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Combine whiskey, sugar and coffee in a mug and stir to dissolve. Float cold cream gently on top. Do not mix.

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Aren't you supposed to

posted by sami @ 04:59PM, 10/10/06

I think you are supposed to drizzle some creme de menthe on top of heavy cream. Just a suggestion to make it look more irish
A bit of Irish

posted by Ron @ 02:39PM, 12/11/06

I think you meant whipped heavy cream instead of cold cream. Yuk! Whipped cream MUST be floated in such a way as not to break the coffee surface and leak into the mixure prior to serving. A warm spoon is suggested.
Don't Americanize the Irish Coffee

posted by The Coyne @ 04:02PM, 2/19/07

Do not drizzle anything on top of our Irish.
It's a warmed footed glass w/2/3 cup of hot strong coffee over 3 cubes of sugar, add a full jigger of the Irish and gently pour the heavy cream over a spoon to top it off.
No Creme de Menthe.

posted by ralph @ 10:30AM, 3/17/07

NEVER EVER put creme de menthe on top. It ruins the taste and shouts "I know nothing about how to make an Irish Coffee"

posted by Rich @ 10:05PM, 3/22/07

A half shot of bailey's (or other irish cream) doesnt hurt anything.

posted by Joanne @ 06:56AM, 3/28/07

Just a tip - pour the cream over the back of a spoon and on to the coffee. This helps it float and you shouldn't have to whip it at all.
Irish Coffee

posted by Seamus @ 04:01PM, 4/11/07

Creme de menthe is for those who think that coloring beer green on St Paddy's day makes it more Irish. If you're entertaining -- fine. Otherwise, just savor the taste. For an authentic flavor, use Irish whiskey, not Scotch. As the old Guinness commercials used to say, "You drink the black part through the white part."
A bit of Baileys

posted by Trah @ 08:45PM, 5/20/07

Adding baileys made this incredible.
Irish Coffee

posted by George Berry @ 10:15AM, 6/08/07

Is it true that Irish Coffee was introduced to America at the Buena Vista in San Fran? We went to Buena Vista last year and saw the bartender make 15+ Irish Coffees in 2 minutes ... and they were all yummy!
Irish Coffee with Baileys depth charge

posted by Avan @ 04:04AM, 6/24/07

I like to place a tall shot glass of baileys into my coffee before adding the cream. The rim of the shot glass is at the same level as the coffee.
Coffee beans

posted by Andrew @ 08:40PM, 8/24/07

Why do you put 3 coffee beans on the top of the cream, does this have any meaning.
Did i miss something???

posted by Luo Ni Bao @ 07:45PM, 10/12/07

Can you explain me why nobody didn't mention anything about warming up the whisky???

posted by LESLIE @ 11:15PM, 12/11/07

For whatever reason or another , 3 coffee beans is a symbol of good luck.
Real irish coffee

posted by rick @ 07:38PM, 12/20/07

You need a burner and irish coffee glasses. 1 shot of bushmills and a teaspoon of brown sugar in the clean glass. Tilt the glass on the burner and turn steadily until the whiskey is smoking slightly. Pull the glass back and let the whiskey ignite. Take away from flame and distinguish with hot coffee. Set glass down and add a dollop of whipped cream. Enjoy. That is how you make real irish coffee.

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