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Referenced in the song "Caribou Lou" by rapper Tech N9ne where he sings about it - "...151 rum, pineapple juice, and malibu, caribou, get them all numb...". The directions are included in the song also but are scaled to a unknown jug quantity. Therefore mix as you please but remember it's the 151 that will hit you. Originated in Kansas City, MO.

Shake or serve up with ice in a highball glass.

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Tech N9ne's Drink

posted by Paco @ 01:49PM, 5/12/06

Goes down smooth, costs almost nothing to make, and its worth it! Best mixed drink i ever had. I would use a bigger glass.
Lake Juice

posted by Della Hughes @ 03:04PM, 6/02/06

We first heard this in the Tch9 song also. We have nicknamed it lake juice because we drink it on the lake and you dont even know you are drunk until its too late. I suggest making a LARGE bucket and taking to the lake! :)

posted by Jeremy @ 08:15PM, 6/17/06

Yea.....Tech introduced me to this as well. Another thing to thank him for. Hahah. Best way to consume 151.

posted by X @ 08:12PM, 6/22/06

Havent had it yet, but hopefully i'll have it this weekend, heard it on a tech song and decided to search it on google, which lead me here..great site also!
Caribou Lou

posted by Drunk as fuck @ 03:22AM, 6/27/06

This shit is sick....drink 1 glass and ur fucked plus it taste hella good if u havent had it yet me and tech sugjest u do.
Kc reppin

posted by holla atcha KC homies @ 11:27AM, 7/08/06

Thia drink is smooth, I know Tech from back in the day, and now he's out reppin the big KC MO, so yeah if you want a taste of KC holla and drink this, goes down smooth, and gets you crunked up for real.

posted by sebastian @ 03:16AM, 7/23/06

Great drink, totally amazing.
Awesome Drink

posted by Pot Head @ 01:04AM, 9/05/06

My favorite drink... Turns me from normal to fuck anything that walks mode quicker than any other drink I've had haha.

posted by amanda @ 08:24PM, 9/17/06

I love this drink but only one of my local bars carries it and it's my 2nd to least favorite one to go into. I wish it were available everywhere I go, on second thought maybe thats a good thing.
Tech knows his liquor

posted by Knightmare @ 10:02AM, 10/13/06

I just had to try this mix after hearing Tech N9ne rap about it all the time. And damn he's right. You can get fucked up and it still tastes good.
Tecca Nina

posted by jingles @ 06:39AM, 10/16/06

Haven't had it yet but plan on trying it. I also heard of it from one of Tech's songs!! New album comes out Nov. 7th track eight is called Caribou Lou!

posted by mj @ 08:30PM, 10/20/06

Tech is a great man.
Caribou Lou

posted by Mac Daddy Mike @ 06:02AM, 10/25/06

Wondiferous, tha best mixed-drinks out there, surprised so few a peoplez have heard bout it. Juggalos hold it down.

posted by Gomer @ 08:32PM, 10/26/06

Home is what this drink reminds me of. I hail from Kansa City and we been guzzling this shit for years. Tech N9ne!

posted by dan_1 @ 03:15AM, 11/04/06

I first heard of Caribou Lou's from tech and it's probly the only way I drink rum.

posted by Dan @ 01:52AM, 11/09/06

All of the ratings are biased. If you listen to Tch N9ne you may think the drink is better than want it really is.

posted by Jeanette- 520 bitchezzz @ 07:49AM, 11/11/06

I drank like 12 of these and i was messed up... I kept dancing and tipping the bartender.

posted by bahah @ 08:42AM, 11/18/06

LOL @ Kc reppin, lies.
Caribou lou

posted by Techa Nina @ 11:16PM, 11/20/06

TECHH rapper out there, not only does he rap and tear up da stage but he know how to get the club popppin....KC MO 151, malibu rum, and pinnapple juice, CARIBOU LOU.
Kyle L. is a lil bitch

posted by kutt calhoun @ 10:03PM, 11/23/06

I knew this bitch that got fucked up on caribou while listening to tech n9ne's song 'caribou lou' and 30 min. Later he was laying on the ground foaming at the mouth. I asked if he was ok but he made a funny girgling sound then shortly after he stopped breathing. This shit is the fuckin' bomb!!!

posted by Chris a.k.a buddy @ 01:45AM, 11/29/06

Tech got me hooked on it... i turned 21 a week ago and ive been threw 5 bottles off malibu 151 and pin juice... my family hates me but my homies and bitches be lovin me... peace 2 my family... love ya.... ok im fuckin drunk off dat Caribou Lou!!!
Caribou get them all numb

posted by Koby @ 09:49PM, 11/30/06

This drink is amazing

I don't know if I can ever drink anything else.

