Puerto Rican Pina Colada recipe

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Champagne Tulip
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Combine ingredients in a blender. Blend until desired consistancy, pour into a Champagne Tulip and serve.

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Puerto rican copy cat

posted by mojo @ 06:54PM, 5/20/07

How can that be puerto rican pina colada, when it was invented in habana during prohibition, and even the bacardi brand is cuban. Do research.
Do Some Research

posted by Barbara @ 06:54PM, 6/01/07

Bacardi is made in Puerto Rico. You would know that if you looked at the bottle, therefore this recipe is called a Puerto Rican Pina Colada because the rum being used comes from Puerto Rico! Genius!
Papo Nertelo en La Boca

posted by Dr Paul Vaso @ 09:43AM, 6/03/07

Both are right!...The Bacardi family migrated to Puerto Rico In 19 century and start marking the family rum in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Pina Colada was invented in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Pina colada

posted by zulma @ 03:48PM, 6/08/07

We do not care where it comes from as long as it tastes great!
I am addicted!

posted by mindy @ 09:28AM, 6/13/07

Pinas r yummy!!!!
Pina Colada

posted by Who cares @ 03:08PM, 6/15/07

You all need a life! Drink and be happy!
It's right!

posted by A-Day @ 09:24AM, 7/16/07

I think this one is ok. It would be better if it was a non-alcoholic drink but thats just my opinion. I don't drink but I did make it and share it with a friend. She does drink so she thought it was fine so she finished it but I couldn't because it was too strong but for some reason it was delicious at the same time. If it wasn't so strong I know I would have finished it. I think the problem for me is that there was too much white rum even though it was only 1/3 of a cup. Well anyway my family is a big fan of Bacardi's wines so I think it would be fine for them as well and with less wine it would be great with me to!(I'm a very very very light drinker!)
Pina Colada

posted by Donna @ 10:51AM, 8/25/07

Try substituting ice cream for the cream and this drink is even better.
Your both stupid

posted by do u care @ 01:06AM, 9/13/07

Your both stupid. Bacardi is Cuban rum but was brought to Puerto Rico when Cuba had its down fall and as we can say still in it. Pina Colada is very Puerto Rican to these guy on research you need to do yours. Bacardi is Puerto Rican now get over it. If You want it to be Cuban so badly take it its not that good. Puerto Rico has about 7 other types of rum that are way better and has the finest dark rum in the Caribbean. I love Cubans and all but your food and rum is not good anymore. Don't get made at Boricuas because there the grand cuisine of the Caribbean and rum capital of the world. HATERS!!!!! by the way great recipe.
Puerto Rico is where its at!

posted by Iliana @ 03:53PM, 10/31/07

No Dummies..BACARDI IS MADE IN PUERTO RICO! Read the bottle, its REALLY SIMPLE..Not brain surgery! Drink & Be Happy and stop hatin'!

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