Chocolate Cake recipe

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Add vodka and frangelico to a shaker with ice. Shake. Garnish with a sugar-coated lemon. Shoot the drink, like you would tequila.

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Chocolate Cake

posted by Lizzie @ 02:27PM, 5/05/06

My friend makes these using vanilla flavored vodka which is probably better than plain vodka. But it honestly tastes just like chocolate cake! You must be careful. It is so delicious and easy going down, you can get into trouble!
Chocolatey Goodness!

posted by Sarah @ 09:01PM, 5/17/06

If you make it right it is pretty tasty and satisfying. I don't know if it tastes exactly like chocolate cake but it's the next best thing or probably better depending on the day you've had. Very smooooooth going down. A couple of these and you'll be feeling fine!
Birthday cake shot

posted by ann @ 07:59PM, 6/10/06

Subsitute regular vodka for citrus stoli and its amazing.
Awesome drink

posted by Leslie @ 08:40PM, 6/10/06

I learned about this drink while liveing if Ft Lauderdale Florida. OH MY GOD it is the best.
Try out Baileys

posted by Lauren @ 01:20PM, 7/14/06

You might wanna try it with Baileys and citrus or vanilla vodka never use regular vodka its not at all the same.
Yummy cake

posted by Jim Bob Belushi @ 07:28PM, 7/24/06

Don't garnish the glass with the lemon.. hold it in your other hand with the sugar on the lemon wedge.. then take the shot and suck on the lemon wedge.. its better than real cake.
Great date drink

posted by freakyneeks @ 03:23AM, 8/04/06

Really loosens things up.
Mmmmm mmmmm good!!

posted by Angeline @ 03:09PM, 8/04/06

I first had this drink at a birthday bash, and i'd have to say that it is one of the smoothest. Be careful though, with too many it can lead to a mean hangover. The Frangelico alone is really sweet, so after a while the sugar and lemon kinda gets to the belly. I know from first hand experience.
Awesome ass drink!

posted by Kay @ 01:09PM, 8/07/06

I just had this drink this past weekend. And let me tell you It's HONESTLY the best. I normally dont like vodka .. But it's just Oh so good!
A twist on the basic recipe

posted by Campbell @ 09:05PM, 8/17/06

Try this with Skyy Spice vodka. Once in the glass, pour a little coffee liquor in, which will settle to the bottom. Looks and tastes great!
Like Hanging a Jap

posted by Jasper James @ 10:06PM, 8/19/06

While partying in Mexico I met a Japanese man named Kenji. Kenji and I drank about a dozen of these each. Well, we ended up stealing a car and then experimiting with homosexual sex. It was a first for me and It was amazing. However, I didn't want my friends to find out so I made a noose and hung him from a palm tree. It was a good night.
My favorite

posted by p-diddy @ 10:01PM, 8/29/06

My friends cousin bought me a shot and it was soo good i'm in love with it.
Tastes delicious

posted by Jonny D. @ 10:19AM, 9/02/06

This drink is on point because it tastes great. A few guys and I had it while closing a store and it made the night go by so much faster.
Wife loves them...

posted by Dan-O @ 07:25PM, 9/14/06

My wifey loves these....maybe a little too much. Only takes a couple and she's ready to party. They are pretty tasty, even if I do say so myself.
Simply amazing.

posted by Paul Wall @ 08:55PM, 12/22/06

I had it on a trip to Nebraska at a random small town bar.. It goes down VERY smooth. It was the best mixed drink I've ever had.
What a kick

posted by Anne N David @ 09:10PM, 12/30/06

This shot is very common in here in Charleston, SC and it definately gets ya into trouble... tastes just like cake.
Love at first taste!

posted by Madelena ~y~ Cody @ 09:32PM, 2/03/07

My boyfriend intoduced these drinks to me had spent a whole shit load of money at a club for them. Now we have the recipe and just tried it out right now! It's better then the clubs and not as freakin' expencive!
A taste sensation!

posted by Kev @ 03:20PM, 2/22/07

First encountered these on detachment to Florida from the UK, AWESOME!! I'm tellin everyone about them back home!

posted by justice @ 04:18PM, 3/26/07

I've always used about 3/4 of frangelico and 1/4 vodka and you suck the juice out of the sugared lemon and take the shot with the juice in your mouth....
Very yummy

posted by dradtk @ 08:20AM, 4/27/07

I tried the Bailyes variation and it didnt quite work for me. Was using vanilla vodka till i ran out, then I used the plain vodka and 1/4 Galliano. I couldnt figure out what to do with the sugar coated lemon, so i also added 1/4 sugar syrup.
New substitute...

posted by pinkpearls @ 09:00PM, 6/17/07

It was the first drink I had on my 21st!! Since then, it's been my favorite shot to buy for special occassions. In college, my townhouse complex hosted a party, and my roomates and I made about a gallon's worth of shots. It was quite the popular drink that night!

Kahlua just came out with a Hazelnut flavor...that would probably be just as good, if not better than Frangelico.
Absolut Citron

posted by Mary @ 01:09AM, 6/18/07

WE used absolut citron and held the lemon wedge in one hand so right after the shot, you stick it in ur mouth. Tastes EXACTLY like chocolate cake. Def a party pleaser bc everyone thinks ur nuts when u call it chocolate cake until after they try it.
Its Yummy!!

posted by Jackie-O @ 11:08AM, 6/28/07

I first had this at a baby shower (mexican baby shower so you know everyone except the mother to be was downing these) and it was fucking awesome!

posted by Rodan @ 01:50PM, 7/01/07

Me and a friend downed these one after another in approximatly 10oz was amazing. We ditched the sugar and lemon which ended up working out very well. It burns a little as it goes down and takes about 5 to 20 seconds for you mouth to be filled with a chocolaty taste. I caution not to try and chug the vanilla vodka for 5 messes you up

posted by Jackobov @ 06:33PM, 7/27/07

I hooked up with him too! Wonderful shot, but has to be perfectly made.
Definitely Worth Trying

posted by MTJ @ 02:24PM, 8/26/07

Tried this for the first time the other night after getting the recipe off this site. Thank you! It does surprisingly taste like chocolate cake. For those that don't like/can't handle straight alcohol shots and wants something strong that tastes good, this is for you.

posted by Zach L @ 01:48AM, 9/06/07

Equal parts Stoli Citrus, Frangelico and Creme de cacao. True chocolate cake.
I had 14+ of these one night :)

posted by sQueakz @ 05:33AM, 9/11/07

I absolutely love this shot. The girls and I love this! One night we had at least 14 shots (mind you, my friends and I are petite), and couldn't remember the rest of the night. I felt GREAT the next morning-must've been the sugar haha.
Another way

posted by Lindsey @ 10:39PM, 11/02/07

We shake it with whipcream and use Vanilla Vodka!
mmmm mmmm tasty

posted by Pinto @ 05:59PM, 12/23/07

if you're ever in hawaii, go to dixie grill and have one of these shots! They're the best! I make them all the time, and I don't come close to the ones they make at Dixie's!
Delicious Chocolate Cake!

posted by HumGirl420 @ 08:19PM, 12/31/07

The way I have this shot is with Frangelico hazelnut liqueur mixed with vanilla vodka instead of regular, and right before taking the shot, dip a slice of lemon in a small pile of sugar and bit the sugary lemon. Keep the sugar lemon combo in your mouth while taking the shot. It will be delicious! Just like chocolate cake!
21st Birthday

posted by Hope @ 12:41AM, 1/07/08

omg, by far the most awesome and tasty shot ever!!!! It's so weird tho.... but i love it!!! I tried it on my 21st bday and i can't get enough of it!

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