Best way ever =
pour ice into blender
pour lots of 151
pour lots of malibu
pour even more pineapple juice
chop up a pineapple and put it in the blender

..then you get slushy amazing taste plus with tasty pineapple chunks caribou lou get them all NUMB baby!

posted by A. Morris @ 02:48PM, 12/02/06

Top stuff. Thanks to Tech N9ne for the recipe in his numberous songs ["Here Comes Tecca Nina, "Caribou Lou", etc.] - this is easily my favorite/go-to drink.
151, malibu rum & pineapple (thats caribou lou, origin in missou')

posted by Sykosis @ 04:33PM, 12/03/06

Best drink ever. never had a better feeling buzz until drinking a half a glass of that. Needless to say i drank a glass and a half more before i realized i was drunk. Tech N9NE baby!
Caribou Lou

posted by Young Reezy @ 05:04PM, 12/05/06

How has this drink not swept the country?

K C M O fellas and the ladies know.
Yummy 4 da tummy

posted by Species @ 12:00PM, 12/10/06

The drink sounds sweet.. been hearing tech talk about it for years.. time to try it with my other medicinals.
Caribou lou

posted by JP @ 08:45PM, 12/10/06

Love the stuff. You're fucked before you know it, me and my bro treydog be drinkin dat stuff all night long on new years.

posted by Caribou Lou Lover @ 03:54PM, 12/12/06

This drink is the best ever, My new fav by far. My only advice is be careful. Doesn't taste anywhere near as alcoholic as it is, so you may not expect to get as drunk as you do! Have Fun! Note: Best when drank while listening to Caribou Lou by Tech N9ne!
Tecca Nina

posted by I Hate Givers @ 01:56PM, 12/22/06

Heard the song caribou Lou and had to try it, Tech N9ne...CHEAAAA Tell the bar tender I need Adother Nink!
Caribou Lou Tech

posted by Twink @ 06:41PM, 12/26/06

Caribou is the greatest drink ever made, I drink it all the time and teach bartenders how to make it. If you never tried it... you're missin out. the best way to make it is get a gallon jug, with 151 and malibu, about 1/3, fill the rest with pinnapple juice, does more damage than it seems. Add more liquor if needed.
Techs Brew

posted by Twink @ 06:47PM, 12/26/06

Caribou is the greatest drink of all times, invented and drank in MO since 1995 when tech and his boys were blown. I been drinkin it for years, since the angehellic album, teach bartenders everywhere I go how to make it, the best way is to get a jug and fill it up a lil over 1/3 with 151 and malibu, fill the rest with pinnapple juice. SHOUT OUT TO TECH N9NE, APPRECIATE IT BRO!!!!!

posted by c dizub @ 02:55AM, 12/29/06

TECH FUCKIN N9NE is the wiset mutha fucka on the planet.

posted by tanda @ 01:46AM, 1/04/07

It's also called a malibu surfer on acid.
Thx tech

posted by dude @ 09:58PM, 1/13/07

Thx to tech n9ne for this drink it goes down good. Just had one and hell yea they rock.
Caribou get them all numb

posted by Mitch B. @ 01:02AM, 1/17/07

This gets you tipsy hella quick and is soo smooth. It's smoother than a lot of drinks made with 80 proof liquor.
Tech n9ne party!

posted by Tech @ 11:25AM, 1/17/07

My friends and I are throwing a tech n9ne party! and this shit is going to be the main attraction!
Tech nine!!

posted by woot woot @ 05:02PM, 1/17/07

Who says music doesnt influence your actions. Never thought to have this until one day I had all the ingredients and was listening to it... best mix ever. I dont go to a party unless I or someone there is making these, greatest ever. They are the bomb and when you make a drink where you cant taste 151 you know it's incredible.
Great stuff

posted by drinker @ 07:23PM, 1/17/07

Raises hell...make a gallon of it and liek 6 people are strait fot the rest of the night....

