Espresso Martini recipe

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Pour ingredients into shaker filled with ice, shake vigorously, and strain into chilled martini glass. It should be somewhat frothy.

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Who needs red bull?!

posted by xTx @ 05:08AM, 6/09/06

Was knackered but dragged to the pub by mates, had a sip of one of these and my eyes were wide open again! Combines my 3 fave drinks - coffee, kahlua and vodka! 10/10!

posted by purplejules @ 11:09PM, 7/12/06

These go very nicely with a hot fudge brownie a la mode!!!!!
Wonderful goodness

posted by Suzz @ 10:43AM, 8/08/06

This is awesome! Such a wonderful tasty drink! Yum yum yum.
The best

posted by kelly @ 04:22PM, 8/11/06

Yes. Best is exactly the word I was looking for. Luckily, I found it.
Nothing better after skiing

posted by Gazza Black @ 11:04AM, 9/19/06

First sampled the drink in Verbier after a hard day on the slopes. A fantastic cocktail that numbs the brain and legs without you even knowing it.
Nothing better after skiing

posted by Gary Wilkinson @ 06:48AM, 9/22/06

First tasted it after a hard days skiiing in Verbier 2006. Only a couple required to numb the pain from skiing, and only a few more to numb the brain.
I don't even like coffee!!

posted by Norita @ 06:10PM, 9/24/06

I was impressed when I had this drink. At Friday's the first one I had was a little too milky, (I might as well go to Starbucks) but than I asked for another one but stronger and wooh!! It was perrrrfect!!! Coco powder on the rim, complaint's here....I personally went to the bartender and tipped him and said, "That was delish!"
Too right!

posted by pete @ 06:25PM, 9/24/06

Keeps you more alert than red bull and you don't feel poisoned, only don't drink too many because you could end up awake for a week!
Great apres ski drink

posted by Gazza Black @ 02:42PM, 10/09/06

No better way to round off a days skiing. First tasted it in Verbier in 2006 when the balckrunners decended on this magnificent swiss resort.
aka: Black Star Liner

posted by RookyCruzer @ 12:51PM, 10/24/06

Had this drink on Princess Cruises under the name of Black Star Liner martini. Very good! Not much of a drinker, but I'll look forward to giving this a go sometime at home.
Too much kahlua

posted by danoots @ 03:50PM, 11/30/06

Just mixed this up -- it's ok, creates a nice froth, but there's too much kahlua in this recipe, and it's a bit cloying. I'd pull it back to 1oz (or maybe even 3/4 oz) to let the expresso itself shine through.

posted by Danoots @ 04:05PM, 11/30/06

Just remade this with no kahlua at all -- much better. Then, added a 1/2 oz., and it was better still. I'd adjust the above recipe to:

1 oz espresso
1 1/2 oz vodka
1 oz white creme de cacao
1/2 oz kahlua
Over ice works good too!

posted by dirtbikejunkie @ 09:32AM, 12/02/06

I serve a similar drink (same ingredients except milk in place of white creme de cacao) over ice, it tastes a lot like an iced mocha. I'll have to try this version with the creme de caco and served over ice!
Almost perfect

posted by J. Dub @ 01:40PM, 12/30/06

This was a good martini, but to add some body and creaminess, put in some half and half and it changes the drink completely... for the better!!!
Great Espresso Martini recipe

posted by therealmully @ 02:46PM, 1/21/07

Try adding a chocolate powdered rim with foamed milk on top. Friends of mine have dubbed this the "socialite speedball".
Possible substitution?

posted by Bromista @ 11:39PM, 1/22/07

This recipe sounds very good. However I only have Starbucks coffee liqueur on hand. Would that be a acceptable substitution for the Kahlua?
I hear you Pete

posted by Nora @ 01:21PM, 2/21/07

I had the exact same experience that Pete had at Friday's. Got another one stronger and wooh...awesome. I am trying to learn how to make it myself. I wanted to tip the bartender personally myself but he was too cute and I was too shy to go to him. Damn it... I wanted to compliment his work. :-)
Have a tastier recipe

posted by Rae @ 03:36AM, 3/11/07

I use vanilla stoli, and pure espresso, forget the kahlua! Also, tastes much better with fresh espresso that was chilled. Chill your glass by pouring club soda and ice. Try it, I am positive you will like it.
Very Good

posted by moerie @ 08:46AM, 4/02/07

I had it once with suger iso creme de cacao. It was delicious.
Box Wood Cafe

posted by Chris909 @ 06:50AM, 4/20/07

Had only my second EM here and the cocktail waiter made it to perfects and even dressed the frothy top with coffee beans!! As others have mentioned, if you want to perk up during the evening this is the drink!
A slightly more alcoholic version

posted by jack from amsterdam @ 05:05AM, 5/03/07

Instead of 1 oz white cream de cacao - 1/2 oz vanilla vodka. Adds zing.
10 out of 10~

posted by Mj @ 04:54PM, 5/05/07

VERY good. Too good, it is dangerous.
Cocktail Waitress

posted by Faith @ 10:31AM, 5/06/07

I am a cocktail waitress and this is one of my favorite drinks after a long day at work!
Not an Espresso Martini ...

posted by daddydave @ 07:45PM, 5/19/07

Add Baileys, or Cream de Cocao and you have a CAPPACNINO ... ESPRESSO is an expresses shot of coffee. This is not expresso when mixed with milk... Sorry, I'm a purist.
Coffee Beans

posted by Dalle @ 04:35PM, 8/07/07

Had my first expresso martini at Simple in The Northern Quarter (Manchester). Amaaazin'!!
Add a few coffee beans on top for decoration!!

posted by brownbeans @ 08:13AM, 8/12/07

Daddydave, if you're a purist then how do you explain spelling espresso with an X? Is not an espresso macchioto marked with foam, thus making it contain milk? I'll waive your other spelling mistakes. Purist.... pffftt. I bet you dont even know how to pull a shot, much less roast your own coffee. As far as I can tell, you're knowledge on coffee spans much less than 58mm.
Favorite Drink of all Time

posted by NKay @ 01:13PM, 9/14/07

I had 4 of these one night at the Four Seasons in Cyprus. I couldn't sleep all night but it was well worth it! Refreshing and oh so delicious.
espresso liqueur

posted by nursesegars @ 08:54PM, 10/05/07

what if one where to have espresso liqueur? Would that be more similar to an actual martini that is just complete alcohol? just wondering? might have got a new drink?
Espresso Cocktail

posted by Sandy @ 07:53PM, 10/13/07

Had this drink with expresso crystals on top. Made a great presentation. So delicious
Even better w/ Starbucks liqueur!!

posted by Sarah in Seattle @ 12:33PM, 12/05/07

I love, love, LOVE espresso martinis. I have found that the best one (thick, but not creamy, w/ real espresso, sweet, but not chocolatey) are made w/ Starbucks liqueur instead of Kahalua, and vanilla flavored vodka instead of regular vodka. Good luck!
My new favorite drink!!!

posted by Phillyguy @ 08:35PM, 12/30/07

I had it for the first time this past Friday. On the menu it was advertised as a Black Velvet. After searching the internet, I see it is called an expresso martini. At any rate, I had 3 in a row, lol. The last two were on the rocks which I liked better. The drink mixture was a little different. It was Absolute Vanilla, Espresso, and Kahlua. But I bet it is going to be hard to find Espresso at a typical bar in Philadelphia.

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Nutritional Information

(per 5 oz serving)

Calories (kcal)
Energy (kj)

0.1 g
32.4 g
10 g


0 g
24.8 g
33.9 g

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