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Stir with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass 3/4 filled with cracked ice. Add a splash of soda water if desired. Garnish with a half slice of orange.

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Bitter Insanity

posted by Harvan @ 02:52PM, 6/05/06

I can think of 3000 other fun things I would like to do with gin.

posted by Julia @ 02:34AM, 9/04/06

Bitter Insanity wrote:
I can think of 3000 other fun things I would like to do with gin

BUT many of them not half as nice or as elegant as the Negroni, Lord knows, the ridiculous things called Martinis today, e.g. a Chocolate Martini???? a Watermelon Martini??? They may be served in a Martini glass BUT THEY AIN'T MARTINIS...and it's high time those who call them so "get over it." Negronis are nice. Try them.

posted by Marc @ 03:44PM, 9/08/06

I met this drink in New Orleans years ago - just the place for it!

posted by Aaron @ 06:28PM, 9/28/06

This was one of the best drinks I've ever had....I feel rather dizzy at the moment after 3 gin-based drinks...:)

posted by armadillo @ 10:02PM, 10/04/06

I remember when I was sitting at a table along the via veneto drinking this and people watching.
Very complex cocktail.

posted by lushman @ 05:28PM, 10/06/06

Simply wonderful..
Bitterly fantastic!

posted by Rob C @ 11:06PM, 11/06/06

This is an amazing combination of flavors that defies the imagination. Who ever thought of this was a genius.

Prior I only thought of martini's as being the perfect use of a good gin.

posted by Tom Leeming @ 07:16AM, 11/10/06

Along with the classic shaken Margarita, the Negroni is for the serious cocktail drinker; not for the faint hearted.
The glamour that was Rome

posted by Tippler2 @ 04:10PM, 11/15/06

I've loved this drink since first reading about it in Tennessee Williams' 1951 novel "The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone." See Lotte Lenya and Warren Beatty drink them in the 1961 film version with Vivien Leigh.
Negroni, loveoni

posted by RGonzalez @ 04:32PM, 11/30/06

Great drink, or aperitif....was in love with Italy, now I love its Negroni...a little sweet, a little bitter, and strong enough to put a happy smile on your face!!
You only need this one drink

posted by Bron @ 10:07PM, 1/27/07

2 of these and you're set for the night.
Negronis at the Gritti Palace

posted by Reeves @ 04:39PM, 2/03/07

The most memorable Negronis I have enjoyed were at the Gritti Palace Hotel in Venice back in 1962. Hemingway stayed at the Gritti while writing "Over the River and Into the Trees" and consumed many a Negroni there.
A classic

posted by Roberto @ 08:12PM, 2/11/07

The best aperitif on the earth! Leave it to the Italians!
I love it

posted by Dave @ 08:32PM, 2/22/07

This is a great drink. It just breeds awesomeness. Expect a strong, elegant flavor not suiteable for college partying just as you wouldn't bring a fine wine as such.

Also, talk about getting smashed? You're mixing three hard alcohols straight.

By the way, how do you pronounce it??
Subtle, powerful, classic

posted by artemisa @ 06:43PM, 3/08/07

Subtle, powerful, classic

posted by Paul @ 06:28PM, 3/20/07

Good, but better with slightly less Rosso, try 3/4 ounce sweet vermouth.
My favorite drink

posted by nvshooter @ 06:51PM, 4/27/07

Was introduced to this drink by a friend at dinner almost ten years ago. I have loved it ever since. I make it up in half-gallon lots and keep it in the icebox so I can have one whenever the mood strikes..
Fantastic Florentine Friends...

posted by Doug @ 07:12PM, 4/30/07

Introduced me to the "Negroni." When in Florence...why not try it. Thought it was great and enjoyed multiples. You do have to like Campari though, not for everyone.
An Adult Cocktail

posted by DaringDurk @ 05:42PM, 5/13/07

This is a cocktail for an adult pallet. Twenty-somethings don't order this drink. Negroni drinkers tend to be like a club whose members can usually recall their first Negroni, much the way one remembers losing their virginity.

posted by mp49 @ 05:13PM, 6/06/07

Growing up my father always had Campari to settle his stomach... after 57 years I've found a better use for it... I'm sorry it took so long.
Molto Italiano

posted by Janet @ 10:17PM, 6/09/07

A cocktail so Italian...sip it and you immediately become one of them.....

posted by hunger423 @ 07:28AM, 6/28/07

Use an equal part of Campari.
Negroni Shanghai

posted by Lyman @ 04:55AM, 7/07/07

I often have the Negroni at the Martini Bar at number six on the Bund here in Shanghai. It's a fantastic cocktail by all means. Will have one in about an hour's time.

Wonderful aperitif!

posted by lacosta @ 10:59PM, 7/18/07

I like it with Hendricks gin!
Hey, Dave, it has only one hard liquor and is pronounced...

posted by Knicknaime @ 04:43PM, 9/15/07

Neh - gro (short o) nee. Think Spanish or Italian vowels sounds. I think you had too many somethings to drink - A negroni has but one hard liquor - Gin. Think of Vermouth having the strength more like that of a a strong or fortified wine. Campari is even less strong, and if it's just bitters, you'll never get drunk on it.
Non Alcoholic Campari???

posted by agilb43221 @ 10:18AM, 10/26/07

Campari has been bottled at different proofs, depending on the market. You normally find 48 proof in the US market. Try it with citrus-infused Stellar gin and omit the vermouth for a refreshing new version of the classic Negroni.
Negronis at the Algonquin Hotel at dusk

posted by Nicholas @ 10:07AM, 11/22/07

If you can't be in Florence, the origin of this cocktail, or on the via Veneto, or Harry's in Venice at mid-afternoon, a negroni at the Algonquin can hold you over.
Just Bitters!!

posted by Big Bill @ 08:08AM, 11/23/07

Bitters are 90 proof, more that Gin..........
Not for twenty somethings?

posted by patrickgrb @ 02:07AM, 12/01/07

I'm 23 and i think this is a great cocktail.
Negroni heaven

posted by ss @ 03:05PM, 12/12/07

Try it with Hendricks gin and a top-notch seet vermouth, like Punt e Mes or Rosso Antico. And, go a little lighter on the Campari. Fabuloso!

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