Surfer On Acid recipe

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Old-Fashioned Glass
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Pour ingredients into a stainless steel shaker over ice and shake until completely cold. Strain into a large shot or old-fashioned glass and shoot.

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posted by Megan @ 01:17PM, 6/09/06

This sounded so gross but it was REALLY TASTY.
Best shot ever

posted by Heathyr @ 08:15PM, 6/23/06

Only shot I can drink without getting sick, and it is super tasty despite what people think.
Damn good

posted by campbellpcb @ 08:15PM, 6/26/06

Tried them in a topless bar and let's say very enjoyable!

posted by Fix @ 09:02PM, 6/29/06

I am not a shot drinker, never been one for the hard liquor and could never stomach jager.. this is the best shot I have ever had in my entire life... you have no idea how much you are drinking and once you hit 10 shots deep you are having a great night.
The shit!

posted by amber @ 09:45AM, 7/13/06

Ya'll really have to taste this shot it is sooooo awesome! It's the best ever~
Good stuff

posted by Colin @ 07:59PM, 7/31/06

Soooooo good, had one today and craved more. Not strong though.
Love it!

posted by Mandy @ 09:40PM, 8/18/06

It's one of my Favorites!

posted by Dave @ 07:08PM, 8/31/06

I've had this before and it is one of my favorite shots.
Are you kidding me.

posted by svaughn/ATL @ 04:02PM, 9/12/06

This is one of the best shot drinks I have ever had and I have had a lot. Potent but VERY tasty!

posted by Niecy911 @ 09:24PM, 9/17/06

Had three of these at Studio 54 in Vegas for my 21st Birthday! Can we say.. YUM!
Original recipe

posted by nubman @ 09:31AM, 9/22/06

The original is made with Bacardi 151 rum as well. 3 shots in one. :) And it's soooo good. Usually served in a small glass.

posted by Liz Frances @ 01:43PM, 10/10/06

I had this shot for the first time at The Irish Pub in Ybor City (Tampa, FL). Since moving back to Arkansas, no body can make it, they've never heard of it. It is soooo tasty and a great club shot. Made you get out there and shake your humps.
Very, very good!

posted by Suzanne @ 03:38AM, 10/21/06

If I'd have known it had Jager the first time I had this shot, I never would have drank it, but am definitely glad I did. The best shot ever, mild tasting, smooth and a few of these will pack a punch!
Easily one of my favorites

posted by Ryan @ 04:23PM, 11/06/06

Tried this during the holidays when a lot of my friends were home visiting, and wow! Just wow! I actually had one that tossed Midori into the mix and had the Jager floating on top! Damn good shot! Personally I would up it to 1 oz each on the liqours.

I would suggest this to anyone just starting out trying shots.
Simply amazing

posted by Mr scott. @ 10:51PM, 11/25/06

Goes down beyond smooth, after 3 of these and a couple beers it starts to creep up hitting you with a delicious buzz to last a good couple hours. way cheaper and nowhere near as filling as drinking 13 beers to get hammered cheers to this drink, as a matter of fact im going to go have one right now sir. Cheers.
I rated 10

posted by The Badd Guy @ 07:46PM, 12/03/06

Tried on a cruise, and I was soo relaxed, got a few people to try and they loved it.
Mate Agrees

posted by Kenny @ 09:28PM, 12/03/06

My friend Miguel Museli loves them. After about 6 shots he's dancing with his shirt off on the kitchen table.
It will fuck you up

posted by Mike @ 04:26PM, 12/23/06

Drank so much because they tasted good. Can't remember what happend that night but will do it again I aint scared.
Please try this drink!

posted by jrmson @ 01:01AM, 12/27/06

This drink may not come off as the most tasty beverage on this website, but hear you me: this is amazingly tasty and you must try it before you judge it.

posted by pj @ 02:19AM, 1/13/07

Surfer on acid is the best in the world. ORDER THE DRINK THOUGH, not the shot. The shot is meager in comparison to the smooth, ice cold, lucious taste of a tall mixed w/ ice surfer on acid.

