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Add lime juice, triple sec and Smirnoff No.21 Vodka.
Shake and strain into a shot glass.

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Yeah baby!

posted by Sano @ 11:08PM, 6/27/06

This is an all around great drink.

posted by Samael @ 04:05PM, 7/17/06

Now i know why they call it kamikaze...
Very refreshing

posted by FaitAuQc @ 10:01AM, 9/20/06

Very good classic for a beginning of a soirée :)
Who named it kamikaze, was somebody an otaku?

posted by Zanaffar @ 12:03AM, 9/30/06

It's a common drink for me. I am doing it all the time, 'cos i love lemon :)
Great shot!

posted by Captain Spiva @ 07:24PM, 10/18/06

First shot I ever had at a bar... don't do too many or you'll figure out why they call it a Kamikaze.
Crash and Burn

posted by Chico @ 11:02PM, 10/23/06

You can slam your vehicle into things on this one. Be responsible!
Best drink

posted by monique @ 12:56AM, 11/08/06

This is my favorite drink of all time and can drink so many of these without getting sick of them! They are the only things I drink now!

posted by toezar @ 12:21AM, 12/08/06

My favorite of all time. Also try substituting part of the triple sec with cointreau.

posted by scorp @ 04:27PM, 12/13/06

Very refreshing and strong... One of my favourite drinks for the summer
Great drink

posted by Christina C. @ 07:17PM, 12/22/06

You can make it more strong or more fruity, either way great and it will tear you up.
For vodka lovers

posted by moe @ 03:57PM, 1/06/07

I only drink vodka, and this little delight was perfect for me. 6 shots later i could still walk a straight line and it doesnt leave you feeling sluggish. Great drink for a partier!
It's a good one

posted by cezar @ 07:07PM, 1/09/07

This is a really good one, best drink out there imo, but careful, its reeealy easy to get caught up in the flavours with this one.
Woooooo hooooooo!

posted by Jodi @ 05:33PM, 1/16/07

Super smooth buzz, it creeps up on you when you are sitting down but don't stand up to fast!!!
Hand over the keys and enjoy

posted by Dino @ 02:40PM, 1/22/07

To make this drink truly a ten, use fresh squeezed limes.
Great drunk night

posted by Brandy @ 02:06PM, 1/23/07

This makes for a good hard to remember night of fun! My ALL time favorite drink!
Can't even taste the vodka!

posted by Scott @ 12:01AM, 1/28/07

This is a beautiful shot. My friends and I had some on my 18th. It's called "Kamikaze" for a good reason... be careful with this one.

posted by Rocchio @ 10:30PM, 4/04/07

Very good shot, love the sour taste, they are the best when you do about 4-5 in a row.
Good, sweet and tart

posted by Drou @ 05:50AM, 4/14/07

But go easy on the lime juice if using Rose's!
Even better if made right!!

posted by Rope Dawg @ 05:28PM, 6/03/07

If you make this drink with equal parts its pretty nasty! Its very sweet and bitter! Its supposed to be 1.5 oz vodka, .5oz lime juice, .5oz triple sec. Its much better...TRY IT!
Kamikaze First timer

posted by Dulce @ 10:08PM, 6/03/07

I had about 4 or 5 of these along with some other drinks. I ended up so wasted! I Got My ASS kicked by the Kamikazes! Loved them!
New year's

posted by haslam @ 03:40PM, 6/08/07

Fell over so much in the snow after 9 of these in a row. GOOD stuff.
It buuurns!

posted by Shalissa @ 09:05PM, 6/16/07

Don't do 2/3 vodka and 1/3 lime juice! Don't forget the triple sec! Otherwise....fantastic!!!
My ratio

posted by tikitender @ 12:55PM, 6/20/07

I use a 1-.5-.25 ratio

ends up being about
1 1/4 oz vodka
3/4 oz triple sec
1/4 oz lime
How I make it

posted by Chris @ 02:34PM, 6/22/07

I like to use about 1 1/2 or 2 oz vodka, 1 oz triple sec and 1 oz lime. They're delicious!
Try this

posted by Tiff @ 03:31PM, 12/07/07

It's great with vodka but try it with Patron. It's a great smooth shot. I have also substituted the triple with peach schnapps but only with vodka, its yummy.
large quantities

posted by renn @ 05:09PM, 1/04/08

1/5 of vodka
1/5 of triple sec
1 bottle roses lime
mix in a empty 2-liter and chill.
shake and pour - perfect every time

posted by James @ 08:28PM, 1/05/08

This drink is great I do
2 oz vodka (and use Grey Goose)
1 oz triple sec
1 oz lime
Excellent & Simple

posted by Adonis_Ps @ 10:32AM, 1/07/08

My favorite!!!!

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