Great taste =]
Tech N9ne

posted by AD @ 12:20PM, 1/19/07

Tech N9ne experience thats what its all about.. listen to his shit people hes good and Cariboulou is the shit.. haha.
Caribou Lou

posted by caribou loulou @ 12:50PM, 1/19/07

This is the best mixed drink i've EVER HAD. This drink will make your clothes fall off. Tech knows what he's talkin about. You'll never wanna drink 151 any other way.
Tech Tech

posted by wkdclwn @ 02:24PM, 1/19/07

151 rum, pinapple juice, and malibu caribou get them all numb, make baby girl cum... out of her shell and raise hell, dont stop till the cops come!!... I see Double, I see triple!!...
Tech n9ne

posted by danny @ 02:32PM, 1/22/07

Hear it from the king tech n9ne best drink ever.
Tech is sick

posted by jeff @ 04:59PM, 1/25/07

If tech nine made this up he is a effin genious. One love tech n9ne.
Caribou Lou will fuck you

posted by Drizunk as fizuck @ 05:11PM, 1/26/07

I just made some of this stuff with 1/2 a bottle of 151 a full bottle of malibu and 2 cans of pineapple juice, 1 glass got me highly buzzed, 2 drunk, 4 I don't remember shit, and I'm a pretty big dood.
Caribou Lou

posted by Nate Deezy @ 08:38PM, 1/27/07

Best mix ever!

Recipe broken down for different quantities:
2 people (about 4 20z drinks)
1 pint Bacardi 151
1 pint Malibu rum
8 ounces pure pineapple juice ( or more for weaker alcohol tastes)

4 people (about 10 20z drinks)
1/5 Bacardi 151
1/5 Malibu rum
2 quarts (28 ounces) pure pineapple juice, add more/less per tastes (just 2 qts is pretty strong.)

from my own experiances, by the way TechN9ne = best rapper alive!

posted by Tony @ 01:35AM, 1/28/07

Try this shit you will love it...!
Ice...lots of it

posted by drunk @ 08:00PM, 1/28/07

Make it with lots of will kick you in the face.

posted by Fallen @ 08:48PM, 1/30/07

Its amazing.... although 151 is good on it's own but wow you dont even realize that you're destroyed until it's too late. Oh and make a hell of alot, screw the tiny glass!
Tech n9ne is god

posted by lou @ 10:22PM, 2/04/07

Heard from the song and I just had to try it... and it's amazing.
Tech N9ne

posted by The Sets, Tempe Az @ 07:00AM, 2/06/07

Hells yea Tecca Nina made this drink popular now everyone knows about it and gettin everyone I know guzzling it, and I have my people at my bar selling it.

posted by Memphis Raynes @ 10:58AM, 2/12/07

For being in college and wanting simple, different and new this stuff is perfect, Tech N9ne is tight too, even before this song!

posted by Tech n9ne! @ 02:02PM, 2/12/07

Shits amazing...I just cant figure out the perfect amount to put in like a big jug, cause then everyone can enjoy it :D I have a HUGE thing of animal crackers and when its gone were makin caribou lou in that shit. So, if anyone knows a big recipe for it holla. Gotta love tech for that song..he got me wondering.
Techs da Mec

posted by Cadaver @ 02:34PM, 2/13/07

Damn fresh drink man.
If you're interested....

posted by OneChillVip @ 01:19PM, 2/16/07

Sounds crazy but replace the part of pineapple juice with a shooter of an upside-down pinneapple cake.. add a few splashes of sweet and sour mix... splash some maraschino cherry syrup in there and one drop of tobasco.. absolutely incredible.

posted by john doe @ 02:46PM, 2/21/07

Same drink as caribbean pineapple but with 151 added...not all that creative but still good.
Caribou lou

posted by Salem @ 02:46AM, 2/22/07

Best drink ever!! Very unique and easy to make. I also heard about it from tech n9ne! :)

posted by d34th @ 10:08AM, 2/23/07

I couldn't stop drinkin @@

posted by J @ 04:36PM, 2/23/07

Tech has also got me interested in this drink so TONIGHT IM GETTIN FUCKED UP!!! im holdin down atl for u Tech

Peace out.
Tech N9ne

posted by Violent J @ 01:24AM, 2/24/07

I havent had it yet but that songs gonna make me try that shit this weekend mayne.
Tecca Nina A Genius

posted by Byrne @ 08:17PM, 2/25/07

Best drink in the world... thx to tecca nina.

posted by Moses @ 09:14PM, 2/26/07

This drink is legit. You think you're drinking pineapple juice, but be4 you know it you can't walk!!
Chilin wit tech 9

posted by 408 NOR*CAL @ 02:36PM, 2/28/07

My 21st birthday drink just bout ended it early haha.

posted by JDavis @ 05:34PM, 3/03/07

My boss bought me two of these. Fired me the next week. I still can't figure it out!
Sipp on some luo

posted by jaz @ 08:02PM, 3/03/07

This drink is amazing, especially frozen to slush.
Don't Stop til the Cops COOOOMMMME

posted by DooX @ 10:28PM, 3/09/07

Tech iz on point with this one! Though I uffed up and got passion fruit malibu. Still works tho.
Tech N9ne

posted by D. Boat @ 01:33PM, 3/14/07

This drink is the bomb!! Smooth, and tastes wonderful. 151 is killer, but when its mixed like this.. it tastes just oh so good.

