Caipiroska recipe

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8 limes wedges
1 tsp sugar

Crush sugar into the lime wedges with a spoon. Place the lime wedges in the bottom of an 8 oz. glass. Cover with crushed ice, fill glass with vodka, and serve.

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Good Stuff

posted by tikitender @ 11:38PM, 8/22/06

I actually had a pair of Russion gentlemen request this drink after they saw me making fresh Mojitos. It has become very popular at my beachside Florida bar.
This is the most awesome drink!

posted by lets @ 01:40PM, 8/23/06

However, you don't use a spoon to crush the sugar into the lime, you use a mullet.
Just Beautiful

posted by megsy06 @ 09:48PM, 12/06/06

My favourite of all time - especially in summer. This one packs a punch, but I feel like I could drink it all night. Add a little soda, or tonic to lighten the load...

posted by Lucy @ 07:48AM, 12/20/06

This drink is best on the beach at Ipanema.
The best drink ever

posted by ivan @ 11:13PM, 1/24/07

It is an awesome drink!!! But you actually have to crush limes and sugar together with pestle and mortar and then add this juice to the glass with ice. Finally you complete with vodka
posted by lets @ 01:40PM, 8/23/06

posted by jp @ 03:06AM, 1/31/07

A "muddle".
Add summer fruits

posted by Ross from london @ 09:31AM, 2/08/07

Add any fruit, like strawberries, raspberries... etc. To make a great summer cocktail.
Additional tips

posted by Black Shampoo @ 07:51AM, 2/18/07

Careful when you crush the lime wedges. You may end up getting too much of the bitter taste from the peel. I prefer to make thin wedges and gently crush them with a mullet. Cut a whole lime in half and use a fork to get the juice into the glass. Use white sugar (preferably white cane sugar if you can get it). Another tip is to first add half of the ice, then the vodka, stirr it vigorously and then top it up. Always serve with a straw (to get the sweet/sour taste in the beginning rater than the pure vodka). If you have fresh ripe raspberries, they make a wonderful marriage with the lime. Make sure you get good lime fruits by smelling them before you purchase.
Other ideas...

posted by bishop @ 01:45PM, 3/03/07

The word is "macerate" the sugar and lime.

I actually prefer to squeeze the lime wedges to get more juice, mix sugar until it dissolves in the juices & wedges, macerate a little to get some bitter from the rind.

Adjust sugar to taste (balance the sour, depending on the batch of liumes you are working with), I usually use 2 heaping sponnfuls per drink...

I use blended/'shaved ice that essentially becomes a slush when added to the vodka, sugar, lime mixture.

These things are great for sunny weather and before steak dinners...
Good in hot weather

posted by ericjoh @ 04:24PM, 3/20/07

Had one the first time pool side in Rio. Been making them at home ever since. One key to eliminate the bitterness of the line is to cut the lime in half length ways and slice out the core using a V shaped cut. This was shown to me by the bartender at the hotel I was staying at in Rio. Enjoy!
What about the mint?

posted by Dibs @ 07:34AM, 4/02/07

I thought you're supposed to have loads of fresh mint leaves as well. At least, that's the way I've always had it here in India.

posted by topik @ 07:49AM, 5/07/07

One of the most favorite drinks in my bar.

posted by Jen @ 11:41AM, 6/14/07

In Italy they make it with fresh ground up strawberries. It is absolutely amazing!
re: Mint

posted by Hawk @ 06:46AM, 6/25/07

Adding mint makes it more like a short vodka mojito, which is also good. :D
Best Cooling drink ever

posted by Umesh Padalkar @ 10:45AM, 9/01/07

Lazy Caipiroska : Vodka, lots of tiny lemon pieces, lemon juice, mint leaves and brown sugar. Macerate the brown sugar, mint leaves, lemon pieces and lemon juice. Mix with Vodka (Grey Goose, if possible) and lots of crushed ice in a shaker. Shake well. Pour into tall glass. Get into a hammock and while away the whole afternoon. Start afresh in the evening with the same drink.
Best drink

posted by niki @ 03:31PM, 11/26/07

I was first introduced in italy, i have loved this drink ever since!

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