The full mixed drink has a total of three 1/2 shots, so two drinks is sure to get you fueled up for dancing the entire night. The tall mixed drink is bacardi 151, malibu, yager, pinapple juice, and ice, blended together.
In love

posted by T @ 11:01PM, 1/17/07

With jager and this drink, not to mention a real surfer on acid...
I'm surfing dude!!!!

posted by Joe @ 08:05PM, 1/19/07

Coool drink, man.
Can't Go Worng

posted by Love This Shot @ 05:51PM, 2/10/07

By far the best shot to take every time you go out! It goes down so smooth and there is absolutely no bad taste afterwards. My fave shot of all time.

posted by newbs @ 05:08PM, 2/21/07

I had this drink at my brothers wedding and it was soooo good!!!!
I hate yager... love the shot!

posted by Sunshine @ 05:54PM, 3/06/07

The title speaks for itself...I also enjoy this as a cocktail.

posted by Gomez @ 02:44PM, 4/10/07

Had it in Okinawa Japan at a local Reggae surf shack (formerly Tropicana). I've been hooked since!

posted by sam @ 07:38PM, 4/12/07

When i first had this shot it looked like sewage water and i was really turned off by it, but its the BEST shot ive had!
Amazing :) very tasty!

posted by lillian @ 10:34PM, 4/27/07

I had this as a drink instead of a shot and it was amazing. If you want more of the taste get it as a drink!
Best shot ever

posted by Lainers @ 07:55PM, 4/29/07

This is the best shot ever.... if you have never tried it I really think you should.

posted by Megan @ 02:23PM, 5/06/07

Friends were ordering drinks for me and they ordered this one.. lets just say it was GREAT... the best one they ordered! It looks nasty as all get out but smells like fruit punch and tastes the same way. If you get a chance to try it DO IT. You'll love it!

posted by V @ 04:17PM, 5/10/07

This was MY drink!!! Give me one of these, and I WILL say YOUR name!
Beware the color

posted by MIxer with Moxie @ 02:00AM, 5/16/07

I am a bartender. This shot is tasty and smooth...but the color and presentation leaves much to be desired. I use a 3 count pour of jager, oj, and malibu...and it comes out this brownish yellow color.

Do not be turned off. If any other mixologists have better serving suggestions for this drink, let me know!
Try a surfer on acid it is good

posted by tabatha&mark @ 10:13PM, 5/19/07

Well i think it is really good even tho it looks like shit. You should try it.
How do you make the cocktail version?

posted by Mariah @ 02:19AM, 5/31/07

It's f-ing great, but now I read all the comments and I wanna know: How do you make the cocktail version? Same ingredients, just more and chilled?

posted by roonieee @ 05:14PM, 6/09/07

I'm a beer drinker. Last night my friend said "let me order you a shot" so he did..i was in love.. 2 minutes later I had to have another one!
Cocktail Version

posted by ~That Girl~ @ 06:13PM, 6/28/07

This is how I have allways made them.....

Fill Tall Glass With Ice
Pour In:
1 Part Peach Schnapps
1 Part Malibu Rum Malibu Rum
3 Part Pineapple Juice
Top With Splash Of Jager

(you can tell when you start to get buzzed because the drinks start out yellowish brown, by the end of the night they are very brown lol) ENJOY!
great taste but weak.

posted by caffeine induced @ 10:48PM, 8/28/07

it's a yummy shot, but I love Jaeger. That probably did it for me. This is coming from someone who has done Jaeger snorting in Holland. A great shot to buy for the ladies, but for the guys I will stick to a dead Nazi.

posted by nathaniel @ 07:31AM, 9/07/07

Delightful aroma matched with a palate sensation. I nearly girded my loins.

posted by eric @ 09:42AM, 9/22/07

Damn this is good. Bartender's choice at the bar. Good drink.
Hell yeah!!!

posted by tweeklicious07 @ 02:39AM, 10/12/07

Me and my homie got fuxed up wit this drink. Yes it is technically a shooter, but we made it a delicious drink by just doubling the oz. It is definitely tasty from the very first sip to the very last gulp! Jager is da bomb!!!!
Hmmm, you're missing something...

posted by turbobob @ 11:52PM, 11/21/07

1/2 oz jager
1/2 oz malibu
1/2 oz southern comfort
1/2 oz pineapple

that's how it should be done.
Here's how we do it in hawaii

posted by sergio @ 07:12PM, 11/30/07

At my bar, i make it as a cocktail using 1 oz jager, 1 oz malibu, 1/2 oz chambord, pineapple and cranberry juice in a tall glass with ice, garnished with a lime and cherry
My all time favorite

posted by JERKWRENCHDAILYKID 1320 @ 09:16PM, 12/13/07

Do it daily with a beer .
How come no one makes this shot the right way

posted by dabri @ 05:16PM, 1/29/08

How come no one makes this shot the right way... you float the jager at the end... hence the "surfer"
As a shot!?

posted by Sean C @ 03:27AM, 2/02/08

Ive only made and had a Surfer On Acid as a drink. Never as a shot. I didnt know people made it like that. Ive always had it in a ruglar cup or glass.

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Nutritional Information

(per 1.5 oz serving)

Calories (kcal)
Energy (kj)

0 g
10.3 g
0.1 g


0 g
4 mg
8.4 g

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