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Carefully layer ingredients, in order, into a shot glass; kahlua, amaretto, then irish cream.

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The best

posted by Sylvia @ 07:43PM, 4/28/06

This would be the best drink that I have ever had .
Wrong directions

posted by Rody @ 08:05PM, 5/04/06

The right way:
1. Kahlua
2. Irish Cream
3. Amaretto (I recommend "Fireball")
With a straw?

posted by Alex @ 01:58AM, 5/06/06

I like to go fireball but drink from the bottom up, meaning a coat of soothing kahlua and baileys before the abrupt kick of cherry-burnt amaretto and the subtle yet distinct bite of charred plastic straw. Anyone else fond?
Wrong ingredients

posted by Psh @ 11:54PM, 5/12/06

Do Dark Kahlua on bottom. Spoon the Baileys on top. and GM (Grand Marnier) on top of baileys. Keep it layered. And sip.
Spanish way of B52

posted by Pub Carpinteria Fuerteventura @ 03:18PM, 5/27/06

I used to make it with Tia Maria on the bottom, then baileys and on the top cointreau which burns (that is the way we make it in the canary islands).

posted by mAIOR @ 01:14PM, 6/20/06

I agree with Rody regarding the fireball way of drinking it and Psh about the ingredients.
This is a very good (flavour wise) shot it has a good grade...

posted by Katie C @ 04:34PM, 7/01/06

Fireball correct, ingredients wrong, order they go in the glass vvvvv important. Layer Cointreau, Baileys Irish Cream, then top it off with Grenadine. Pop in a straw light it and suck it up really fats before th estraw melts - Rocket Fuel here we go. They don't call them B52's for nothing.
Fire flake

posted by rajinesh @ 07:40AM, 7/07/06

The way of drinking with fire is very good I like this shot tooo much.
Tia Maria

posted by Sammerthy @ 01:11PM, 7/10/06

Yeah, I agree, I love using Tia Maria at the bottom and triple sec on the top!!
In Portugal

posted by Tex @ 07:53PM, 7/10/06

Here we make it with Tia Maria on bottom, then Baileys and then flaming absinth.
In Canada

posted by T.L @ 08:05PM, 8/08/06

In Canada, we do 1/3 Kahlua, 1/3 Baileys or Aramula and 1/3 Grand Marnier. Layered for best tasting.
The B-52

posted by XeF4 @ 12:16AM, 8/14/06

THE CORRECT RECIPIE: 1/3 Kahlua, then 1/3 Baliey's, then 1/3 Grand Marnier.
Wrong ingredients

posted by jb @ 06:59PM, 8/16/06

Layered bottom to top: Kahlua, Baileys, Grand Marnier. Works better if you pour slowly down the side of the glass starting with least dense liquor.
In Brazil

posted by Novell_Barman @ 01:59PM, 8/22/06

I agree with Tex about Triple Sec. Here we make it with Kahlua at the bottom, then Baileys and triple sec on the top. Keep it layered. Burn it. And sip!
Sweet but Good

posted by Stephanie @ 10:23PM, 9/02/06

Sweet but straight to the point. I feel the burn but don't suffer the strong alcoholic taste.

posted by roddick3081984 @ 04:33AM, 9/09/06

I have never seen this recipe. In my country, it's popular with this recipe:

1/2 Kahlua
1/2 Bailey's
1/2 Cointreau
Not European B52!

posted by Jane @ 04:55PM, 9/15/06

B52 in Europe is baileys on the bottom, then kahlua, and then cointreau, set it on fire and drink up thru the straw from the bottom. Hooooo!