"The only defect is waking up like, what happened?"
Tech N9ne - "Caribou Lou"
Ultimate Party Flavor

posted by drunk bitch @ 06:00PM, 3/16/07

My friend made me drink it one night and I can take alot of alcohol but damn did this fuck me up fast! Goes down nice and gets you fucked up quick! HAHA thanks Tech!
Psycho Ambassador TECH N9NE

posted by Eric @ 08:01PM, 3/18/07

Fucking outsanding I love it! You get fucked up and so do the ladies! Throw your hands up if your hella fucked up!
Yeah boi

posted by Caribou lou 4 life @ 09:33AM, 3/21/07

Good stuff right here!

posted by johana @ 01:00AM, 3/22/07

I had never had caribou lou or even heard the song but my best friend introduced both to me. Tech is the thing that him and i have in common, now caribou is our tradition.
Caribou Lou

posted by Kevin @ 01:51PM, 3/25/07

We made it last night, my advise would be
25% 151 rum
33% Malibou Coconut rum
42% Pineapple Juice

Having it at 1/3rd made it taist a little to strongly of the 151 rum.

Besides that make sure you have lots of supplies, since it goes fast :-)

posted by jimbo @ 06:34PM, 3/27/07

My son in Mpls introduced it to me in the winter of 05. Seemed like a summer drink, but works well any time.

posted by Kiads @ 08:55AM, 3/31/07

I had some lou last night. Best drink i ever had. I was expecting to have to force her down. Went down smooth as fuck, and got me fucking smashed.

posted by TLT @ 08:47AM, 4/04/07

This drink is great to make in large volumes and will put you on your ass quick. Overall it tastes great and is fairly cheap to make.
Tech Is The Bomb

posted by JORDAN! @ 04:11PM, 4/04/07

This drink is amazingg, your are insane after 1 drink, I first heard about it from Tech and then tried it that same night then i was Thrashed before i knew it.
Damn son

posted by Caribou @ 07:30PM, 4/05/07

Best damn drink ever. Me and my friend heard it on the rap song also and tried it. We bought a gas can to mix everything in after we were shooting flames with the 151.
Happy consumer

posted by happy consumer @ 03:41PM, 4/08/07

Listenin to tech has made me decide to have myself an underage drink and im happy to say it was caribou lou. Teccanina comin with a bang!!!
Good drink

posted by thomas @ 04:52PM, 4/11/07

Good drink! Tech N9ne's drink FUCKIN GOOD THOUGH.

posted by JDub @ 12:41AM, 4/12/07

I agree it is the best way to drink 151!!!

posted by Renopenguin @ 01:03AM, 4/12/07

We are going to try it this weekend... Tech N9ne knows how to get you drunk.

posted by Roach @ 08:33PM, 4/12/07

Cheers.... Not a bad drink at all. Warms the heart and soul.
Drunk before you know it

posted by phast4ward @ 05:21PM, 4/13/07

Awesome drink! Tech has spread the word well. Had to try it after his new album dropped... DRUNK BEFORE YOU KNOW IT... all i drink these days. Lost a bet and had to bong a pint... don't recommend it!
One of the best drink ever!!

posted by issak da tanzanian @ 05:29AM, 4/16/07

My boy Troy from KC introduce this drink to me in 2001 and it has been my favorite since then, way before i heard tech 9 talk about it.

posted by Cynn @ 06:19PM, 4/16/07

Tech N9ne did NOT introduce me to the drink first, but while drinking it, i heard the song, most amazing thing EVER : ]

posted by caribizzle @ 12:32AM, 4/24/07

Fucks you up and it still tastes bomb.
Fun Stuff

posted by Kasey From KCMO @ 01:40PM, 4/27/07

It is a great smooth drink- only problem is waking up and wondering what happened.

posted by baraka @ 01:34PM, 4/29/07

It's off the chain, 2 drinks in an hour got me dancing as hell! Very nice! Very tasteful, doesnt taste as strong as it is. Got me drunk quick which gave me much energy. Also for those boring people who never wants to get really drunk just wanna "chill" offer em' a caribou lou and they will never more underestimate the power of a good buzzz.

