Cosmopolitan Cocktail recipe

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Shake vodka, triple sec, lime and cranberry juice vigorously in a shaker with ice. Strain into a martini glass, garnish with a lime wedge on the rim, and serve.

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Cosmopolitan cocktail

posted by Mrs. Robert Bell @ 09:48PM, 5/19/06

Happy to get this recipe as my granddaughter ordered this for her 21'st birthday.
Sex n the city

posted by stanford... @ 10:57PM, 6/19/06

This drink is fucking fabulous....carrie bradshaw of sex and the city is a huge fan of this and so am i....i'm a believer in the cosmopolitan! Two thumbs up for me!!

carrie i miss you call me up sometime sweetie

posted by Simlissa @ 01:25AM, 6/23/06

This is by far the worst tasting drink i have ever had. Sick.

posted by Burty Butt @ 09:51AM, 6/28/06

Bloody amazing.

posted by Carrie @ 06:53PM, 6/28/06

To the above poster.

posted by Kevin @ 07:17PM, 6/28/06

I used to think almost the same thing you did, until I decided to spend the 25$ on a pint of Cointreau and some more for a higher class vodka. I promise if you use Cointreau(or Grand Marnier) instead of normal triple sec and a good vodka it really is wonderful.

posted by Cherie @ 11:13AM, 6/29/06

I love this drink I feel like a real lady when I am drinking it.

posted by Aryn @ 01:25PM, 6/30/06

Very good drink, as is Sex on the Beach...another fabulous drink. Yes, as Carrie's favorite drink on Sex and the City, it's bound to be a good drink. "I'm having a Cosmopolitan with the woman who writes about Cosmopolitan's" lol.

And ps. to Smlissa or w/e...Sex and the City is a show. Carrie, aka Sarah Jessica Parker, will NEVER call you...sweetie.
Giddy Up!

posted by Shan @ 07:19PM, 6/30/06

Ahhhh...just what the Doctor my weekend shall begin!
Love' em

posted by Cosmogirl @ 06:33PM, 7/01/06

Gosh, how can you say that? I love this fabufuckinglous drink!!! And it even looks good. ;)

Too sweet

posted by redneck @ 02:16AM, 7/05/06

It is an ok drink, a little too sweet for my taste but if you like that kind of thing then this is for you.
Sex and Cosmo

posted by Bunty @ 06:31PM, 7/05/06

Love it. Good before sex. Equally good after.

x x
Cranberry Juice

posted by cosmolover @ 06:59PM, 7/06/06

My favorite drink. But which Cranberry Juice do I buy? Nothing in the store that has "Cranberry" on the label seems to really be cranberry juice. Does that matter?

posted by Daniel @ 07:47PM, 7/13/06

Should try with absolute citron vodka!

posted by AM @ 12:26PM, 7/14/06

I love the drink. my daddy made some for me and I absolutely loved it!
Cosmopolitan Cocktail

posted by Fisty @ 01:06PM, 7/14/06

This drink is the mutts nutz. Yummy.
Love it!

posted by Kathy @ 05:26PM, 7/15/06

Love this drink! (I go lighter on the lime juice though.)

posted by Timmy T @ 07:39PM, 7/19/06

Your tastes are up your arse chum. The Cosmo is awesome!!! Go have a chocolate milkshake.

posted by Ralzie @ 12:12AM, 7/20/06

This recipe is simple, wonderful, and simply wonderful! And it packs a punch!
Perfect cocktail

posted by Texas gal @ 02:15PM, 7/21/06

My boyfriend loves it when I order a cosmo, because all it takes is just one to get me horney!! Ya baby! Oh yeah. It tastes great too.
Then you didn't make it right...

posted by tanya kristine @ 04:24PM, 7/26/06

Try a bud light...more up your alley.

posted by Jenna Willett @ 08:01PM, 7/26/06

I also agree that this drink is fabulous!!!!!
Barbie's hot sex tipple

posted by Ken @ 07:36AM, 7/27/06

Deliciously pink without the sweetness.
Great Cosmo!

