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The drink Fat Frog is a fruity combination of 3 of Europe's most popular selling 5% "alcopops" or malt-beverages. It's therefore most popular in Europe, namely Britain and British holiday destinations where the ingredients are more widely available.

Get 2 pint glasses, pour one half of Smirnoff Ice into one pint glass and the rest in the other glass, then do the same with the orange breezer, then followed by the Blue WKD. Mix, and the drink should turn green. Add ice as desired, and serve.

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Loving it.......

posted by Big B @ 09:24AM, 5/01/06

I've been drinking this drink for around 3-4 years. I first had it in Ireland where i was living, its great.
Where do you get the blue vodka?

posted by Sandy @ 08:22PM, 5/06/06

I also had this drink in Ireland and loved it. But I wanted to make it for my friends here, but can't find the WKD blue vodka. So where can I find this vodka in the states or how can I get it shipped or sent to my house?
Fat frog

posted by ... @ 02:08PM, 5/26/06

I live in northern ireland and I must say Fat Frog is the best drink to have when you are out and about!
Fat Frog Rocks

posted by Soundz68_2 @ 03:19PM, 5/31/06

Just had this drink for the first time while visiting in Spain, loved it, can't get enough.
Hits the spot

posted by Huge @ 07:29AM, 6/01/06

Awesome celtic drink. First had it in West Wales. Definately the one to order.
Fat frog kicks ass

posted by Ryan @ 10:54PM, 6/25/06

I wish we could have it in the states it's fuckin awesome!! Had it in the coach in Northern Ireland.
Fat Frog

posted by Irelandbound @ 05:26PM, 6/28/06

Just got home from Ireland. WOW---I've told all my friends about this drink. It only takes one and your HOOKED!

posted by kirst @ 03:47PM, 7/03/06

I had this when I was in portugal in a pub called the water dog, two pints for 9 euros...very refreshing, kind of reminds me of lilt!..ha.

posted by eliphalet @ 01:11AM, 7/04/06

I too had it in Ireland, when my friend ciaran bought one and poured it down my throat. Best fucking drink ever.

posted by Emma Knightly @ 12:41PM, 7/07/06

o0o yes this drink is the ticket like... i live in northern ireland and once tried it on a nite out! was lovely stuff ! any one who hasnt tried it should really give it a go!
Fat Frogs are WKD

posted by Charl @ 12:58PM, 7/15/06

Amazing drink, this one is definetly the one to start your night off, first had it while i was at uni this year and haven't looked back since, one of my favs now :P

posted by Amy-brighton-england @ 09:29AM, 7/26/06

Had this whilst in tenerife with my mates. Wicked drink!

posted by damojay @ 11:34AM, 8/06/06

Had this for the first time in Menorca after a mate I met from ireland introduced me to it.. love it.
Yum yum 4 my bum bum

posted by joshua @ 06:49AM, 8/15/06

Booyeh doggy, tastes like sex on ure lips. Giddy up cowboy!

posted by Emma @ 07:10AM, 8/15/06

I love the drink. I am having a party and I am going to introduce my guests to 'fat frogs'.

posted by Scotty @ 02:29PM, 8/25/06

Tastes like some sweets I remember as a kid, had it in a bar in Liverpool last night. AWESOME!
Luff Fat Frog x

posted by Laura @ 08:41AM, 8/26/06

Went to spain and met irish boys who introduced it to me . I am making it for my friends to nyte hehe parteeeee x best drink ever x x x laura x x x
Fab fat frog

posted by Rich/Jamie @ 04:58AM, 8/29/06

First tried it in Tenerife this year. A lot of this stuff gets you very pissed without realising it. Hits the mark!! We loved it!
Same Irish story

posted by Ryan @ 11:42AM, 9/01/06

I too had it in Ireland, great drink, what is a good substitute for WKD?

posted by herbieee @ 12:19PM, 9/17/06

I first had this drink when I was in Ireland and it's amazingggg. It goes down so easy
...fat frog

posted by 3345 @ 03:40PM, 9/21/06

I tried it for the first time last weekend and it was good shit! Very good drink, i highly recommend.
Can't get enough of Fat Frogs!

posted by Caroline @ 10:44AM, 9/30/06

Just having a fat frog and I want to thank a friend who introduced them to me!
WKD in Canada

posted by Ro @ 06:08PM, 10/02/06

I heard about this drink when I went to Ireland, and found WKD at the LC in Halifax, NS (The one at either the Mic Mac Mall or Halifax Shopping Centre).

posted by Ibiza Cripple @ 02:02PM, 10/05/06

I had Fat Frog for the first time over in Ibiza, it was lovely, I was on it every night.
Fat Frog

posted by Carrie @ 10:26PM, 10/07/06

I first had this in Ireland this summer. And well came back to the states and actually found similar things that work. Use regular Smirnoff Ice, Bacardi O3, and instead of WKD I used UV Blue Vodka...it tastes the same. By far the best drink Ive ever had.