posted by Rinki @ 08:36AM, 10/01/06

Great drink! I use to drink it with kahlua, bailey's and a little stroh 80 on top. If you set it ablaze, you should drink it with a straw! Have fun!
21st Treat

posted by kiwistar @ 06:07PM, 11/14/06

Great drink to do your 21 shots with, and walked away unscathed.
A Perfect B-52 by F.J RAMIREZ

posted by In HERRERA PanamíƒÂ¡ @ 03:20PM, 11/23/06

25ml Kahlua
25ml Irish Cream
25ml Amaretto

In order, be careful when you are going to do it.
B-52, This should be called liquid panty remover

posted by OldManofTexas @ 01:10PM, 12/10/06

Chicks love it and suck them down!
B-52 via San Francisco

posted by sandi @ 05:53PM, 12/21/06

Equal parts; Kahlua, Baileys, Grand Marnier layered in shot glass. OR over ice, shake, strain into chilled martini glass, enjoy slowly.

posted by JetFan @ 04:10PM, 12/23/06

1/3 Kahlua, then 1/3 Baliey's, then 1/3 Grand Marnier is correct as taught to me by a true B-52 navigator.

Also all "versions" created outside the States should be deamed invalid on the basis of the drinks inspiration is Made in America.

posted by The Vodka Giant @ 07:00PM, 12/23/06

Quite often vodka is used instead of the amaretto.

posted by t-$ @ 09:56PM, 1/30/07

In London we had it and it was Absynth, Cointreau, and Bailey's. Amazing.

posted by Cory @ 10:09PM, 1/30/07

A b52 with Amaretto is also known as a mudslide.
Wrong name

posted by Tallbabydoll @ 10:53AM, 2/08/07

This is whats called a B 54 in my area.
Flaming B52

posted by Iggie @ 12:25AM, 2/14/07

We call it the Flaming B-52. In a shot glass pour 1/3 oz. Kahlua, then use a maraschino cherry to layer on 1/3 oz. Bailey's and then 1/3 oz. Ameretto. Put a splash of Bacardi 151 on top and serve flaming. I've got a mustache so I put the damn thing out before I drink it. Best way to do that is to put your palm flat out on top of the glass; you get extra points if the resulting vacuum attaches the glass to your palm and you can pick it up off the bar without touching it with your fingers.
B52 or Brain Eraser or Brain Destroyer

posted by TonyC @ 02:44AM, 3/04/07

I have never heard of this particluar combination called a B52, but I have heard it called a Brain Eraser or Brain Destroyer. Regardless of what it is called, layering Kahlua, then Irish Cream, then Amaretto is one of the most flavor intense and pleasurable shots anyone can consume. Highly recommended. I may have to try the light it on fire and suck it through a straw idea. That would make it more fun. You must try this combination!!
B-52 Norwegian style

posted by FrAnK @ 11:04AM, 3/24/07

1/2 Kahlua
1/2 Sambuca
1/2 Bayleys

Shot with straw, bottom up! =)

B-52: Kahlua, Bailey's, Grand Marnier

posted by Joe @ 03:40PM, 4/30/07

This recipe sounds good, but.....Kahlua, Bailey's Grand Marnier from the bottom to top. That's the drink. no amaretto, no grenadine. Anything other than kahlua, bailey's, and grand marnier is a variation on a B-52, so stop calling your variations B-52's.

The only acceptable substitute is cointreau, because it is an orange flavoured brandy-based liqueur like GM, and GM is expensive. curacao doesn't count because it's rum-based, and amaretto isn't even close.
Diff bars = diff recipes

posted by sassy bartender gal @ 09:46PM, 5/16/07

The problem with such a well known shot is that everyone has their own variations on it. At the bar i'm currently working at, we use kahlua and a dash of midori, baileys layered, cointreau layered. Most other bartenders i've spoken to avoid the use of midori because they say it makes the shot smoother and in some cases even weaker. But it's a matter of personal choice and a matter of the bar you drink/work at.
Baby guinness

posted by karlos @ 10:26AM, 5/20/07

Try this: Bailey's and Tia Maria looks like guinness in a shot glass. Perfection all the irish have it at clubs!
Great drink, but wrong name

posted by Wouldn't u like to know? @ 12:59AM, 6/01/07

This is a blowjob without the frangelico and no whipped cream.