posted by Bib Boy @ 08:51AM, 7/27/06

Outstanding!!! Very light on the cranberry - 1/4 oz seems better. Must have a great glass!!
Absolutley Awesome!!

posted by Beth @ 03:41PM, 7/28/06

This is by far my favoritist :p

posted @ 12:50AM, 7/29/06

You've gotta love a classic. I got hooked on these courtesy of Miss Bradshaw
A little chic twist

posted by Anonymous @ 07:50PM, 7/30/06

Use Grand Marnier Red instead of Triple Sec. Also, instead of Plain Vodka, give it a twist with a citrus-y flavored Vodka or, sooo good, the new blood orange flavor some of the brands are coming out with!
Very strong

posted by JoJo @ 08:11PM, 7/31/06

This drink was way stronger than the cosmos i get at the bar...but i played around with it a little and it came out good!
Pink Lady

posted by Terry @ 05:34PM, 8/01/06

This drink is only gross if made by incompitent bar tenders. If made correctly, this drink is fabulous.
Super fave!!!!

posted by mye alcantara @ 03:56AM, 8/02/06

Ny friends and I really love drinking cosmopolitan. Thanks for creating/making such a fab drink!!
Absolutely Fantabulous

posted by zoe @ 01:03PM, 8/02/06

This is my all time favorite drink and I always have it in the freezer on hand for the frozen version. Love it.
I would like a cosmo please

posted by Rakisha @ 10:25PM, 8/04/06

This is my favorite drink and my only drink. I dont remember the last time I didn't order a cosmo.

posted by wanderingstar @ 01:30PM, 8/15/06

I usually hate vodka...but love a cosmo!!! Great drink to set you for a spin and make you feel so naughty!

posted by pearson @ 04:49AM, 8/17/06

Not as good as blue lagoon, but still ok i suppose.
Cosmo great drink

posted by Cnabonnie3 @ 01:20PM, 8/17/06

I personally love cosmopolitans and this was a perfect recipe and simple. Only problem was finding rose's lime juice so I had to get another kind.
Love hate

posted by richie @ 11:19AM, 8/19/06

I hate it but my missis loves em, cheers.
Smooth cosmo

posted by smc @ 04:56PM, 8/19/06

Try with vanilla vodka and cointreau in place of triple sec.
Kid Notorious

posted by Captain Pariah @ 05:17PM, 8/24/06

It's also reportedly the drink of choice of mega-producer Robert Evans.
Cosmo lover

posted by Robin @ 06:51PM, 8/26/06

I agree w/ #2...this drink IS f-ing fabulous....perfect for sipping and you only need 2 to call it a night!

posted by Begum @ 03:07AM, 8/27/06

I absolutely love this drink! And I also recommend trying this- one time the bar didnt have cranberry juice so they used sour cherry juice and it tasted even better than the cranberry! That was in europe though so I dont know if they would have it here. Long story short Cosmopolitan is my drink of choice :)
TOO strong

posted by S @ 09:06PM, 8/27/06

Double the rest of the ingredients and it will taste halfway decent.

Waaay too strong.

posted by XXX @ 08:53AM, 8/29/06

Cointreau and a better vodka ...its definitely divine....

posted by Gemma @ 09:45AM, 8/31/06

Amazing drink, for extra flavour, add a squeeze of an orange. Really makes the drink.

posted by Margie @ 08:58AM, 9/01/06

Make mine a classic martini anytime. I know many people love this cocktail (and as my dear, departed, father used to say, "If you like it, then it's good."), but it is too sweet for me.

posted by Kathy @ 08:25PM, 9/01/06

I agree with Cherie. Use a higher grade vodka (usally Grey goose) and cointreau (or grand marnier) and you have a drink that slides down so smoothe. It is delightful and my favorite drink by far!

posted by @ 01:44AM, 9/03/06

Ever since I became a fan of Sex in the City. I changed my favorite drink Long Island Ice tea to a sexy glamorous glass of Cosmo. And that makes me feel like I'm one of them.