posted by Juggalo @ 01:01AM, 5/01/07

Is the shit. Absolute fucking shit, love it.
Sick Find...

posted by 0o(-_-)o0 @ 06:24PM, 5/03/07

1/2 a year later I come to find out the weirdes thing on this site which is a very cool site. You're not supposed to drink 151 straight up. I've downed 5 shots or more a night...sure it's strong but I didn't know. Now I can still enjoy it in the company of my favorite fruit and my favorite mexican stand drink. Cheers to Caribou Lou and DrinksMixer.
The Lou

posted by Mistah Mafioso @ 12:48AM, 5/04/07

Its a wonderful work of alcohol. Can I recommend any 151 drinkers somethin' called a Hurricane?

"The Life of the Fuckin' Party, Bacardi Dark (Gold) and Bacardi Light (Superior), Triple Sec and that Grenadine and Pineapple Juice and Parsley (optional)..." - E-40 [Do Ya Head Like This (My Ghetto Reportcard)]

Tech N9ne baby

posted by DrunkenMonkey @ 01:26PM, 5/04/07

Great drink - great song.
Tech N9ne

posted by Isaiah @ 03:10PM, 5/04/07

This shit is raw its so fuckin good
Caribou Lou

posted by Fucked OnLou @ 06:30PM, 5/04/07

OH YEEEEEEAH trying to for the first time tonight for a party bus and hopefully its as good as the song. (probably will be better)
Gunna be fucked on caribou lou tonight!

posted by Canadian @ 09:57AM, 5/05/07

Being canadian, I wouldn't think this would do anything, but i got fucked quick...and then bonged 8 beers after.. good night all started off with a Caribou Lou.
Mix it right!!

posted by oh yeah tits @ 02:21PM, 5/05/07

Instead of 1 part for each ingredient mix 1/2 liter of 151, 1 cup of malibu rum and add a big can of pineapple juice. That's how tech n9ne gets down.

posted @ 02:38AM, 5/07/07

BEST MIX I'VE EVER HAD. Gets you smashed but you dont know it till you stand up and fall down!
Thank God 4 Tech N9ne

posted by Miss Emotion @ 04:51PM, 5/07/07

Jus tried this drink 2 days ago... IT'S THE GREAT4ST DRINK EVER!!!! I don't really like to drink hard liquor, I was asking for the drink by the cup full!!! Thanks Tech!
Best drink ever

posted by drink it its good @ 01:05AM, 5/08/07

Just had like 50 glasses so plastered right now. Bout to pass out.
Techa n9ne

posted by ricky @ 06:20PM, 5/08/07

Man had to party listing to techa n9ne and drinking some caribou lou cleartwater loves ya.
Caribou Lou

posted @ 10:02AM, 5/09/07

This stuff is sweet and gives you the buzz you are after! Its one of my favs!
Drink it up...

posted by crissy @ 05:29PM, 5/09/07

Funny story. I had never heard of this song until after my boyfriend and friends had me try the drink!!

posted by dope @ 06:07PM, 5/17/07

This drink is off the hook, tried it at a recent party and it was an instant hit.

posted by asdf @ 06:51PM, 5/22/07

This shits the bomb but caribou lou wasn't the first song he has mentioned this. He's been rappin about it way before everready.
Makes the Girls Come

posted by Asher @ 08:00PM, 5/24/07

151 Rum, Pineapple juice and Malibu. Caribou get dem all numb. Make baby girl come, out of her shell and raise hell. Don't stop till the cops come.
Tech Nizzine

posted by Randy Cizzandy @ 08:32PM, 5/29/07

The drink is the shit all I had on spring break... Tech N9ne for life
Don't stop till the cops come!

posted by I Want Me Some Tech N9ne! @ 08:28AM, 5/30/07

This is my favorite drink.

The first time I had it, I slammed 5 glasses... under-estimating it's power. I was hugging the toilet for the rest of the night. :]

Mmm. Tech is a hottie.
CMS 07!

posted by fjkfh @ 09:00PM, 6/01/07

AMAZING!! love itt <3
151 rum

posted by samantha @ 06:26PM, 6/05/07

Its good i tried it and its da bomb.....Know when i go partying thats what i drink cuz after 1 glass im good.........

posted by Rose @ 05:24AM, 6/06/07

Thanks tech :)

Im fucked up.
KCMO 151

posted by KCMO 151 @ 01:03PM, 6/09/07

Man this shit is great, 1 glass im good, 2 glasses im GONE. tech is the bomb!!!
64 ounce jug???

posted by Mick F. @ 01:55AM, 6/10/07

So the only jug I had was a 64 ounce jug.

