Dark and Stormy recipe

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Pour rum over ice, add ginger ale, and stir.

NOTE: You can substitute any dark or spiced rum.

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Add some fresh lime juice

posted by NCT @ 11:37AM, 5/26/06

I had this same recipe, but with some fresh lime juice and it was great. Serve with ice.
Dark & Stormy

posted by Jim Umhofer @ 02:50PM, 6/04/06

To have the essence of a "Bermuda" Dark & Stormy, you HAVE to use Gosling's Black Rum. It does not work with other rums.
Original Dark & Stormy

posted by Rich @ 04:03PM, 6/09/06

To make a proper Dark & Stormy you have to use Goslings Black Seal rum and you absolutely have to use Barritts Ginger Beer (from Bermuda). You can now buy Barritts in a 4-pack in most beverage centers in the US. The Barritts really makes a difference. Oh, and you must add a wedge of lime.
Dark and Stormy

posted by Rob @ 05:58PM, 6/13/06

My favorite drink. Reminds me of Horseshoe Bay.
w/ Blenheim's Hot

posted by DH @ 04:38PM, 7/21/06

I make mine with Blenheim's Hot ginger ale. It makes an interesting variation on the original.
Dark and Stormy

posted by J.R @ 01:36PM, 8/01/06

Other rums don't get it done.....Gosling's Black Seal is by far and away the best rum that I've had. The rum is so smooth, it's almost impossible to make the Dark and Stormy "too" strong.
The taste of Bermuda

posted by Kat @ 11:24AM, 8/22/06

This drink is the best. I don't even like rum, but the proper Dark'n'stormy has me totally hooked.
No lime juice

posted by Kurt @ 09:23PM, 9/03/06

Do not add lime juice- it destroys the subtle flavor of the Goslings and Barritts. You can add a lime wedge as a garnish only if you absolutely must; do not get lime juice into the drink.

The recipe for a Dark and Stormy is highly dependent on using these name brand ingredients without substitution.
Where you can get Ginger Beer

posted by Chuck @ 08:59PM, 9/15/06

For US folks, Trader Joe's is the place you want. Don't be late though or they might run out. :-)
RE: instructions

posted by sensible @ 12:02PM, 9/21/06

As an FYI, ginger ale is very different than ginger beer...
Dark & Stormy

posted by Pete @ 02:41PM, 12/20/06

Had my first @ Foxy's on Jost Van Dyke. The lime is a must!
Best drink ever

posted by LD @ 11:34PM, 12/21/06

My brother-in-law visited Bermuda and he brought this drink recipe home. I had stopped drinking rum over 20 years ago because of an over indulgence that didn't turn out so well. When I tasted this drink, I was hooked once again. Very smooth. We use Ginger Ale if we can't find Ginger Beer. Excellent drink!!!
I like mine....

posted by Miguelito @ 03:58PM, 3/05/07

I make mine with with Meyers Dark rum and Stewarts ginger beer it seems more refreshing and it mixes better!
Lemon Not Lime

posted by Tim @ 04:04AM, 4/11/07

Years ago I saw an official Gosling's glass with the Dark & Stormy recipe on it and it called for a wedge of lemon (not lime).
How you make it

posted by Roeland @ 11:48PM, 4/13/07

The only way to serve the Dark & Stormy is as Perry at the Carriage House Restaurant in St. Georges makes it: Ice, Ginger Beer and the rum on top. No mixing!
Beware of the D&S

posted by bitchslap mchorndog @ 12:54PM, 5/25/07

By far one of the best drinks ever...yes Gosling's is the best choice although Capn Morgan goes rather well with ginger ale and lime...a "Light and horny" perhaps?

So I was at an outdoor celebration at a sailing club or whatever, first time I'd had D&S...drinking them like they were water, which, if you've had one you'll know is easy to do, and I got really hungry and at like a whole chicken (there was bbq). So...needless to say after about 5 D&S and a whole chicken I was getting a little bloated. Right about that time some drunken sailor stumbles over to me and hands me about a dozen drinks worth of "tickets" that were being used instead of money at the event. So...to make an already long story short I proceeded to spend every ticket on D&S's...found myself in a quite jovial state sitting on a patio. At one point, mid sentence with friends, I simply stopped talking, turned my head and projectile vomited a fairly powerful stream of chicken and D&S...without missing a beat I turned back to the conversation, finished my thought and picked up right back where I was with the D&S's. The rest of the night was good all be it just a little bit dark and a bit stormy - without a cloud in the sky.

posted by 210beer @ 07:29PM, 7/30/07

I agree with the who recommend Gosling's. I'm not quite as particular about the Ginger Beer, but it MUST be Ginger Beer, not Ale. I would also recommend to purists and non-purists to try it with Cruzan Black Strap Rum. It is impossibly dark and smooth. If your already a fan of the D&S, you'll love it!
Try a slice of orange

posted by Matt @ 12:41AM, 8/21/07

It seems to work well.
Found this drink in a mag. with a twist.

posted by Melissa Cifarelli @ 06:22PM, 9/11/07

I had n ever heard of this drink but found it in a magazine with a bit of a twist. I am drinking one now & it's very yummy!!! here it goes...

Take one vanilla bean. Cut length wise. spoon out the center & mix with 1/2 cup ultra fine sugar.
coat rim of glass with sugar mixture.
mix together 1 ounce ginger beer, 1 1/2 ounces apple cider (sparkling if you like) & 2 ounces Gosling's Black Seal dark rum in glass.

Very YUMMY!!!!
Now that I know the drink I will have to try the original but I do suggest this one as well.
Goya Jamacian Ginger Beer

posted by Steve S. from Princeton NJ @ 08:32PM, 9/20/07

Goslings Black Seal is a must.

While Barritts Ginger Beer is the classic Bermudan, it comes off (to me at least) as soft and girly. Want some real fire? Use Goya Jamacian Ginger Beer. Don't flame me until you've tried it.

Same ratio: 1:2 (rum / soda) over ice.

A slice of Lime garnish is traditional, although with the Goya you can't even taste it the drink is so firey.
Boston Baby

posted by RD @ 04:00AM, 10/30/07

I was introduced to this drink while I was in Boston. My new favorite. I'm totally telling all my friends in the west coast about it. Bartenders out here have never heard of it. Pff!

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