Dark and Stormy #2 recipe

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Pour rum into a tall glass over ice. Pour ginger beer over it. Squeeze in lime and drop slice in. Serve.

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Dark and Stormy (Bermuda's Nat'l Drink)

posted by Penny @ 08:04PM, 5/25/06

This is a cottage favourite, second only to Gin and Tonic on the Deck.
Ginger Beer?

posted by MJC @ 06:37PM, 6/02/06

I loved this drink in Bermuda, but nobody ever heard of "ginger beer" in US. Where can I get it state-side??
Dark and Stormy in Jamaica

posted by Lori 7/4/06 @ 10:29PM, 7/04/06

Picture a very hot sticky night in May in Jamaica (definitely off season), and think Dark and Stormy! Refreshing, light and delightful!
In the U.S.

posted by Goldie @ 01:41PM, 7/18/06

I'm a big fan, just recently had a few at a place called Lucky's in Boston. I know of one place you can get Ginger Beer in the states and that's at the supermarket Trader Joe's...just picked some up today.
Ginger Beer

posted by Sara @ 10:14AM, 7/22/06

I got some in my grocery store in the international foods aisle! All the liquor stores said they were unable to order it, so I went hunting at the grocery store. It was with the Malta Goya and things like pineapple soda! Good luck!
Ginger Beer

posted by Cracker @ 12:10PM, 8/05/06

Can be found at Bevmo.com. Also great with vodka.
Ginger beer

posted by Shell @ 07:13PM, 8/24/06

Saranac and Stewart's both make ginger beer. Check your local beverage center/package store.
Where to get ginger beer

posted by Jack @ 06:58PM, 9/29/06

Sam's Liquors has most brands of ginger beer. Stewarts, Barretts, and others. Problem is all come in a 4 pack of bottles for about 5 bucks. Sells a lot in Chicago area believe it or not. Stewarts are famous for Birch Beer, Root Beer....same company.
Ginger Ale

posted by Moon Man @ 06:30PM, 10/12/06

Ginger Beer is Ginger Ale in the US.
Ginger beer is most definitely NOT ginger ale

posted by Albert @ 01:43PM, 12/29/06

Ginger beer is most definitely NOT ginger ale.
Ginger beer

posted by dan @ 12:32PM, 1/12/07

Ginger beer and ginger ale are different. Ginger beer has more of a bite, is cloudier and less sweet.

Stewarts makes the best in my opinion.. really sharp bite to it.

posted by Brian @ 04:39PM, 1/26/07

One can sometimes find Goya brand ginger beer in the Goya aisle of a good supermarket. It's near the Malta Goya and other Goya drinks. I find the Goya brand stronger -- and therefore better -- than the Trader Joe's brand. (Ginger beer is not the same as ginger ale, by the way.)
Ginger Ale

posted by Paul Bradley @ 07:17AM, 1/28/07

Ginger ale & ginger beer are different things. I squeeze 3 lime wedges into the bottom of a glass & crush then top with ice, rum & ginger beer.
Blenheim HOT Ginger Ale

posted @ 03:24PM, 2/13/07

I'd highly recommend everyone try a Dark & Stormy using Blenheim's HOT Ginger Ale (it comes with a pink bottle cap).

Once you've had this you won't want to use anything else.
Ginger beer

posted by emaperu @ 06:20PM, 3/04/07

Ginger beer is ginger ale, it's just usually more "gingery" than the usual stuff that you get in the grocery store. As stated before, Trader Joe's is a good place to find it, also, if you have a CostPlus "World Market", they usually have good spicey ones that can stand up to the dark rum. Good drink!
Not quite perfect

posted by rumluvver @ 01:59PM, 4/03/07

Around here, this drink is called a Partly Cloudy, not a Dark and Stormy. D&S should be made with Gosling's 151, not the girly 80 proof stuff. Best ginger beer? Tried 'em all, and Cock &Bull is tops hands down, but hard to find. Also, add a shot of bitters to the mix. Now you've got a drink.

Goslings will tell you the official recipe is just ginger beer and rum, but what do they know? They just make the stuff... We drink it.
Ginger Beer is not Ginger Ale

posted by Jim @ 10:42PM, 4/16/07

Sorry to inform, but look for something that specifically says Ginger BEER. It takes much different than a Canada Dry Ginger Ale.

posted by stan roberts @ 06:42AM, 5/01/07

In the UK, ginger ale is a short mixer (such as Canada Dry). No use at all for a Dark and Stormy!
Ginger beer

posted by Tauchoy @ 05:32PM, 10/17/07

Hansen's is a smooth ginger beer. It is sweetened with honey.
Archer Farms is a spicy ginger beer that I found at Targeet.
Trader Joe's has a ginger beer that is a tad tart.
Goya ginger beer skimps on ginger and uses ceyenne.
Dark n'stormy

posted by Tonto @ 10:33PM, 12/16/07

Ohh my, come xmas...any light, tasty, dark rum with ice, ginger beer and a dash of lime or lemon juice [or even cordial] is cheery and festive...surely!

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