posted by berni @ 04:17AM, 9/09/06

10 out of 10 the only way 2 go as mr big would say absofucknlutely.

posted by grayonna @ 08:59PM, 9/14/06

It's fab, makes you feel just like carrie, best drank in a fancy bar in london, or new york.
Loving cosmos

posted by Maria @ 08:56PM, 9/15/06

Cosmopolitan is BY FAR my favorite drink to have anytime, anywhere. I could go for one right now.
The best ever martini!

posted by gina @ 07:04PM, 9/21/06

Such a classy drink.
Forget Rose's

posted by subhuman85 @ 05:47PM, 9/22/06

Use fresh-squeezed lime juice, Cointreau, citrus-flavored vodka, and good quality cranberry juice that isn't overly sweetened. Makes the drink go from average to fantastic.

posted by Flo @ 08:37PM, 9/25/06

Yuck, no one was impressed :(

posted by Mark @ 09:49PM, 9/25/06

Cherie is correct, this drink is better with Cointreau! Best drink so far!

posted by Jan @ 11:03AM, 9/27/06

A real fashion drink. I feel sorry to get a prejudice well served above all expectations here. How can a whole country be that... alike?

posted by Repin P-town @ 09:40AM, 9/28/06

Too much lime juice

posted by Patty @ 06:56PM, 9/29/06

Cut the lime juice in half, and it's not too bad.

posted by jp @ 04:27PM, 10/09/06

The lime taste is almost overpowering in this recipe. Not sure if the drink is supposed to taste like that.

Admittedly, I used white cranberry juice and not red.
Chick drink

posted by Ernie @ 05:33PM, 10/10/06

If a guy is ever served this drink, shoot the bartender in the head.

posted by Cosmo lover @ 10:18PM, 10/14/06

I love this drink. It's my top choice besides a Dirty Martini. It's a low calorie and sophisticated drink. It's not as sweet as the Apple Martini ( which is good also). It really is a lady's drink.
Good drink

posted by ACE @ 04:54PM, 10/15/06

A good pre dinner cocktail to have either at home or out.

posted by DD Landry @ 09:15PM, 10/22/06

This drink SOOOOOO rocks... I guarantee you will be buzzin....cheers to Cosmo.

posted by Isabell @ 09:27PM, 10/22/06

When I turned 21 years old I had my first drink and it was a Cosmo. This is the best drink ever.

posted by GF @ 04:46AM, 10/23/06

Nice drink, but don't have too many or you get ratarsed pissed!
The Cosmo

posted by Heather @ 04:18PM, 10/27/06

I am a bartender and many people order them. I had never tried it before, last weekend and I have fallin in love with this drink.

posted by Sara @ 03:05PM, 10/28/06

Its a good drink. Nice to have while your sitting down with friends.

Try it.
Not quite there

posted by Barman @ 01:31PM, 11/01/06

Try a dash of orange bitters to really bring out the flavour in the vodka, and an infused Vodka such as Finlandia Cranberry works very well. Dont forget to chill the glass (fill with ice cold water whilst shaking then discard) before you strain.
Great drink

posted by Cosmo lover @ 03:15PM, 11/01/06

I love making these for girl friends when we have cocktails. They are simple to make, the ingredients are some I already have in the house. And if you are willing to spend some mone on top shelf vodka and an orange liquor then they are even better. I suggest using fresh lime juice as opposed to the Rose's sweetened lime juice for an extra kick of flavor.
Cran Razz

posted by Cosmo Queen @ 11:53PM, 11/02/06

I use Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice. In response to Sex and Cosmo I have to agree - Cosmos and Sex just seem to go well together!
My new best friend!

posted by Cinderella @ 05:31PM, 11/03/06

Gotta love this stuff. Not crazy about cranberry juice, try cranapple...makes it delicious.. and yes I agree, better vodka, better drink. Try some grey goose and you'll fly away with this batch!
Less Tart

posted by Ian @ 04:24PM, 11/04/06

To make a less tarty cosmo, try adding some sweetner like sugertwin or powdered suger...
So good

posted by kat @ 05:20PM, 11/04/06

After work or at the club this is the best drink by far.
Good, but could be better

posted by M & D @ 03:41PM, 11/05/06

Okay flavor but lacks color. Suggest a drop of grenadine.
Love it!

posted by Shonnette @ 09:32AM, 11/09/06

My boyfriend wanted me to try it after he bought the entire seasons of "sex and the city".. carrie's favourite drink... i have never stopped. I have added it as my favourite party drink....