posted by Irishbloke @ 08:21PM, 10/08/06

Really awesome drink, have been drinking it for years.
Mix it yourself

posted by dave @ 03:42PM, 10/14/06

It's way better if you mix it yourself because you get more of a crisp taste.
Fat Frog

posted by Sandy @ 09:14PM, 10/26/06

I had my first Fat Frog while in St. Johns Newfoundland in April '06 ...the night I was 'screeched' in.....great drink and AM HOOKED for life! Having a girls weekend this weekend and serving Fat Frogs to my friends! A must try!

posted by x @ 05:02PM, 12/15/06

Just tried this drink when out with my mates, and really liked it, so easy to drink and refreshing. Although we added a few shots of Vodka (makes no difference to taste, but cheaper when getting sloshed!)
Don't buy it, mix it

posted by flar flar @ 12:54PM, 1/16/07

Don't buy fat frog ready made in a bottle, mix it with the ingredients yourself - it tastes alot better.

posted by cu-boy @ 01:26PM, 1/16/07

I'm proud to say that this drink was first made in ireland!
Fat Frog

posted by Legends of medway @ 06:41AM, 2/02/07

I first had a fat frog in one of my local pubs. After chelsea had been beaten me and my friend wanted to get smashed, so my friend bought one and i've been hooked ever since. However the ingredients listed above were not the same as my fat frog.

My fat frog consists of simply: 1 WKD blue, and 1 Orange Reef. topped of with lots of ice, in a jug!!!


posted by Mersie @ 08:02AM, 3/05/07

The irish have done it again! Irish really know how it is!
Fat Frog

posted by adam hughes @ 08:46AM, 3/07/07

Tried fat frog on holiday in Lanzarote, payed 8 euro for a jug n' drank it for the rest of the holiday!! Great drink!!! (definatly give it a go if you havent tryed it!!)
Mmmm fat froh

posted by Inga Jones @ 05:50AM, 3/09/07

I love this drink, first tasted it in Tenerife last year and I've been making it myself since. A perfect 10!
Fat frogs rule ha a

posted by Julie @ 09:46AM, 3/14/07

Me and my mate are always drinking them, but we add 3 shots of vodka to the above recipe to give it a bit more of a kick, plus you cant taste it, which is quality!!

Must admit though if you drink more than 3 you just blank out there mental but we love them oh yes!

You don't really get a hangover from them unless you go over board.
Fat Frog Fan

posted by George @ 12:42PM, 4/04/07

Gr8 drink, easy to drink room temp or cold!! :P
Fat frog

posted by gary @ 04:25PM, 4/08/07

Tried it in spain for the first time, and am going out of my mind trying to find WKD in the states, absolutely love this drink.

posted by Munchkin @ 05:01PM, 4/19/07

I first had this in Ireland my uncle from there suggested it... Absoulty loved it and drink it all the time, if you dont like the taste of alcohol or beer you will love this drink.

posted by Duncan @ 02:51PM, 4/25/07

You people are missing out on all the fun by not using the simple inversion technique so integral to the shmungo. Without this technique you just have a boring old fat frog.
Makes it even better

posted by Neil @ 10:59AM, 4/28/07

Try adding some vodka to the mix. It gives it a kick an makes it even better!!
Fat frog

posted by jillaa @ 04:22PM, 4/28/07

I had it in ireland and i'm in love... thanks to the person who posted that UV blue vodka works the same... i'm trying it tonight.

posted by Stephanie @ 02:58PM, 5/28/07

First had this drink 2 years ago, and i loved it! Truely great drink!
Reef instead of the Breezer

posted by Paul M @ 05:35PM, 5/28/07

Vile with Bacardi orange. Try an orange and passionfruit reef instead. Yum yum

posted by froggy @ 11:22AM, 6/09/07

As most I also had it in ireand...don't really remember how the day finished?!?... :) loooooooved it and I'm bringing it back home for my friends ...no bad memories, no hangovers, no nothing except pure joy and happiness...always loved frogs now I love them even more.

posted by Mr. Ryan @ 04:11AM, 7/07/07

This drink is underestimated in the drinks world! I drank a few & i am now fuckin blind!!! What a cracker!!!!!

posted by Emo @ 09:58AM, 7/19/07

I'd love to meet the person who got it into their head to mix them all together!

Ah alcohol that tastes like a yummy ice lolly! Is there anything yummier??
Fat frogs

posted by meeee @ 02:21PM, 7/23/07

Add sour apple shots 2 make it less sweet :P
Fat Frog

posted by Gary @ 02:31PM, 7/27/07

When some friends and I meet up the fat frog is made up in a 5ltr water carrier, as there are about 10+ that drink it.

It goes down very well after a few cup fulls as well as the 10+ lagers.

posted by Hayley @ 11:11AM, 8/14/07

I usually do mine with WKD blue and orange REEF.
Fat frog

posted by Dennis Bergkamp @ 11:28AM, 11/24/07

It tastes like "raketje" . the rocket icecream from ola. it's delicious. I first tasted it on gran-canaria when we visited a irish pub. Greetings from holland
Tastes like...

posted by markhaldane @ 03:46PM, 12/03/07

Skittles! Taste the rainbow :)
Fat frogs are the shit

posted by shealy @ 03:52PM, 1/07/08

This drink is absolutely amazing!!! love this shit!!! went to ireland this summer and had it , it totally fucks u up and should totally be in the states!!! best drink i have to say

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