Shirley Temple recipe

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Highball Glass
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Build in a highball glass. Add ginger ale over ice and sprinkle grenadine syrup over it. Garnish with a lemon slice and a cherry.

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Not quite

posted by drinks at the temple @ 12:12PM, 9/01/06

A real Shirley Temple actually has a splash of oj.

posted by Danni @ 04:16PM, 9/24/06

I normally make a shirley temple out of sprite, but we were out so I tried this - it is great!
Add orange

posted by No Comment @ 09:21PM, 11/22/06

I like your recipe! Have you ever thought of putting orange instead of lemon?

posted by mariesol @ 04:19PM, 12/25/06

The first time I had a shirley temple I fell in love with it this drink it's delicious... it tastes better with sprite.

posted by JC @ 04:58PM, 12/29/06

I've always heard there was OJ in it.
Shirley garnishes...

posted by Lox @ 01:22AM, 1/18/07

I love this drink. It's also nice with a mint garnish or even parsley.
The best

posted by koko @ 06:11AM, 1/23/07

I tried it it tastes sooo good.
Make it better

posted by icester @ 06:47PM, 2/20/07

Add a splash of jack daniels but take out the oj.
The OJ

posted by Ben @ 09:29AM, 2/24/07

Don't add any OJ as the first comment said, just replace the lemon slice with an orange slice its much better that way. Adding OJ recks it in a way.

posted by Kay @ 07:36AM, 3/02/07

For kids it is great to put sprite & a splash of cranberry juice.

posted by jamie @ 06:49PM, 4/09/07

I loved this recipe. I used it for my speakeasy flapper themed party. We were all under 21 so everyone enjoyed it.

posted by Deven @ 07:34PM, 4/21/07

A real shirley temple has sprite.
Thank You!

posted by Devon @ 05:46PM, 4/26/07

This is great! I really needed the ingredients for the shirley temple because i am serving it at a party. This really helped!

posted by Frankie t @ 10:47AM, 5/22/07

The shirley temple was the first reall great drink i had. I fell head over heels in love with the drink wherever i go. It's truly a delight.
I love it.

posted by SuperMan @ 10:48AM, 5/22/07

I loved shirley temples. Now, they taste even GREATER with this recipe! Thanks.
The real Shirley Temple

posted by BartendingDiva @ 01:21AM, 6/10/07

Sprite... no ginger ale.
For real

posted by Caroline @ 12:20PM, 6/20/07

I do not think Sprite was even around when this drink first came out (was invented). The real recipe is definitely with ginger ale, but if you prefer Sprite, use that instead. Everything else was added after. The fruit that is supposed to go inside the glass are marachine cherries-not oranges or limes, but agian, if you like it the other way, that is how you should have it.
Thank you! :)

posted by Jordan R @ 10:03PM, 6/21/07

I needed the recipe to enjoy them at home if i can't go to the bar. It is much better with sprite!

posted by YUMMY @ 04:11PM, 7/15/07

I love Shirley Temples and the real recipe DOES NOT have orange juice or Sprite in it. Make it the real way- pour Ginger Ale in a glass, then the Grenadine to taste, and top it off with as many ice cubes fit. If you have any Marachino cherries around, they are great for garnishing this drink.
Yummy in my tummy

posted by mike @ 12:20PM, 8/08/07

Best one I have tasted.

posted by James @ 05:19PM, 8/21/07

Shirley Temples are good with a little vodka lol for adults only of course.
Omgsh delicious

posted by caitlin @ 08:54PM, 9/04/07

i think that it is best if it is with OJ, ginger ale and grenadine, thats just me you do what you like best if you hate OJ than just don't put it in! thats it
Luv it

posted by xoxo nessa xoxo @ 03:05PM, 9/12/07

Cant u also use 7 up instead of ginger ale ?

posted by Sophy @ 12:41PM, 11/19/07

I love Shirley Temples! Leave the lemon and make it with ginger ale! It is soooo much better that way! I made it for a project! Everyone loved it!

posted by Nika @ 07:10PM, 11/21/07

I tried a shirley temple for the first time about a month ago after going on medication that stopped me from drinking alcohol. I have to say I LOVE this recipe. I am even making it for thanksgiving tomorrow for everyone coming to dinner.
Slutty Shirley

posted by CurlyGirl @ 05:48AM, 12/23/07

This drink is great with vodka. I believe then it is called a "Slutty Shirley".

posted by Cheri @ 06:32AM, 12/28/07

This drink was first served to Shirley Temple at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki in the 1930's. It's 2 parts ginger ale, 1 part orange juice and splash of grenadine topped off with a maraschino cherry.
Great Fruity Drink

posted by PPS @ 07:19PM, 12/29/07

I have been around long enough to know that it was originally made with ginger ale, long before sprite or 7 up was around. However if you like sprite go ahead and use it. I find the ginger ale reminds of the days in an officers club with my father and the bartender would graciously make me one. Love it with orange slice and cherry

posted by squadala @ 09:29PM, 12/30/07

tastes of my fav non alkie drinks.

Sprite is BETTER and cherry sprite at that. dont forget lots of cherries
The Original Shirley Temple

posted by G-Man Bartender @ 05:09PM, 12/31/07

This drink was invented by a bartender in Hollywood. Shirley Temple frequented the restaurant he worked in when she was a child, and he created this drink for her. The original recipe called for "Ginger Ale", "Grenadine", and "Orange Juice" garnished with a cherry and a piece of orange.

You should feel free to make it any way you like it though. The recipe has changed over the ears, and there are several versions now.
Get it Right

posted by Tyrone Green @ 10:49PM, 12/31/07

ONLY ginger ale & grenadine with a cherry. If you don't use good ginger ale these can be awful, & I would understand you prefering them with Sprite. Avoid Seagrams, Canada Dry, & all of the other similar "dry" (tasteless) selzer water "mixer" ginger ales. The "fancy" ginger ales generally work best, but there's a budget brand called Rocky Top that is good as well (it is rather sweet). If you HAVE to add something else, try a twist of lime for added sparkle (& to knock the sweetness down a bit).

posted by Sam @ 07:15PM, 1/07/08

I try to always get a shirley temple at fancy restaurants YUMMY!!!
The REAL One -

posted by Real Rita @ 12:46PM, 2/01/08

I dont believe sprite was out as a soft drink back when Shirley Temple was performing as a child and the drink was invented. I do believe the REAL one was with ginger ale.

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