So following the lyrics I added

"Half a bottle of 151" which equals 12.5 ounces (375 ml)
"One cup of Malibu rum" which equals 8 ounces
"fill the rest of the jug with pineapple juice" which equals 43.5 ounces

When you do the math (after the alcohol wears off) you get almost exactly what the recipe on this page shows

1.5625 parts 151 proof rum
1.0000 part Malibu coconut rum
5.4375 parts pineapple juice.

posted by duh @ 03:25AM, 6/15/07

Tech raps about it in 4+ songs =] obviously its his drink lol.
Since 1999

posted by Danko @ 02:27PM, 6/16/07

Tech N9ne and the Rouge Dogg Vilians (local rap group here in Kansas City, Missouri) put us on this drink back in 1999. I thought it was a girlly drink or something. Caribou Lou kicked my ass and raised my drinking tolerance to where it is today! Stay off those pills Tech! lol Proud of ya man! Malibou and Bacardi are in debt, pay the man for promotion!

posted by Jenna;; @ 05:53PM, 6/18/07

Holy shit. Me and my friends all drink this all the time. It's the best drink for a teenage party.
Caribou Lou

posted by Manuel @ 04:20AM, 6/20/07

I had a party last night and I had Heard Tech N9ne's song about Caribou Lou, so i decided to try it and just listened to the song for the recipe. "151 Rum, pineapple juice and Malibu Caribou them all numb..." It does have you all numb after a few.

I was drinking it and didn't feel it and it tasted good. It doesn't hit you right away. It just creeps up on you so bee careful. I had 4 cups of it and i was set, but i had already drank a few beers and taken a shot. Its a great drink for parties. Me and my friends liked it. I would definitely have it again.

posted by G @ 08:13PM, 6/20/07

This stuff rocks!!!!

posted by Mason @ 06:23PM, 6/21/07

This shit is good, real name for it is shipwrecked tho, caribou lou sounds better.
I'm so pumped

posted by TeCh N9nE @ 03:14AM, 6/22/07

My local LB has got this shit pre bottled and its plastic so you can put it in the freezer and get the slushy effect...all you people reppin the big V this shot will get you laid in a minute.

posted by c0ry @ 06:07PM, 6/24/07

I told the bartender about it last night,(he had no clue how to make it.) I have never had it before last night. It reminded me about the beach.
Lets Get It Crackin

posted by BK All Day @ 10:54PM, 6/29/07

Yeah Caribou lou is the shit man im so gonna drink myself in to a stuper from it tommorrow.
8 more days!

posted by Mark @ 01:59PM, 7/01/07

Im tryin it in 8 days, me an a buddy are gonna try to make it until we perfect it! PUMPED UP! (and yea, also heard bout it in a tech song)
To make it even better...

posted by Eric @ 11:14PM, 7/01/07

Great drink, put a splash of grenadine in it for a little added flavor/sweetness and for a pinkish flavor, good if you're making it for a female.

Optional of course.
Whos Got This House Online... Tech N9ne

posted by nigga jones @ 12:30AM, 7/02/07

yo. me and 3 other friends are gonna make this, were not to heavy of drinkers, but can sum1 tell me how much each part should be in ounces to get us messed up....

thanks. dont stop till the cops come
Tech N9ne out of ten

posted by thebossfall @ 12:20AM, 7/03/07

This drink tastes TOO good. I had a glass, and then another, another, and then the room started spinning. I have a high tolerance and even I could feel it after just one. Enjoy, but beware.

posted by HOop @ 09:18AM, 7/05/07

Tar bender I need a drother nink
Release caribou lou and the party is utter kink
Insane mainy
Keep 'em coming then I'll remain zainy
Cause I'd say baby
I'm trying to make you my main gamey?
For the rest of the night
Girl you sexy and tight
Come to mi casa and see these shock reflects and your right
Groupies at 12 o' clock
Man I'm prowl I'll go
Ya I'll recruit 'em
But ain't betten on crap and thats all I know
Yeap in my white tee and Nike's
You might sight me slightly heifin
Might see dry heave
Die we shall not need i-v's
Beside me Siamese
(tech, huh, you not making any sense)
I might make her wanna swa-wing a Prada
But once I get up on 'em I can do my thing I gotta
Hey batta batta batta batta swa-ing a batta
He cannot he cannot he cannot swa-wing a batta

151 rum
Pineapple juice, and Malibu, caribou, get them all numb
Make baby girl come
Out of her shell and raise hell
We gonna party till the cops come
Caribou lou!!

