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1 tbsp honey
3/4 glass tea
2 shots brandy
1 slice lemon

Brew tea and fill a tall glass 3/4 full. Mix in honey. Mix in brandy shots. Add lemon slice and enjoy.

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Brandy is for girls...

posted by Big Colin @ 08:44PM, 9/20/06

Hot toddies should always be made with a base of Scotch and hot water. Using brandy and tea makes for an effeminate imitation.
Pretty good!

posted by Natureutt78 @ 11:29PM, 10/11/06

I had some great tea from bath & Body works for colds and congestion and added the honey and brandy. I was out of lemons so instead I added a little lime and orange juice.

posted by Hugo in Toronto @ 01:37PM, 12/19/06

Hot Rum Toddy is boiling water/honey/lemon and RUM and if you add butter, it becomes a hot buttered rum toddy.
Tough on you, buddy!!

posted by Barb-r-ella @ 06:09PM, 12/26/06

Natureutt78, you caveman, even if brandy is for girls, as you say, more than half the planet is female, so maybe if this recipe is not your cup of tea, it's YOU who are out of luck, not us.
Response to Mr Testosterone

posted by Native Oregonian @ 07:10PM, 1/21/07

As a girl I take my Glenfiddich neat - I was looking for a toddie recipe.. this is pretty good. Why Big Colin would want to dilute his Scotch is beyond me.
Bourbon makes it niiiiiice...

posted by Trevmiesterj @ 07:23PM, 2/08/07

I made this with green tea, honey, lemon juice and Jim Beam Green Label. Super nice drink when ill or just when you need a little downtime.
No no no !

posted by Brian @ 03:51PM, 2/16/07

I was raised in Tennessee and they're made with whiskey (jack daniels) they help you sleep and make you feel great !
Good stuff

posted by john @ 12:55AM, 3/11/07

I used to get these when i had a sore throat as a kid (the alcohol was bit less...)

But yeah the alcohol should be either canadian whiskey or jack in my opinion.
What wimp made this recipe up?

posted by MackJax @ 04:43PM, 3/12/07

Hot Toddies are made up of whiskey (not Scotch Colon Boy), hot water, honey, and squeeze of lemon.

Every other recipe is a girley drink, especially when you use Scotch.
A Note to Natureutt78

posted by Vermin Jerky @ 02:50PM, 3/21/07

First of all, brandy tastes better. Not everyone wants to punish himself when he drinks.

Second of all, medical experts recommend whiskey or bourbon if you're drinking them to help with a cold.

You're stating your personal opinion like it's hard fact.

posted by Bree @ 12:24PM, 5/15/07

I use whiskey instead of Brandy. These things should have an octane rating, but man they make me feel better when I'm sick.
So nasty

posted by Trish @ 12:37AM, 5/29/07

I'm really hoping this works for a cold because it tastes nasty. I had to use what I had so I used Jameson Irish Whiskey and green tea and lemon juice with honey instead of real lemon juice. I don't see how anybody likes this but to each their own, I'm just trying to feel better to at least get SOME sleep. Tastes like theraflu... that's it.
So clearly....

posted by Chads Tavern....Bar and Grill @ 01:01AM, 5/31/07

Demographic plays some role in what spirit you use in this toddie. You can put any liquor in this drink and since all of you have and swear by a different one, what difference does it make? Someone is gonna like something different. Maybe ill make it with the new tanqueray rangpur made with the mystical limes of rangpur and it will blow all your other drinks out of the water.

posted by david @ 12:08PM, 6/04/07

Try any of your favorite alcohol but decaf is the way to go if you want to sleep.

posted by H @ 03:40PM, 6/06/07

My ancestor invented this drink and in our family tree, it says Brandy.
Rum alternative

posted by Lewis Rees @ 05:48PM, 6/06/07

Well, I'm suffering badly from hayfever at the moment...between this and a hot shower, I feel pretty much sorted-out. I don't think brandy is what you need to use, or even whisky; I'm using premium 1919 Angostura rum, lime juice, London honey and fresh demerara :D and it rocks. Bloody tasty, when done right.
Hot Toddy..mmmm deeeee-lish.

posted by Beaver Bill @ 06:52AM, 6/10/07

Great drink if you're suffering from the onset of a cold. I prefer Scotch as well but it must be blended(!!), as drinking a single malt any other way other than neat is a crime worthy of one hundred lashings of a wet noodle and the lifetime retirement of your Scotch Drinker's Brownie Badge. (a dash of water is tolerated though).

