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Hurricane Glass
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Pour all but the juices, in order listed, into a hurricane glass three-quarters filled with ice. Fill with equal parts of grapefruit and pineapple juice, and serve.

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Be careful with this one!

posted by dragonzmajic @ 08:43PM, 10/01/06

When I first experienced this drink, I went into the bar and asked for the strongest drink that they made. I could hardly taste the alcohol and yet it got the job done!

posted by Pat O'Brien @ 08:23PM, 10/24/06

Hurricane's are 29 oz. 4 shots of Myers Dark Rum, the rest ice and fruit punch mix.. your choice big fella.
Coco loco

posted by Zum @ 08:53PM, 11/06/06

Fucking good.
Pat O'Briens has the best hurricanes!

posted by Dave @ 09:47PM, 1/17/07

I had 4 hurricanes from pat o's they are awesome! But 2 will do the job! Unless u like throwing up!

posted by MsM @ 09:38PM, 2/19/07

This is fabulous. SO much better than Myer's and Hawaiin Punch. However, beware! It's full of booze and NOT to be consumed in large quantities! It's VERY potent!!!

posted by lmersich @ 05:48PM, 3/21/07

I served this at a Mardi Gras party, and everyone was pleased. If you want a more rounded taste, use equal parts passion fruit juice, pineapple juice, and pink grapefruit juice to fill the drink (the passion fruit juice is key...Goya makes it).

posted by ray @ 04:33PM, 3/27/07

Way i was taught, my little rose sips on grenadine...
1oz myers,
1oz light rum,
1/4 oz rose's lime
fill with sweet and sour and orange juice
top with spash grenadine

Usually since the 'cane glasses are full of ice, not much liquer, tho add for taste. If you're trying to get hammered go to the bar and order a 4 horsemen hehe.

posted by Melanie @ 01:22PM, 4/25/07

I happen to love the hurricane. No better drink on my list, not too fruity, not too strong, goes down smooth...awesome!
Perfect for getting crunk

posted by E Martin @ 09:52PM, 5/06/07

This is my drink of choice for beach weddings. Gets the job done tastes great and looks festive!
A catch up drink!

posted by Mrs Red @ 10:20PM, 5/10/07

The best thing to have if you got to the party late. No one likes to be straight sober when everyone else has had a few. Tastes great, but more than two is too much. You gotta switch it up after a hurricane. Love this drink!
Knock ya out!

posted by Angel @ 09:47PM, 5/19/07

AWESOME drink!!! Only takes one to make ya buzz.

posted by Butch @ 07:04PM, 5/29/07

The Hurricane is an awesome drink. It's just like in Jimmy Buffet and Alan Jackson's song "It's 5:00 Somewhere". ...Pour me something tall and strong...

A Hurricane will put you on your a$$ if you are not careful!!!!
Yes, Sir!

posted by Gloria @ 08:52PM, 6/15/07

These are my fav's when in Nawlings... yum.
Do it right!

posted by @ 06:10PM, 8/05/07

First, as almost everyone above notes, hurricanes are made with RUM. The best mix dark and white. The toughest thing to duplicate in the real recipe is Passion Fruit juice. Look in stores that cater to Pacific Islanders. My recipe:
2 oz light rum
2 oz dark rum
2 oz passion fruit juice
1 oz orange juice
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
1 tbsp simple syrup
1 tbsp grenadine
Garnish with orange slice and cherry

And if you're ever in New Orleans, go to Pat O'Brien's and get the original.
I prefer O'douls

posted by Buzzmazter @ 07:45PM, 9/21/07

Man i had some o' dem at the mardi grass...drank 3 o em and straight head butted a po po. Now I get hammered on o'douls and it's all good.
Try Pyrat Rum

posted by Kevin @ 03:05PM, 12/22/07

Get the mix from Pat Os and a fifth of Pyrat rum. Of course you have to get the hurricane glasses from Pat Os too.

posted by Holly Bumisedished @ 07:12PM, 12/31/07

it was horribal!!! please save yourself time and try something else! it was a waste of great boose and money! try another drink!!!!!

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