Four Horsemen recipe

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Old-Fashioned Glass
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Pour contents in shaker over ice and shake well. Pour into glass. This is a big shooter so you have to use a small rocks glass.

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posted by Stan @ 01:50AM, 6/15/06

This drink tastes horrible and can really mess you up. You'll get sick from gagging before you'll get sick from the alcohol content.
Gross and not correct

posted by escapismc @ 09:48PM, 7/07/06

Horrible recipe, mixing tequila destroys the point of the shot.
and 151 or Everclear
Not bad

posted by Akede @ 07:32PM, 7/14/06

I've had a few of these by request.. and they've actually been pretty good. I would completely disagree that this is a "bad tasting" shot.

posted by Erotica @ 12:10AM, 7/24/06

This drink is great, like licorice nyquil.
Quick way to get hammered

posted by SH @ 07:05PM, 8/02/06

This is one potent drink. I started with this at my bachelor party...most of the rest of the night is a little fuzzy. The only thing thing I remember is my friends trying to pull me back into the car after I leaned out the car and yelled "THERE'S THE ALAMOOOOOO!!"

posted by trying to swim @ 11:44PM, 8/11/06

I drank it too fast to know what it tasted like but this WILL mess you up.
Great shot

posted by fae @ 06:08PM, 8/19/06

Whatever man! This is an awesome drink! Hell yeah!

posted by Shawn @ 05:35PM, 8/28/06

If you want to get fuct up, this is a good one to shot, it dont fill your belly, but it does make your head spin. 2 or 3 should be enough.

posted by Bobby @ 12:28AM, 9/06/06

THE best/stronegest/worst/craziest shot i have ever done!!! If u wanna get fucked up, have just one!!!
Drunk Quick

posted by Chub @ 11:11PM, 9/13/06

This is a shot for getting messed up quick. Tastes horrible, but taste isn't what counts with this one. I usually chase with a half of a glass of cola and malibu.
Oh ya

posted by Bob @ 11:28PM, 9/15/06

I had 8 doubles of this one night, nasty taste, great hangover.

posted by Playin hookey @ 09:31PM, 9/21/06

A girl that I knew bought me this shot to try out. Was a bit crazy in flavor. Did not know it also had tequila. But damn the after effects were great! I got lucky with the one girl that got me the shot. I had the best sex with her and lasted a dang good time. They should call it the horseman's viagra instead!
Muy bueno

posted by Brian @ 09:04PM, 9/30/06

To the above ^ comment what do you expect.

Perhaps a pink dragon would better suit his tastes. Very good drink.
Still hurting

posted by Still hurting 12 hrs later @ 03:09PM, 10/03/06

I was slightly drunk before I drank this and then after I was passed out on the sidewalk. It made for a bad night. Don't drink it.

posted by Kaitlyn @ 11:52PM, 10/09/06

If made properly, yes, this drink can fck you up, because it tastes like innocent licorice.

posted by mmm @ 11:58PM, 10/29/06

Drink is great! Hits you good.

posted by PV! @ 03:13AM, 11/26/06

I think it tastes great!
Potent; not very tasty

posted by brian @ 10:18AM, 12/21/06

This shot is not for a weak stomach, nor is it very tasty. I usually tell people to order it just to see their reaction. If you like this shot for its kick, more power to you. If you like this shot for the taste, then you have bad taste.
Stay on the porch puss

posted by Tripelo @ 11:48PM, 1/01/07

I drank about 3 of them and damn I was plastered, and this was in Vegas.
Point being, you take shots to get a quick buzz or to "catch up" to your friends, not exactly for the flavor, hence is why it is in a little ass shot glass!
As one said above, if you wanted a good tasting shot, you can always pour some wine cooler in a shot glass.

posted by ahh @ 10:13PM, 1/02/07

Well, if you want to get drunk, this is the drink for you... I felt like dying after 4 drink of this... and the next day is much more painful...
Hell no

posted by Al @ 05:25PM, 1/05/07

My old boss made me drink three over a four hour span on top of drinking heavily. Garbage. I will never drink this filth ever again!
Mixing four horseman with other liquor

posted by tone @ 01:31AM, 1/25/07

Goddamn when you mix this liquor with other shit, you get fucked up! To top it off, soothe it down with some killians irish red.
Horsemen Heaven

posted by nino gamez @ 10:15PM, 2/05/07

This shot is the best. Its a real man shot not for a queer bait! I drink on the average about 7 a night chased down with long island ice teas or heineken or corona. I recommend this shot.
Come on!

