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Pour liqueurs into a shot glass and top with whipped cream. Have an individual place their hands behind their back, then; pick-up the filled shot glass with their mouth, tilt head back, and drink.

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posted by Kirstie @ 08:05AM, 5/06/06

It is fantastic! Everyone should try a blow job!
Blow Job

posted by Mrs. Pimpin @ 10:02PM, 6/06/06

Try a blow job today! They're smooth and easy going down...oh and you must swallow!

posted by mAIOR @ 01:10PM, 6/20/06

This shot is ok if rather a bit mild for my taste. It's a good night starter shot.
Hostess w/the Mostess

posted by Moe @ 02:23PM, 6/29/06

I really enjoy the blow job. I'm a hostess for bridal showers/pleasure parties and this is a real hit. And yes, you must swallow!

posted by Kosmo @ 04:24AM, 7/04/06

Rants are more enjoyable after a blow job!

posted by hunnie @ 11:50PM, 7/05/06

Super sweet stuff..low in alcohol content but then again who could resist its lovely smooth texture..slides down ur throat literally.

posted by Jules @ 01:55PM, 8/06/06

It tastes great and it's a sexy way to start the party going!

posted by ConansGal @ 01:38PM, 8/07/06

I love this shot but it's much much better if you replace the almond liquer with Tia Maria.

posted by Mags @ 09:12AM, 8/27/06

It tastes sooo good and is pretty entertaining for your friends.
Must add

posted by 123 @ 08:40PM, 9/11/06

You must add a tip of whipped cream on top. A real blow job.
Some girls don't get it.

posted by Bob Parsons @ 05:05PM, 9/13/06

I asked my girlfriend to give me a blowjob and she started performing fellatio on me. WTF? Then she got mad when I told it wasn't what I wanted.
Joseph Cerone

posted by Cere Blanka @ 02:23PM, 10/20/06

God I love those blow jobs. They just feel so good going down. It is a little mild, but it is definitely something that starts the party. Hell, I even did a blow job race where we lined up three and we saw how fast I could finish them.

posted by nat @ 09:52PM, 11/04/06

I love blowjobs lol. It's delicious. Topped off with whip cream...mmm mmm mmm. Draws attention from the men in the bar lol.
Blow Job with Teeth....

posted by su @ 02:03AM, 11/16/06

Leave a gap on top and add some Straw Rum for some extra kick!

Who doesn't...

posted by benjaminALLgood @ 12:51AM, 11/30/06 a blowjob? ha ha

posted by Britney Dockery @ 11:55PM, 12/22/06

I love the taste of a good blowjob....
Sloppy blow job

posted by A. Mackie, Viking @ 06:30PM, 12/25/06

This can be tricky. My girlfriend always seems to have trouble with getting it all into her mouth. Inevitably, some of the blow job winds up on her face and dribbles down.
Awesome drink!

posted by Zax Laramee @ 10:32PM, 1/09/07

I personally love this drink. Two of my favorite drinks put together to form a unique flavoring. AND it's called a blowjob!
Your dream bartender

posted by kelley @ 12:55AM, 1/12/07

I love giving blow jobs to my customers, sometimes I give them for free.
Tilt back and swallow

posted by Tera @ 11:19PM, 3/08/07

Great for a girls night out! The smooth, rich texture goes down easily when its topped with whip cream. The one time my friends and I dont mind going down.

posted by Jane @ 05:16AM, 4/08/07

This recipe was very good- a bit strong actually, but our amaretto was pretty old (been sitting around the pantry for probably 10 years), so I don't know if that had something to do with it. :) They still tasted great, and the whipped cream on top is a MUST! We also substituted Caramel Bailey's Irish Cream, which complemented the Amaretto very nicely. An excellent shot.
The real deal...

posted by Bachelorette Hostess @ 08:11PM, 4/12/07

To spice it up even more, take the top part of a banana (about a third of it) and use a skewer to poke a hole all the way through big enough to fit a straw in. Add two cherries next to the banana, and voila, a boner-fied blow job shot. :) I've also seen it with coconut on the whipped cream to add a little "hair." Just suck it up through the straw, no hands of course.

posted by awsome goddess @ 04:14AM, 4/26/07

I like citrusy shots better like the usual lime and teq but a better one is using absolut vanillia w green apple slices dusted w cinnamon. : )
aka the birthday shot

posted by Morrighan @ 08:15AM, 5/16/07

I had one of these free on my 21st birthday at a club... had to get up in the cage and actually take the shot out from between a guy's legs. Smooth going down... very tasty... and the guy was pretty hot too...
No hands

posted by brittany @ 12:08PM, 5/18/07

When i was in spain the bartender told me that the "real way" to do this shot is without hands.... just wrap your mouth around the glass and tip it back. HAHAHA!
21st Birthday

posted by Dani @ 04:04PM, 6/01/07

I just had my 21st birthday... made my night. :)

posted by Tonks @ 12:47AM, 6/16/07

I'm willing to swallow this Blow Job any day :)

posted by domonique @ 12:51AM, 6/18/07

At my friends party we all did it with our hands behind our back it was hilarious..and the wip cream was dripping down there chins..guys were getting turned on lol
Perfect drink w/ the girls!

posted by rosi @ 12:31PM, 8/22/07

Really, this is fantastic.&Perfect for photo ops.
So much fun!

posted by *Erin-Go-Braghless* @ 01:15PM, 8/31/07

I never even KNEW that not swallowing was an option! I love a good Blow Job...
Great drink

posted by LadyD @ 05:33PM, 10/19/07

I hosted a pleasure party and everyone had to have one of these shots. They were great and everyone loved it. Yes, we all swallowed and would do it again and again!!
Holy Lord.

posted by A. Nonymous @ 11:20AM, 11/13/07

Man, now I'm going to be giving blow jobs to everybody I know.
Kleenex and whipes

posted by me @ 04:11AM, 12/16/07

I learned it as
1/2 Kuluha
1/2 Amaretto
Top with Whip Cream
Sneaks up on you!

posted by teresa @ 09:07AM, 12/28/07

I love tis drink. About 10 yrs. ago a few of us girls had at least 20 of these each, they taste so good you dont realize that your getting wasted, but you do. We had all the guys watching and they loved it.
First Blow Job

posted by Deena @ 04:21AM, 2/06/08

Well, I finally got the nerve to do a blow job, on Mardi Gras Day. I loved it! Now I'm hooked and will be doing them every chance I get. And after doing a few I could very easily see myself on my knees, doing the real thing!

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