Buttery Nipple recipe

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Pour buttershots into a chilled shot glass. Carefully layer or float the irish cream on top, and serve.

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Loved it

posted by Beverly @ 07:17PM, 5/11/06

Had these at my sons wedding reception. First time now i've found me a new toddy.

posted by Geehump @ 12:30PM, 5/24/06

I love Baileys anyway...but this shot is so good. Goes down smooth.
The best!!!

posted by Ginger @ 07:47PM, 7/01/06

Thanks for making it so easy to find the recipe. It has been a while and I wasnt sure what went into it, but I got it now, so its on, and I do love this drink.
Goes down reeeaaal smooth!

posted by Reanna @ 07:37PM, 7/29/06

It's soft on the tounge, creamy, and a little sweet like butterscotch, it's awesome!

posted by snufulufugus85 @ 04:37PM, 7/30/06

I had this shot and I dreamt about it ALL NIGHT. Delicious, sweet, even made my teeth hurt!

posted by Dayle @ 09:01PM, 9/23/06

Had 2 of these for the first time at an office party - boy was it good!

I wasn't told until LATER that they were doubles and I'd actually had FOUR!

(and my office manager kept filling up my wine glass! She said well, somebody kept drinking it! and I said...That would be ME!)
Too much is a bad idea

posted by PartyPee'r @ 09:33AM, 9/25/06

It tastes great the first time around and the second time, but the third time you better calm yourself..especially when binge drinking...and you have to have it made with the right amount of liquor because if you can taste it, it will leave you with a bad aftertaste.

posted by bugg @ 01:11PM, 9/27/06

Looooooooovvvvvvveeeee it!

posted by Sabrina @ 08:32PM, 10/03/06

This is my absolute favorite shot!! I love the way it taste and the way it goes down so smooth.

posted by anna @ 07:47PM, 10/12/06

No need for a breath mint!
Loved it!

posted by Marina @ 08:31PM, 10/22/06

So smooth. So far my favorite shot recipe. Damn goood!

posted by Wamizie @ 08:59PM, 10/31/06

Soo smooth --soo delicious. If you are going to get drunk, might as well entertain your taste buds while at it--its orgasmic!!
It's also

posted by gfish @ 03:11AM, 11/03/06

This is basically a Cocksucking Cowboy but the portions are even instead.
Liked it!

posted by ms20748 @ 10:12PM, 11/13/06

No buzz....but fun to drink.
My favorite shot

posted by Kelly @ 10:36AM, 11/16/06

I'm not good at shots, but I love this one! It tastes like candy and is so easy to take!
Make it SMOOTH!

posted by Beth @ 07:04PM, 11/17/06

Add an ounce of half and half creamer to make it smoother. I found this recipe to be a lil strong, went to thee local bar the other night and found that they were adding half and half !!!!
I love it

posted by pras @ 03:02AM, 12/02/06

This is so nice, it pushes me to another world of smoothness...

posted by chunixen @ 02:04AM, 12/03/06

This one of the smoothest sweetest shots!!! YUM!!

posted by Luscious. @ 02:24PM, 12/03/06

My friend recommended the shot, had it, loved it. Can this be served as a drink?

posted by chunixen @ 12:31AM, 12/09/06

This has to be one of the BEST shots ever!! SO GOOD!!
Thank you

posted by Tammy @ 04:52PM, 12/13/06

I have been looking for this recipe for months. I want to get the stuff to make it for my girlfriend for Christmas and your site is the first to have the recipe. Thanks so much.
Oh yeah!

posted by Derek Harms @ 08:17AM, 12/19/06

This shot was what made me fail all my finals and nearly fail school. It almost ruined my life but i still drink it hell's yeah!!!
Shots are not enough

posted by letiann @ 11:23PM, 12/19/06

I triple the recipe and drink them after dinner. Really impressed my husbands friends.

posted by Castilleja @ 08:55PM, 12/20/06

I love this. I triple it and shake with a little ice, though. Good stuff!
It's my favorite!!

posted by BDay @ 08:41AM, 12/27/06

If it weren't so expensive and full of calories, I'd have it every single day!! It's the most delicious drink ever invented!! In a word: LUXURY!!!
Popular restaurants serve it different

posted by Ginger Tirban @ 01:07AM, 12/29/06

I've worked in several restraunts over the years and they each serve this drink... with a slight variation. Same name. It's DeKuyper Buttershots, Bailey's Irish Cream, and Kahlua~ 1 part of each. Buttershots and Kahlua chilled, poured into shot glass with Irish Cream carefully poured over the top creating a floating layer. The BOMB! Be careful though or your legs will go completely buttery on you!
Very good shot

posted by liz @ 01:53PM, 12/30/06

This is a really good shot....and its delicious.