Right right on....

posted by drinkmeNOOOOooo @ 02:59PM, 11/10/06

After the above descriptions maybe it should be called fabufuckinglous orgasm!
Think I'll make another.
Ladie's Drink

posted by Shey @ 06:59PM, 11/12/06

I just have to say that when you drink feel sooo freaking sexy!!! Yummmyyy.
Not enough liquer

posted by Casey the bartender @ 01:44AM, 11/13/06

This is an ounce short of vodka. It is supposed to be two ounces of vodka or an eight count with a spout. Oh well, but you're not going to get drunk with this recipe.. And just remember. The reason they cost eight dollars in a bar is because they have so much vodka. Hint Hint.
Cosmopoltian cocktail

posted by ~GG @ 04:41PM, 11/20/06

Pretty smoothe after I added 1/2 oz of Grand Mariner and a little more cranberry juice... "Sex in Texas" comes to mind.

posted by lucy xx @ 11:26AM, 11/22/06

Looks lovely, and make's you feel really sophisticated. A great drink when you're out with the girls.
Cranberry Juice

posted by Bugaboo @ 12:13AM, 11/23/06

I just pick cranberries from the backyard and squeeze them when i make this drink. Yes of course it matters the magic of the Cosmopolitan isn't released without it, it's like putting diesel in a gasoline engine tsk tsk... with hand squeezed juice, small red fireworks spiral up towards the heavens with each sip, enjoy! best served at night, or in a dark closet with no flammable materials.

posted by norwaydude @ 05:50AM, 12/10/06

Yeah it's a good drink, BUT that aftertaste is awfull. If the bartender is kind of new to this drink it can literally taste like gasoline. But it tastes strong, and the stronger it taste's the more drunk you get.

posted by Diane @ 11:16AM, 12/13/06

Greatest drink ever concocked! Had one in Arizona on vacation a couple of years ago and have had to have them since!!!

posted by Henry Bagels @ 01:52PM, 12/16/06

Don't smell it it's delicious.

posted by God @ 01:53PM, 12/16/06

It's orgasmic.

posted by dixon @ 09:46PM, 12/17/06

I love the way cosmos look & taste. Sex & the city is my all time favorite drink!!! One question what exactly is triple sec?? When i tried to make cosmos on my own i only put part vodka,cranberry juice, lime. I was not aware you use triple sec.
Cosmo Girl

posted by Heather @ 10:45AM, 12/19/06

Had my first one of these drinks at a work Christmas Party this year at the beginning of December. It tastes great, and it kicks your ass! Loved it. Plan on having them again on Christmas Day.
Cosmo for men

posted by Brent @ 09:46PM, 12/22/06

The traditional Cosmo is fine for those whom it serves. To make something truly drinkable fill a tumbler half full of ice, add a tablespoon of pure cranberry juice (unsweetened, pure "stuff""), add about two ounces of lemon-flavored vodka, and top off with regular cranberry juice (Ocean Spray kind that doesn't have any other juices in it other than cranberry juice).

