Cosmopolitan Martini recipe

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1/2 oz Cointreau® orange liqueur
1 oz vodka
juice of 1/2 limes
1 splash cranberry juice

Pour all ingredients in mixing glass half filled with ice, shake and strain into chilled martini glass.

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posted by angeltien @ 11:25PM, 5/30/06

I used this receipe to make this drink. I had a few compliments in regards to this drink. I used Polar Ice vodka instead of the general vodka brand. I didn't use Cointreau orange liqueur, but i used Triple Sec. It was very smooth.

posted by kabernet @ 07:10PM, 6/02/06

This is my favourite martini drink..I use Triple Sec and either Absolut Vodka or Citrus Smirnoff....really addictive and totally gives you a good feeling before dinner!

posted by lisa @ 09:30PM, 6/02/06

I'm really picky about what I like and my bf made this drink for me with the triple sec and belvedere vodka...first drink he made I enjoyed!

posted by eric @ 06:19PM, 6/16/06

This recipe is ok, but subbing triple sec for the cointreau is not recommended. The BEST cosmo is equal parts Cointreau / Grand Marnier / Vodka / 100% cranberry juice, shake w/ice in shaker then pour into glass...then squeeze 1/4 lime into glass and drop in....and enjoy.

Also, one interesting twist when cranberries are in season is to take fresh cran. and puree them along with some sugar to sweeten, then use that inplace of the juice, but it will make the drink have pulp, but it is tasty.

posted by Ben @ 09:22PM, 7/06/06

I didn't love it . I don't like when I can taste the alcohol I used Absolut citron maybe a mistake.

posted by carla pia @ 02:31PM, 7/28/06

Lo mejor, the best..........delicious drink. Specially when you are having fun with your friend this is a kind of drink who invite people to have a great time.

posted by cosmo girl @ 02:10PM, 8/05/06

Wow! LOVE this drink, this original recipe is the best!!!
Cosmo blanc

posted by Jamie Newman @ 10:35PM, 8/28/06

I lived in France last summer and am positive that this is the drink that i was addicted to. Always before dinner, it was great! However, now I am trying to recreate. Does any one know the difference between a rogue (red) or a blanc (white) cosmo?? Because the french seemed to emphasize either/or.
Better Yet

posted by George @ 04:30PM, 9/04/06

Add 1 oz of Cranberry juice to enchance color and flavor.

posted by Tracy @ 02:56AM, 9/29/06

This recipe is okay...I used equal parts triple sec, lemon juice, lime vodka and 100% cranberry juice....yum!

posted by smoo2 @ 04:58AM, 10/16/06

Well yes indeed this is a total mind blower if made right, like the others suggest use citrus smirnoff and fresh cran or 100% juice and this will have you hooked in no time........will get you on your merry way and you will be enjoying yourself immensely.

posted by J @ 08:19PM, 11/11/06

I used Grand Marnier and 100 Proof Absolute. A very tasty drink.
No red version

posted by Andy @ 08:32PM, 11/27/06

If guys don't like the pink drink, try subbing simple syrup in lieu of the cranberry. I used Cointreau and Grey Goose. It is a keeper!
Hmmm...I wonder why?

posted by Colin @ 09:04PM, 11/29/06

You used a citrus vodka in a cocktail made of orange and cranberry flavors. Next time, if you absolutely need to use flavored vodka, try something that is actually in the pallet of flavors already in the drink.

posted by Jen @ 09:22PM, 12/02/06

I used Grand Marnier and Absolut raspberry instead of the usual vodka and it was soo yummy! Also, I added a cherry at the bottom of all the glasses- the girls loved it!

posted by SusandtheCity @ 02:29PM, 12/03/06

My favorite drink. I never use ANYTHING but Grey Goose vodka. Everytime I've used Absolut, it tastes like alcohol. It's much smoother with Grey Goose. I've tried both Triple Sec and Cointreau - doesn't seem to make a difference.
Cosmopolitan Blanco

posted by mariospeedwagon @ 05:14PM, 12/25/06

Use this recipie with white cranberry juice for a different look and taste. All amounts are the same, but with the less-tart whie cranberries, I found using a bit more makes for a more tasty Cosmo Blanco.
Christmas Martini

posted by Renee @ 05:36PM, 12/26/06

Wow! Our cosmopolitan christmas martini tops them all! Just the perfect combo of ingredients for a beautiful christmas red color.... 1 oz citron vodka, .5 oz cointreau, 1 oz 100 % cranberry and squeeze the lime in before shaking... everyone wanted another!
Cosmos are Yum

posted by Pat @ 01:36PM, 12/27/06

I recently learned about and tasted cosmos, but a local bartender rims the glass with pink sugar to make them a pink cosmo! Yum as Rachel Ray would say!
Yummy Cosmo

posted by Suz @ 04:29PM, 12/30/06

I use currant vodka since it's better than citrus!

posted by me @ 01:41PM, 2/16/07

Great drink recipe! Using Pravda or Ketel One gives a very good flavor with a good finish.
D e l i c i o s o ! ! !

posted by Adriana @ 10:46PM, 2/24/07

It is just delicious!
This cosmo...

posted by beth @ 05:21PM, 3/02/07 a panty dropper!

posted by ed @ 11:13AM, 3/16/07

I like to rim the glass with sugar before hand for a bit of added sweetness.

posted by Donna @ 01:16PM, 3/23/07

I drink cosmo's all thetime, I also make a good one. I use Cointreau/ Gey Goose orange/ a splash of cranberry juice/ and a little squeese of a fresh lime pour into a shaker filled half way with ice and shake pour into a chilled martini glass very very smooth. I have had them with Grand Marnier but have a headache later to sweet.

posted by dekk @ 04:41AM, 5/31/07

Cosmo is very popular, I always do this as a party cocktail.
Re: Red or White Cosmo

posted by Sven El Gaucho @ 09:44AM, 5/31/07

Here is your answer: A Red Cosmo or just Cosmo is with Red Cranberry Juice and a White Cosmo is with White Cranberry Juice. That is the only difference.
Perfect Cosmo

posted by kc @ 06:00PM, 6/08/07

Do not sub Triple Sec for Cointreau (too tart), use Grey Goose L'Orange or Stoli Orange, rest as per recipe. If intending more than one/two, cut 1oz ice water -no taste change but drinks a bit slower.
Peach schnapps

posted by tiamo @ 06:22PM, 7/08/07

Great recipe, but add just a little Peach Schapps to it and it is FANTASTIC!!
Cointreau Made It Great...

posted by kylehayes @ 12:16AM, 12/24/07

I prefer this version much more with the Cointreau as noted in the recipe. Nice touch! Will be using this bad boy tomorrow for Christmas eve and later next week for the New Year's Eve celebration.

posted by X @ 02:35AM, 1/04/08

Awesome with Belvedere vodka, cointreau, fresh lime and substitute cranberry for cran-apple juice :D

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