posted by Maegan @ 02:11PM, 4/05/07

Its a're not suppose to sip it! And if you think it's nasty....that's probably because you cant handle your liquor and you ended up cleaning it the next morning. This is great shot to get your evening started...and come on...just look at the ingredients OF COURSE its going to be strong. So guys either suck it up and take the shot or stick to Buttery Nipples!!!!! If you come in my bar and tell me that you're here to get drunk.... here ya go!!!
Fucking great

posted by Adrian @ 09:09PM, 4/18/07

There isn't any bad side to this make things interesting, drink it straight up. That'll put hair on your ass. My record for downing these was 5. The rest of the night was fuzzy at best and I had a hangover from hell the entire following day.

posted by Alex Meyers @ 01:40PM, 5/01/07

When I drank this, I woke up four hours later to find myself geting violated by a big black man. I couldn't shit right for weeks. DON'T DRINK THIS.
Luv It!!!

posted by Little Mamma.... @ 01:09AM, 5/12/07

Couldn't choose a better drink to enjoy sex teasing. Or Giving it Up....Luv It....

posted by Nick @ 12:16AM, 6/10/07

Every time i have had a 4 horsemen it has been a 3 wisemen with jose.

posted by J-boi @ 11:19AM, 7/17/07

This drink is POWERFUL!!! Tastes like crap, but u have to try it because of it sheer POWER! I had 4 of these, and I was DONE. I could barely stand.

posted by Colin @ 04:20PM, 8/05/07

It's powerful but that's kinda the point. Prior to having this drink for the first time i had about 8 double crown and cokes. I was fine. 5 minutes after trying the shot the bathroom floor didn't know what hit it. Good Times.
First shot I ever had

posted by Took it like a man! cept i'm a dainty girl! :-p @ 03:30PM, 9/04/07

OMG! Freshman year of college at a party some guy asked if ever had a "headless horseman"--from what i understood it was the above ingredients except it was with whiskey and everclear, no rum!

All I can say is that I didnt really taste throat was burning! The guy asked me how i liked it and all i could say is........"can i have some water" he laughed and asked what else i wanted with the water i said "ice"

Other than that i dont really remember that night!

posted by Have yet to have a hangover @ 01:00PM, 9/22/07

This thing was great, cant remember a damn thing after the 4th one, and that was 8 hours ago. Fuckin A
this is the right way

posted by chad @ 01:57PM, 9/27/07

jonny , jack , jim , and 151.
This drink is NOT for beginners!

posted by I'm too old for this shit @ 12:48PM, 10/03/07

Nuff said.
Here's a better recipe for the Four Horsemen....

posted by MeetJoeAsian @ 12:52AM, 10/09/07

Jack Daniel
Johnny Walker
Jim Beam
Jose Cuervo...

hence, the FOUR horseMEN

posted by Sunshine @ 11:09PM, 10/24/07

This shot is the shit....I had 3 one night along with other drinks...I was way I decided next time to only have 2 with other drinks and I dont remember a thing really I remember starting to walk out of a club and next thing I knew I was trying to get in another one...the whole 4 blocks walking I dont remember... good times.
four horseman shot

posted by bartending in miami @ 06:34PM, 11/21/07

Thats a nice recipe i usally use
1/4 jose cuervo
1/4 jonny(black) mix it up with other if you want
1/4 jim bean
1/4 jack daniels

messes you up good

posted by marc @ 01:35PM, 12/07/07

This will knock you on your ass!
i'm with this guy

posted by g f sa @ 02:52PM, 12/15/07

Gross and not correct
posted by escapismc @ 09:48PM, 7/07/06

Horrible recipe, mixing tequila destroys the point of the shot.
and 151 or Everclear

minus the everclear
Tear you up

posted by aAron @ 07:33AM, 12/20/07

If you dont want to remember anything and possibly make an ass of your self this drink is for you. As for the taste who knows, I cant remember, it hits you like a ton of bricks.

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Nutritional Information

(per 3 oz serving)

Calories (kcal)
Energy (kj)

0 g
16.6 g
0 g


0 g
6 mg
42.6 g

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