Tequila Sunrise recipe

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Highball Glass
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Pour tequila in a highball glass with ice, and top with orange juice. Stir. Add grenadine by tilting glass and pouring grenadine down side by flipping the bottle vertically very quickly. The grenadine should go straight to the bottom and then rise up slowly through the drink. Garnish stirrer, straw and cherry-orange.

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posted by Kristin @ 03:43PM, 5/13/06

Oh my gosh that is my favorite... I laid drunk under the Eifel Tower in Paris after a few of those!
Missing 1 more ingredient...

posted by Kellyo @ 07:12PM, 5/13/06

You also need cranberry juice... MOST IMPORTANTLY!
I'm gonna try it out

posted by klayton @ 04:44AM, 6/03/06

Cranberry juice is not needed for a sunrise, it's a totaly different drink...
Writing that down

posted by cailet22 @ 02:07AM, 6/18/06

No wonder it's so popular, love making the effect with the syrup.
Fav. drink as of now

posted by C to the P @ 04:12AM, 6/30/06

Works well using a Goblet glass if you don't have a highball. Drink is outragous.
Number 1#

posted by Pig_Penn @ 02:46AM, 7/08/06

I tell ya, when your on the beaches of hawaii sippin on this, you feel like a million bucks. Hits the spot.
Use this kind of tequila

posted by redneck @ 10:33PM, 7/11/06

Try use Cabo Wabo tequila it makes the taste of this favorite so much better.
More ingredient

posted @ 06:29AM, 7/12/06

Great drink but try adding a bit of lemon juice!!!
Try it ..and you will love it

posted by elaine @ 08:59AM, 8/13/06

It has very nice colour effects, I love it.
Great drink

posted by J @ 12:16PM, 10/04/06

This drink was introduced to me not long ago, and it is one of my favorite drinks:)
Cherry brandy

posted by Nique @ 01:33AM, 10/13/06

Replace grenadine with cherry brandy - yummmm.

posted by Boost @ 11:40AM, 11/05/06

Delicious, drink it and wait for the sun to brighten you up from inside
Number 1# even better!!

posted by nem o @ 12:01AM, 11/14/06

LONG LIVE TEQUILA SUNRISE! I love this drink, I love this drink I love this drink...
Oh hell yes

posted by leah @ 05:53PM, 11/20/06

Quite possibly my favorite drink ever. After a few of these you lack the coordination to get the effect with the syrup. But by then, it really doens't matter.
Spanked my cheeks

posted by spunky monkey @ 08:36PM, 11/21/06

Mix drink ingredients in large glass pitcher and slice up an orange and add. Beautiful touch to a spankin' drink.

posted by The ONLY TRUE bartender in TORONTO @ 11:43PM, 12/19/06

Stupid canadian bartenders add sweet & sour mix to the classic drink. Taste like shit with S&S mix.
Pineapple juice

posted by iryna @ 11:34PM, 1/05/07

I always replace grenadine with raspberry syrup... and sometimes orange juice with pineapple... heehee sounds different but still so good.
Awesome drink

posted by Never a Sunset! @ 12:44AM, 1/06/07

What else is there to say. Its where the sunrise starts and the good times roll. I recommend this drink to anyone.
Different tequila

posted by Moni @ 09:29PM, 1/24/07

I adore this cocktail... Try different brands of tequila and you will be amazed how different each brand makes the cocktail taste!

posted by Barbre @ 09:54PM, 1/25/07

This is great but people... don't be wussy, up your tequilla ratio.
Love it!

posted by hey @ 03:34PM, 1/28/07

Lovin' the taste and effect!

posted by lilspoiledgrl5 @ 06:46AM, 2/01/07

It's such a pretty effect too. Makes it more fun to drink!
Great drink

posted by shell @ 09:24PM, 2/09/07

I love this drink so much. I also am the biggest fan of tequila since I tried it. For me it's a different drink, a better one.

But this drink is so tasty, and smooth, and relaxing. Just a great thing to have on a summer night, or after a long work week.

posted by pedro @ 11:59PM, 2/14/07

This is one of the best tasting drink i have seen ...with OLMECA brand tequila i give this a A+

posted by naiem @ 07:34AM, 2/15/07

The best .. try it all.
Triple sec

posted by roseanna @ 10:01PM, 4/05/07

Instead of orange juice use triple sec.
Blackberry brandy

posted by Dave @ 12:15AM, 4/13/07

I've heard blackberry brandy instead of grenadine is real good. Called a tequila sunset.
Lemon juice

posted by Jane @ 09:50AM, 6/17/07

I always have had it with lemon juice too... and always in a large goblet.
One is not enough

posted by Nadi @ 01:50PM, 6/20/07

Great taste but the effects of just one are disappointing. Go for another.
I had to sneak it.

posted by Cliff @ 05:53PM, 9/15/07

I started going to the clubs when I was 17 and this is the first mixed drink I have ever tried. I am 21 now and it is STILL the only thing that I request at a club or bar. THE VERY BEST!!!
if you love this drink...

posted by Kristin @ 03:54PM, 11/07/07

and are a big fan of the tequila sunrise, try replacing the tequila with sake and you get a 'sake sunrise'

mmmmm mmmm good!

posted by jratl1 @ 01:12AM, 12/17/07

In a highball of ice. 1 shot of teq. fill with o.j. lace Grenadine. No garnish.

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