Chocolate Martini recipe

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Pour ingredients into shaker filled with ice then pour into martini glass.

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posted by marika @ 07:34PM, 5/15/06

I prefer equal parts vodka and coco liqueur. It will get you sloshed without knowing it. If you're drinking sitting down, I advise you to stand up before you take another.
Chocolate Martini

posted by Sal's the gal @ 08:53PM, 7/02/06

Well, this was great. I did stand up before I had a second and no problem! 2 is plenty however!

Easy and quick preparation, which is what I was after!

Better with syrup!

posted by Kelley @ 07:17PM, 10/13/06

Better with;
1oz vodka
1oz creme de cacao
1 1/2 oz of 1% Milk

Pour over ice cubes, shake then pour into glass drizzled with Hershey's syrup. Enjoy!
Godiva Chocolate Martini!

posted by Ruby @ 02:55AM, 11/16/06

Try this same recipe with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur instead of the Cacao... Thumbs up all the way!
I had my first last night..

posted by amazing @ 06:06PM, 12/30/06

I drank it standing in one position.. i was perfectly fine drinking it.. then when it was done and i had to walk.. holy hell haha best drink ever and it tastes amazing.
White Chocolate Martini

posted by Soto-San @ 11:23PM, 12/30/06

This version rocks -- looks like a traditional martini, tastes like chocolate

- 1 part Stoli Vodka
- 2 parts Hiram Walker Creme de Cacao (white)
Chocolate martini

posted by -Dawn @ 08:06PM, 1/03/07

We rimmed the glass with chocolate - we had mexican on hand which grates easily, it added a lot to the drink! And took away some of the strong alcohol taste.
Try it with a Rim

posted by Eat, Drink and Be Merry! @ 08:59PM, 2/01/07

Add 1/2 oz of Godiva White Chocolate liqueur and dust with a Hershey's Coco rim. The rim idea sounds "bitter" but it adds a great finish!
Chocolate rimmed glass

posted by Marci @ 12:06PM, 2/06/07

Rim your glass with melted chocolate. Add a hersheys kiss.

posted by Christie @ 07:37PM, 3/06/07

After trying many different chocolate martini recipes, I have found this one to be the best --
1 shot chocolate vodka
2 shots Godiva white chocolate liquer
1/2 shot creme de cocoa
2 shots whole milk
Two will do it!

posted by drinksmixing @ 07:46PM, 4/20/07

I think this is a fine beverage, however two will do it.
Different Recipe

posted by chris @ 05:11PM, 4/26/07

A better way to make it is with this recipe:

1oz stoli vanil vodka
1/2 oz godiva dark liquor
1/2 oz godiva white liquor
splash of Navan vanilla cream cognac
half and half to liking

nice full flavor.
Absolutely lovely

posted by sir stand alot @ 11:02PM, 5/05/07

Very nice. To be drunken sitting down.
Clear chocalate martini

posted by gemini @ 07:03PM, 6/08/07

I am not a big fan of creamy drinks so the vanilla stoli and creme de cacao was not only delicious but when poured into a fine martini glass-it sparkled like a diamond. truly enjoyable.
Vanillia Vodka makes it better

posted by Drew @ 09:32PM, 6/11/07

Try using Vanillia vodka instead of reg. taste much better and a lot out!!!
Stoli vanille

posted by ralph malak @ 07:13AM, 6/19/07

Try to use a stoli vanille it will be perfect. Also rim your glass with a chocolate powder. and CHEERS!!!

posted by Nikki @ 09:10AM, 6/26/07

Try rimming your glass with raw sugar.
It was a bit too strong for me

posted by missmixologist @ 09:55PM, 6/27/07

I have yet to try the perfect Chocolate Martini. Had one about 3 years ago and it was perfect. I wish I had the recipe. Iv'e tried choc.Godiva, Vanilla Vodka, Creme' de Cocoa(clear), and Irish cream. That is the closest since. I have even experimented with Baileys and Kaluha and just can't get it right. Can anyone reccomend a recipe or a good Vanilla Vodka? No expense is a concern for a really great drink.
Celebrity Cruise Chocolate Martini

posted by Tom @ 04:42PM, 7/08/07

I was on a cruise and got my first chocolate martini, I think they use ice cream. Does anyone have that recipe? That was great. Two of those was enough to make you walk funny, or was it the ship movement?
Chocolate martini

posted by pirateskateboards @ 10:38AM, 8/12/07

I made it differently every time but this was the best i came up with.

Rim glass w/ chocolate powder or use sugar
1oz shot Vanilla Stoli
1oz dark Godiva
.5 oz white Godiva
.5-1oz Creme de Cacoa
splash of milk/non-dairy cream or whatever you use
garnish w/ 2 cherries

This is a rich drink.
Love this drink

posted by Beverly @ 04:08PM, 9/07/07

I added a shot of bailey's......heaven!!
Rim Job~~With a Kiss

posted by Steve and Shelly @ 06:55PM, 9/14/07

Pour some Hershey's chocolate syrup onto a plate, then put the glass, top down so that the rim is chocolate covered, then add a Hershey's Kiss to the drink...Yummy!!!!
Chocolate martini

posted by Johnnie Angus @ 06:54PM, 9/18/07

The drink is wonderful but you must add a small block of godiva bitter chocolate in the bottom of the glass and shred some over the entire top.. yum***
I am addicted

posted by BlkNectar @ 07:38PM, 10/21/07

I had gastro bypass surgery and was introduced to this drink and i am addicted. I don't use the cream or milk, I use and swirl the glass with sugar free chocolate and then use top shelf three olive chocolate vodka,cream de caao, and white godiva chocolate, i drink one and i am gone out of his world. I spoke to my Dr. who said that if you leave out the cream and half and half it is not that bad. i am concened about the sugar, but I can only drink one and if i have two , i am on my butt. I love it and I never drank before. now I have one a day.
Chocolate ice cream instead of Ice

posted by Don @ 07:05PM, 12/20/07

2 scoops chocolate ice cream, use a premium one
1 shot cream de coco
1 shot Godiva milk chocolate
2 shots Vodka
garnish glass rim with milk chocolate syrup and add 1 teaspoon to mix
Chocolate Martini is Wonderful

posted by Lori Vattes @ 09:49AM, 12/28/07

I don't usually drink but I was at the Olive Garden Wednesday night and I ordered my first Chocolate Martini. It was great. I didn't do the stand up thing after I drank it but I only had one and shared it by sipping it with my mother. I didn't hear about standing up until I got to this website but I will try the stand up thing next time if I have more than one.
Chocolate Martini

posted by Lori Vattes @ 09:51AM, 12/28/07

I wonder if you could add peppermint schnapps to this recipe for the holidays.

posted by LeeAnne @ 02:48PM, 12/28/07

I love all the ideas above and would like to try them

I do however think a small chocolate rosebud in the bottom of the martini glass looks very appealing with the clear chocolate martini!
going going gone......

posted by Candice @ 09:20PM, 12/31/07

great drink. good to make when u have lots of people wanting them because it saves time instead of adding different ingredients... but like someone said before it can make u drunk before u know it. but is great for new years eve when getting drunk is really whats on peoples mind..... ha
Cruise Martini

posted by kdg @ 05:58PM, 1/04/08

Just came back from a cruise and I wrote down the ingredients listed on their menu for the Chocolate Martini. Now I wish that I watched him make it....I haven't attempted to make it yet but will soon...
Van Gogh Chocolate vodka, white creme de cocoa, dark creme de cocoa and ice cream mix.

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