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Combine (proportions of 50/50) Bailey's Irish Cream and Irish Whiskey into one shot glass. Drop the shot into a mug of guinness and chugg until empty.

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Fun, but use less guiness

posted by fuzzyshrapnel @ 04:31PM, 9/15/06

1 pint? That's way too much. You can't chug that.
Best drink ever

posted by Mumbles @ 09:23AM, 12/17/06

Enough said =D
On the floor

posted by Penis @ 06:27PM, 12/20/06

This is the best shit ever.
To 1st comment

posted by BandCampBar @ 03:28AM, 12/24/06

Oh... you can...
Yes you can

posted by Kenjamin @ 05:08PM, 12/31/06

I have done it plenty of times with a pint. It can be done. You just HAVE to chug it or the Bailey's will curdle.
My favorite drink

posted by Charlie @ 06:40AM, 1/01/07

Kind of the point, its a little excessive, but always a blast.
Use about 3/4

posted by Attredies @ 05:38PM, 1/03/07

Use about 10oz, much easier.
My favorite shooter

posted by Tino @ 12:46AM, 1/09/07

I love drinking this in a dark Irish pub (Liffey!!!!). The mix of these these alcohols taste like a chocolate latte to me. UUUUMMMM. Plus it has a kick after a couple of these.
This is amazing

posted by Ocho Grande @ 10:22AM, 1/20/07

I think you use the full pint when shot is dropped. If you can not handle the full pint you should not do this.
1 pint?

posted by Lucass @ 03:23AM, 1/26/07

I'm usually usually served a 1/2 pint of stout in a carbomb. 1 pint + 1 shot + 1 shotglass would take a really big glass! Delicious depth charge drink, tho.

posted by Sean Solo @ 12:29AM, 2/16/07

Definitely less Guinness. And don't order them in a busy bar. It's obnoxious. Just don't order them. Make them at home.
Puss Down

posted by itsgoindown @ 10:16AM, 2/23/07

Sounds like a great plan for st pats.
Great drink

posted by Matt @ 03:59AM, 3/05/07

Great drink for after-shift parties.. take a deep breath and chug. Carefull though, don't swallow the shotglass.. haha

posted by bob3 @ 04:00PM, 3/10/07

You can chug a pint if you're not a pussy.
Aren't you missing Kahlua?

posted by Ruairi @ 07:07PM, 3/10/07

That's the point of the drink... to chug it and the cream and guinness at the bottom clears the taste of the whiskey!
Thats the fun

posted by Bob @ 08:25PM, 3/13/07

The hardest part is to drink the Guiness before the Bailey's starts to curdle... makes for an interesting night if you are too slow.
You are a pussy, sir..

posted by DJBlu @ 06:55PM, 3/16/07

Seriously... if you can't chug a pint of beer, then you don't have the experience needed to be doing this.

no joke....

posted by cantripghost @ 05:30PM, 4/05/07

It's suposed to be half a pint, but since you gotta pay for a full pint anyway, you may as well drink it down to half slow, then drop the shot glass and chug.

posted by canuckbartender @ 11:04PM, 4/10/07

You're obviously not Irish...

(It's also simply known as a "Carbomb" if either whiskey or cream liquer used are not Irish)

Jameson & Bailey's are a favorite for the Irish Carbomb
You pussy 1 pint is easy to chug

posted by Commando1257 @ 02:45PM, 4/21/07

All you have to do is keep drinking. and breathe through your nose.
You must not be Irish

posted by AFRC_Guy605 @ 11:46PM, 4/26/07

Because it has, and will continue to be done.
Cant chug?

posted by bobjameson @ 04:06PM, 5/03/07

Only wussys cant chug a pint...but you are right the full pint of guinness wont fit the shot glass and liquor into it. A little over half works fine
Brilliant drink

posted by taz21 @ 06:40AM, 5/12/07

Great drink, just lovely. And a pint is just enough. It's a perfect measure.
Don't be a bitch

posted by Rompy @ 07:04PM, 5/15/07

Learn to chug a beer you woman.
Seriously, this drink rocks.

posted by psychobraden @ 07:11PM, 6/05/07

This is a personal favorite of mine. and yeah, you can chug a pint. In fact, it's pretty easy.
Cant chug

posted by TriThis @ 07:26PM, 6/07/07

He who can't knock down a pint of Guinness should practice.

This particular drink is technically called an Irish Carbomb.
It's not technically an Irish Car Bomb

posted by D Rock @ 07:29PM, 6/12/07

No it's technically called an Irish Whiskey Drop...try going to a pub in Ireland and order a car bomb and see what happens to you.
Creamy Goodness!

posted by missmolly @ 03:48PM, 6/14/07

These bad boys are trouble!
Best Milk Shake Ever!

posted by aa @ 06:23PM, 6/14/07

Everytime I down one of these delicious Gunniess masterpieces I think of those chocolate malts you would get as a kid from the ice cream shop. lol Stop reading and go get one now you silly bastards!

