Oprah's Favorite Pomegranate Martini recipe

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Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker 1/4 filled with chopped ice. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass. Serve with a squeeze of lemon.

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Pomegranate Martini

posted @ 08:59AM, 4/26/06

I am not a drinker...but I was given this to try on New Years Eve and Wow was is soothing and delicious. Now everyone I know wants the recipe and had to go on line to find it. Very tasty!
Better with Cranberry

posted by Tami @ 08:28PM, 5/04/06

This is a wonderful drink. I give it an "8" with Pomegranite juice but a "10" with cranberry!
Add a generous dash of lime instead of lemon

posted by Glenda @ 12:28PM, 5/28/06

We use a generous dash of lime instead of the lemon and it's absolutely fabulous! Also, we found that President's Choice Pomegranate 100% Juice Blend tastes even better that the pure pomegranate juice. Give it a try, it's pretty much a guarantee that'll you'll love it!

posted by Melissa @ 11:46AM, 5/31/06

Had one of these at a business dinner. Very delicious! I find myself wanting one all the time. Most bars don't have pomegranite juice...

posted by Cheryl in Indianola, Wa. @ 08:50PM, 7/09/06

This is maybe the most delicious cocktail I have ever enjoyed!
New Family Favorite

posted by Kelley @ 07:31PM, 7/19/06

Recently I had my brothers & sister in-law over for a B.B.Q... my brothers are not the "foo-foo drink" kind of guys (there choice of words, not mine) so of course I bought beer for the them and mixed up a couple of these wonderful cocktails for my sister in-law and I.........well once the boys took a sip, I knew I had way too much beer and not enough vodka!. Had to run to the store (sober of course!) and buy more coctail fix'ins. They were a hit with everyone!

posted by Sandi @ 12:54PM, 8/11/06

It's really delicious, but it packs such a punch that I now add a bit more juice so that I don't get juiced!
Not enough alcohol

posted by Charles @ 11:08PM, 10/23/06

I used some PAMA liquer in place of some of the pomegranate juice in an attempt to duplicate a pomegranate martini I had in Puerto Rico... AWESOME

posted by Slurpalicious @ 06:15PM, 11/05/06

The antioxidents in this martni along with alcohol combo makes for some good times, trust me!
A little more kick

posted by Charles @ 11:16PM, 11/07/06

A bit too watered down for me. I like this better:
1.5 oz Vodka
1.5 oz Pomegranate Juice
1 oz PAMA pomegranate liquer
0.5 oz Cointreau
Try it with Meyer Lemons

posted by Tre @ 02:49PM, 11/19/06

The Meyer Lemons are much smoother, sweeter, richer than 'regular' lemons. They will give the martini more depth of flavor - Also try using the new Stoli Blueberry infused vodka. That will boost the flavor of the pomegranate, which tends to be exrtemely bitter and bland.
Super X-Mas Drink

posted by Nick in Oklhoma City @ 05:57PM, 12/16/06

A very festive drink that fits in with the season. Thnaks Oprah.
Pomegranate martini

posted by lucy salley @ 11:38AM, 12/18/06

I just want to say oprah, ths is a very delicious cocktail i try it for thankgiving and now i am going to try it for christmas.
Best martini ever

posted by Mary @ 05:21PM, 12/18/06

I had these at a Christmas party. Wow they were fantastic. It is now my favorite drink.
Add some Sprite

posted by Natalia Cameron @ 06:29PM, 12/19/06

I find if you add a splash of sprite it enhances the lemon and makes it 100x smoother!
Best ever

posted by Norma @ 11:25AM, 12/20/06

Wonderful!! Have had this at Ruth's Chris with orange slice, however we found that the lemon gives it the punch it needs. The men love it too.
Better than Oprah's

posted by Kathie @ 10:05PM, 12/28/06

I added a bit of vanilla vodka and more lemon juice... oh and more vodka. It was great.
Loved this

posted by avram @ 10:09PM, 12/28/06

Thank so much.

posted by Carl @ 11:11AM, 12/29/06

So... I was a skeptic as I'm not really a fan of anything Oprah reccomends... My mothers mixed some of this on Christmas Eve and WOW it blew me away... now its one of my favorite mixed drinks.

