Three Wise Men recipe

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Add into a shot glass in equal parts.

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Wrong recipe

posted by John @ 03:13PM, 7/20/06

This is a terrible 3 wise men recipe. This is more like the poor-man's 3 wise men.


posted by Theresa @ 02:33PM, 9/18/06

From sober to trashed in 3 seconds flat.

posted by Shortie @ 10:41AM, 12/30/06

This shot is horrible. Makes you want to puke.
3 wise men

posted by ep @ 08:53PM, 1/22/07

Could not believe it! One shot and i was done.

posted by B-bomba @ 05:59PM, 1/27/07

I had two on my twenty first birth day along with a hurricane, absolut and cranberry, cherry bomb and two starbusts and I was fucking gone.

posted by Amit @ 12:24PM, 2/20/07

I don't wish this drink on my worst enemy, well maybe I do...hmm.
My Name is Otto, I love to get Blotto!

posted by evilgnome @ 10:55PM, 5/06/07

After several beers and 3 of these I fell asleep in a Train Station.

posted by John D @ 02:54AM, 5/17/07

As a bartender in a very highly rated Hollywood Bar, I can tell you Jim Beam is not in this drink. It goes Whiskey, Scotch, Tequila - Jack, Johnnie, Jose. Why the hell would there be two similar Whiskeys in it?

posted by the_man @ 08:30AM, 5/26/07

I give this a 7 out 10.....I had one of these towards the end of my bachelor's party; let's just say it tasted like water and don't remember anything put me over the edge.
Gone in 3 seconds.

posted by drake @ 02:18PM, 6/12/07

Best shot to take on your way out to party on your 21st hell ya.
Correct Recipe

posted by someone @ 09:35PM, 7/31/07

This is the original 3 wise men. For the guy who mentioned its terrible, that isn't far from the truth but the shot was not made to taste like sugar and sweets. For our Hollywood Bartender, no. Look any where online and let me know what you find. The drink that involves Jose and the number 3 is the 3 Amigos - Jose, Capt Jack and Appleton rum. Jose for Mexican heritage, Capt Jack and Appleton with Carribean hertiages.

posted by j;a @ 07:46PM, 8/05/07

never drink after 7 beers...its not fun.
Thank you, "someone"

posted by Rubber Ducky @ 12:42PM, 9/20/07

The very first time I had this, I had it ON THE ROCKS and DOWNED it! Everytime I've ordered a "Three Wise Men", I've gotten Jim, Jack and Johnnie. It definitely is NOT meant to taste like sugar and sweets and it is DEFINITELY not made with Jose (what kind of bartender are you?). To the "Wrong Recipe", who are the "men" in Goldschlager, Jager and Rumple? Think about it...
Fun Trick

posted by BAM @ 02:10PM, 10/30/07

Give your friend or enemy the 3 wise men and you drink coke and sprite. Don't tell anyone and then act like it is disgusting.

I did this to a friend who challenged my dad to drinking and i put on such a good show that he had to do it. Everyone but me and him knew it was just coke and sprite, but once i put it up to my face i could tell.

About two minutes after he drank it, it all came back up, right at the bar.

I would say he learned his lesson.
The saying goes....

posted by Toxification @ 09:26PM, 12/12/07

Liqueur before beer and your in the clear, beer before liqueur get sick quicker.

Granted the shot tastes awful it sure does the trick effectively.

in any case give me a couple shots of black medallion and i am good!!!
Correct Recipe

posted by Mike @ 03:26AM, 12/24/07

This is the proper recipe, but here we serve it "With an asshole" A shot of Jose, on the side. This will make you see floor!
If you have to say it out loud...

posted by Nicky B @ 02:31AM, 12/28/07

1st off, anyone that says "I'm a bigshot hollywood bartender" is NOT a bigshot hollywood bartender... & if I were served a wisemen with jose I'd have the server beaten with a swizzle. Jim, Jack & John. makes the world go round. Much love to all, Busty Bullfrog Crew-

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