Absolutely Delicious

posted by matt @ 12:55AM, 7/19/07

Can't chug one pint of guinness!? Spend a week at UGA and i'll change your mind.

posted by Jorge @ 10:32PM, 9/08/07

I have been on 4 camping trips this summer and this has been the Star drink of them all !! Absolutely the best in my opinian!!
Bad Ass Drink

posted by 5th KSK @ 05:22PM, 9/24/07

It tastes better if you only use a half pint of guiness it has more of that creamy richness. You'll be fat in a week if you drink alot of these they are really filling and heavy best for topping off your night of drinking
The History of the CARBOMB by any and all names.

posted by Pouringpro @ 12:54PM, 10/15/07

Drink History

The CARBOMB: The Creation of An Historic Cocktail
Charles Burke Cronin Oat
Master of Mixology 1957-2007

NOTE: Before you start understand that this was a carefully thought out "Cocktail", a Recipe!!! To you naysayers on the Kahlua because it is not Irish.. remember a Margarita has Triple sec and it is French. The Carbomb is a recipe.

This incredibly tasty drink was invented in 1979 as a follow up to the shot which was I created in 1977 on St. Patrick's Day. Originally the shot was called a Grandfather- 1/2 oz. give or take of Baileys and 1/4 oz.or so of Kahlua The name Grandfather lasted through the first hour of its life and many, many toasts to our grandfathers were made.

I put it together for my brothers who were visiting my pub, Wilson's Saloon, 76 Franklin St. Norwich, Ct. Est. 1886, that St. Patrick's Day afternoon.

Being St. Patrick's Day heavy toasting was in order. However, after consuming a few "Grandfathers" along with Pints of Guinness, the true drink of "The Day"; we all realized something was missing. The taste was incredible!!! (Kahlua was key to this) but, couldn't quite get the buzz going. I knew immediately what it was, and with a laugh at our stupidity, I yelled for a bottle of Jameson. As I poured the whiskey into the shot of Bailys and Kahlua I commented that the IRA just showed up. This oughta work now! (As you add the Jameson to the Baileys and Kahlua, the shot boils up like an explosion, hence the IRA.) Others at the bar joined in to the toasting , Give us some of those IRA shots they're drinking was the call up and down the bar. And the name Grandfather disappeared and the IRA was born. (In its early days the use of Scotch and American whiskeys was used in place of Jameson throughout the area, because so very few establishments had an Irish Whiskey. An ugly thought.}

Two years later, drinking IRAs and Guinness with my manager, I got the crazy idea as we were toasting to drop the shot in my half finished Guinness. The look in his eyes as I held the shot over the Guinness said it all. "Bombs Away " was the call. We called it the Belfast Carbomb, Irish Carbomb in other company, and Carbomb when we were looking for a fellow reprobate to join us in celebrating the fact that we had survived another day.

The drink languished in Ct. and was slowly spread across America by the many Navy personnel who frequented Wilson's Saloon. World renown for this drink did not come until many years later. The marketing blitz by the Guinness corporation late 80's early 90's got things rolling. The popularity explosion of Guinness in America that resulted made all things created with Guinness popular too. The Carbomb is fun to drink, tastes great, women love them equally as well as men!

A final note: If you invent a drink such as the Carbomb, as I did so long ago, beware! You never know if it might become famous, so pick the name carefully. IRA and Carbomb are "cool" in the bar scene, but in the reality of today NOT. Did you know you can order and get a "carbomb" in Dublin, Ireland, I've been told. I find that truly the most amazing part of the IRA and Carbombs' historic journey.
None of you are Irish!

posted by Jimbolo the Great, Dublin, Eire @ 05:18AM, 10/22/07

This is not something new to the world. It is always served just under a pint and it's no big deal. Average time should be under 2.2secs or don't even bother. Guinness has two "N"s in it and Jameson is spelt with an "E" not an "I". Remember there is no "F" in Duck!
Grow a pair, fuzzyshrapnel

posted by keithatoz @ 10:56PM, 10/22/07

This is a good drink. Come to McNellie's in Tulsa, OK, and we'll have car bomb relay races. And a pint is not too much, fuzzy. I've seen these done as a pitcher as a shot. Of course, we had to call the crash cart afterwards...
how fast is a quick chug?

posted by arion. s @ 11:54AM, 1/04/08

i got 5 seconds after i dropped the shot glass in the cup

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Nutritional Information

(per 17 oz serving)

Calories (kcal)
Energy (kj)

2.1 g
21.3 g
1.6 g


0 mg
48 mg
26.7 g

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