Hummingbird #2 recipe

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serve in
Hurricane Glass
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Blend ingredients in a blender with crushed ice. Strain into a hurricane glass, and serve.

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posted by april @ 09:59PM, 6/06/06

Drank this in Jamaica...THE BOMB!

posted by the roeders @ 04:06PM, 9/09/06

We also had this in jamaica...i'm hooked.

posted by Norma @ 02:10PM, 12/22/06

My favorite drink in Jamaica..You gotta try it!!

posted by Cc & PJM @ 01:47PM, 12/29/06

Its all about the Hummingbird in Jamaica! On the beach in the sun!

posted by nick @ 05:26PM, 1/14/07

I had this in jamaica too. It's soooo good!
Love the bird

posted by Carrie @ 01:44PM, 1/26/07

I noticed those at the same resort as us ordering "The Hummingbird." I figured "What the heck..." and tried one. LOVE THEM!

posted by Lenny @ 03:30PM, 3/06/07

If you went to Jamaica, you should already know this drink... I think they added an additional 1-2 shots of Appletons as well!

posted @ 08:43AM, 3/25/07

Hate to beat a dead horse, but yeah...also had it in Jamaica!! This drink rocks!!

posted by Mrs B @ 07:20AM, 4/18/07

My favourite cocktail in Jamaica.... I'm lovin it!!

posted by Matt @ 09:20PM, 4/18/07

This is a great drink and you can't tell it has alcohol in it!

posted by kat @ 10:33PM, 4/26/07

I have to tell all bartenders how to make but loved it when in Jamaica. Jamaican bartender taught me.

posted by kehnow @ 04:43PM, 4/28/07

The best smoothie like drink by far!!!! We drank them all the time in Jamaica!
Hummingbird Cocktail

posted by Derek Janes @ 07:09PM, 5/10/07

Drank many of these in Jamaica - excellent!!!

posted by Kelley @ 08:45AM, 5/13/07

I was introduced to this drink back in Jan. at Sandals Resort on the island of Antigua!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!! We are all totally hooked!!!!!

posted by Bob @ 10:04AM, 5/19/07

Best drink in Jamaica...YEA MON.

posted by Cassie @ 04:49PM, 5/29/07

Once you can't stop! Drank these the whole time in Jamaica!

posted by T-N-T @ 01:31PM, 6/03/07

We just got back from our trip in Jamaica and had to have the recipe. Were having withdrawls. Best drink ever.

posted by Joanna @ 07:21PM, 6/13/07

I'm not a drinker but I fell in love with this in Jamaica at runaway bay resort.

posted by Rachel @ 09:06PM, 6/16/07

Just got back yesterday from Jamaica. Love the drink!

posted by Paula @ 02:04PM, 6/17/07

We had this for the first time at Sandals Regency Resort St. Lucia. WOW we just love it!!! You have to try it.
Hummingbirds they rock!!

posted by Brandi @ 08:08PM, 6/20/07

I was in jamaica in april and couldn't believe that there was a drink out there that we hadn't heard of!! But just like everyone else has said they rock!! Of course it would be so much better to be in jamaica having them but they are just as good in chicago!!!!

posted by Mia @ 03:17PM, 6/27/07

Just got back from Jamaica last week! Not a big drinker, but this drink changed me. It's the S^%*!!
Humminbirds are not Milkshakes

posted by Adam D @ 06:52PM, 6/29/07

Funny buy true story about how I learned about the drink in Jamaica. Hummingbirds at the hotel we stayed in looked and tasted just like a banana milkshake. So this American guy goes up to the bar and asks for a couple of banana milkshakes and the barman is all like "We don't do milkshakes mon." Then he notices a guy drinking a hummingbird and asks him what he's drinking. He proceeds to order a round of hummingbirds for his kids thinking they're banana milkshakes. Kids had stomach though, they got through 2 and a bit hummingbirds before they started showing the signs. Me and my brother just cracked up when the guy finally twigged that he'd just got his kids totally rat arsed.
Hummingbirds are the BEST!

posted by Brenda @ 04:42PM, 7/27/07

My family and I went on a Disney Cruise a couple of years ago, and my cousin surprised me with one of these awesome boss and I were talking about it and NOW I have the recipe. They are so yummy!

posted by Kathleen & Larry @ 02:02PM, 12/17/07

My Husband and I went to Jamaica in August and he is obsessed with this drink, he has been bugging me to get on here to find the drink, it is deff the best drink ever!
Hummingbirds are awesome!

posted by Cindy@ @ 10:25AM, 12/31/07

My first taste of the hummingbird was in Jamaica at a resort callled Enchanted Gardens in Ocho Rios 13 years ago. We were trying every drink listed at the bar. Took till the 2nd day before we got to the hummingbird which was half way down the list. We never tried a any other drink after that. Was hooked then, and still am. Was back to Jamaica in Jan of Last Year at Sandals Negril. They never had the hummingbird listed as a drink on the bar list. Asked about it and bartender made for us. By the end of the week we had half the resort drinking them. All bartenders were making them when asked, but wondering who was telling about the drink. Had a great time in Jamaica. When we want to remember those days we make a batch of hummingbirds with friends and family.

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