Perfect. Drinkable for extended periods. Slightly tart, yet sweet. Little to no hangover guaranteed. I call it the Pierce. Say, "pierce me".
Give her another

posted by she wants me @ 04:48PM, 12/30/06

Anything that makes women horny is fine in my book.
Try it with white cranberry juice

posted by Sha nay nay @ 09:22AM, 12/31/06

Cointreau and white cranberry juice and float a few frozen cranberries in the glass.

posted by LookdownGDit @ 04:02PM, 1/05/07

I don't get it, I was afraid of this drink because I ordered it at a Chili's restaurant like a year ago and it was super strong and tasted HORRIBLE. I don't think I even finished it. Than this New Year's, I couldn't think of anything to order (I had had a glass of Cabernet at this point) so I just ordered it. It came out terrific!!! Shamelessly, I ended up drinking 5 within 4 hours. It was nice.... so... just goes to show you how essential it is for the bartender to know what the hell he (or she) is doing. Enjoy!
Rose's mix

posted by Janice Minsberg @ 09:23PM, 1/10/07

Another suggestion ... try Rose's Cosmo mix .... 50% vodka and 50% mix (per instructins on the bottle) and add a little fresh lime juice. (If you want it less strong ... add a litle water.) It's as good as most restaurant cosmos ... and so easy.
I freeking love Cosmo

posted by lsns @ 10:44AM, 1/11/07

My favorite drink of all time, mind you they aren't quite cheap lol.
The best of the best!

posted by Sarah @ 08:47PM, 1/26/07

Try using LEVEL brand vodka - It's all about the vodka!!!! And above they recommended Finlandia Cranberry Vodka - that is NOT a true cosmo. That is a crantini - use just a splash of cranberry to turn this pink! FABULOUS DRINK!
So sexy

posted by blowin bubblez @ 09:02AM, 1/31/07

It's divine! And has a good kick! After four drinks everyone looks sexy, perfect for a gals night out, but don't force your guy to drink it!
I love this drink too.

posted by Ferd @ 08:33PM, 2/01/07

I love this drink too...and I feel like a real lady when I am drinking it...even though I am a man.

posted by whew @ 06:12PM, 2/12/07

I just had this drink for the first time, and was on a hunt to find out just what it was that I had drank. It was great, and my guy dug it too!

posted by Cruz Hernandez @ 07:49PM, 2/22/07

Thanks to you guys i'll enjoy my nite... LOVE THE COSMO thanks.

posted by Dan @ 04:48PM, 2/25/07

Great drink, but I'm not a fan of this recipe. Here's how I make mine.

2oz Lemon Vodka
1oz Cointreau
1oz Cranberry Juice (100%! Don't use that nasty 'cranberry cocktail' stuff!)
3/4oz Lime Juice
Ooh baby

posted by cosmo fan @ 07:14AM, 2/28/07

It's the only thing that can kick chuck norris's ass.
Absolutely the BEST Recipe!

posted by Shelly @ 01:19PM, 3/01/07

This is the best recipe for Cosmos I have found...if you are adventurous and want to give a bit of a savouy flavor to your drink---take a lime and run it round the rim of the glass and dip it in salt (like a margarita). Fantastic flavour...Acapulco Cosmo!
Vanilla Absolut

posted by Vanilla Girl @ 11:55PM, 3/01/07

Makes it for me. I used half the lime juice, skipped the triple sec and it was all about the vanilla.

My favourite

posted by DM Malta @ 02:41PM, 3/08/07

Just add a few drops of blackcurrent cordial to enhance more fruit flavours. Just perfect!!
My Drink

posted by Carl A Robillia @ 08:18PM, 3/15/07

This drink is not just for women. This is my choice. My wife loves it to. Use Grey Goose L'Orange vodka and Grand Marnier. Fresh lime juice. Don't even think about not chillen the glass and if you use anything other than a real Martini glass I will shoot you myself. Enjoy.

posted by Barry @ 07:15PM, 3/17/07

I always get lucky when my girlfriend and I drink cosmo's. A blessing from heaven!! Try using pomegranate juice instead of cranberry.
What a hit!

posted by Moakeoni @ 08:55PM, 3/24/07

I made tons of this for a bridal shower today. It was a RAGING success!!! I used Absolute Vodka. 100% Cranberry Juice (not the juice cocktail), GranGala (just like Cointreau but Italian and the same price), and fresh squeezed orange and lime juice (skipped the Rose's Lime). These cocktails were dangerous because they went down way too easy! Very smooth drink. The bride and guests all loved them! Spend the money and get the good vodka and orange liquor and use the fresh fruit and you can't go wrong.

