Godiva Chocolate Martini recipe

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1 1/2 shots Godiva® chocolate liqueur
1 1/2 shots creme de cacao
1/2 shot vodka
2 1/2 shots half-and-half

Mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice, shake and pour into a chilled cocktail glass.

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Chocolate martini

posted by erin morvan @ 11:41AM, 4/29/06

Godiva Chocolate Martini

posted by linds @ 08:14PM, 5/04/06

Very smooth...Goes down really easy...
Godiva Chocolate Martini

posted by Cynthia @ 09:41PM, 5/07/06

YUMMMMMMMMMMM! The best...'specially if enjoyed with your best beau!! :)
Chocolate Martini

posted by Rose B. @ 07:00PM, 5/10/06

I tried this recipe in my restaurant using Chocolate Temptations instead of Godiva and now it's permanently on my Martini Menu.
Chocolate Heaven

posted by Naperville Mommy @ 10:34AM, 5/11/06

The best chocolate martini I have ever had. We added a swirl of Hershey's syrup to the Martini glass for decoration.... It tasted and looked good!
Godiva Chocolate Martini

posted @ 09:42PM, 5/11/06

Delicious drink, especially if the plain vodka is substituted for a vanilla-flavored vodka.
Great recipe!

posted by Ray @ 11:58PM, 5/11/06

The absolute best chocolate martini recipe available...you might want to triple the recipe!

posted by Lizzie @ 01:50AM, 5/25/06

I used to use Godiva in my chocolate martinis bartending in Chicago;

1/2 shot white Gidiva chocolate
1/2 shot dark Godiva chocolate
1shot of Stoli orange vodka

Just what I needed...

posted by Eva @ 10:40PM, 5/25/06

At the end of a very long day. I dipped the rim of the martini glass in hersheys syrup and then into sugar..mmmmm.

posted by Julie @ 05:17PM, 5/27/06

This was the yummiest martini I have ever had!
No whip cream?

posted by Stephinator45 @ 05:49PM, 6/03/06

I put just a dollop of whip cream on top with a cherry.
Absolutely Divine

posted @ 12:16AM, 6/11/06

I no longer have to go to my fav. bar or restaurant to quench my craving. I loved this recipe.
It's the best their is!

posted by Michael @ 06:23PM, 6/17/06

If you really want to indulge yourself this is the way to go. Vanilla vodka in place of plain vodka makes it even better!

posted by Matt @ 10:10AM, 6/23/06

My girlfriend, a martini guru, absolutely loved it... Thank you.
Chocolate martini

posted by theeny @ 06:24PM, 7/06/06

Instead of 2 1/2 ounces of half and half I used 2 ounces and added 1/2 ounces of chocolate flavored creamer. Really tasted great.
Perfect as directed!

posted by Michele @ 07:21PM, 7/13/06

This drink is so good!
Chocolate Martini extra

posted by KelleyOnTheCoast @ 08:33PM, 7/16/06

My favorite restaurant swirls chocolate from the bottom to the rim and adds a chocolate KISS in the bottom. You talk about heaven!!

posted by binks @ 01:09PM, 7/22/06

Wanted to try this, but the LCBO says that the Godiva chocolate liqueur is discontinued.

Anyone know a good substitute?
Good, but this is just as good....

posted by Dave @ 10:33PM, 7/22/06

I use ½ shot of Dark Godiva, ½ shot White Godiva, and 1 shot Stoli. Shake and sprinkle with Godiva Chocolate. It is just as good, and far less calories.