Last night my other half was suffering from the hard onset of a summertime cold. I used quite a few cloves (a natural anesthetic), chamomile infusion (picked by father in law and a natural anti inflamitory) for the sore throat, a good dose of BLENDED scotch, also the manditory lemon and honey. I threw in a small bunch of fresh mint for good measure. She drank inbetween her groaning and the comments on the strength of the drink (oops). Shortly after drinking up she passed out. No more suffering that evening!

I recommend a hot toddy to anyone suffering from the onset of a cold but I prefer mine loaded up with cloves. I also find that you tend to sweat out some of the cold while you sleep if you drink it before beddy- byes.
Brandy for me, thanks...

posted by DrCathyLyn @ 09:48PM, 6/10/07

I've done the whiskey thing for years - never did care much for them. This time, I "discovered" Brandy and then was delighted to find your recipe with the same. Girl-y or not, it's much tastier. However, I have not been using near enough booze ... back to the kitchen ...
Whiskey every time

posted by The Bard @ 02:14AM, 6/15/07

Blended Whisky every time. Don't use the good stuff. No need for water, it has enough in itself. Heat the whisky slowly, add 5/6 whole cloves in a slice of lemon. Get into bed first ...
Whiskey and Barenjager is the only way to go!!

posted by Hank The Cable Guy @ 04:00PM, 6/18/07

In a large coffee cup, muddle 1 large lemon wedge with 1/2 tablespoon of sugar. You can also add fresh mint if you would like. Add 1 oz. of Barenjager (Honey Jager) and 1 oz. of your favorite Whistey. Top off with hot water. Drizzle honey in the cup (as much as you would like) and stir to comebine, This is the Best Hot Toddy you will ever has and I swear it will cure that nasty lil cought or runny nose. Enjoy..
Sick with No Honey :(

posted by Muziqmom @ 04:45PM, 8/09/07

I adjusted the recipe abit.. I used bedtime blend tea, brewed in hot water, 2 shots Johnny Walker whiskey, 1 shot triple sec, (instead of honey), and 2 shots lemon then I got into bed, and pulled the covers up in the heat of this August, and sweated it out. I had to go to work the next day, and I felt alot better.... I did make myself two of the drinks throughout the evening however..:)
Rum may be better....

posted by Jessica @ 12:16PM, 8/17/07

I think I might add RUM instead of the brandy, i'm not so much a brandy girl=) Although, this is a fabulous twist on my beloved traditional hot-toddies!
The Mountain Way or Old Timers Way

posted by Ga Boy @ 12:20PM, 9/13/07

You need two tablespoon honey one half of lemon squeeze the juice out (no seeds) one and a half shot glass of 100 proof Ga Moon. Mix with same amount of hot water drink and go to bed in about 2 hours get up change bed covers go back to bed .
Bloody heck - each to his own!

posted by Vlad the Impaler @ 12:01AM, 9/17/07

I have even tried a tequila toddy. If you like it, go for it. It doesn't make you any less or more to choose brandy, whisky, or rum.

Brandy is certainly tastier. It's also more bleeding expensive. WAY more expensive over the long run.

I almost wish I had a cold so I could enjoy the relief from the medicinal effects. Unfortunately, I have a sinus problem that affects me in the morning, and I don't think my boss would quite understand if I came in after a hot toddy "for medicinal purposes".
Hot Toddy is a Scottish recipe!

posted by Scotland the inebriated! @ 01:08PM, 9/18/07

So.....................Take the word of a Scot, me! A real Hot toddy is whiskey and very sweet tea! Variations on that are plenty, like adding honey to sweeten and spices too, even butter. Modern variation of the Hot Toddy is with hot lemonade and honey or sugar. The only thing that does not vary in any true recipe for a Hot Toddy in Scotland is whiskey! Accept no substitute! I drink Bacardi, but I'd never consider that or anything else to make a Hot Toddy!
Whiskey isn't all that hard you know.

posted by Dore @ 10:03AM, 10/03/07

Bah, some real, old, HARD Scotch makes whiskey look like water. We Americans are really arrogant, you know. Not everything we make is "the best". The Scottish people know how to drink, lemme tell you. (as do the Irish, and the only beer I'll even touch comes out of either Germany or England). Why not use moonshine if you want it to make you keel over after half a glass?