posted by scottish bastard @ 08:08PM, 3/29/07

Only bitches and fags drink this. I'll stick with single malt Scotch.
Cosmo v the rest

posted by Jose @ 09:24AM, 3/30/07

I've tried the rest, this ain't the best!
The Ladies

posted by Rocchio @ 10:26PM, 4/04/07

Not a big fan of the "girly" drink, but i know my lady friends love when i make this for them. ;)
Sex and the cityy!

posted by Mackenzie @ 08:42PM, 4/08/07

I know it sounds corny, but this is my signature drink as well! I just got into sex and the city and saw that it was carries as well! Great drink for a night with the girls!
Added ingredient

posted by Evan @ 03:04AM, 4/09/07

I am a bartender and I like to use grey goose orange, cointreau, cranberry juice, touch of sour mix, sprite, and my secret ingrediant a touch of chambord or razzmatazz....makes it absolutely lustful especially for the ladies.
Original sin

posted by Hammered @ 09:17PM, 4/20/07

Where have you been al my life?
Well no matter, I have you now !
Love the Cosmo

posted by Sunny @ 11:22PM, 4/20/07

I love this drink! It is classy, girly, and tastes just great! <3
Rain Vodka is the best

posted by sonick @ 06:28PM, 4/21/07

Definately use Cointreau instead of 3sec, the clincher for the Cosmopolitan of a lifetime though is to use Rain Vodka.
I HATE vodka neat, and can sip this stuff without even making a face. It's the best. To go all out, fresh lime juice (2/3 of original quantity), white unsweetened cranberry juice and a generous dash of Blood Orange Bitters. Garnish rim with pink cosmo sugar. Remember, Rain Vodka.
Love it..

posted by jenn @ 09:27PM, 4/21/07

I love this drink..its by far my favorite and makes me feel like a real lady!
Make it better....

posted by tmama @ 03:37PM, 4/23/07

In case this drink is a little too sweet, replace the triple sec with a splash of soda water! It is the secret to the best tasting appletinis too!!
Vanilla vodka

posted by vancosmo @ 02:30PM, 4/27/07

Try it with vanilla vodka...even better!

posted by Julie from ENGLAND XX @ 06:06AM, 5/03/07

Just been to NY for 6 days tried my first cosmo made by Micky, a great barman it as absof***inglutely fabulous and I need to be drinking them all the time thanks carrie and Micky . You should use lime and not lemon, some other barman not to be named, used lemon DONT DONT DONT > Here's to NY Cosmo's and SEX IN THE CITY.

posted by cosmo lover @ 08:53PM, 5/03/07

This drink is fabulous, when its made right. classy drink for a classy lady. I knew carrie drank these for a reason....
Try a raspberry cosmo

posted by susie - bermuda @ 08:56PM, 5/06/07

Replace the normal bacardi with bacardi razz, (raspberry flavoured) it is more than delicious!!!!
Cosmopolitan cocktail

posted by me @ 12:36PM, 5/09/07

Oh yeah baby this drink is the shit!!!
I've experimented

posted by K. @ 08:17PM, 5/09/07

Honestly, I have made a LOT of cosmos, and this recipe is by far the best, the tastiest, and the most worthy of that sex and the city connection ... you don't taste the alcohol, you can drink them all night, your friends don't know what hit them. I used to use regular lime juice, but the Rose's is exactly what is necessary.
Cosmo Twist

posted by David @ 12:22PM, 5/10/07

Try it with white cranberry juice instead of red. It was a hit with the ladies at my last party. I also use fresh squeezed lime juice as I find Rose's too sweet.