If you want more chocolate flavor you can increase the Godiva liqueur or you can swill some chocolate around the inside of the glass as decoration that adds to the taste.
Really good, but...

posted by Ellen @ 12:33AM, 7/29/06

Try equal parts of Godiva Chocolate, Irish Creme and Vanilla Vodka, forget the half and half and drizzle chocolate syrup around the rim and on inside of glass
Martini Heaven!

posted by BG @ 12:23PM, 9/15/06

Best chocolate martini ever! Took advice on using Vanilla Vodka instead of plain Vodka and it is absolutely the best!
Godiva heaven

posted by Linda @ 08:23AM, 9/25/06

The best I have ever tested.
Amazing Martini

posted by Ivette @ 05:49PM, 10/06/06

This is such a good recipe, we tried it with the vanilla vodka. Outstanding!!!
Chocolate martini

posted by fingerlinks @ 01:17PM, 10/24/06

Absolute heaven.
Definite must try

posted by dh @ 11:19AM, 11/04/06

WOW, so easy and so yummy. We're havng it at our girlfriend's Christmas brunch this year.

posted by Kristyn @ 06:16PM, 11/04/06

I have tried many but this is the best!! I added a little Hersey's Chocolate and what a treat!
They were a hit

posted by BP @ 02:04PM, 11/07/06

We made them at our party and even the guys loved them. We ran out of Godiva liquor and had to go to the store mid-party to buy more. We're hooked.
Chocolate Milk

posted by eah @ 12:42AM, 11/27/06

Tastes like adult chocolate milk. Everyone I know loves it!!
A big hit

posted by R @ 01:40AM, 11/29/06

I made these at a party and EVERYONE loved them. We went through 2 bottles of 750ml Godiva and people were still begging for more. By that time we were all too messed up to go buy more, though...

I used non-fat milk instead of half & half. Worked great.
Godiva Chocolate Martini

posted by Teri @ 01:38PM, 12/02/06

The best ever! Goes down very smoothly!
Chocolate martini

posted by Judy C @ 02:55PM, 12/10/06

I use Dutch chocolate vodka, half & half, Baileys Irish Cream, White Godiva, drizzel glass with chocolate syrup. Truely heaven.
Godiva Chocolate Martini

posted by Mo @ 05:30PM, 12/21/06

I use one shot vodka, instead of 1/2 shot. THIS IS YUMMY!
Grown-Up Chocolate Milk! ;-)

posted by Scarlett @ 01:51PM, 12/23/06

Absolutely wonderful!!! Like chocolate milk with a kick!
Amazing Godiva Martini

posted by Carly @ 03:37PM, 12/28/06

Try using equal parts of dark and white chocolate godiva liqueur with a shot of three olives vodka, wet the rim of your martini glass and dip it in hot chocolate mix, drizzle chocolate syrup on the inside of your martini glass. Make sure you chill your martini in a shaker first and enjoy!! It is the heaven in a glass!!
Heaven at Biltmore

posted by Phyllis @ 10:38AM, 1/01/07

The Stable Restaurant at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville offers this. It is unbelievably delicious. If you have not tried it, it is a MUST.
Chocolate Martini

posted by Amber @ 03:16AM, 1/07/07

YUMMY!! I dipped the glasses in Hershey's syrup and then dipped into sugar and all I can say is GENIUS. They are so good. And yes this reciepe only makes 2 martini's so you might want to double or triple it!! Thanks for the tips!
Chocolate martini

posted by Christine @ 05:02PM, 1/16/07

The best ever chocolate martini: 1 shot chocolate godiva, 1 shot white chocolate godiva, 1 shot creme DeCacoa, 1 shot vodka, and 3 shots milk or half n half. it is wonderful - I've ordered chocolate martinis at several different places but this recipe is top of the list. :-)
Chocoholics dream !

posted by Mal @ 03:52PM, 1/20/07

This drink is pure perfection. Try it with a touch of Chambord for a little different taste. Yummy!

posted by Suzanne @ 01:24PM, 1/23/07

Went to a wedding in California just last week and I had every one at my table drinking these. They loved them.
Not much of a drinker, BUT...

posted by michelle @ 06:24PM, 1/24/07

For my 21st b day...this is how I started it off... drinking. And WOW! Are these drinks good.
After hours martini

posted by beverly @ 08:39PM, 1/27/07

Great subtle chocolate, we used ketel one as the vodka.
Gotta try it!

