Strawberry Daiquiri recipe

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Add ingredients with a bit of ice in a blender. Blend and then strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish w/ strawberry.

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posted by adfsdfsadf @ 05:01PM, 5/30/06

This is really good! I made it for my 7th grade spanish class and they all liked it!
Nicely done

posted by shunmuishsumshid @ 06:26PM, 6/06/06

With a little more alchohol it was perfecto!

posted by K @ 08:00PM, 7/09/06

You made it for your seventh grade spanish class???
Very good

posted by Tiffany @ 04:23PM, 7/15/06

I made it for a few of my friends and they loved it....

posted by Tilly @ 02:53PM, 7/18/06

You should put putting it in a blender in directions.

posted by Roy Mercer @ 06:04PM, 7/28/06

I feed this to my baby every night, it makes it sleep like a baby should sleep, I LOVE IT!

posted by Jared @ 03:58PM, 7/30/06

Wow! Babysitting four year olds has never been easier! Thanks!
Ayai Napa

posted by Adam Marsden @ 09:52AM, 8/09/06

This was all me and my mates drank on holiday. Its refreshing and it's like rocket fuel!!!

posted by Savannah @ 01:28PM, 8/27/06

I love this drink.

posted by km @ 06:27PM, 9/13/06

You made them for your 7th graders?? I'm guessing you left out the rum and schnapps? lol

posted by concerned 7th grade parent @ 05:49PM, 10/02/06

Should 7th graders being drinking these?????
To guy who made it to class

posted by Alan @ 09:25PM, 10/08/06

Have you lost your mind dude?
Great expectations

posted by Fellow Teacher @ 06:43PM, 12/26/06

Don't underestimate 7th graders. ::grins::
Re; 7 year old

posted by J-P @ 05:27PM, 1/07/07

Hey! - my 12 year old granddaughter in Montreal just called me for a strawberry daiquiri recipe. This must be getting around on the pre-teen net!! When she's 18 I'll tell her about this site. Salut, mes amis virtuel.
The Bros

posted by Chadbro @ 09:45PM, 1/22/07

Great treat during recess breaks and class field trips.

posted by hi @ 11:24AM, 1/26/07

I will marry it <3

posted by Dr. Ink @ 07:35PM, 2/14/07

Love this drink. Runs down smooth. Maybe too smooth ;)

posted by Julio @ 04:16PM, 2/21/07

This drink is perfect with a little more alcohol.... thanks drinkmixer you make my life so much easier by teaching me how to put my troubles behind me by mixing a couple of drinks. My friends say I should go to AA but I tell them "Go to hell asshole".

Julio Rodriguez ,17, Miami,Fla.
The best damn drink ever

posted by Reba Ann @ 12:14PM, 2/24/07

It tastes really good. But also try the Daiquiri Mix already made and it tastes just the same..
Great Response Wha??

posted by Me @ 12:48PM, 2/28/07

Alright Wha?? you asked if they left out rum and schnapps... That leaves strawberries, a hint of lime juice and sugar. You'd have to eat that with a spoon dufus.

posted by Rodman @ 03:26AM, 3/18/07

I like how everyone is all 'you made this for your seventh grade class?' yet there are people on here claiming to feed these to babies/4 year olds...

Plus, daiquiris pwn.
What the hell

posted by Stacey @ 01:15PM, 3/23/07

Who feeds these to their baby's nightly.. or to their students... or when they are babysitting... you guys are messed up a little bit... I think you need to lay off the drinks yourself.
Calm down

posted by Anonymous @ 06:25PM, 3/31/07

I find it truly hilarious the stupidity of people on the internet.

Should 7th graders be drinking these??

Concerned 7th grade parent; you need to lighten up and understand it was a joke, a very funny one too.

posted by Andrea @ 02:37PM, 4/11/07

Wow..if you just come across this and read it, you'd swear half these people were crazy.. yea 7th grade spanish class..and feeding it to your baby. Either way.. good recipe.

posted by lovejuice4016 @ 10:12PM, 4/17/07

My grandma was on lifesupport dying a slow and painful death, until I had them pump this drink into her IV... she died quietly and happily with no bad aftertaste.

posted by uhHhm @ 09:11PM, 4/19/07

This is such an easy drink to make and it tastes awesome. 7th graders?? *raises eyebrow*.

posted by :( @ 03:08PM, 4/27/07

You let your baby drink rum???? Shame on you!
Whoa babies and 7th graders??

posted by Barbie @ 04:50PM, 5/02/07

You made this for babies and children? I guess you don't know any better....