posted by mellissa @ 04:54PM, 5/10/07

I love this drink. I can use it to rewind at the end of the day.
Good for Baby Boomers

posted by Young Guy @ 06:20PM, 5/12/07

This drink is great for older people. It makes them thing they are younger and sexy than they really are. I think that is why Carrie drank them on Sex and the City.
Cut the lime

posted by Chris @ 05:01PM, 5/15/07

This recipe isn't the best though. Substitute Cointreau for Triple Sec, use fresh lime juice instead of Rose's and cut the lime juice in half (at least). Also, try substituting cherry juice for cranberry for a twist.

posted by MegzBeth @ 10:35AM, 5/18/07

I absolutley loveee cosmos!! This drink is delicious and great for girls night <3
Fresh lime juice

posted by Mac @ 07:10PM, 5/29/07

I would recommend using FRESH LIME JUICE, it really makes all the difference. Also use a quality vodka, like Kettle One and serve up with a sugar rim.
Chili Cosmopolita

posted by Mikey @ 09:06PM, 5/29/07

Try shaking the ingredients with chopped jalepeno chili and serving it with a slice of chili floating on the surface. It gives it a real backbite. Delicious.
Try this as a shot with P.I.N.K Vodka

posted by GasGiver @ 01:09AM, 6/02/07

Have this made with P.I.N.K. Vodka (caffeine and guarana infused) and drink as a shot. Better than a Vodka Red Bull.. this will keep you on the dance floor all night and keep you feeling like James Bond - they call it P.I.N.K. 'O Commie.
OH yeah Baby I feel good

posted by ***** @ 05:03PM, 6/02/07

My fav drink...just made one, and came online to make sure I did the ingredients correctly and of course, I stil remembered. When I order a cosmo at bars, that make it too fufu. When I order a cosom martini, I want a freakin cosmo....these folks on here saying its too strong, well my goodness, its a MARTINI for crying out loud, make a daquri instead!
Totally Awesome

posted by Elizabeth @ 04:01AM, 6/03/07

Classy, sophisticated, thirst quenching cocktail. One of the best cocktails around at the mo, fashionable as the people who consume them, truly wonderful, my way favourite. Also I think guys look sexy drinking these too! Only few of them dare try it though!!

posted by lilblue @ 02:31AM, 6/08/07

Very good choice in impressing the ladies!!!
Cosmo's all the way

posted by Belinda @ 08:50AM, 6/16/07

What a fab drink excellent for parties, tastes lush. im having them for my birthday this evening.
Cosmos Rock!

posted by Kat @ 09:59AM, 6/16/07

I love Cosmos they are my absolute favourite drink! They are amazing!
Cosmos for the guys

posted by Kevin @ 05:06PM, 6/29/07

Ok, it's a lady's drink, so double up the vodka and take it like a man and a splash of Grand Marnier. - it's a man's drink!!
The Ultimate!!!!!!!!

posted by CT @ 10:21PM, 7/08/07

Here is the ultimate edition of this classic:

1 part Raspberry absolut vodca
2 parts Vodca
1 part Quantreau
3 parts Cranberry juice
1 part freshly squeezed lime

Shake vigourously is shaker with lots of ice

Squeeze the peel of a lime on the surface after you pour.


posted by vladimir Lim @ 10:23AM, 7/12/07

This drink is awsome. It made for us to be happy.

posted by me (: @ 03:51PM, 7/22/07

Are so good!
Just super

posted by ed chang @ 07:33PM, 7/31/07

I simply adore this drink and I am a gay chinese man.
A hit with me and my partner

posted by Ennis @ 08:41AM, 8/04/07

My name is Ennis Del Mar and I live with my partner Jack Twist on a farm in Texas. We love this drink! Jack makes it with Grand Marnier and fresh squeezed lime juice. Oh, and like everybody else said, use a good quality vodka. Absolut or Grey Goose works for us.