Anyway, I've tried a lot of toddy recipes. The ones with tea are more flavorful, and I've even had ones that used coffee (though it was no where near as good). Try just a pinch of cinnamon in the mix, too. Makes it even better. Scotch is my preferred liquor here, but a good, smooth Irish whiskey is also decent, as is a good rum.
Scotch is a type of Whiskey!

posted by Scotchy Scotch Scotch @ 10:04PM, 10/07/07

The header says it all.
Delicious, Toddy

posted by Scotchy @ 10:08PM, 10/07/07

I use Stags Breath (is honey comb whiskey. I bought it in Scotland, if you can't find it local liquor stores usually order it for you), scotch, lemon & no water.
Strong stuff!

posted by Angus @ 02:01PM, 10/09/07

i made mine with Famous Grouse and green tea.
Whiskey is THE way to go!!!!

posted by Medicinal Toddy's are my favorite! @ 02:32PM, 10/10/07

I asked a friend of mine for his Hot Toddy recipe and this is what I got:

2 shots Whiskey
1 cup of hot tea (I prefer chamomile tea, as it helps me sleep)
1 tbsp. Honey
1 cinnamon stick
1/3 cup of vanilla flavored creamer

It is the best Hot Toddy I've ever had and it is the only thing that helped my sore throat after I tried EVERYTHING else. I had even gargled with cayenne pepper!!
Good for Flu?

posted by michigan race fan @ 11:53AM, 10/11/07

I am home from work today, with a bout of the flu. It has cold-like symptoms, but an achy body comes with it. I stopped at the store last night and got whiskey to put in my orange/spice tea, lemon, and honey. It was very tasty and I mixed half tea, half whiskey. I drank a whole pint in about 6 hours. Boy, did I sleep well, 12 hours in fact. The aches are gone, but I still have runny nose and cough. I'm hitting the tea again, minus the whiskey, as it is a chilly and damp day. I will return to work tomorrow, as I know I will feel better. Was it the toddy, sleep, or the general pampering that made me feel better?

posted by John @ 10:57AM, 10/14/07

Mug of lemonade into the microwave 2 an half minutes
Half a spoon of sugar
squirt of honey
half cap of whiskey or more if you like

posted by gfather @ 05:11PM, 10/17/07

The Scot is right.
Hot Toddy the way it should be made

posted by BSW @ 05:51PM, 10/20/07

Take 1 tsp. of honey and mix it with 1 tsp. of lemon juice 2 tblsp. of water warmed and 1 shot of Jack Daniels or 2 if you prefer. Mix it up and drink it. Then cover up and sweat it out.
The Old Fashion Hot Toddy

posted by dwayne @ 12:44AM, 10/21/07

A Real Hot Toddy is made with good ole Moon shine, 4 ounces of Shine 2 Teaspoons of sugar 2 tablespoons of honey a few drops of lemon and 3 ounces of Hot Tea.
Defiantely Wiskey

posted by Melissa @ 02:44PM, 11/01/07

I grew up with a mom who would give us kids wine with warm water and sugar when we were sick. It definately made us sleep. As I've grown up (I'm in college now) when I get sick, nothing soothes me like some strong mint tea with whiskey and occasionally some suguar and lemon juice. When I have a Hot Toddy as soon as I realize I'm sick, I'm over the cold in just a couple of days at the most.

posted by sick as a dog @ 07:47PM, 11/02/07

brandy or bourbon whiskey. (Prefer Wild Turkey)
I use a combo of green tea and reg tea.
cinnamon stick (no cloves not big on em)
touch o honey
tad bit of lemon juice
steep over low heat

This is for when I got the flu....can think of many better tasting drinks for pleasure....
Who's wasting the good scotch?!?!?!?!?! Over the rocks only way to drink a good scotch ;)
Korean Toddy

posted by Greg @ 09:25PM, 11/02/07

I live in Korea. Here, a popular 'tea' is honey-citon looks like jam, but it's meant to be stirred into hot water. Anyway, to make this toddy, simply get a heaping tablespoon of said 'tea', add warm water and any type of whiskey. Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Johhny Walker, Jack Daniels...each has it's own distinct charm. The key is the 'tea'. You can find it in North America in Korea-town groceries, or maybe try online. This is the best tasting 'toddy' for me, it has plenty of vitamin C and kills a cold!
I each his own

posted by Trollie @ 06:44PM, 11/03/07

I've had a nasty cold for a week now and decided a Hot Toddy was in order to help me sleep. I've used whiskey and bourbon in the past. Just tried it with Brandy and I like it much, much better. Makes catching a cold not so miserable now :)
Hot Toddy with Hot Water and Scotch?

posted by Top Jimmy @ 10:07PM, 11/17/07

Diluting your scotch with water sounds rather effeminate to me?
Hottie it worth it!

posted by Dawn @ 11:33AM, 11/23/07

After getting all the recipes for the drink, we were excited to try it. With one missing ingredient( lemon juice ) we found that the drink was missing something..Which it was!! But still the drink isn't that great..and not worth buying everything for it...

posted by Guynesgirl2002 @ 09:41AM, 11/27/07

You guys really know your drinks. I just need to get better. Whiskey it is.
Scotland the inebriated....indeed

posted by tartan scarf @ 03:30PM, 11/28/07

Scottish Whisky (no E).

