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Pour jack daniels into large glass filled with ice. Pour coca-cola into the glass. Stir lightly.

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Jack and Coke recipe

posted by Chris @ 08:38PM, 7/30/06

My favorite!!
The best

posted by Jack Daniels @ 08:36AM, 9/22/06

Nothing hits home more than Jack & Coke. If you can handle the taste of Jack, then drown it with more Jack to make it the ultimate drunk drink.
Far less coke

posted by Rob @ 01:37PM, 11/03/06

What I do is fill the glass half full with ice cubes. Then fill half way with Jack, then fill the rest with cola. Great way of doing it if you enjoy the taste of liquor like me. If you dont enjoy the taste, find a different drink.

posted @ 04:46PM, 12/10/06

You got your figures off, its half and half.
I love jack daniels...

posted by Keith @ 12:25AM, 12/14/06

Could do without the Coca-Cola, though.
No hangover

posted by girlcalledkill @ 10:25PM, 12/31/06

Jack and diet...the only drink that doesnt give me a hangover...


posted by Mick Jagger @ 09:56PM, 1/05/07

It has everything... enough flavor to enjoy, and enough alcohol to get you drunk!

posted by Lady T. @ 12:09AM, 1/07/07

The absolute best drink in the world. Maybe with a bit more Jack than in the recipe, though.
Gotta love a JD n Coke

posted by Jamie Black @ 03:23PM, 1/24/07

Rarely drink anything else.
Love it!!!

posted by Chris @ 09:23PM, 2/18/07

My drink of choice!!!
...with a Mexican slant

posted by L W @ 11:08AM, 2/23/07

After Jack-and-Coke, everything else is downhill. Add a twist of lime for a little different south-of-the-border taste.
The joplin, Mo. biker drink

posted by spankymachinegunman @ 02:21PM, 3/03/07

This is as snooty as the Joplin motorcycle crowd gets. An old time "high ball" that has been around since cola was invented. It is my favorite.
No Substitutes

posted by a friend of Jack. @ 10:06PM, 3/04/07

Jack & Coke is not the same as "whiskey and cola" - no substitutions allowed (unless it's JD Single Barrel).
Greatest Drink Ever

posted by penguin_of_death @ 05:29PM, 3/11/07

I could drink it all day long.
Can't Beat It

posted by KevEx @ 04:29PM, 3/16/07

Goes down so easy, the more Jack the better the drink.

posted by Joy @ 08:32PM, 3/27/07

This is a classic drink for the lazy hazy evenings of humid spring/summer. Here's to when a Coca-cola just isn't enough!
Right now...

posted by eric @ 10:10PM, 3/30/07

...i am enjoying this delicious treat.
Great drink bad ratio

posted by Rhys Dibbley @ 01:37PM, 4/19/07

That is a great drink and I know its preference but if you really want to make the drink properly more than 17% of the drink needs to be Jack. The mix is what makes the drink and this would just taste like coke. Just because you put down the ingrediants doesnt mean the drink is good and deserves 10.

I normally drink it 2 oz jack to 4 oz coke...but the best ratio would prolly be around 2oz to 6oz coke.
Feel the burn

posted by Monkey Fucker @ 08:52PM, 4/25/07

My drink of choice...
Good stuff

posted by me @ 10:00PM, 5/15/07

Its some good stufff. A friend got me hooked on it and now I drink it all the time at the club.
Too much Coke

posted by subhuman85 @ 03:02PM, 5/31/07

...but otherwise a great highball. The flavors of Jack and Coca-Cola mix incredibly well. I pour around 2 oz of Jack in a highball glass filled with ice, then top it with Coke. Good balance of liquor and mixer.
Picola or Jack and coke

posted by piscolero @ 04:17PM, 6/15/07

I use to drink piscola pisco and coca cola half and half. I had never mixed jack and coke, because jack is expensive(Chile) and alone is great. When i tried with coke i realized that it is my new drink of choice.

posted by Eric @ 11:29PM, 7/01/07

thats gotta taste exactly like coke, 1:1 does the trick, maybe 2:3 or so.
Love it!

posted by erik @ 04:45PM, 7/27/07

I would agree about the ratio being too little. but this is my favorite drink. ever.
Big fan!

posted by steve @ 06:52PM, 9/24/07

Tried it for the first time in Scotland and it became my instant favorite. It was my first drink when I turned 21, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

posted by 941 @ 09:42AM, 10/25/07

Nothing like starting the day off with a couple Jack & Cokes!

posted by Luke @ 07:27PM, 11/06/07

Anyone who thinks this is a good cocktail doesn't know anything about liquor.

posted by SOCS @ 11:56AM, 11/23/07

Wow Rob you must be a JD fan. I'm assuming you make that drink at home yourself, that would probably cost $40 at a bar haha. Jack on the rocks is a good drink, but i agree this amount needs a little more jack
Not enough Jack Daniels!

posted by DaveyMac @ 07:11AM, 12/22/07

It is the best drink after a few beers !!!
One of my favorites but...

posted by Sandy @ 05:32PM, 1/01/08

Why does anyone need a recipe for this???

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