And yeah, we're gay. And Jack's not dead.

posted by Francesca @ 08:37PM, 8/11/07

This drink is tha shit.

posted by cosmo guy @ 05:50PM, 8/13/07

Use juice from a fresh squeezed lime, not that bottled crap.
Yea baby

posted by Get Crunk @ 08:54PM, 8/18/07

Liquor that tastes like juice? Bring it on!
Short Shaker

posted by Former Bartender Extraordinaire @ 01:53AM, 8/26/07

The best way to make a perfect cosmo every time:

Use a short shaker. Fill to top with ice. Pour in vodka till it reaches the top of the ice. As you're pouring the vodka, it's melting the ice a little, so you should end up with a little space at the top of the shaker.

Add 1/4 oz of Cointreau, a splash of Lime, and a splash of Cranberry juice. This should bring the liquid level to exactly the top of the shaker.

Shake vigorously, then strain into Martini glass. *** While you're making the drink, keep your martini glass in the ice. Then before you pour, run a strip of lemon rind around the lip of the glass, then toss into the glass as garnishment.

Makes a perfect Comso every single time. The short little shaker RULES!
Lime juice? No Way!

posted by Hands-On Hospo @ 10:24AM, 9/05/07

Muddle fesh lime...EVERYTIME-no substitute!
Vodka is Vodka.

posted by Trev @ 04:39PM, 9/22/07

Don't be fooled expensive vodka is not any better than cheap Vodka. As for Cointreau I don't know about that. I have however seen many studys done on vodka and it doesn't matter. Go with what you like. Every ones taste is different.
luv it

posted by shakegurl @ 02:10AM, 9/25/07

this is my favorite drink
Better recipe

posted by the captain @ 02:49AM, 10/21/07

Use top shelf vodka or citrus vodka.
Substitute Cointreau for triple sec.
Substitute sweet & sour or fresh-squeezed lime for lime juice.
Tone down the cranberry a little bit.

2 pt top shelf vodka or citrus vodka
1 pt Cointreau
2 pt sweet & sour (or fresh-squeezed lime)
under 1 pt cranberry
Not sweet

posted by doittherightwayordontdoitatall @ 01:18PM, 10/26/07

NOT supposed to be a sweet drink.
cranberry - tart
lime juice (FRESH) - tart
there is not enough cointreau does not balance the sour, therefore it is not a sweet drink.
into boston glass-
35mls vodka (your choice),
15mls coin
2 lime wedges (when a whole lime is cut into 6) and dropped into the shaker,
25mls cranberry, (ocean spray essential or equivalent)

shake hard
DOUBLE strain into martini glass
flamed FRESH zest

posted by DeBeer @ 02:07PM, 10/27/07

What's with you people? This is not a lady's drink. This is vodka. Both, men and women, drink vodka!

posted by doonut @ 08:38AM, 10/30/07

So, I am probably the only person to ever NOT try one... I will someday before I die though! lol...
The Dog's Tuxedo

posted by Ms. Big @ 05:21PM, 11/25/07

This drink is awesome. I've only ever ordered it at a bar. I am definitely going to make it at home!
A Ladylike Drink

posted by Butchie Galore @ 01:08PM, 12/02/07

I am a man, but I feel so ladylike when I drink a cosmo. I may dress in a gown and enjoy one today.

posted by Princess @ 04:13AM, 12/24/07

Us Wiltshire girls love Cosmo!
Couldn't get anything better!
Sex and the City Lover

posted by Charlie @ 10:32PM, 12/27/07

I had my first cosmo the other day at a bar in New York called O'Nieals which was used to film "Scout" in SATC! The cosmo was BEAUT! i would recommend this to ANYONE!

posted by jazzyg @ 10:45AM, 12/31/07

I was on this apple martini kick for awhile and then I tried a cosmopolitan. I'm hooked.
When I first tried it at a club and after about 2 drinks, I couldn't pronounce the word cosmopolitan so I just said "one more cosmo please for the road". I was a little embarrased at first but - WHAT A GREAT DRINK. I'm on my way to the liquor store on this New Year's Eve to celebrate with a good COSMO in hand!! Happy New Year everyone!!

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Calories (kcal)
Energy (kj)

0 g
8.8 g
0.2 g


0.1 g
7.7 g
0 mg
15.6 g

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