posted by HAND5 @ 03:38AM, 7/23/07

Me and my ladies are doing it in 3 days, were overly stoked about it. Meanwhile we will be floating down the channel listening to 'Caribou lou' & sippin' on our drrranks!

posted by lizy @ 12:18PM, 7/24/07

This is a killer drink, mixes up the crap I have been drinken this summer. 151 hits hard like they said but boom why not check it out.
Tech Concert after partayyy

posted by MUCHADO @ 12:05AM, 7/28/07

Makin a jug of this shit for tomarrow WOOO WOOO Tech N9ne, KMK, Big B, Kansas City baby!
Greatest Drink Ever

posted by Magarnical @ 08:02AM, 8/04/07

Got to use a gallon jug (classy) put 3/4 of a fifth 151 then an entire fifth of malibu and top of with pineapple juice. (about two big cans) Very Drinkable. Gets You FUCKED... Holy Hell

posted by That one guy @ 05:48PM, 8/04/07

First I was skeptical, because I'm rather picky with alcohol and hate hard liqour if I can taste it. But wait, it was amazing! You can barely taste the 151 and it gets you faded QUICK!.

The song says it well "two cups to get her hot and out of her clothes" Which is damn right. Believe, I know, but I don't think she remembers.
Crunk juice

posted by your favorite cracka @ 10:37PM, 8/06/07

My buddies and i are having a party for my 21st birthday and all we'll be serving is Caribou Lous, only way to roll if you want to get fucked up fast and taste very little if any alcohol, plus its a great drink for the ladies, very smoothe, very potent.

posted @ 02:58PM, 8/08/07

Dude this is fantastic. the recipe at the top is the best I've come up with. It's strong enough to fuck you up but the taste wont make you cringe. It's just like it says..
1&1/2 parts 151
1 part malibu
5 parts pineapple juice.

The easiest way to measure it out is to get a container that is the same width at the bottom and the top, or close to it. Then just make 7.5 evenly spaced notches (8.5 if you put one on the very very bottom (which would be stupid) with a sharpee or something and leave a little space from the top so as not to make a drunken mess :) The notches represent 1 part each. so put the 151 in first and use 1.5 parts. (1 full segment, and a half of the next). Then just go 1 full segment up from that with malibu. then fill to the top notch with pineapple juice. Tastes great and the drunken-ness will have you before you know it.
"Release Caribou Lou and the party is utter kink!"

posted by MCCCC @ 11:49AM, 8/09/07

Best ever! My absolute favorite drink :o)
I had this for the first time a few months ago because my boyfriend loves tech n9ne and caribou lou is his favorite, so we made it at his birthday party. And WOW it was soooo good! i couldn't even taste the alcohol, and like the song says, "2 cups will get her hoppin out of her clothes" hahaha! great times!

I HIGHLY recommend this amazing drink.

posted by Jeff @ 01:08AM, 8/22/07

I really didn't expect this to be that great...but it is. MAKE IT!

posted by bdub @ 09:28PM, 8/24/07

Yea it's pretty much my favorite drink. Best way is a fifth of each and a gallon jug fill the rest of the jug with pineapple juice.
Best drink for the lake

posted by Matt @ 11:33PM, 9/02/07

Took this shit to the lake. Man i love it.

Thanks Tech N9ne

Best drink ever.

posted by 1FiddY1 @ 02:37PM, 9/15/07

After drinking this, i dont drink anything else. GETS YOU FUCKEEEEDDDD

drink up cuddy.


posted by Jeremy @ 07:40PM, 9/20/07

This shit is awesome.

Try it, you'll love it!
Well, if you remember it.

posted by stacy @ 09:01PM, 9/20/07

Very good! gets you drunk very fast though, so be careful. You'll be taking your close off before you finish one glass =)
It's the shit.

posted by Vin Man @ 04:46PM, 9/21/07

My friends and I have Caribou Lou nights and we get shitty. It's kind of a new tradition of ours. We mix it in a gallon jug and drink it out of buckets, jars, and other shit lying around
Omg my face

posted by tbourke @ 08:41AM, 9/23/07

Had two or three cups of this stuff and played about 3 games of beerpong and my face was fucked! get a shaker and shake it with some ice and some peices of fruit like pineapple or strawberries. pour on ice.

but yeah i couldnt believe how crunked this got my face i was really surprised. then my dumbass realized its the 151.

