Dirty Martini recipe

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1. Place an ice cube and a small amount of water in a cocktail glass. Place in freezer for 2 - 3 minutes.

2. Fill a mixer with all ingredients including garnish. Cover and shake hard 3 - 4 times.

3. Remove cocktail glass from freezer, and empty. Strain contents of the mixer into the cocktail glass, include one of the olives, and serve with a mysterious smile.

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Reinvent Dirty Martini

posted by Mike Button @ 04:44AM, 2/09/07

Without knowing the historical background, I mixed this drink in 1968. Most of the time I omit the vermouth and replace that with olive juice. Of course I put a lot more olives in it.
Definition & recipe I looked for

posted by Iseult @ 09:41AM, 3/20/07

Ugh, sounds disgusting; not at all what I expected. Oh, well.
Shaking gin

posted by mixologist diva @ 09:38PM, 5/05/07

You should never shake gin....
Olive and Vodka

posted by Jen @ 05:19PM, 5/29/07

Much better with ice cold vodka and lots of olive juice and olives. I always forget to shake...
Dirty = covering up cheap liquor

posted by junipero @ 03:41AM, 6/04/07

The purpose of a "dirty" martini is to cover up the stench of cheap liquor. Does the idea of drinking water from an olive jar, or drinking bottom shelf swill appeal to anyone?
Dirty Martinis

posted by Aaron Burr @ 08:10PM, 6/16/07

Dirty martinis are one of the most complex and unique drinks. You're only covering up cheap liquor if you're using cheap liquor.

Additionally, dirty martinis are traditionally made with gin, not vodka. If you're looking to experiment, try using Plymouth gin - incredibly smooth and flavorful.
You should always shake gin

posted by The Sophisticate's Diary @ 11:43AM, 7/06/07

With reference to an earlier comment; in the best cocktails (i.e from The Savoy Cocktail Book) gin is always shaken. With ice.

posted by malcom @ 03:59PM, 7/06/07

Tried mixing with and without the Vermouth. I thought it was great either way and I used Beefeaters Gin. This drink is a great break from Diet Coke with this, diet Coke with that, Fresca, cranberry juice and the like.

posted by cllakegrl @ 11:19PM, 7/13/07

I have always loved this drink...and I am picky about my liquor! Cheap liquor? Give me a break! Like drinking olive juice from the jar? Whatever! It is not for everyone. Some adore...some dislike.
She likes it dirty

posted by RickMo @ 03:41AM, 7/19/07

And so do I. I feel the same, it's all personal preference. For example; I prefer vodka to gin. Either way, awesome mix; I haven't had a dirty taste this good in a while.
Additional condiments

posted by tyler @ 11:31AM, 7/26/07

I also like adding a cocktail onion and/or blue cheese olive.
Jalapeno for the bite.

posted by lordcalvert @ 08:08PM, 7/30/07

I use jalapeno stuffed olives and juice from the jar for an extra bite. Kick it up a notch!
Hint of vermouth

posted by Stryker @ 11:14PM, 8/13/07

I love a dirty vodka martini with just a hint of vermouth. After chilling the glass, I like to swirl the vermouth in the glass the pour it out before adding the other already shaken ingredients. I have to agree that a stuffed blue cheese olive is the way to go, as well as a topshelf vodka like grey goose or belvedere.
Olive juice + Vodkaa

posted by Li girl @ 12:12PM, 9/19/07

i recently had a martini with belvedere vodka! and it was amazzinggg...and i love olives so its the perfect drink for mee =)
" Dirty words, thats what I want"

posted by eli @ 05:31PM, 9/29/07

Covering up cheap booze...give me a break!...I like olives stuff with garlic...about 1/2 shot of olive juice...a dollup of dry vermouth...froozen glass and froozen grey goose...shake it up good..pour in glass with at least 4-5 olives....heaven.. eating the olives is like eating the tequilla worn...
Better martini

posted by Joshua @ 11:21AM, 10/04/07

I agree with the above. Pour some vermouth into the shaker, filled with ice, beforehand. Get enough to coat the ice, then strain out, then add the other ingredients and MIX. But then again, maybe i just like mine dry. Oh, and I'll take gin over vodka anyday.
A Martini is made with Gin.

posted by Nick @ 05:27PM, 11/08/07

A Martini is made with Gin. And vermouth. And olives. A drink made with other ingredients has to be qualified. Vodka Martini, White Rum Martini. I have ordered "a martini" at a bar and gotten a glass of vodka with a twist, no Vermouth, even. Stupid bartender claimed she always made them like that. Tits for brains. Nothing wrong with a dash of olive juice, but no need to go overboard.

posted by Becca @ 11:18PM, 11/16/07

I just began drinking these and they are now my most fav! a place served it to me with garlic stuffed olives...amazing. plus, the dirtier the better.
Olive Juice from the jar is appealing.

posted by mhs @ 10:43PM, 12/04/07

olive juice from the jar for some is appealing actually. so is pickle juice(not in a martini, but in potato salad) just as juicy olives are appealing.

posted by DRN @ 07:32PM, 12/05/07

Bombay Sapphire gin and Gallo extra dry vermouth.. awesome combo for this one.. ;) with an olive and an onion.. might want to go a little light on the gin (Bombay= 94 proof, lol)
Extra dirty

posted by JimBeam @ 04:14PM, 12/06/07

Instead of olive juice, i use brine from a jar of pickles (including seeds & various other floating bits), and put a few pieces of gravel from my driveway at the bottom of the glass, for aesthetics.
Are you looking for the bartender martini

posted by Martini Lover @ 09:22PM, 12/18/07

Have you been trying to make your martini like the bartender.. well i try and try and i got it. You add lime I added two slices and 3oz of gin + 1/2 olive juice + just a splash of vermouth/like a teaspoon... Just had to share it with all the martini lovers....
Relevance of Dirty Martinis today?

posted by iain @ 04:04AM, 12/20/07

I run a cocktail bar in London and one of the most common martinis is the dirty. We use Bombay as the gin and it should be shaken without the olives in!
Shaken not stirred

posted by CQ @ 06:21AM, 1/07/08

I have always been lead to believe that Ian Flemming was exposing Mr Bond's humble roots by asking for his martini to be shaken. When it really ought be stirred.

But as many of you concur, horses for courses.
There is no such thing as correct, when it comes to taste.

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