posted by missy @ 09:19PM, 12/30/06

I love this drink...my sister-in-law made some for Christmas, and I had to go out and buy these ingredients so I could make them for New Years Eve, and I couldn't help but make one and I am drinking it right now! Also...they are very pretty for the Holidays, I put a lime in it, and the colors are so beautiful!
Pomegranate Syrups

posted by Philly Girl @ 02:35PM, 1/03/07

I work for Monin Gourmet Flavorings and we make Pomegranate martini's using our Pomegranate Syrup with Vodka, Cointreau and Cranberry Juice. Its delicious!

If you cannot get the syrup, Pomm Wonderful has a tasty pomegranate/blueberry juice thats really, really good. Also, part Pama Pomegranate liqueur w/ part Monin Pomegranate is extra yummy in your martini-you must try it!

Maybe Oprah will discover our syrups for her drinks. I think she would love the all natural flavors. I am not in sales, so i have nothing to gain by suggesting- just love my companies product- and Oprah :)
Stay away from these

posted by Friend of Bill @ 04:27PM, 2/04/07

I've never had a drink before in my life, a devout Mormon, and lay-preacher, I always viewed alcohol as "Satan's Shirley Temple". After just one, I have lost my house, wife, and children to the horrible disease of alcoholism. After two sips, I was committed to a half-way house, where I was assigned a "buddy" named Jesse who smells like old lunch-meat and malt liquor.

For the love of God: Beware Oprah and her Devil juice.
Actual recipe...

posted by DrinksMIKEr @ 09:54PM, 3/17/07

The Oprah recipe (Rachel Ray's) actually uses citrus vodka.
Try this One

posted by kim @ 02:21PM, 6/07/07

I had this at a Pawley's Charcoal Grill in Simpsonville, SC and it was great. I went and got all the ingredients and made them for a party at my house and everyone loved them..

1.5 oz. of Pearl Pomegranate Vodka
1.5 oz of Poma liquier
splash of Pomegranate juice.
also rim the glass with a limon then dip it into suger.

A local party shop here in town actually has pomegranate sugar and the one i had was rimmed with that same sugar..
Oprahs martini

posted by shirley m @ 07:59PM, 6/11/07

I cannot bear sweet fruity drinks, used to be a rye and water girl. Tried Oprahs martini and am totally hooked.
Better with Pearl Pomegranate Vodka

posted by Katie @ 03:18PM, 7/16/07

For Oprah's Martini use Pearl Pomegranate Vodka instead of regular Vodka. It tastes so good you won't want to put it down!

posted by Shanna @ 03:28PM, 10/10/07

This drink is delicious! It is almost dangerous! It does not taste like alcohol at all! Taste like juice, but sneaks up on you! People that don't like pomegranites, loved this drink! It is a keeper!!
Better than a Gimlet

posted by Anne @ 06:09PM, 12/05/07

My cocktail of choice has always been a gimlet but after tasting this lovely drink recently at my cousin's, I think I have changed my mind. So smooth - so delicious.
Woo Hoo

posted by Lori @ 02:13PM, 12/06/07

Never in my wildest did I think that I would like a martini -Never have before..... Oprah's Pomegranate martini - rocks!

posted by stacy @ 12:23PM, 12/10/07

I made this at my holiday party and the compliments never stopped!!! Great Drink!
Even better with...

posted by RedCPA @ 09:37PM, 12/29/07

...substitute Lemoncello for the Cointreau. I wouldn't have believed it until I tried it and it was fantastic and s-m-o-o-t-h!!! Take some of the sweetness off by mottling some sliced lemons with ice in the shaker before shaking. Yummmm, I think I'll go make one right now.
Best PAMA-tinis of all

posted by Carolynne Effron @ 03:29PM, 12/31/07

add fresh grapefruit juice and (no sugar added) cranberry juice to vodka and PAMA liqueur.
sooo goood

posted by Alissa @ 08:10PM, 1/03/08

Had these at my husbands aunts christmas party - wow delicious!!!

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