posted by da monsta @ 08:19PM, 5/05/07

Wish you were my 7th grade teacher. Dat wood had rooold dude.
What's wrong w/you people?

posted by Kristin @ 04:27PM, 5/07/07

7th graders, babies, babysitting four year olds?!?!?! You better not work in my childrens' school district or I will find u and have you fired! :0) (Great drink though!)
A big dumb a**!!!

posted by George Bush @ 07:48PM, 5/07/07

We know who starts off teaching kids its allright to drink, no wonder kids start drinking in jr. high because of dumb a**
teachers like this one..

posted by Jake @ 10:05AM, 5/09/07

7th graders are far too young to be drinking, why not just put it into a syringe and inject it into them. Dummy.

posted by justabrat @ 11:36PM, 5/11/07

You guys are *so* gullible.

The drink is good, I like it better blended.

posted by alex @ 04:45PM, 5/12/07

These cocktails are absolute badass, im 15 and making my dad buy the stuff for me for next week so i can try out some of these cocktails. Im into bodybuilding and he asked if its some new sort of protein shake, im still laughin' hahha.
Are you kidding me!

posted by A concerned seventh grade parent! @ 02:20PM, 5/15/07

It better not be my darling delilah that is in 7th grade spanish that you gave it to!
Thanks it works a treat

posted by BarFly @ 03:59PM, 5/17/07

Tasted great. However I did have to substitute blueberries for strawberries, but the effect was the same. Great drink! A++++
7th grade

posted by Yarhmaan @ 07:43PM, 5/18/07

I believe 7th grade is a good year to make the young generation develop a sense for a tasty drink!!

posted by John Elias @ 12:20AM, 5/22/07

I'm 10 years old and drink this every weekend with my parents. Its soo good.
I agree

posted by drunkard @ 04:18PM, 5/24/07

This is one of the best drinks ever. Also, it is weak enough to drink 4 or 5 and still drive right on home. My dog loves it too!!

posted by Chantel. @ 05:36PM, 5/24/07

I also love the drink! I doubt ppl are givin it to babies, 4 year olds, and the 7th grade class?
Made this for me and the dogs

posted by Mitch Blumstein @ 01:40PM, 5/27/07

Me and my 2 yellow labs built a fire and made some of these daquiris...what a great night!!

After the dogs both had 3 or 4 bowls of these, they got real horny. Definately an aphrodesiac.
7th grader in Hell

posted by Joe @ 07:04PM, 5/27/07

This drink was great! Our baby sitter would bring it to us every wednesday night and we had it for Cinco De Mayo in my 7th grade spanish class. I got so sauced that I recked my 10 speed off a cliff, now I am in Hell thanks to Julio. Julio if you get this message, lay off the sauce, be good with your life, and don't skip any more class. Hell is a place where you only get the strawberries, the sugar, and the lime juice. You don't even get a straw!
Good stuff

posted by Maureen @ 09:23AM, 5/28/07

You all have sick senses of humor! My husband and I had some good laughs! Thanks
Grow up.

posted by Anonymous @ 04:09PM, 5/29/07

I'm sure the kid didn't bring alcohol to school. He would get in trouble. Even if he did, it's his own stupid fault. And as for the kids/babies nightly probably isn't good , but if it's just occasionally what's the big deal ? it helps teething babies..& like they said helps them sleep..
I'm a teacher

posted by Mr. McSaddle @ 05:09PM, 6/07/07

And I figure that if the students are as drunk as I am, then we are on the same level, and things can go more smoothly as we can count down until 3.
This is hillarious

posted by Chica @ 12:24PM, 6/08/07

I'm not sure if the rating on this drink is as good as it rates, but the posts are living up to the hype. For the record, I am pretty sure my 7th grade teacher made daiquiri's for my spanish class as well, it never occured to me why he wasn't back the following year. Huh?
The best stuff ever!

posted by E.Self @ 04:04AM, 6/11/07

Wow! This stuff is good! Im 13, but who cares...
Crazy bunch

posted by Brewsky @ 02:22PM, 6/14/07

Great laughs reading this - and with a Strawberry daiquiri...well even better!

posted by Stewart Cecil Longrush farthingtion Smyth @ 11:03AM, 6/18/07

The best daiquiri by far was enjoyed after a Pimms and before chomping on a rather large cuban!! mmmmm NICE!!!
Sleep baby !

posted by britney s @ 06:27PM, 7/01/07

After drinking a pitcher of these, i breast feed my baby and she sleeps through the night every time!
7th graders drinkin' these?

posted by Diputs Ruoy @ 12:01AM, 7/02/07

That's classy. I tried making these for my 6th grade class but they didn't want them. All I heard from them was "This is some girl drink drunk shit. Pass me a Natty Ice bro."

