mexico you are served a tall wine glass with ice and a shit load of salt with a mexican beer of your choice on the side. You pour your own beer in the glass. That's Juarez's version of a Michelada. Would any of you care to compare recipes of Queso Fundido? It's the same as the Michelada, made differently all over Mexico.
My version

posted by sg @ 12:00PM, 5/31/07

Tonman, you are absolutely right, michelada recipes vary depending on what part of mexico you travel to. I have been drinking michelada's for years, it's my favorite drink. This is how i prefer: Use a couple of key limes, a bit less tomato juice, tapatio hot sauce, and mexican beer.

posted by A side note... @ 01:58PM, 6/23/07

Limes are def more authentic, BUT the limes in the states are not the same. They are not as sweet and not as juicy...even in Cali. I'm an american living in mexico and I understand why the substitution was made. When I lived in the states, I'd get MAYBE a Tablespoon of juice from one lime, in mexico I get several TBS, and the flavor is very different. SO if u can't get the key limes, u should just go with the lemon, b/c the other limes available in the US are not that good.
Real Michelada

posted by Donde kiera k nos sorprenda una chela bienbebida sea!!!!! @ 09:35PM, 7/13/07

Squeeze one green lemon in mug (depending on the lemon's juice you might just use one half). Add a pinch of salt. Add three ice cubes (iced beer is acceptable in Mexico). A few dashes of Tabasco Sauce. A few dashes of Worcestershire sauce. A few dashes of Maggi sauce. Any Mexican beer. (Victoria Beer is a good choice, but it is not exported).

Mix first all the ingredients, except the beer, after that add the beer be careful when pouring because the salt will make the beer foam more than usual, and enjoy.
The confused Mexican

posted by Jessi @ 01:06PM, 7/27/07

I'm confused who has the real recipe! I love this drink! I am Mexican too.
Mexico City style

posted by Frank @ 12:00PM, 7/28/07

I lived in the Mexican capital for several years and the michelada there was typically with lime (key or persian, but never lemon), tabasco, worchester and a salted rim. No Clamato or similar.
From "la reina de micheladas"

posted by Jojocano2006 @ 03:08PM, 7/28/07

This is how you make a michelada....read and learn.

12 oz. mexican beer (corona, modelo especial, tecate, my favorite pacifico)
3-4 oz. clamato
2 splashes tobasco
2 worchestershire sauce
key limes
Sea salt
Ground pepper
1 shot tequila (my favorite patron silver)

I like to add a couple splashes of tamazula just for an extra kick in the ass. LOL
Mex-Am. Girl

posted by Claudia @ 01:42PM, 8/08/07

How funny how everyone has their own recipe. I'm sure they're all good. I make mine with a dash of Lawry's seasoning salt and it's yummy...
Any tomato

posted by Austin Born @ 02:43PM, 8/27/07

If you are putting any kind of tomato juice you are making a red eye, not a michelada.
Real shit MEXICAN WAY!!

posted by javs @ 12:22AM, 8/31/07

The real shit to taste is a mexican beer tecate or dos equis. Freeze some lemon juice concentrated with salt and just add ur fav. hot sauce might want to add a shot of tequila to spice it up this shit is the bomb!!!
Michelada variations from Jalisco

posted by Jackie @ 03:00PM, 9/19/07

Hi there. I'm not a native, but I got to know the Michelada variations in Puerto Vallarta. If you order just a Michelada, it will just have beer, lime juice, salt, and ice. If you order the Michelada Cubano, it will be a Michelada con picantes (maggi, worchester, hot sauce, pepper) and the ingredients for the plain Michelada. If you order a Cielo Rojo, it is the Michelada Cubano with Clamato. Many variations to suit your mood but all equally good.
Michelada = Mi Chela Helada, and THIS is how it goes !!! In this order:

posted by Ben Venido @ 05:02PM, 11/08/07

Salt rimmed frosted mug
1 shot (1.5 oz Clamato)
A dash of Maggi juice
A dash of Hot Sauce ( Valentina, or Tobasco)
12 oz Mexican Beer (Modelo, Tecate, etc.)
A wedge of lime sprinkled with Tajin(or similar seasoning).....
No tomato/clamato

posted by Tank @ 12:23AM, 11/19/07

I don't know about the Michelada's in Mexico, but in Belize there is no clamato or tomato juice in them. From what I can remember, the recipe in Belize is:

Tall glass with ice, add the juice of one pressed ripe key lime, Maggi or Worcestershire sauce, seasoning salt, Marie Sharps pepper sauce or equivalent (no Tabasco, too vinegary), and ground pepper all to taste. Fill the remainder with a non-dark beer. My favorite variation, and probably why I can't remember the exact ratio of ingredients, is to substitute the beer with a premium vodka (a good blanco tequila might also work). Enjoy!
I forgot the soy sauce

posted by Tank @ 12:51AM, 11/19/07

I forgot to mention the splash of Soy sauce in my previous post.
The best

posted by Angela @ 07:39PM, 12/01/07

I tasted Henry's Puffy Taco's micheladas and WOW ---that was the best drink I've ever had!
One thing's for sure

posted by Not a real or fake Mexican @ 11:43AM, 12/25/07

If you're in the states, don't dare get that abomination from Miller called "Miller Chill". It tastes like crap.

posted by Francis @ 01:54PM, 1/05/08

I've been in Mexico 2 years, never saw a Michelada with clamato, sounds disgusting anyway.

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