posted by Stephen @ 12:36PM, 12/31/06

Such a great shot! Last new years people were loving them. This year people are requesting to have them. Just be careful they may be really good but after a few of them, your going to get drunk. So if your drinking other drinks make sure your not driving cause these shots sneak up on you!!:)
Best way

posted by Sassy @ 11:28AM, 1/01/07

Best way to drink these is to serve them in chocolate shot glasses. Unbelievable!!!!

posted by Ce @ 04:51PM, 1/04/07

Tried it with my husband at a bar.....no I'm drinking it at home!

posted by Ali @ 03:34PM, 1/27/07

Me & my friends are getting together tonight instead of going out & paying a bundle for these shots we thought we can make them at home!! Glad I found the recipe otherwise we would have no idea how to make these it is sooo simple!! THANX!!! =)

posted by maggie @ 05:08PM, 2/02/07

This shot is sure to be a favorite even to those, like me, that aren't into the real liquor taste.
Favorite drink

posted by Alicia Phillips @ 09:50AM, 2/18/07

I'm not too big on drinking since becomming a new mother, but this is a good way to break yourself back in to having a good time. -- Tastes very smooth, creamy and sweet!
More kick

posted by porkchop @ 01:40PM, 2/25/07

Layer your shot with butterscotch snapps, kaluah, and vodka. Same taste- more kick

Great shot

posted by Vang @ 05:13PM, 3/02/07

Great for the ladies, or if you don't drink very much. Goes down really smooth, and is very toffee-sweet.

posted by sarah @ 07:15PM, 3/05/07

Love this shot, it is so yummy and it goes down so smooth.

posted by akey @ 05:26PM, 3/07/07

Simply the best.
C*cksuck!ng Cowboys

posted by Dutchski @ 01:48PM, 3/08/07

I first drank these in the bush in australia at a party under this (more dubious!) name, but keep going back for more nonetheless. Very proud to find the butterscotch is a native product of my own country too :)

posted by GGGGREAT! @ 09:29PM, 3/23/07

This is my favorite shot. If it is mixed right they are great!

posted by S BLack @ 04:18PM, 3/25/07

We had these in Key West and they were sooooo goood. As soon as we got home, we went and bought the stuff to make them.
Mmmm, dankness

posted by Silent Rob @ 09:24PM, 4/09/07

Wow, I have never had a shot like that, pretty damn tasty! I'm bookmarking this site for sure!
Very Good

posted by bozzladii21 @ 10:19AM, 4/10/07

My boyfriend put me on to this drink. I had never heard of it before when I tried it.... Lets just say it was good!

posted by Drou @ 03:07PM, 4/12/07

These are lovely and smooth and delicious, but the sweetness is such that I can only have 2 at the most. But yes, the shot makes me think of sex.
Love it

posted by Nicole @ 12:26PM, 4/24/07

One of my close friends told me about this drink on my b-day so it tried it now i love it so much, maybe too much lol. I would def recommend it.
Buttery nipple

posted by manda @ 08:13PM, 4/24/07


posted by stefani0321 @ 11:02PM, 4/28/07

Forget shots - I could just drink this stuff all night! It's my favorite!
I do this same shot

posted by D33p ThoUght @ 04:24PM, 5/12/07

I add a drop of grenadine... to add the "nipple effect", lol. It's great though, but don't attempt if you don't have a steady hand.

posted by Kathryn @ 09:44PM, 5/15/07

These things will sneak up on you...taste so good you don't think they are doing much til after the 3rd one...then...WHAM! I LOVE THESE DARN THINGS!!

posted by SASA @ 10:24PM, 7/08/07

I added whipped cream and a cherry...Was GOOD (twise).
Buttery Nipple

posted by do you see me smiling? :) @ 07:10PM, 11/04/07

OMG! I don't do shots, until now! This was wondermus!
Layer the shot

posted by TontoMarie @ 08:33PM, 11/23/07

To make it super smooth, I found that by layering the shot with Bailey's, Buttershots, then Bailey's it goes down really smooth!

posted by powell @ 08:47PM, 12/22/07

My wife have these every Christmas when we decorate the house for Christmas...It is a family tradition.

posted by Kimmeh @ 05:27AM, 12/26/07

I agree, these things sneak up on you very bad... I didn't even think I was actually GETTING drunk or DRINKING anything until about my 4th one. Yum yum yum... now I'm craving 'em.

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Nutritional Information

(per 1.5 oz serving)

Calories (kcal)
Energy (kj)

2.1 g
14.3 g
0 g


0 g
13.3 g
6.7 g

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