Water Moccasin recipe

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Added ice and ingredients in a shaker. Shake well until top becomes frosted. Then poor in a shooter glass. This will be best yet smoothes shot you'll ever taste.

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Water Moccasin

posted by K. Reed @ 04:35PM, 4/27/06

Recently my husband and I tried this for the first time and were BLOWN away by how GREAT it tastes. This drink was an iced shot recommended by a bartender at Appleby's restaurant. This will be my new favorite shot!!!
Water Moccasin

posted by OGRE @ 05:16PM, 6/05/06

Great shot. It was highly recommended by a Bartender named LUKE at a Appleby's in Tallahassee, FL. NO MA'AM
Water Mocassin

posted by Pablo @ 09:05PM, 6/25/06

One of the best shots I have tasted.. and made.. I recommend this to those that love a quick and gentle taste... By the pool it rocks.. but it can catch up to you if you are not carefull... From Austin TX.
Water mocassin

posted by Jewels @ 11:38PM, 7/16/06

My little brother intro. me to this drink like. It is a great shot drink. Move over tequila shots and kamakazi, helloooo water Mocassins!!! I can't believe my bro, 22 yrs. old taught his big sis, 45 something:)
Water Moccasin

posted by J @ 03:39PM, 8/29/06

Had this for the first time on my 21st birthday, truly loved the shot, will be having many many more.... Tallahassee Fl.
Water Mocassin

posted by Stephanie @ 01:55PM, 10/02/06

Usually my favorite 'tender Rocki @ Posh 27 in Ocala, FL will give us some concoction just for us to try. This week is was a water mocassin and I LOVED IT! I like shots that don't make me quiver when I smell it and I tasted awesome!
Try the drink not the shot

posted by brant @ 09:21PM, 10/14/06

Next time you go to a bar tell the bartender you want a water mocassin drink. It's way better than the shot and will get you drunk faster too.
Water Mocassin

posted by Michael @ 08:52PM, 11/06/06

One of the most of my favorite shots - this shot can bite you in the butt if you're not careful....Sugar Land, TX
Tastes great !

posted by Houston, Tx @ 02:02PM, 1/03/07

In my words pretty much one of the best shots out there.
mmmm, tasty!

posted by madmjay @ 08:00PM, 3/24/07

My friend that went to UT ordered a round of these at a dive bar one night a couple years ago and I've been trying to find a good recipe ever since. What an excellent way to get drunk! The bartender where I first tried this added pineapple juice instead of sweet and sour. It's the best.
Sooooooo Good

posted by April @ 10:33AM, 5/10/07

This shot is one of the best I've ever had. Way smoother than a chocolate cake shot. YUMMY!
It'll sneak up on you.....

posted by Lori @ 11:32PM, 6/03/07

Hence the name, this shot is so smoothe it will definitely sneak up behind you and bite you in the ass.....then it's too late! Might as well order another round! Probably my most favorite shot ever!!!
Drank then blank

posted by MN @ 03:02PM, 6/10/07

Great shot. Had about 10 of them last night and don't remember a thing. Tastes excellent and can easily help you forget a past girlfriend, or forget how you got the new one you wake up next to in the morning. I recommend it.
My New Best Friend

posted by Mrs. Q Los Fresnos, Tx @ 11:53PM, 6/26/07

This is the ULTIMATE SHOT! I had a really bad experience drinking tequila shots last year for my B-Day. You know, the kind where you sit on your cake! So this year my husband asked our favorite 'tender Joe @ The Texas Roadhouse for a Water Moccasin w/pineapple juice. Best tasting drink ever, it's so cold & smooth, couldn't get enough. But be careful it will hit you out of no where, think that's why they also call it Snake Bite. A+

posted by Milly @ 06:17AM, 9/01/07

This wonderful shot is almost like drinking a starburst!! Most Def one of my fave's! TRY ONE TODAY!

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0 g
15.3 g
0.1 g


0.1 g
14.2 g
0 mg
18.1 g

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