Grand Marinier makes it a B-52. But it's still a great variation.

posted by Tbax @ 06:27PM, 6/13/07

We used to order doubles, and called them B-54's!!

posted by misplacedoptimism @ 11:04PM, 6/16/07

B-54's :D lololol - good one

Here in azores we use: - tia maria (or coffee liqueur)
- Bailey's
- Absinth

The best shot in the world. My favorit!

Ohh, and some lame amatures use goldrush.

posted by julie @ 03:02PM, 6/20/07

Absinth!! We dont use that here! We have it with kahlia and baileys ..and it is most definitely the best shot in the world! Slainte!!

posted by Siva.... @ 07:20AM, 6/23/07

Guys,,,,,,,It's reallly hot & Superb combination..... try once.....recommended by suresh too...
the Texas way...

posted by mikey... @ 09:29PM, 7/01/07

Baileys, Grand Marnier, Kahlua and 151 Rum...layered into highball or old fashioned, then slammed....
Let us do it right :-)

posted by April @ 06:44PM, 7/04/07

B-52 is 1/3 of Kahlua, then Bailey's then Grand Marnier.

The mudslide has no Amaretto. A straight Mudslide is made with Kahlua, Bailey's and Vodka. Some Sissy folk will add cream or milk or ice cream and chocolate syrup an perhaps a little whipped cream.

Me??? I like it straight, nothing to interfere with the alcohol...yummmmeeeee..best wishes and drink on!
Different versions

posted by Dennis @ 11:05PM, 7/26/07

In the town where I live in holland its done different in all of the bars where i've ordered it, but it always tastes pretty much the same...

They use bailey's and tia maria or kalhua, and then usually pour some stroh 80 on top to light it (cointreau is also used in some bars) then drink it with a straw from the shot glass...

posted by Geno @ 10:27AM, 7/30/07

A B52 is made with Kahlua, Baileys Irish Creme, and GRAND MARNIER!!!!

posted by Arbhie @ 05:56PM, 8/17/07

I would say coffee liqueur, irish cream liqueur and orange flavour liqueur. What ever you have in the bar.
Wrong ingregients

posted by Caili @ 01:56PM, 8/23/07

A B-52 is correctly made with equal parts of:

Grand Marnier

... and layered in that order.

posted by Beer Glasses??? Nah beer coat^^ @ 06:40AM, 10/04/07

I don't know what this one is called but its simliar to the b52 - Kahlua, Baileys ,Grand Marnier, Aftershock black tastes great but left my throat alittle soar the next day when i had way to many...i think i blew some thing like £200-£400 that night....mostly on this.
B52 Dutch HMH.nl way

posted by CJ @ 11:18AM, 10/27/07

in this club they make it like this:

-Tia Maria
- Baylies
- Contrue
and a little bit of Stroh 80 on top!
Vodka, Kahlua, Baileys is Iron Butterfly

posted by Sue @ 09:08PM, 12/09/07

The straight mudslide you describe I know as Iron Butterfly, I find the amaretto makes a smoother shot
The Irish Destroyer %)

posted by louis the irish @ 03:51AM, 12/13/07

hey guys i think your B52 is a little squiff thought it was always coffee liquer, irish cream liquer and grandmarnier in that order!!!???
Most of you are idiots.

posted by Naz, Southampton (Barman) @ 07:35AM, 1/05/08

A B52 Is

Grand Marnier

You could if desperate, substitute the Kaluah for Tia Maria, and the Grand Mariner for Cointreau or Triple Sec, and even use Dooleys instead of Baileys, although it wont taste as good.

Anything else is not a B52, its a B-Something, but not a 52. so no Amaretto, vodka, Absyth, Grendine or Bacardi 151.

Thats like saying, oh heres a vodka and lemonade, im gonna add in a shot of gin but stull call it a vodka and lemonde 'texas style' or whatever. No, its a vodka, gin and lemonade.

For god sake! Its not rocket science!

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Calories (kcal)
Energy (kj)

1.4 g
11.7 g
0 g


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6.7 g

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