Irish Whiskey (with an E)......
From an Italian

posted by Cristoforo @ 06:49PM, 11/30/07

I don't know how authentic it is, after a couple you don't even mind having a cold.
A Real Man's Hot Toddy

posted by Rob @ 08:51PM, 12/15/07

ur favorite tea ( i recommend a sugary one )
a cut of lemon
a cut of orange
a night time tylenol cold
and a bud of ground up sticky icky green thumb

The only measuring needed is just remember at least two shots per cup of tea, and only one tylenol cold per cup.
hot toddy

posted by Ed @ 04:02PM, 12/16/07

You gotta use some Cuzan Black Strap RUM lemon and tea. No more needs to be said........
Hot toddy

posted by Kate @ 02:27PM, 12/17/07

It was great for my cold i thoughly enjoyed it and i definately will be havin it again. This was the correct recipe. Thank-you.
Evening Jack and Day Jack Recipes - submitted by FSS

posted by Faye @ 06:31PM, 12/18/07

Feel flu like, bad sore throat, a bit of the chills? Head it off at the pass with these recipes. If they don't help, you need to see a doctor for prescription medication.
Always have fresh lemons on hand, a bottle of Jack Daniels designated as the medicine bottle, honey and tea.
If symptoms occur in spring or summer; warm/hot temperatures try Day Jack. If symptoms occur in late fall or winter; chilly or cold, go with Evening Jack.

Day Jack - take a sm. breakfast juice glass and add juice of 1/2 of an average size lemon, add to it a few tablespoons of honey and mix as best as you can. Taste the mix and see if it is a nice balance of sweet and sour. If your not sure add a bit more lemon or honey, mix then taste. After about 3 attempts you will know what proportion is for you. Now add about (2 - 2 1/2) shots of Jack Daniels and mix with spoon till well blended. You now have Day Jack! Consuming Day Jack - use a tablespoon and nurse this drink over the course of a half hour. Take your time using the spoon as opposed to sipping from the glass.

Evening Jack - boil up water for tea. Pour water in mug to almost 3/4 full and infuse tea bag for a few minutes, do not over steep! Remove tea bag without squeezing it. You need to leave enough room in the mug for sufficient Day Jack to be added. Add 1/2 of the Day Jack prepared above to the tea, mix then drink. You will want another mug of this stuff shortly after enjoying the first. Repeat process using the remaining 1/2 of Day Jack to make Evening Jack and take this mug, also know as the second dose to your bedside, tuck in, get warm and enjoy! You will feel better fairly quickly and be able to get a good nights rest.

If symptoms persist in the evening past 2-3 nights you are beyond any help that Day or Evening Jack can offer. You should see a physician!

Always feel good!

Seriously, wiki "Hot Toddy"

posted by Hillerious @ 12:15AM, 12/19/07

There are obviously variations. Many, many, many variations. I was first introduced to Hot Toddy as a rum drink. I'm willing to accept all its variations, just like different kinds of tea. As long as there's alcohol in it, it's a Hot Toddy. Lighten up, people!
re: brandy is for girls

posted by annoyed @ 09:39AM, 12/24/07

What a ridiculous thing to say! and immature. if one's masculinity is threatened by using tea instead of water, or brandy instead of scotch (or whiskey), then one need be more concerned with an incredibly dull mind than sexuality. Go throw a football or scratch your balls if you need masculine "security." Variety is the spice of life. To each his/her own.

ps: hot toddy's have somehow staved my impending illnesses. and this is all while living in taiwan- the land of no soap and too many kids.
Us Girls like to flirt with you guys

posted by sugar girl @ 01:43AM, 12/26/07

We like our drinks soft and fresh. I love a hot toddy with Brandy and fresh lemon. My figure has to stay looking nice and pretty.
The real stuff

posted by big John @ 02:06PM, 1/06/08

The best hot toddy is made with Tequila, green tea, honey and lime juice. All the rest are just imitations of the real thing. Brandy is alright in England and sophisticate societies, but real men want something real. Mexican Tequila is the real thing. Reogrande
Whatever floats your boat

posted by FlyFisher @ 09:28AM, 1/14/08

Some people swear by Rum, others Brandy, etc, etc. I make my hot toddy's with Rye, tea, honey and lemon and it works pretty well for me. I've heard that Brandy works well but have never tried it so I can't speak of its medicinal properties.

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