Apple Pie Punch recipe

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1 gallon apple juice
1/2 gallonfresh apple cider
3 - 4 cinnamon sticks
1 liter Everclear® alcohol

Put the juice, cider, and cinnamon sticks into a pan and let simmer on the stove for about 2 hours (not boil). Turn off heat, pour in 1 liter or 2/3 liter Everclear (no taste of alcohol) to the batch and pour into punch cups. Very potent, tastes exactly like apple pie.

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posted by Nicole @ 04:00PM, 6/08/06

This drink is so yummy... But beware, its easy to drink too much since you cant even taste the Everclear : )

posted by Jennn @ 06:12PM, 8/06/06

I had some last night. Took like 5 shots of it. Yumm. Could be one of my favorite drinks.
Best i've ever had

posted by Prowler @ 05:41PM, 10/09/06

This is actually the first hard drink I ever had and it's still my favorite by far. One thing that isn't mentioned is that if you re-bottle it with the cinnamon sticks and put it into storage in a dark place for 2 or 3 weeks it actually gets slightly better in my opinion. I agree with Nicole, it hardly tastes like alcohol at all.

posted by jere @ 06:26PM, 10/28/06

Awesome halloween adult punch.
Just curious

posted by Adam @ 06:42AM, 11/08/06

I was wondering if anyone had any smaller batch recipes...

posted by jason @ 09:20PM, 11/14/06

I've had this drink before and it was very good. I'm going to make it for thanksgiving.
Apple pie punch

posted by redneck69 @ 06:35PM, 11/21/06

This is sssoooo ggggooooodddddd! It will kick your A__! Great on a HHOOTT day!
Got that right!

posted by peter @ 01:51AM, 12/09/06

Tastes incredible, but will seriously fool you. If I wasn't told, I wouldn't know it had alcohol. Let alone Everclear.
Look Out!!

posted by Pat Barry @ 01:02PM, 12/14/06

Knock you out of your seat is what this stuff will do. Sent a girl to the hospital for drinking too much. Be careful 'cause it tastes GREAT!!
Top drink

posted by A.J. @ 10:11PM, 2/05/07

Great drink! Takes a little time to make but its SOO worth it, make sure you keep it stirred or the alcohol will seperate from the apple juice and cider

posted by j @ 12:13AM, 2/07/07

You just can't drink enough of this.. it just tastes too good. I recommend cooking it in a crock pot, it's much easier that way...

posted by Auz @ 10:28PM, 2/09/07

My friend used to make this stuff and sell it and I got EVERYONE addicted... we called it apple pie... and we would go to parties and people would try it and constantly want more... my friend moved away so we no longer had the hookup....but now.....
Not so good?

posted by kyle @ 06:22PM, 3/01/07

Well it has the "getting you wasted in a short amount of time" the only drawback I think is the morning after you get the 'ol shits...=/
I love me some apple pie!

posted by Brandi (aka Brandi and Mike) @ 06:26PM, 5/01/07

And if you add a pint of vanilla rum or vodka then it is ala'mode.

posted by Joni @ 08:49PM, 5/28/07

I love this, I love Everclear and Apple pie.
Love for everclear

posted by Pit @ 01:21AM, 6/02/07

The first time I had this, I drank myself sober in like two hours. Some bar was selling it for a dollar a shot, my 2 friends and I spent $150 that night.
Can this stuff be served heated as well?

posted by Bl0aTy @ 05:39PM, 6/11/07

(after all of cooking & curing processes). Is this the drink that tastes ok if it warmed up as well? I was visiting a small town in middle america once and was served what I thought was apple pie punch and it tasted great. Served in coffee cups even.

posted by Justin @ 10:14PM, 7/18/07

We absolutly loved it. It was awesome. I drink it at work.

posted by Beats @ 07:16PM, 10/09/07

I recommend going with 1 gallon cider and 1/2 gallon juice. It gives it more apple pie flavor. My favorite drink ever!
I looooove this drink!

posted by Stacey @ 03:29PM, 11/26/07

My cousin makes this for his birthday every year and the local bars also sell it as shots. I looooove it, but make sure you don't try to drive even after one shot because this stuff messes you up quicker than you think.
Sold by the bottle

posted by dodie @ 01:53PM, 11/27/07

Some guy in Joliet, IL has gone commercial with this, except what he sells (Mad Jack's Apple Pie) is only 7.5 proof and is label as a wine. Don't know what he puts in it in place of Everclear, but it has to be less potent you'd think. Anyway, it's great in a shot glass with a little Vanilla Kiss Schnapp's drizzed on top.
What the best brand of apple cider to go with?

posted by bl0aty @ 05:41AM, 1/07/08

Any particular brand of apple cider that is the best go with in the south pacifc area?
I live in a region of the where everclear is not available. (anything else is though)
Got any idea's on what a good substitute would be for the everclear?
I would take a shot at using some premium vodka, as my first (or worst) guess.


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