Kids these days!

posted by yshoulditellu @ 10:13PM, 7/17/07

This stuff is great and they were kidding about the 7th graders even tho im a freshman.
natty ice?

posted by A Real Man @ 10:59AM, 7/22/07

The only reason ANYONE buys Natural Ice is because it's so cheap. It's the "poor man's beer" and it tastes disgusting! Buy a real drink!
You guys are all nuts!

posted by mkr @ 05:49PM, 8/06/07

But I laughed out loud and shared this with friends... am hosting a Straw. Daq. PartyLite Party soon and needed the recipe.... thanks!

posted by saintalfonzo @ 12:16PM, 8/07/07

A great refreshing cocktail for when I'm taking a break from mainlining bourbon and shooting smack.
Everything is okay

posted by Rum Lover @ 10:51PM, 8/07/07

There is nothing wrong with feeding your baby alcohol.. my mother fed me rum everytime i cried as a child. Now at 14 I can't get to sleep without it.

I guess strawberry daiquiries are alright too though..

posted by Laeti @ 05:00PM, 8/20/07

Hey everyone!

The cocktail is lovely and I definitely had a good laugh reading this forum. It seems like some people really take themselves too seriously. If you are humorless you should unless avoid to share your opinion in a forum.

I'm 24 years old and as you can see I still can't speak English properly. I probably used to drink to much daiquiri with my babysitter and my teacher while I was a child.

By the way you also can add triple sec to the recipe if your baby has became to familiar with those kinds of girly drinks.

From France
Strawberries are evil!

posted by Steve aged 12 @ 10:42AM, 8/30/07

When I was a lot younger my father, who is a strawberry farmer, used to force feed them to geese so that we could have a sweet 'fois grois' in our lunch boxes. Although delicious, the mix of strawberries and liver was a bit fattening and now I weigh approximately 18 stone.

I wish these were around when I was taking Spanish at school, then I probably wouldn't have to put up with the taunts and ridicule that I have to endure now.
I love it.

posted by Snipe @ 11:40AM, 9/03/07

This thread made me burst out laughing.
Strawberry Mae

posted by MAE @ 08:10PM, 9/09/07

hahah. yall geek my lifeee !

love the drinkkk.
Reality Cheak!!!

posted by Jasmine @ 08:17AM, 9/17/07

First of all im 13 and i've drank this drink many times and guess what? they replaced the rum and anything alcholic with something that is similar! in the beginning I didnt even know it was an alcoholic drink... :P
Lovely linda

posted by Linda @ 06:26AM, 9/22/07

This drink is a great party pleaser: if you know what i mean.
Not in my class!!!

posted by Your spanish teacher @ 09:33PM, 9/25/07

Jasmine we always use the real stuff, just like we spell 'check' with with two 'c's and no 'a's just like your report card! Now learn a lesson from joe, your former classmate!

posted by MEEESHEL HIC HIC @ 04:11AM, 9/29/07

Just got back from Sun City - the most amazing Daiquiris' EVERY...

posted by Bella @ 09:39PM, 10/02/07

Seriously i feel like im getting drunk with friends.. funny ass friends!!!!
Great drink!

posted by Desi @ 04:09PM, 10/07/07

Made these for my daughter's 9th birthday sleepover. All the girls loved them. You should have seen how loopy they were! It was so funny to watch, but they all slept good that night.
Alternate Recipe

posted by unicornlinz @ 07:49PM, 10/09/07

i've learned how to make this drink differently, and it tastes wonderful...

2 oz. light rum
1 oz. sweet n sour
1.5 oz. strawberry puree

Put in a blender with 2.5 cups ice and blend. Top with whipped cream and enjoy!

posted by steph @ 04:34PM, 10/28/07

Tasty drink!!!

(you kids should find better ways to look "cool".)
Best Laugh in Ages

posted by Jimbo @ 08:09PM, 10/29/07

What's the saying? Only in America!!! I think the moral majority has lost it's sense of humour. I came here looking for a recipe and got a great laugh. If only you people knew what 13 year olds really do, you wouldn't be worried about a little alcohol.

posted by TW @ 08:59PM, 11/30/07

This drink is way too tart for my taste.
How to make a baby sleep

posted by yummy mummy @ 10:18AM, 1/29/08

I would never feed this stuff to my baby....but I must admit she gets a dose from my breast milk....and she sleeps for 15 hours straight.....great mix!

posted by your sanity @ 09:49AM, 2/02/08

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