posted by stevenH @ 01:16AM, 9/28/07

This drink is amazing, i had 2 drinks and was completely wasted and my friend had 6 blacked out and started peeing in this kids house then started puking all over the place at this party and then passed out on the floor. The next morning i went back to the house and he was still there, when i woke him up he said he couldn't see haha he fuckin went blind cuz he drank so much....shit's awesome!!!!

posted by JumpSuit @ 07:34AM, 10/01/07

Tech Definitely introduced me to this. Not only cheap as hell to make but oh so fucking good.
Hell Yeah! Tech Nine!

posted by Tweeklicious07 @ 03:01AM, 10/12/07

This drink hits da top spot wen it comes to ballin! Tastes great and packs a great punch to the senses. Im @#$% up now bro!!!!!!!

posted by Moonshine @ 09:17PM, 10/12/07

This makes 151 go down SO easily and it is a breeze to make. One or two of these will put you in a very good place.
Caribou Lou!!

posted by Wastedasssmatt @ 04:25AM, 10/13/07

WOW! that pretty much sums up this drink. if you enjoy pineapple juice regularly, then you will looooooove this drink. a 1/5 of 151 and malibou with equal amount of pineapple juice got 6 people who have a fairly high tolerance absolutly wasted! a 1 to 1 to 1 mix is fine, pineapple taste with coconut while drinking it with a slight, and i mean slight, 151 aftertaste. Caribou lou is my new favorite mixed drink!!!!!!!!!
Tech N9ne isn't called the King for nothing...

posted by Britton @ 06:59PM, 10/18/07

"151 Malibu rum and pineapple juice
Four those who don't know that's caribou lou origin in Missou"

King of Rap and Drinks. What's next?

Vote Tech N9ne in 2008!
Its all good but

posted by Robert @ 08:08AM, 11/05/07

this is a great drink but hard to make in the U.K. anyone know where i can easily get 151 in England?

posted by n @ 03:25PM, 11/16/07

Tried this stuff, nasty as hell. Maybe i mixed it wrong but any advice on making it good?
Hells Yeah

posted by Jitty @ 03:17AM, 11/21/07

Got me twisted first time I tried this. I've been curious about it since I heard about it in Here Comes Tecca Nina on Absolute Power. I'll tell you what when I get mixed drinks now it's only Caribou Lou... "Caribou Lou is 151 Malibu Rum and Pineapple so what's this weakness you're trying too sell me"
This is good, but...

posted by TGB @ 01:34PM, 12/04/07

When my crew and i make up batches of it, we just take a gallon container, mix equal parts (750 ml) of each and then bruise it over ice. Still goes down easy and does the trick like you wouldn't believe.
Tech N9ne

posted by Nitroz @ 05:45PM, 12/05/07

YEAH BOI! dat shit is niiiice!
one fitty one rum. yeaH!
For the Dude Who Left the "Biased" comment

posted by RIOTM4KER @ 06:41PM, 12/05/07

Try mixing this drink for some friends who've never heard of Tech. They'll love it. When we throw parties, it's the most asked for drink I make. Don't believe me... Try it.
Carribou get them all numb.. :D

posted by ~*~Bunny~*~ @ 08:55AM, 12/06/07

Hells fuckin yea... This has to be one of my all time favorite drinks.. Goes down smooth and gets you ripped. :D I highly recomend it to Anyone.. Much Love to all the fellow Tech listeners..

"Make babygirl cum out of her shell & raise hell don't stop til the cops come" Whoop Whoop :P
Panty Dropper

posted by johny @ 04:41PM, 12/08/07

It goes down nicely. And comes up nicely too!!!!

posted by hdh @ 03:00PM, 12/13/07

Taste delish, gets the job done too, big time. Put it in the fridge first though, you can drink it alot faster cold.
yeahh..KC MO

posted by heavy heated @ 01:00AM, 12/21/07

It goes one fifty one, malibu rum, pinapple juice baby we havin some fun.
A shot to go with your drink

posted by cash @ 06:44PM, 12/22/07

equal parts
151 rum
hot damn
cranberry juice

posted by princess.* @ 06:32PM, 12/28/07

maan im sure i made this wrong, since everyone seems to enjoy it, and i thought it tasted whack. buut ill be giving it a second chance sooon.
Be careful!

posted by kait @ 03:54PM, 12/31/07

haha, no really. had this at my friend's and he was mixing drinks, and of course, we weren't measuring. i woke up after passing out for 3 hours on his bed. don't remember a THING.
and i'm not a lightweight...
you do NOT feel it.

but, on the flip side, if you take it in moderation--cheap way to get drunk and have fun!

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