posted by Shawnee @ 02:50PM, 2/09/07

I used the Vanilla vodka as recommended by others and it was heavenly! I also drizzled chocolate syrup inside the rim for a beautiful presentation which just made it better.
Godiva Chocolate Martini

posted by Teresa @ 07:37PM, 2/11/07

This is soooooo good!! It is the best chocolate martini I ever had.. and now I make it better then the bartenders!!
Godiva martini

posted by Sherri @ 08:54PM, 2/22/07

Made it with chocolate vodka. AMAZING.
Godiva Chocolate Martini

posted by martinilover @ 11:12AM, 2/24/07

This is especially good if you put a hersheys kiss in the bottom of the glass before pouring the contents in. The last sip is awesome.
Chocolate goodness...

posted by theresa @ 11:17PM, 2/25/07

We didn't have any half and half so I substituted chocolate milk. It is amazing!
Good as a shot, too.

posted by IP @ 09:44PM, 3/03/07

I too have had this recipe using godiva white, irish creme, and vanilla vodka. Poured into a frozen creme de cacao shot glass, this drink is the best way to end a long day and/or night.
Godiva chocolate martini

posted by Ruth @ 12:54PM, 3/30/07

It is the best martini you could ever have.
Chocolate Martini

posted by Irresistible @ 08:03PM, 4/11/07

This is simply great! Had the first one a few weeks ago, I'm hooked on it!!!
Thanks John from Sofitel philly

posted by stan @ 07:23PM, 4/29/07

He was the 1st to hit me with this drink and it's great. I drink it made nowhere else.
The Best!!

posted by mLB @ 01:12PM, 5/15/07

My boyfriend, who just went to bartending school, made me one of these and it was SCRUMPCIOUS!!!
Chocolate Martini

posted by Yo @ 10:23PM, 5/16/07

I went thru experimenting with so many Chocolate Martinis. I have found using the Godiva white chocolate is the best. I went from Kahlua, Cask and Cream, and Creme de Cacao. Now I have gotten it down to suit my taste. I use White Chocolate Godiva, Irish Cream, Vanilla Vodka and a splash of clear Creme de Cacao. I use the cocoa rimmers and garnish with a Hershey Kiss. It's absolutely delicious.
Good to the last drop

posted by JC @ 06:11PM, 5/18/07

Really good recipe....strong but smooth.
Best martini ever

posted by TC @ 08:27PM, 6/09/07

I use 1 shot of bailey's and 1.5 shot of 2% milk, instead of 2.5 shot half anf half, really good! -plus adds a tiny extra kick.
FROZEN Chocolate Martini

posted by Me @ 08:22AM, 6/10/07

I make them frozen...it's an Italian ice with a kick! You'll love it!

posted by Cammy @ 04:20PM, 7/03/07

Awesome drink. Delicious, I can't say enough about it.

Rich, chocolatey, mm, mm, good.
tart it up

posted by Keith in NY @ 11:29AM, 8/01/07

I use two measures Vanilla vodka to one measure of white creme de cacao, wet the rim and dip in Ghirardelli hazelnut chocolate mix, then shave Ghirardelli chocolate into the drink, superb!

posted by Kelly @ 08:18PM, 10/20/07

I made this with skim milk, and garnished with a cherry...yum!
Really good!

posted by Rob @ 05:00PM, 11/17/07

I substituted some Skyy Vanilla vodka and it really makes a difference! Go ahead and use half & half. Milk just doesn't do this drink justice.
Chocolate vodka

posted by rachel @ 06:15PM, 12/16/07

We made this with chocolate vodka instead of plain... yummmmm.

posted by Michelle @ 02:20PM, 12/23/07

Put a Hershey Kiss at he bottom of the glass for a added surprise after a really "addictive drink;)'

posted by Susan 2007 @ 11:49PM, 12/31/07

New Year's Eve...The BEST champagne, food etc...
This was the most memorable ending ever!!! Everyone wanted more!
Make one now; it will be your signature close to a great night.

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8.7 g
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17.2 g


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28.5 g
23.5 g

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